How to add a Two Level menu item in Main Menu?

The default Drupal 8 installation contains 'Home' in the main navigation. I want to add a new item (say News Letter) to this menu but do not want to link it to any url. Instead, under this I want to create three second level items, which will be linked to a url (content), as shown:

News Letter
-- Main News letter
-- Special News letter
-- Annual New Letter

Error installing any theme

A fresh install of drupal 8, if i try to install any theme i get this error:

An error has occurred.
Please continue to the error page

An AJAX HTTP error occurred.
HTTP Result Code: 403
Debugging information follows.
Path: /core/authorize.php/core/authorize.php?batch=1&id=6&op=do_nojs&op=do
StatusText: Forbidden
403 Forbidden
403 Forbidden

I tried to install themes in drupal 7 and it works fine with nginx
I'm using the recomended nginx setup form the nginx website.

Getting URL of taxonomy term page from TWIG template

Hi all,

Using Drupal 8.0.6.

I have a taxonomy with a machine name of "featured_location", each term of this taxonomy has a URL alias associated with it. I have a view that displays all content that matches a certain term, this is correctly displaying all items. I am now trying to access the taxonomy term URL alias in the TWIG template for this view, but am having trouble.

I can get the name of the taxonomy term using:


but I can't figure out how to get the term URL alias. Please can someone help me?

Parse error on install, what now?


I'm trying to help my son instal Drupal 8. We uploaded the drupal files to the server andwhen we go to the website to do the install we get this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ')' in /home/thenig98/public_html/vendor/guzzlehttp/promises/src/functions.php on line 41

This is where we would expect to see the initial "Choose language" screen.

Drupal 8.0.6 with Video 8.x-1.2 can't render video preload="auto" controls style="width:854px;height:480px;"

My Drupal 8.0.6 with Video 8.x-1.2 module installed can't render video tag html code when I try to display video node from the view. Is there any additional module(s) to be installed beside Video 8.x-1.2 module. Thanks for your comments.

Kevin Liao

Searching for Taxonomy terms?

Hi everyone,

I have ~200 PDFs that I would like users to be able to search for. I started out by creating a taxonomy vocab 'Private Forms' then creating terms containing the file. After adding a couple samples I noticed taxonomy terms are not coming up in my default search and no option to add taxonomy to my search. To me this is odd behavior, it sounds like I have a config problem. I saw the Search API module and thought, hey, this does what I need (albeit overkill). I installed the module and configured a search, but have no idea how to access or place said search.


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