Content doesnt show up Drupal 8??

I am newbie, would like to learn drupal 8.

- I already installed drupal 8
- go to my localhost/drupal
- at "home" page, click "add content" (under Tools), chose "Article"
- Fill in "title", "body" (text format basic HTML), "image", alt text, Save and publish
- only shows title that i filled in, body and picture doesnt appear.

Could anyone help?

Appreciate all feed back.

Notation module for drupal 8


Is there a notation module for drupal 8 ?

I look but find nothing.

Fivestar, Rate or others do not seem ported to Drupal 8.

Thanks in advance

Drupal 8 Multi-site navigation issues

I have created a D8 multi-site installation and spun two sites up, successfully. I am having issues with navigation through the administrative back office, as, if I click on any of the links, I get a "not found" error for the page, unless I add "/index.php" to the URL. Thus, to navigate to the "Configuration" section, I need to supply the URL "".

Drupal causing high server load

I installed drupal on my account on my server. After insallation, the server load jumped from 0.7 to 5 and above and it is staying on that load.

I'm seeing the following errors in my error_log:

Exclude Module from Configuration Export

I have started a project with drupal 8 and I was wondering if there was a way to ensure that certain modules that I use for development are never exported in using config-export. I don't want these modules enabled in our production site but they are being exported in core.extension.yml. Is there any solution that would allow modules to be enabled for development only? Has anyone had this same issue, if so what was your solution?

Only front page renders after installing Drupal 8

After installing Drupal 8 and getting to my home page I can go no further because the admin menu links point to a page not found error. The url points to my root site/admin/someplace. Not sure why that path.



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