optimal server setup for running drupal

I am looking to stand up a self-hosted Drupal system here.

I will have in the vicinity of 1500-2000 site consumers at max saturation time, with approximately 100 people in the roles of authors, publishers and contributors, with approximately 30-40 of those as concurrent users.

We are currently running CF9 on a Win2K8R2 server, running a fairly flat file system. We have outgrown our current flat file CMS and looking for robustness and a greater degree of automation that can be accomplished with Drupal and the additional modules available.

Bootstrap Documentation

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

The Drupal Bootstrap base-theme bridges the gap between Drupal and the Bootstrap Framework.

Feedback on web hosting


Accessibility tools for JavaScript in Drupal 8

These tools are under active development in Drupal 8. This documentation page may be out of date

Announce page updates aurally

Many page updates are expressed visually through color changes and animations. In order to make page updates apparent in a non-visual way, Drupal provides the Drupal.announce JavaScript method. This method creates an aria-live element on the page. Text appended to this node is read by a screen-reading user agent.

Drupal.announce accepts a string to be read by an audio UA. You can also set a second parameter: the priority. Here are a couple examples:

Drupal.announce('Entering edit mode');
Drupal.announce('Please fill in your user name', 'assertive');
Drupal.announce('You look beautiful today.');

The two accepted priority values are polite and assertive. polite is the default.

Small web design company looking for freelance Drupal themers/developers

Hi drupal.org,

I work for a web design company out of Atlanta called Army of Bees (armyofbees.com). In recent months we've been getting more work than we can handle, but we hate to turn it away.

Upgrade to drupal

Hy I have a website about <a href="http://six-sigma.tv">DMAIC Six Sigma called http://six-sigma.tv

Can I upgrade it to drupal keeping same types of layout?


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