JS file in particular node/url/page

How to add js file in particular node/url/page with out add if condition to template page in D7 & D8? Please explain.

how to output: <a href="javascript:void((function() ....

I'd like to set a button using a href="javascript:void((function() ..., so users in my website can drag it to his Bookmarks Toolbar and use js function to connect my website like pinboard.
I set $build = array( '#markup' => 'a href="javascript:void((function() ...)) to output it in php, but I can only get a href="void((function() ... in final page. 'javascript' was filtered automatically, and #allowed_tags is useless for it.

How I can get a href="javascript:void((function() ... in final page? XX.html.twig is not what I want.

Drupal help

How can I will expert in Drupal? I want to start a website and decided to use drupal but I have no idea about drupal so why I can get an appropriate idea.

drupal 8: enable Publishing Options for Comments

How do i enable Publishing Options (blue text) on an existing Comment type?
With Content Types, this is enabled by default, but it seems to be missing with Comment types.

Drupal 8 Dialog API

Good Day,


I see there is a way to create an interactive overlay using the Dialog API, which is built into the core of Drupal 8.

I'm trying to build a compact "login" area for my users using the Dialog API to create an interactive overlay on the front page.

This login would simply include "User Name" and "password". Nothing else.

I'm not a very "apt" Drupal user so any assistance with this would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

Permissions (Drupal 8)

After enabling the module and creating some domains go to Administration > People > Permissions (http://example.com/admin/people/permissions) to configure the module permissions.


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