Multilingual module content URL


I'm using the multilingual module to translate my pages, but is it possible to have the same URL for 2 translations of the same page ?
Because after translating a content, their is a new URL, so my menu and blocks arent on this new page....

Any idea ?

Redirecting to a URL with a button based on the information chosen by the user (see Screenshot)

Hi guys,

nice to meet you all! I´m new to Drupal, but very eager to learn it :) and later give back to the community

I´m using Drupal 8 and I´ve got a question on how to solve the following problem:

LCM Drupal 8 Knowledge Base

Knowledge base homepage

Over the years, as we've adopted better and better tools for doing our work, migrating our Knowledge base from platform to platform became a drag. We needed a separate and independent content repository for all of our documentation and training materials that could stand alone yet easily integrate with our varied and evolving toolset.

How do I use Susy (with Gulp task runner) with Zen Theme instead of Zen Grids

See this link for the Zen theme:

Under Optional Steps #7: Choose your preferred page layout method or grid system.
"By default your new sub-theme is using a responsive layout using Zen Grids. If you are more familiar with a different CSS layout method, such as Susy, Foundation, etc., you can replace the layouts/layout- line in your styles.scss file with a line pointing at your choice of layout CSS file."

Create Custom Module(s) to sync Inventory across Ecommerce Channels

I"m posting on behalf of a small retail music store. My Concept is to use Drupal as a central hub to send and process API requests/hooks to sync Inventory between 3 shopping channels Ebay, Reverb, and Shopify and a physical store location's inventory. A CSV of the store inventory can be imported from an ftp server (probably using feeds) at a set interval. I need someone to help develop a custom module(s) to do this. We have an existing Drupal 7 site but this might be easier in Drupal 8 so I'm open to that.

Farm Journal's MILK Magazine

Farm Journal's MILK Magazine in Drupal 8

Farm Journal Media is the nation's leading agricultural media company. Its magazines are the 138-year-old flagship Farm Journal, as well as Top Producer, Beef Today, Dairy Today, and Implement & Tractor. The company produces and distributes "AgDay", "U.S. Farm Report," "Corn College TV" and "Leave a Legacy" national TV programs. The company also handles the industry-leading website, the syndicated radio show "AgriTalk" and recently launched a new division, Farm Journal Mobile.


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