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Transliteration's module in Drupal 8

Hello Community,

do you know if transliteration module is implemented in Drupal 8 Core?

Thank you for your replies.

Comment Settings for Registered Users

This is probably a silly question, but here goes. Which permission check box alters whether or not a user can turn off comments? I don't want users to be able to turn off comments in the forums. I don't see the setting for that. Your help is appreciated.

Cannot edit a View

Hello, I have an Acquia Cloud Drupal 8 (free) install. I have been playing around and created some new content types and views.

For a particular View I have created - it displays as a page, content type has just a couple of fields, one is a file - after I navigate away to check out the page and come back to edit the View, I get JS error of "Drupal.dialog is not a function" if I try to make any edits.

Comparison of Node Pager modules

Entity Pager

Concept: Entity Pager module is simple to use, allowing you to create new Navigation blocks in a few seconds. It provides next and previous navigation on any Entity (e.g. Nodes, Users etc..).

[DRUPAL 8] How to access specific fields data using twig on BOOTSTRAP THEME

Hello everyone!

I appologize if this subject was already covered, but I didn't find yet anything that can clearly answer my question.


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