Where to find great Drupal Developer/Designers?

Hey fellows,
My company is trying to work with a freelancer to develop a professional Drupal website. I have tried Odesk but the candidates I have come across do not see to be professional. Do you know any websites which we could find more suitable candidates?
Here is the job description for your consideration:

Hourly Rate: $5.00 - $30.00 per hour

Title: Start-Up Marketing Website Development & Design

***** Marketing Corp is seeking a highly professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and creative individual who can be focused on our project and design it in a professional and timely manner while following our precise directions and getting ideas from sample websites provided to them. This website is one of a few websites which will be launched in the following weeks and the target audience of this particular website are professional recruits, and affiliate networks. Website needs to be mobile friendly as well. This website will be based on Wordpress or Drupal and employ modernizr/HTML5 possibly.
We are also looking for competitive individuals who could join our team permanently, so it is a great opportunity for you to shine.

- A complete portfolio of recent designs
- Highly Knowledgeable in Wordpress themes and plugins (Many Custom Requests)
- Complete Understanding of Modernizr java.
- Designing Mobile Versions

Drupal Migration from Tridion

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abaksi May 15 2013, 9:45

Hi All,
I have worked with other CMS solutions like Tridion, Drupal and very new to EPI.
I would like to know if EPI Server provides the following funtionality and the terms for the functionality which will help me to study and gain knowledge on this product.
Content Management
Blueprinting (Master/Child website/publicationrelationship)
Localization/Globalization (localization of content in child which is coming from master)
Content Reuse
Content Personalization
Content Authentication and Authorization
Content Publishing
Form Submissions
Content Tracking (analytics)
Maketing Email Campaigns (Email Management for marketting products/registration)
DTAP support (Conten Import/ Export acrros epi server in different environments)
Content Templating (Template based)
Modular Templating & Reuse (Module/class based templates)
Multimedia Support
Content Taxonomy (Category/keywords association)
Dynamic Linking (Dynamic Content liked to page and can be published with page)
Multilingual support (Differnt Language's sites)
Content Sequrity

Moving Files to new server and Keeping the Database in the old hosting server.

I am trying to move a Drupal site from one server on Godaddy, to another hosting server other than goDaddy.

The new hosting server will host the files only and NOT the database which will remain on goDaddys database server.

I assume that the database settings would stay the same. It appears that the site is still broken probably do to relative paths.

Is this correct about the links causing the problem and how do I go about fixing these paths.

Thank you for your help in this matter!



Transliteration provides a central transliteration (romanization) service to other Drupal modules, and cleans file names during upload by replacing unwanted characters.

Generally spoken, it takes Unicode text and tries to represent it in US-ASCII characters (universally displayable, unaccented characters) by attempting to transliterate the pronunciation expressed by the text in some other writing system to Roman letters.

According to Unidecode, from which most of the transliteration data has been derived, "Russian and Greek seem to work passably. But it works quite bad on Japanese and Thai."

In Drupal 8 core

Transliteration functionality is now part of Drupal 8 core. See the Transliteration change notice for details.

The rest of this page describes the Drupal 7 Transliteration contributed module. Note that the Core transliteration functionality in Drupal 8 Core does not include any configuration options, update screens, or the like. Only the Third Party Integration and Language-Specific Replacements sections below are somewhat relevant, but see the change notice referenced above for details on how to use the Drupal 8 transliteration service's equivalents.


Module not listed at Extend

Dear folks.
I Installed the module but I cannot see it at Extend page.
Ex: "Google Analytics Lite is already installed."
Any help will be appreciated.

Protecting against HTTP HOST Header attacks (prevent your site from thinking it is someone else)

Drupal 7 added a new feature into core that is not user facing directly, but is sometimes called poor man's cron. The feature triggers the periodic tasks of a Drupal site like emptying log files, sending e-mails, and clearing out caches. This feature, when combined with dynamic detection of the "base url" (added in Drupal 4.7), can lead to some screwy situations.


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