Template design in drupal 8

I am trying to design contact form template in drupal 8. I successfully added form-contact-message-contact-form.html.twig template file. Here i can add simple classes in my form. But i not getting how to add prefix/suffix, classes in my form field for designing my form.
Any suggestions ??

How to create a Link with an image?


I am learning Drupal 8 and want to rewrite a module from Drupal 7. In my 7 module I have some links with images instead of text.
In Drupal 7 this looks like

$Link=l('Only local images are allowed.
Text ', 'http://www.somewhere.xyz', array('html' => TRUE));

Image Manipulation in D8

I cannot for the life of me, figure out how to manipulate images in CKEditor in D8. D7 had a great format for changing the hight width and cropping of images as well as adding padding/margin, float, and other info to the images. D8 Seems to have Lost this function. Or am I just not finding my way threw the upgrade?

thanks a ton!

Install Error. The "field_storage_config" entity type does not exist.

I am getting the following error when attempting to install Drupal 8 - The "field_storage_config" entity type does not exist.

Any ideas as to why this might be occurring?

UBERCART DRUPAL 8 Review Test Discussion Opinion Feedback on Drupal 8 Ubercart Shop

UBERCART DRUPAL 8 Review Test Discussion Opinion Feedback on Drupal 8 Ubercart Shop


Anybody has started working on Drupal 8 ubercart ? I am trying to develop the community to get the job done faster.

Maybe you also need some modules to be adapted faster and we should share the cost ?

Please tell us if you were using ubercart drupal 6 and now want to work on drupal 8 ubercart ?

Thank you for your feeedback.

how to use bootstrap (theme) carousel in drupal 8

the BootstrapCarousel locates in the following folder. As I know in drupal 7 I could use bootstrap Carousel in a View, but in drupal 8, how I could leverage this plugin in my website?

bootstrap -> src -> Plugin -> Preprocess -> BootstrapCarousel.php

class BootstrapCarousel extends PreprocessBase implements PreprocessInterface 


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