Use image style against custom image in Drupal 8


I'm trying to render a custom image(uploaded to theme directory manually) using image style, it doesn't work.

Drupal 8 - Linkit - Multilanguage site - No link to other languajes

I have a portal in 2 languages.

I have installed the module Linkit to be able to link texts with contents of my web.

By using the Linkit module, and linking to a content, links it to the main content, in the main language, it does not maintain the current navigation language or the Backend's editing language.

How could this be solved?

Thanks and best regards.

Adaptive theme, responsive menu

I have been setting up a Drupal 8 test site in which I use Pixture Reloaded theme, (an Adaptive theme subtheme) and have enabled the Adaptive Theme 'Extensions' utility and in particular, 'Responsive Menus'.

I use this for the main navigation menu (the horizontal menu displayed under the logo and site name). The responsive menu functionality works ok, but in addition, I need to make the menu links decrease their font size, when the screen width is within a specific range.

Search Box

I'd like to create a search box similar to the one on on a D8 site. I'd like to be able to search/filter from 5 different fields with a drop down box for each, one of which is a taxonomy with a hierarchy. I thought it would be simple task by just exposing the filters, but no such luck. I've tried with core search and search api.

Question, Permissions site/default auto reset

Hey guys,

I got little question.

I got the message about trusted_host issue so I had to fix that but the weird thing is I changed the file permission on the map and settings.php.

But somehow with every refresh/save it would reset to 555 again(the map) instead of staying on 755.
It quit annoying and I wanted to know what is the cause of the reset because I don't really find much on the subject.

Cent OS 7
drupal 8.23 showing 404

Hi, using 8. Site was working fine, but would not show in maint. mode. Finally started showing in maint. mode. However, now when I try to login at error code 404 shows up. Anybody know how we can get into our site? Thanks in advance.


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