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Being committed and enthusiastic members of the UK Drupal community, Cameron and Wilding are actively involved organising Drupalcamp London and participating with talks in all major Drupal events (Drupalcamps London, Brighton and Bristol). We also host two monthly Drupal meetups, London Drupal Pub Meet and Drupal Show and Tell London.

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Nesting condition groups

Hi Everyone.

I'm facing a weird problem for a few hours now, and I can't manage to find a way to solve this...

Here's the situation : I need to get all the content with a certain content type, assuming the content types list is something like an array :

$content_types = ['type1', 'type2', 'type3', 'type4'];

It's kind of easy to get them with a loop on this array and an orConditionGroup :

Drupal 8, inline photo gallery and tags question

Hi everyone. I'm kinda new to Drupal and most things are still unclear to me. Currently I'm breaking my bead over the fact that I can't get my photo gallery and tags inline. This is the site I'm working on: http://altheercommunicatie.nl/node/74

I've made a custom content type which has, among others, the fields 'field_project_gallery' and 'field_project_type'. Now as you can see I can't get these two inline. Who can point me in the right direction to do so?

Help! cache_render grows extremely big in Drupal 8

Good morning

I am having a big problem with a newly created Drupal 8 site for a theater.

After going live we discovered that the cache_render table grews extremely big extremely fast. After one weekend, it was already over 30 GB (!) which makes a backup of the database impossible.

Adding a new Drupal core committer

Potential core committers (like any other type of core maintainer) can nominate themselves publicly, at any time, via the standard procedure (see the Drupal core governance documentation).

In practice, though, it is common for the existing team of committers to recruit people privately:

JQuery Effects and the YML file

I think I'm misunderstanding how to get core optional js libraries to load on a page
I'm trying and failing to incorporate a JQuery UI slide effect
Inspecting my page source I can see that:
My hello_world.js is loading.
JQuery and JQuery.ui are loading
JQuery.effects.core and JQuery.effects.slide are not.
What am I doing wrong?



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