Why is it...?

Why is it when a patch like the current 8.1.8 is released, I get notice on my websites that an upgrade is available. Then I go to drupal.org and the older previous update is listed on the home page, not the current 8.1.8 update. Then I go to the get started section and finally find the current recommended update. Then I download it, try to do a few simple updates to a few websites and experience problems I've never had before with the same simple 8.0 websites. Then I start searching around and can't seem to find anything other than random obscure references to problems with 8.1.8.

Set default value for entity reference field.

Hello together,

i try to change the default_value of an entityreference field in a hook_form_alter(), but it does not work.

$node = \Drupal::routeMatch()->getParameter('node');
$form['field_referenced_campaign']['widget'][0]['target_id']['#default_value']  = $node->id();

Any Ideas. Thank you.

[fixed] Drupal 8 with IMCE


i tried to use the imce module with drupal 8 but after i installed it and activate the image widget in the ckeditor preferences it always open a "acces denied" page when i try to go into the imce widget during creating a new content.

What i have to do, to install the imce module correctly with D8?

Error: /theme/en/imce?sendto=CKEDITOR.imce.sendto&type=image&ck_id=edit-body-0-value

and: Missing filter plugin: filter_null.


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Drupal Development: Best Environment?

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