Responsive Menu module

The responsive menu module provides a horizontal menu with dropdowns at desktop widths and an off-canvas menu at mobile widths. The module currently has two version, a 1.x and a 2.x version. These behave differently and so have different instructions:

[Solved] Drupal 8 Twig debugging: no handy comments

OK, I've clearly missed someting here.

I've got D8.05 running, and have subthemed Bootstrap.

I'm trying to turn on Twig debugging, to no avail. (I just want to move my

I've copied to services.yml in my sites/default; I've set debug: true and auto_reload: true in sites/default/services.yml.
I've also created settings.local.php and uncommented the render cache and dynamic page cache there.
I created sites/default/ by copying sites/

Oddly named files (long string of characters) in files dir after migration

After migration the files directory has oddly named files (long string of characters) eg. wutracapratracrunuspawruwaneprevicrothunustukavuseprachogo....

Drupal 8 theming a view advice

I'm very new to Drupal and I’m experimenting theming in Drupal 8. I want to have a certain view on the frontpage as a block. The block has some kind of table with an image and a clickable title of a certain contenttype. Creating this is not really difficult, I already created this, but I want something like this:

The first row:
title | image | title | image | title | image

but now the second row should be
image | title | image | title | image | title

in total that gives:

Custom Content Fields are disabled after D6 to D8 migration

My Custom Content isn't displaying image fields after a Drupal 6 to 8 migration. Under Manage Display in D6 the field format was LightBox2, but in D8 the field is listed as disabled with format 'hidden'. Moving the field to active doesn't save, also, if I change the format a spinning icon just sits there for hours.

Any ideas on how to resolve?

create a module contact form whit code from content type already created from the back-office Drupal 8

I want to create Module (a contact form ) with code from content type already created from the back-office, i want to start creating but i dont know how, if some one know how plz help :D

thank you.

the content type hase
a title


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