Adding css to Drupal 8 Basic theme

On page 212 of the Apress book "Beginning Drupal 8", there are the following instructions to modify the Basic theme:

3. Create the CSS in the css/style.css style sheet to render the regions as 33% of the width of the page, floating each of the regions next to each other:

sub menu items do not update any more

When I move or change a top level menu item then I can see the change after saving changes and going back to the homepage. When I change a submenu item like the order of them in the menu editor then I cannot see any change when on the homepage again. I'm using superfish 8.x-1.0-rc2 and drupal 8.1.8

- refreshed the history of browsers
- used three browsers
- refreshed the cache from Drupal / performance
- all caching is turned off (also for css and like)

Anyone suggestions what to do?

General Questions About Drupal and other technologies

Hi guys,

How are you?

I was wondering if you could help choose what would be the best option for me and the best place to start learning.

First of all, I do apologize for all the questions, I just entered this community, so I am a little excited, eager to learn and to finally decide with technology should I use.

"The Problem:"
I would like to make a site for my new company, will be a business website without e commerce, the usual website with a contact form and a blog that I will update weekly.

The priorities are:

Geofield - D8

Geofield is a Drupal 8 module that provides a field type for storing geographic data. This data can be attached to any entity, e.g., nodes, users and taxonomy terms. Geofield provides different widgets for data input and formatters for data output. It integrates with other mapping modules (including ... and Geocoder),

Render Teaser Image in search block using Twig

Hi, i am trying to render the teaser image in my search block using twig. I created a Entity Reference Media field for articles and i made a views taxonomy to display them, i've added a new display and called it "teaser". In my node--article--teaser-default.html.twig i display the Entity Reference Media field like this

Article list Layout

Hi, I'm trying to modify the layout of each article in the article list page.


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