Never used Drupal, but can it used for my website

I want to build a website, my husband and have tried Wordpress but failed.

I want to build a website like Talent GB, my friend says it's built in Durpal. Is that the case?

I have read several Durpal forums, I can see Durpal allows payment, but cannot find any info on offering discounts?

Its like a job board for Actors, Musicians and Models.

We would like the general public search for Musicians, wedding bands and contact act's

Features we want

Admin User Interface as backend for front-end CMS


In my project, we have front-end website developed already.

I want to build admin side application using CMS.

I check following admin templates.


AJAX. A lot of AJAX

Hey everyone,

I was thinking about web design yesterday and how to make websites quicker, cleaner, just better in general. Even though I guess other people had that idea, I'm wondering whether it'd be doable to create a drupal website driven by AJAX entirely. An example for how this could work would be

How do I stop recieving forum updates?

I haven't used Drupal in many years, yet I continue to get forum post updates that have no link to unsubscribe, and no clear, obvious way even when I log in and go to that forums post. When I go to "Notifications" it doesn't show me as being set up for any, yet I've received hundreds of emails.

Yes, I've Googled it. The only post I found was this:

...which is unresolved.

I just want to not receive any more emails from How do I make this possible?


Personal profile pages for directory/gallery plugin ??

Hello, i would like to ask if there is a plugin for Drupal available to build a personal page (gallery/directory) which contains such informations like country, weight, pictures and so on ?

LESS IDE integration


Built in support for LESS.


Follow instructions here:

When using this plugin, use @import without the url() notation.
This is still valid:

@import '../imports/less_demo.clearfix.css.less';


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