Drupal For Dummies?

Hi everyone,
I am just starting with Drupal 8 (about 3 days ago). Hosted on siteground.com and am using Windows 10. I took a Java class in college about 4 years ago, so I get the gist of code. But, still, this has a steep learning curve. I really think it will be worth it though to build a website for my new business. I am determined! Is there a resource that is something like "drupal for dummies"?

Filter based on a List(text) field

I have defined a vendor content type that includes a field called territory which is a List(text).
There are limitations as to which US states each vendor can do business in, so the field territory lists the applicable states.
I know the state in which each customer resides. When a customer logs on, how can I restrict the products displayed to be just those that are "applicable"? Meaning just those products from vendors where the customer's state is included in the vendor's territory?

Can I use D6 modules in D8?

Hi everyone,

I need to set up a (simple) new site.
I have some experience in Drupal 6 but since it's EOL. I assumed it'd be better to start in D8 directly.
I'm trying to get on top of it but to be honest, it doesn't seems to be as intuitive anymore as D6 was.
I'm really struggling here. :(

View with relationship - hiding repeated fields

NB: Drupal 8 only.

Can someone check if my solution is right and point me to any useful blogs on it…
(I'd like to be learn how to do it with Core modules only if at all possible.)

I have two content types and I'm creating a view using a relationship between them.

The idea is to show a page listing events and audio recordings that were made at each event.
(It's almost equivalent to album track listings, if that's easier to understand, but imagine all the albums listed on a single page, not a contextual URL or anything)

[solved] How to include image in teaser of custom content type?

Trying to make the image appear within its node teaser in front page for all nodes of a custom content type. I've searched and found quite a few threads (in this forum and Stack Overflow) but the closer I got was getting the URI to the image folder (not even to the image.

I guess I'd have to edit my 'node-contenttypename.html.twig' but not sure if any other file should be affected.

Search box does not follow the action attribute in the form

I have a problem in creating the search box template for my custom template (using Drupal 8).
Basically, the search box has the correct address in the "action" attribute of the "form" element (http://www.mydomain.com/my-site/en/search/site).
But when you click the search button the action url "becomes" wrong (http://www.mydomain.com/en/find/whatever).


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