Stats code that a program access by Rest API

I'd like to know what status code is returned when a program access by Rest API and finish the process normally.

It seems that status code below are returned but I'm sure this is correct or not.

I tried to find any official document but I can't find. If there is any document, could you tell me that?

D6 to D8 Migration Taxonomy & Authored on Date Not Imported

I'm trying to migrate D6 to D8 using the migrate modules in D8; however, the D6 Taxonomy tags are not being imported.

I did get the following error:

Migration d6_term_node_revision:11 did not meet the requirements. Missing migrations d6_term_node:1, d6_term_node:6. requirements: d6_term_node:1. requirements: d6_term_node:6.

Operation on Term/node relationship revisions failed

Left column vertical menu

The prescribed design has a vertical menu in the left column beside the content for desktop and larger devices. Is there a responsive theme that supports this out-of-the-box or do I need to resort to some contributed module to get this vertical menu?

In Drupal7 I used Bootstrap and created some custom sub themes with it. Now I need to use Drupal 8 and I discovered (or remembered?) that Bootstrap by default only supports a horizontal menu or navbar. Even when placed in a left column the navbar will spread horizontally.

Simple theme for quick start with drupal 8

Hi everyone.
I hope that will be useful for someone
You can clone it on githab

kind regards

Lightbox 2 showing space after video

I added a lightbox 2 in-line to a basic page. I am showing that the div tags with ID #imageData #imageDetails has no content but shows a white space. How can I simply hide this?

[Solved] /web subdir : document root and redirect


I want to install a Drupal 8 site with Composer. I have read that the drupal directory is now in a folder named /web and I must point the Virtualhost to this place.

Here is my Virtualhost :


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