How do I use Susy (with Gulp task runner) with Zen Theme instead of Zen Grids

See this link for the Zen theme:

Under Optional Steps #7: Choose your preferred page layout method or grid system.
"By default your new sub-theme is using a responsive layout using Zen Grids. If you are more familiar with a different CSS layout method, such as Susy, Foundation, etc., you can replace the layouts/layout- line in your styles.scss file with a line pointing at your choice of layout CSS file."

Create Custom Module(s) to sync Inventory across Ecommerce Channels

I"m posting on behalf of a small retail music store. My Concept is to use Drupal as a central hub to send and process API requests/hooks to sync Inventory between 3 shopping channels Ebay, Reverb, and Shopify and a physical store location's inventory. A CSV of the store inventory can be imported from an ftp server (probably using feeds) at a set interval. I need someone to help develop a custom module(s) to do this. We have an existing Drupal 7 site but this might be easier in Drupal 8 so I'm open to that.

Farm Journal's MILK Magazine

Farm Journal's MILK Magazine in Drupal 8

Farm Journal Media is the nation's leading agricultural media company. Its magazines are the 138-year-old flagship Farm Journal, as well as Top Producer, Beef Today, Dairy Today, and Implement & Tractor. The company produces and distributes "AgDay", "U.S. Farm Report," "Corn College TV" and "Leave a Legacy" national TV programs. The company also handles the industry-leading website, the syndicated radio show "AgriTalk" and recently launched a new division, Farm Journal Mobile.

Average field value in view

Currently I'm developing a site and one of the features I'd like to add is to show the average rating (of a custom 'review' content type) through my view. What I tried was to:
1. Turn on aggregation
2. Add a hidden field for the rating and set the aggregation setting to 'Average'
3. Display the field once in the header

The result of this is that it only shows the value of the last node in the view, which obviously isn't the average value of all nodes (average should be 3,25 and the value is 1).

Reference a paragraphs field in a view

New to drupal so sorry if this could make better sense!

I've set up a news article page with a field for 'modules' that allows me to add in some paragraph types (using the paragraphs contrib module) which is all working fine, now i'm trying to create a news hub page with a brief summary of each news article. The trouble is i cant work out how to reference specific fields in my paragraph 'modules', i can add fields for the title and 'modules' but that brings through every bit of content whereas i just want certain fields.

Drupal 8: Adding a simple Button with which you get directed to another page and back

Hi guys,

nice to meet you all! I´m new to Drupal :)
I´m using Drupal 8 and I´ve got a simple, but it seems not so trivial issue:

I want to have a button on my page where the user can click on and then gets directed to another URL. Also I would like to have a "Back"-button with which you can come back to the earlier page.

Is there any way to solve this issue with the core version or do you need a module and if so, what kind of module should I use?

Thank you very much in advance!


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