Looping through Users that match Taxonomy Based Field

I have a taxonomy field for "County" on the Article Content Type and also on User Profiles for the user to select during self registration. I want to send an email to users when new articles are added matching their County.

How do get the list of (and loop through) the user emails matching the county in the article?
Should I be using entity_insert(for node save) along with _mail(for the email template)?

Any help would be appreciated! :)

Drush setup problem

Hello all,

I currently have a Drupal 7 website under development on a virtual private server. I've looked at upgrading it to Drupal 8 but had concerns about a custom module that I use. What I did was create a subdomain and installed Drupal 8 there. I planned on using Drupal Module Upgrader to try and upgrade the module and make sure it works before upgrading the entire website.

Handling users access to specifics section of website

Hello everyone

I'm new in this community and considering to use Drupal for my project so I hope I'm in the right place to ask my question.

I need to be able to prevent some user to access some section of the website

For example let's say I have this setup:


3 registered users

Newbie in Drupal 8 - Add element to form

Hi all,
I have a problem modifying an existing form.

any free drupal 8 forum theme, as forum plus?

is there any free theme as forum plus? or how to do it. anything other than simple css, I can not do. I tried to learn PHP and JS, now 3 years past, I still stuck in the first 3 chapters of a 21 chapters book.

Only "Read more” link to be shown in node teaser

How can I show only "read more" link just in node teaser, and remove or unset other links like "add new comments" or "2 Comments" at the end of a node teaser?


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