Honeypot success stories

Many people have reported great success when using this module to prevent spam bots and other forms of spam. Some of these people's stories are collected below, for those who wish to know:

I installed Honeypot yesterday and within a few minutes it was blocking 100% of my spam! It's like watching a zombie trying to walk through a wall, over and over again. :-)

I'd like to leave this open for everyone to share their success stories with Honeypot. The discussions here could even be added to a Testimonials section on the project page to help promote the module and its techniques.

- fizk

Thanks for the validation of this project's efforts! I've experienced a huge reduction in new account spam on Flocknote, Midwestern Mac, and Open Source Catholic, three sites for which I originally developed this module.

Also, I hear it's working well on drupal.org (see: #1759272: Test honeypot module on http://drupal.org) and groups.drupal.org (see: #1833564: Deploy honeypot to cut down on bot registrations), if that's any help to someone evaluating the module :)

- geerlingguy

feed importers - mailhandler nodes

I have a feed importer setup to read emails from my imap INBOX. The emails are then sent to a module (ICTFAX) that in return faxes the attachments. If an attachment has a space in the file name the fax is never sent for in the conversation process it can't find the file. I noticed in the file system the file names with spaces in them have a '/' in the file name which will confuse CentOS and make it think it's a folder... So, how can I get the feed importer to replace spaces with _ (underscores) ???

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and 12.10 Desktop Editions

Easiest way to install Eclipse is to use the Ubuntu Software Centre. Searching for Eclipse will give you the version you need.

Want to buy a D7 module development book - will it be relevant for D8 as well?

For reference, this is the one I'm talking about:


If I buy this, is it going to be relevant in the upcoming Drupal 8 as well? I think that may have a bearing on whether or not I buy this book.

Thanks guys,

Auto update to the current year in the copyright footer (© 2010-2013)

Tired of updating a whole bunch of site footers after New Year passed? There are several ways of accomplishing this and it's easier than you might think!

The PHP Way

This snippet always displays the current year in the copyright line.

For example:

Flexibility Regarding SEO & Development

I work primarily on the usability, SEO, and performance testing side of things, and recently I've had a few clients ask about Drupal in regards to SEO in particular. Can someone point me in the direction of some resources, or hopefully share your experiences regarding the pros/cons of Drupal development in this regard?


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