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Can some on help me in these 2 questions:

1º I want to create 3 diferent content types related
Until now, no problem, but i want to create a view with exposed filters of the name/title of class, subclass and subsubclass and i don't find it, just find the body, of that content type.

Acquia devdesktop drupal 8 error

I installed acquia devdesktop. I can run drupal 7 and commerce kickstart without any problems but when I try to make a drupal 8 website, I get following error:

problem install drupal 821

Only local images are allowed.
show as text, why

Entity Browser Enhanced

Entity Browser Enhanced provides some behavior and style enhancements to Entity Browsers, specifically for multi-select and image/media browsers.

All you need to do is Select enhancer

Entity Browser Widgets configuration

Alphabetical grouping and filter bar for views?

I'm using drupal 8. I don't see a module or built in feature which would enabled alphabetical grouping by first letter of Title; ie an A B C bar at the top of a view, which would filter by the selection, and group by A B C?

Related content types - when editing, can they presented as checkboxes?

Is it possible to present related content types or taxonomies with checkboxes at edit time rather than the textboxes which lookup matching entries?

Say I have a Direction taxonomy of



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