Drupal 8 - Twig - drupal_view - No results on other language

I have a complete web site in English and I am adding a new language.

In the template I have included blocks of views by using "drupal_view"

Ej1): {{drupal_view ( 'research_departments', 'block_1', node.id, currentLanguage)}}
Ej2): {{drupal_view ( 'research_departments', 'block_1', node.id)}}

In the English version the content is perfectly displayed, but in the Spanish version nothing is shown (neither in this view ( "research departments") nor for the restro of views that have blocks in this way (drupal_view (.....) )

Which way to go?

Hello Everyone,

Before I ask my questions, I wanted to let you know that I was a Drupal developer and contrubuted to modules. But it was over 5 years ago since I have done anything with Drupal, so I feel very out-of-date.

Submenus not expanding

We are using Drupal 8.

We have a menu with several top level items and then sub-menus under each element.

All the children for a given parent should expand when the parent is selected.

It works... most of the time then some times it does not... I can see no pattern to it. Clearing the site cache usually fixes it for a period but then the problem will return.

Sometimes it will take days to reoccur other times it will take 5 min.

Passing variables that contain HTML through the t() function - ! placeholder has been removed

In Drupal 8, it appears that using the ! (exclamation mark) placeholder with the t() function has been removed.

I have a variable that contains HTML:

<span class="fullname_wrapper"><span class="first_name">John</span> <span class="last_name">Hancock</span> <span class="account_name_wrapper">(@JohnH)</span></span>

I want to keep this HTML, as it will be styled specifically wherever it appears on the site.

In Drupal 7, I was able to do this:

Type hinting - which is better, UserInterface or AccountInterface?

Recently I've finally begun shifting my focus from D7 to D8, and I'm converting a site over to D8. In D7, I type-hinted my account objects as \stdClass, since they were not members of any class. However in D8, they are now members of the User class.

Installed theme, shows up as plain HTML

Drupal version: 8
Hosting: Bluehost shared

I uploaded the "Personal Blog Theme" Drupal theme to my server and installed it as default, the installation seems to have worked and I can configure the theme etc. but on the actual pages it shows up as plain HTML, not even the default Drupal theme, just plain HTML. How can I get the theme to work properly?


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