Import export SQL error

In order to upgrade my v6 sites to v8, I installed a v8 Drupal on a last version of Wampserver64: Apache 2.4.18, MySQL 5.7.11, php 5.6.19.

Cannot enter site in maintenance mode

I cannot enter site in maintenance mode. Am fed up with this. Forum is useless. I search for "how do I enter site in maintenance mode?" and forum asks me if I meant "how do I after size in interface code?"

Too many unrelated results post. Unbelievable! Found one that was 7 years old. Did all the suggestions, nothing works.

I used the

Changed "update_free_access" in settings file.

How to alter language links in Drupal 8

I have successfully moved the content of my Drupal 7 website to Drupal 8. I'm also taking the chance to improve the visual aspect of the site.

Now, I have altered the CSS code for my language block, but I would also like to change the link text, so instead of seeing "English Danish" I would like to see EN DA. I don't want to just alter the translations for the language names, as suggested in other forum posts.

D8 problem/trouble: video does not show or play with views fields

I have a content types with a video field. I am using a views to show this content types with various queries and ways but if I put the show to fields, the video does not show up. If I change the show to teaser it shows up and play.
How do I fix it so it will work with fields in the show option?

Drupal 8 - Multiple contact form with different subject and content

In my Drupal 8 website, I need to have multiple forms. Each form should sent email to different recipients and the subject and content of each email are different. I am using Contact Forms [core Drupal 8 module] and created the forms which I wanted, I could set each form to different recipients, but I am not able to figure out subjects and content for each form.

Could this can be figured out using hook? I created a custom module, enables it and in my .module file I've added the following function

Adding a new theme to Drupal 8.

I upgraded Artisteer 4.2 to 4.3 and created a new theme.
When I export this theme to Drupal and try to install it, I get the error: does not files.
Can someone help me?


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