8.x JS manual test plan

The following is a test plan for manual testing of Drupal 8's JavaScript functionality. In time, we hope to build automation around these tests, but for now this is a script that contributors can follow to verify Drupal 8 JS-affecting patches.

Existing tests can be found in the Front-end Automated Tests module. Contributions to this project are highly encouraged!

This list comes from the original 6.x testing checklist at http://groups.drupal.org/node/5974 and will need lots of updating.

Path Test description
(home page, as user 1) Verify that hovering over the search block results in an edit icon.
(home page, as user 1) Verify that clicking the edit icon shows a drop-down to Configure block.
Path Test description
(node/add/article, as user 1)

Set up Alternative PHP Cache (APC)

A common optimization that can be done for PHP to improve performance is to install Alternative PHP Cache (APC).

PHP is a dynamically compiled language: every file has to be parsed by the interpreter and compiled down to opcode which is then translated into cpu-executable machine bytecode. The time needed for these steps, for each and every executed php file makes it slow from a performance perspective. PHP accelerators (aka opcode caching) keep a copy of the compiled script (bytecode) in memory– so you save 2 steps out of 3 (Read/Compile/Execute.)

APC is arguably the most popular opcode cache (others include XCache & eAccelerator.) If you need to install APC, there are myriad tutorials on the internet and it is quite easy. You can check your phpinfo() to see it is installed properly.

The next and more important step is to configure your APC. Badly set up it could make your website even slower. Here is the configuration that you can define in your apc.ini or php.ini depending of your installation.


Enable or disable APC


Theme developing question

Hello Drupal users.
I am new to Drupal and I have a question, maybe stupid :)
In this site www.johnmaryapts.com at the top of the page you can see 3 blue boxes.
My question is in which way can develop these boxes in Drupal?
How they called?
I want the content to be changed dynamically. For example with 4 textboxes (Title, main text, image, URL link).
I don't want to tell me how I can develop these boxes, but how they called in Drupal.
Thank you!!

Posting with Firefox

At my company we post blogs with Drupal. Suddenly, I can't use Firefox. I post my blog and hit "preview" and the whole item is erased in both regular and code views. It works in Opera, but I have all my bookmarks in Firefox and it's really annoying not to have Firefox work. It was very sudden and our tech staff is stumped. Any thoughts?


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