Fully baked "real" Wiki?

We want to create a Troubleshooting Wiki that can reference other databases (e.g. MySQL, Oracle) and systems (e.g. Rally, BMC Remedy, Salesforce, Sharepoint, etc.).


how do i produce this parent-child complicated scheme?


I am trying to accomplish this:

A job profile has different skills and competences with different leves associated with it.
Someone will input once all skills and competences which are entities (like Skill 1, Competence 3 etc).

Then someone else who will be using the site will need to do this:

Create a profile and select a list of skills like

Profile XX

-- Skill 1 Level 4-8
-- Skill 2 Level 1-3

--Competence 1 Level 5-9
--Competence 3 Level 4-8

Titles like "Site builder" and "Themer" - roles or job titles?

Bear with me if you don't understand role playing games, but you can have "roles" which are different from "character classes".

  • Defender
  • Leader
  • Controller
  • Striker

You could have different character classes in each role; your striker might be a stabby-stabby rogue; or a magic blasting warlock.

Learning Drupal 8: start with Symfony?

Would the best place to start learning Drupal 8 now be to learn Symfony? If so, should I learn the whole thing, or are there some parts I can leave? Thanks.

Process plugin: iterator

The iterator process plugin allows processing of a list of associative arrays (for simple lists see handling multiple values). Often source data will logically include multiple-value properties as associative arrays. For example, for filter formats on Drupal 6, the filters property contains a list of filters belonging to that format, identified by a numeric delta (a delta of 2 indicates the URL filter, a delta of 1 indicates automatic breaking, etc.):

[Solved] The requested URL /drupal/admin/content was not found on this server.

I installed drupal for the first time the last couple of days.
I chose 8.0-alpha4.
I am on an Ubuntu Linux 12.04 PreceisePangolin machine.
I have Apache, MySQL and PHP5 installed as well.
I fumbled my way through the entire installation, and got to the
success page where it says:
"Drupal installation complete. Visit your new site."


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