Additional resources

Additional resources (demos, tutorials, etc), about the Group module are available throughout the net. This page contains an inventory of them.

New in Group 8.x-1.x

The 8.x release of the Group module uses the features available as of Drupal 8.

Much of the 7.x release of Group is still relevant for 8.x as well. This documentation page contains a summary of the major differences introduced as of release 8.x.

Remove country code from url > Solved

Dear all,

I just installed Drupal 8.1.0. I activated 3 language related modules to be able to download Dutch translations. This all worked nicely. However, now everywhere in the url it adds /nl/ (the Dutch country code), for example when I hit login the url becomes "". I do not want this, the whole site is in Dutch, the /nl/ addition is useless and just makes the urls longer and less attractive.

How do I disable it this behavior?

Add custom icon to manager toolbar menu link

So I have this code in my links.meny.yml file:

title: 'Reminders'
description: 'Reminders for your project'
parent: system.admin
route_name: webtrack_update_reminder.content
weight: 100

Which adds a link to the "manage toolbar".
Now my question is, how do I place an icon next to the link, just like the other links in the toolbar?

I have been searching but I didn't came up with an answer for Drupal 8.

Thanks in advance.

Drupal 8 entities and content

Hi everyone,

I actually develop a module for sport competitions.

I initiated the development by making a custom module, then configuring a new entity : "Competition" (to create a basic setup for a given competition : Name, Type (league or play-off), number of teams, etc...).

Now I want to give this entity the ability to add some seasons (for example : 2015-16, 2014-15). Each "Season" has to be related to one and only one Competition.

Conference management

Managing conferences is another typical usecase of the Group module.


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