Modul E-journal

Please help me for update module e-journal, not compatible
Basic package for an e-journal management system
This version is not compatible with Drupal 7.x and should be replaced.
Requires: Token (missing), Taxonomy (enabled), Options (enabled), Field (enabled), Field SQL storage (enabled)
Required by: E-journal access (disabled), E-journal authors (disabled), E-journal citations (disabled), E-journal shortly (disabled)

migrate from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 - empty body fields

I have a Drupal 6 site that I want to migrate to Drupal 8. Both D6 and D8, and the additional D8 contrib modules for migrate are at the latest versions. I can import / migrate all the nodes but: the body field for every node is empty.

I have followed the instructions here: which involves using this module. I'm running the migrations using drush.

Advanced Search, Drill Down Menu

Hi guys, I'm back to developing with Drupal again and glad to see how many things have changed. I have a request from a client to create an advanced search so that a user can drill down to find results more easily. Ideally I'd like to do two things:

(1) search using many different attributes (e.g. each file will have dropdown entry fields called country, year, report type, industry, etc. and each should be able to be searched.)

(2) a drill down menu where you'd get results, for example, links with each type that allow a user to browse the entries in each, e.g.

Custom theme development on Drupal 8

Hi Guys,

How to create responsive custom theme using Drupal 8?

Please help me.

Drupal 8 - how to paginate?

Hi guys. I'm trying to get simple pagination for articles to break up what's normally a 45-image article with accompanying text into an article with three ~15-image pages - the break point between pages would work if set to a few hundred words.

I'm looking through the paginate modules, e.g.:

Fatal error when save 'Check for updates'


I changed the frequency of check new releases,but fatal error heppend when save it,
Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /data/codecola/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Config/TypedConfigManager.php on line 149



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