Getting Taxonomy term field table name programattically

Hi All,

I want taxonomy term field table names programmatically.

Ive tried to find solution with Schema API as well as Vocabulary API, but Im not getting the term field names.


CSS and JS not aggregated, despite the setting

I'm not sure anymore, I think this worked in 8.0.x but now after finally upgrading to 8.2 I have this issue:

Despite having "aggregate CSS/JS" turned on in the performance config section, the CSS gets still referenced/loaded in individual small files and I have no idea what could be the reason

I created a theme based on classy and this is what I currently get (as anonymous user, not logged in)

Contact form mail attachment in Drupal 8

Some one can help me how to attach a file in contact form mail.

How to add filter tabs or buttons to a view?

In drupal 8 I have a view which can be filtered by several taxonomies. I am not sure what features of drupal are needed to pull this off. Currently I can filter the view via dropdown list, which works, but I'd prefer to have the filter criteria for the top level filter work on tabs

So if the view is for Movies the tabs could be around the Genre taxonomy:

Sci Fi Documentary Drama Comedy

Exposed Filters

Drupal Core 8 last Version

Can some on help me in these 2 questions:

1º I want to create 3 diferent content types related
Until now, no problem, but i want to create a view with exposed filters of the name/title of class, subclass and subsubclass and i don't find it, just find the body, of that content type.

Acquia devdesktop drupal 8 error

I installed acquia devdesktop. I can run drupal 7 and commerce kickstart without any problems but when I try to make a drupal 8 website, I get following error:


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