How to build a classified website from Drupal?

I want to build a classified website using drupal, I got a theme for it, but the functionality are not as I expected, so it need to be improved. In that site the user can post classifieds for free by registering the site & after posting the admin should approve/delete the classified ad. Once approved it will go live. In posting a classified, if user tries to post duplicate or spam post the site should warn them. Can any one know how I can achieve these functionality.

Modules to replicate job Video Interview site

Anyone aware of activity or modules that could be used to provide a job video interview process for a drupal website.
Use Case:
Prospective Employee is given a unique url to login and provide a video response to a set number of questions chosen by an interview panel. The submission is then directed to each member of the interview panel who adds their comments and makes their recommendation before a decision is returned to the prospective employee ?

Ideally archiving of the video submission would be possible.

Anyone know if its possible?

Can drupal do the following?

Hi Guys,
I was wondering if Drupal is a good choice, if I wanted to build a responsive ecommerce website, but after the checkout is completed instead of doing any processing, it will send an email off with a form filled out from the shopping cart?
Any advice is great!

Drupal 7 or Drupal 8? Which one should I choose?

Hi, I am very new to Drupal. My company is planning to build a large website using Drupal. The planned application will heavily use Drupal Charts as well as some other modules. Our company hopes to reach mobile device from the very beginning when the application is released.

Enable/Disable DIVs


some time ago i was talking to a friend who uses drupal too and he mentioned something interesting - he said it would be cool do enable/disable the DIV containers drupal create without writeing for all new templates. sometimes you make very simple sites and don´t need 1000 DIV containers for styling, so it would be cool to reduce them to the necessary ones and keep the site small and fast.
what do you think? good or bad idea? possible or not?


Configuration override system

Drupal 8's configuration system handles configuration in a unified manner, with settings stored in .yml files, allowing them to be managed by version control. There are cases however when configuration values need to be overridden for specific purposes. Drupal 7 had the global $conf variable that was usually populated in settings.php with conditional override values for configuration. A big drawback of that system was that the overrides crept into actual configuration. When a configuration form that contained overridden values was saved, the conditional override got into the actual configuration storage.

Drupal 8 introduces a configuration override system that maintains these overrides as temporary layers on top of the standard configuration values, does not use them for configuration forms and can even store them possibly with the other configuration files for staging and version control support (in case of language overrides for example, see below).

The simple global $conf system is retained and is activated on the configuration system by default.


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