The concept of a general payment platform

The concept behind Payment is that it prevents duplicate work ("reinventing the wheel") and that is improves quality, both because it tries to set high standards, and because it allows the same amount of time to be spent on a lower number of modules.

Old situation

This image shows three popular payment methods for three of Drupal's webshop modules and some other applications. As you can see, there are several modules to process payments using Paypal alone. The same goes for every other payment method: all those modules are 90% identical, because that's simply the party that connects Drupal to the payment method service.

Payment (also known as the new situation)

Differences between Payment and Pay

Payment and Pay are both general payment processing platforms. It takes a different approach to be more light-weight and flexible than Pay is. Some differences:

Social network for walking and cycle lovers

Hi, I'm a fan of walking and mountain biking, I would like to create a community like this, also even easier, my interest is to be able users to upload and see a path/tracking (for example garmin gpx format), show in the site and comment it .

I found many addons in the appropriate sections, however, there are two problems:
- My project is not for profit so I would like to find free
- I do not know if they can also be implemented with non-admin account (multi users), where do I look?

Academical Topics

Hello Everyone,

I am needing to find an exciting topic for my Academical Research project, and am hoping someone might have an idea or two.

I am doing final year Masters Degree in Computer Science & Mathematics, and am looking for appropriate topic which is challenging enough for this level of Academical Research.
Being one of the drupalist people, I will be super-happy to find such a topic related to Drupal which will benefit both the Drupal Community and give me a deeper knowledge of Drupal.

Which CSV importer for ecommerce?

Hi guys,
im new to all of this.

I have started out with two running wordpress and the other Joomla. Both sites are mainly for ecommerce and forum.

im struggling with both and have decided to move over and have a go with drupal.

Im looking for a csv uploader to bring some products and images into my site. What one should I use and where do I find tutorials on using it?

Fancy 'digital' store with drupal

For our website we want to build a 'template store' (for HTML websites). The idea is to have an overview (with paging) of images, each image represents a website-template, below the image we want the following links: Buy | More info | Tip friend. When clicking buy, a form has to be filled in with the template details and email with details and customer information has te be sent.

This all has to be easily manageble, and adding or deleting 'templates' must be made easy.


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