Theming using existing site

Drupal Noob here, so this may be a silly question....

I'm trying to take an existing clients none-drupal website, using just the html source code and assets, and bring it in to the twig file to insert 3rd party content while keeping the sites original look. The issue is; the clients websites will typically contain multiple js/css calls within the source as well as in-line js, and sometimes inline css. The site I am currently messing with has ~64 assets calls.

Inline field not display properly

I'm using Drupal8
I create a content type with inline field:

See the image
Image 01

when I show the page the labels are not inline

See the image
Image 02

what is wrong ?

Changing the text displayed in an Entity Reference Autocomplete


I have an entity reference autocomplete which is populated using an Entity Reference View.

I would like users to be able to type in this autocomplete and for the suggestions to look like this:

"[title of node] [value of custom field]"

how to override node--(type).html.twig.

Hi everyone, I'm new with drupal 8 and i would like to know how to override node--(type).html.twig.

whene im using the Available variables like:

{{ label }} or {{ content.field_example }} i have an additional html conent that i dont need, i juste want the value.

someone could help me please.


Missing image size width x height from Image Properties

When I insert an image using CKEdiotr on Drupal 8 I don't see an option for the Image Size. See attached pic. Even if I right click and go to Image Properties still no way to set width or height.

Best Vagrant box for Drupal?


Can anyone recommend a Vagrant box to use on my local development config? I have my own box using Ubuntu with Apache2 but no matter what I do, I can't get clean URLs to work.

I don't care about what OS or if it's Apache2 vs NGINX. If it doesn't have MySQL or PHP, I can install it.

All I need is a working environment where all I do is attach a folder to the box and run the box.



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