module details in database for drupal 8

Can anybody please tell me in which table is the module (core, contributed and custom) details stored in mysql database (phpmyadmin) for drupal 8?

My Recent Posts Feed For Users?

Hi there,

For users logged in its easy enough to add a link for them to add a new post (node/add), but how about adding a link for them viewing their recent posts? Would I have to create a view for each user to have a list of their recent posts, or is there a simpler way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

I need to add input type="select" in field permission example module in drupal 8

HI everyone,
Field permission example code snippets is working good, but field permission example code "input type= textarea". I need to add select box in the input type, (ex= input type="select"). I did change the input type=select in code, select box will appear but i put option values textarea not appear in these settings.what are the changes may i do it in code.

Thanks in advance...

Can I provide a shortcut menu without the admin menu?

I am setting up roles and I want to severely limit permissions for a data entry role. I want them to use a custom shortcut menu to perform their very limited task of entering data for one content type. In Permissions for this role I have enabled "Use Shortcuts", but unless I also check "Use the administration toolbar" the shortcut menu is not seen. When I enable "Use the administration toolbar" the role sees "Manage" in addition to Shortcuts and their user account. The problem is Manage gives them the ability to "Run database updates".

Has anyone successfully installed D8 with file based configuration?

According to the documentation I must create a settings.php file and add some stuff to the end. But whenever I create my own settings.php file, installation fails with:

The specified database connection is not defined: default

Anyone ever get it to work?

Strange error after upgrading from D6 to D8 - error on popup overlay screen

Upgrading D6 to D8, the process went smooth without a problem. Right afterwards, everything works as expected.

A few hours after the upgrade (without installing any modules/themes or changing anything), some of the functionality of the admin page got broken, more specifically it's related to all buttons in the admin page that are supposed to pop up an overlay page.


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