Nodequeue problems

Hi. Please note that I am new to Drupal so this may seem like a simple question for some of you Drupal aficionados. I have a site that has several simple nodequeues. Two are identical and should run the same set of blog postings in the same order, but it doesn't for some reason. See below.

Nodequeue 1 - Is set up in the back end as Blog 1, Blog 2, Blog 3 and it displays them in the correct order.
Nodequeue 2 - Is set up the same way but on the homepage it displays them as Blog 2, Blog 3, Blog 1 even though it should be in proper order.

Is it possible to make node comments be forum topics? Or the other way around

Hi there

I was running a quite simple Drupal 5-6 blogging web site in the past, now I am thinking about relaunching it with more community focus (on Drupal 7 or something else) and here's one feature I would really be interested in.

Is it somehow possible to make node comments BE forum comments?

So that user could comment on the site and act of posting the first comment would automagically create a topic on the forum. Then users can continue discussing on the forum or in the node comments - it will be just the different views onto some discussion.
That should help a lot with getting the discussions on the forum started: forum will not feel empty, some topics will just be not related to the nodes.

New User Question

I am new to Drupal, however I have one simple request/question I was hoping you could shed light on.

If and how is it possible to have a different sidebar for every and any page?

drupal_add_http_header() renders additional html

When i use drupal_add_http_header() in a module function,
and do an echo() or create some Xml with XmlWriter there is added some more extra html code.

I tried it with Drupal6 and Drupal7 were i can create a custom output without some of these extra stuff;-)

Any ideas if it is a know bug?

The extra html is the region content, rendered by drupal_region_class().

Deleting pages.


I am hoping someone can help me - I have deleted three pages but they aren't automatically removed from the main navigation bar. What is the method to remove pages from the nav bar?

Yes, I have tried editing the menus, apparently there is nothing in the Primary nav bar to edit... the items I want to remove aren't on any lists... help

Serialization API in Drupal 8

Hey folks,

somebody tested the new Serialization API described on and had a simple example? I like to test the xml serialization of Drupal8.
In the end i want to realize a former Drupal6 Xml output, which was created with drupal_set_header() and XmlWriter, with Drupal8.

I just tried a simple function which is called by hook_menu(), but i think it have to be structured different


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