Post to Drupal module

Is there any modules out there which allow, with the use of some API, and from external url, posting content into Drupal?

for a specific block module - I need a snippet for upload an image and render


Drupal 8:

I need to write a small block module having these features:

1- a form to upload an image
2- save image file on drupal file system
3- and render image using a template in a block

If somebody could help...


Open Social, Drupal 8 Distribution

Open Social - social business community software

Open Social is a new Drupal 8 distribution. It's social software for communities and social intranets, similar to the Drupal 7 distribution Commons. Open Social empowers people to effectively collaborate and organize.

Organizations involved: 

D7 > D8 Blog upgrade

As you probably know, the blog content type has been moved out of Drupal 8 core. There is Blog module that replicates the blog functionality. However, somewhere along the way it was decided to change the content type machine name. D7 core blog uses "blog" whilst the contributed module uses "blog_post".

Store array in entity content


I'm working with drupal 8.

I created a custom content entity and I'd like to store an array.

This array has to contain condition configurations (plugin condition).

The ultimate aim is to show only entities complying with conditions.

I have already looked at the context module, but they use a config entity to store their condition.

I tried to use a field map to store this configuration but without success.

Any idea?

Overriding the alter_form hook on Drupal 8 core form generates an error

I have a module that overrides the alter_hook form. The form created is a form created by the core form tool in Drupal 8. When I try to modify one of the fields, I cannot submit the form, but get an error:

Fatal error: Cannot unset string offsets in .../core/lib/Drupal/Core/Field/WidgetBase.php on line 356


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