MediaWiki with Drupal


Goal: emulating MediaWiki with Drupal 8. This page is a much a request as a memento on the state of the art.

Tools of the trade (unless otherwise noted, the modules are only for Drupal 7).

What can Drupal 8 mean for Symfony developers?


I am talking about Drupal 8 Symfony2 in a meetup next week. I already gave a course (3 days) about this topic. This to both Symfony and Drupal developers. The audience next week will be mainly Symfony developers and no Drupal developers.

So I'd like to know
1) what would be the most interesting topics for Symfony2 developers on this topic?
2) And most importantly, why should a Symfony2 developers learn Drupal 8?

I'm already saying something about the Symfony components that are used in Drupal 8 and how they are used.

Updating from Drupal 8 Beta 4 to Beta 6

Trouble updating to latest Drupal 8 beta

Need help with instructions for installind Drupal 8 on a LAMP stack... page 404 not found...

Installing Drupal 8 on a LAMP stack... 404 not found, alternate installation instructions?
Posted by ForageG on February 1, 2015 at 8:09am

I installed a LAMP stack, and followed instructions on how to install Drupal 8, but the page is 404 ing, there is either a problem with the steps, how I followed them, and I am open to alternate instructions.

I am new to developing a drupal site, and to programming in general, however I have watched and re-watched's videos on Drupal 7, and I feel that would very much like to use and run a Drupal site.

Followed steps to install Drupal 8 on LAMP... 404 not found

Hello, I followed the seemingly simple directions at, yet my site returns 404 not found... The requested URL /drupal/ was not found on this server... I may have slipped up in creating and configuring my databases, but I though I figured out how to fix it. Alas localhost for drupal won't load. I'm so close...

Any ideas?

rendering a menu in twig (Drupal 8)

Hi guys,

I'm trying to figure out how to print out a menu with twig. I set up menu.html.twig and it seems to working alright if I put a menu block into a region, but I need to display in in the template. Anyone have any ideas?




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