Creating New Drupal Site on Acquiac Dev

I had just finished watching the very useful Drupal tutorial by OSTraining and had dne one website on the local server.

Now, I just want to make another website locally to experiment with development using the same Acquia Dev 2.

So I tried using the "New Drupal Site" in the (+) button at the bottom of the window and when I click on it, the message: Drupal distributions list is not available comes up.

If anyone had the same issue, or have any alternatives for a Development Environment that would be amazing.

configuring JS libraries for Bartik drupal 8

Hi all,
I have some problem on drupal 8 for configuring bartik.libraries.yml, and all my module who need JS like slideshow_cycle, superfish, Jssor,.. all don't run.

All my JS file is on folder /libraries (i follow all modules requirements), and i have nothing on /core/themes/bartik/js. is it an error? must i move all js on librairies in the bartik/js folder?

I tried to modify library.yml but the website don t use js file.

Have you some help for my problem?
Thanks in advance.

Missing Node(s)


I have a very strange problem that I can't seem to get a grip on.
My /node and /contact links are missing.

Showing all the terms belonging to a separate vocab?


I have setup 2 separate vocabulary called 'categories' and 'tags'.

Now i'm trying to create a Views block to show all the tags that belongs to a category.

For example: in blog content type, i have added 2 entity reference fields. One for categories and another one for tags. Each post is filed under a category and tags added on the fly.

The category has a predefined list of terms: 'Tech' and 'Web'

Serveral content posts have tags of Mac, PC, Linux and filed under 'Tech' category

Automated database details in installation profile - Drupal 8

Hello all and thank you for any help in advance,

I'm attempting to automate the population of database settings on installation via an install profile in drupal 8. It works however immediately after selecting the profile on install I receive a database connection error. Hard refresh (F5), fixes it and the installation completes successfully. How do I stop attempts to connect to the database before the details have been defined? I have a similar working profile for 7. Here is my code in the profilename.profile:

Theme not Listing

Hii All,

I am trying to develop a drupal theme (HTML5, BOOTSTRAP) . I have Created .info file and page.tpl.php themes folder (sites/all/themes/mythemename) . But Theme not listing in "Appearance" . Any solution for solving this or Is it a wrong Method that I have done.


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