A Much Better Drupal

In this article I might be wrong at any of the parts as Drupal is huge and my knowledge might be not up to date and I might be wrong anyways. These are my thoughts currently that I want to share them with the Drupal Community...

I really think Drupal has a few issues. These are mainly related to previous generations of Drupal. Current Drupal versions come with pretty much relations to previous ones.

I started using Drupal like 2 years ago. Maybe earlier. I really loved its idea however before finding drupal I've started writing my own CMS. When I didn't even know about the expression 'CMS'. This thing doesn't mean much. It only means i really understand the basic reason why it was made.

My belief is that things can be much easier. Here I am about putting some idea together how Drupal can be (and hopefully will be) much better.

  1. No exceptions: Each and every node type info (publishing options, display settings) should be normal fields. With all the options a field gives: Widgets, Formatters, etc. On Entity Type Properties there are Title, Author, etc now. Great. We need all the rest I believe.

More Intuitive Manage Fields & Manage Display Interface for a Content Type

I think a few things can improve user experience and reduce learning curve. These are:

flex slider


can someone tell me how to change colors for those round black dots for changing slides..i am new to programming

Setup on EasyApache in cPanel?

I am running a new VPS-server with cPanel, and use LAMP from it.
Are there someone who want to share their configurations on EasyApache by cPanel control panel, and also what you would suggest me to have checked or leave unchecked?

Need some extensions or applications to my VPS server w/ cPanel?

I have just bought a VPS server, and installed cPanel as control panel.
So I want to build a well server and used cPanel to the Drupal sites/users.

Then I wonder what kind of extensions or applications do Drupal really need to get it works/performance well?

As I know that I have already:

ESLint settings

As of Drupal 8, we use ESLint to make sure our JavaScript code is consistent and free from syntax error and leaking variables and that it can be properly minified.

ESLint is a tool to detect errors and potential problems in JavaScript code.

ESLint is a nodejs module and is integrated into a a number of IDEs. (See installation and usage instructions.)


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