Adding Fake Users at the beginning of a community site

Is there any module that allows you to put in some users that are not real and later remove them when the site gets going?

Self inking stamps site.

I need to create a "fully comprehensive" site for a self inking stamps business. I have no clue if Drupal will be able to assist me in this endeavor?
My question is, before i install Drupal, can it be done?
I need the site to be a shopping cart, and have the ability for the user to customise the stamp, preview the text typed by the customer, and then approve this all online. Once done, then it will automatically invoice, order, send whatever else is required to complete the purchase.

Correct way of passing variables between hook and tpl.php

I asked a similar question a few months ago, but the true is that there is very few information about the correct way of doing this.

The simplest is using arg() functions, but as you can read in the docs, is the most wrong way of doing it. Trying to follow the correct steps, that is what I have so far:

A menu with the paths which we need:

* Category search section
$items['products/search/%/%'] = array(
'title'             => 'Products search filtering',
'description'       => 'Show review categories.',
'page callback'     => 'ThemeSearchProducts',
'page arguments'    => array(2,3),
'access callback'   => 'user_access',
'access arguments'  => array('access content'),
'type'              => MENU_NORMAL_ITEM,
'file'              => 'includes/',

This arguments are sended via ... arguments (sorry for the joke). to the themesearchproducts function

* THEME List of reviewable products
function ThemeSearchProducts($arg1, $arg2){

// $output = theme('search_products', $arg1);
  $output = theme('search_products', 'test');

  echo 'args in theme: ' . $arg1 . $arg2 . ' || ';
  return $output . theme('pager', 10);

Drupal For Social Networking like facebook.

I would like to make a drupal site like facebook or a social network clone.

Can someone recommend me the modules I need for a distribution that would suit my needs?

Basically I need
Profiles with ability to leaves comments on them, For example "nice pics", or "It was great talking to you last night"
Member picture gallery

basically they way boonex dolphin 7 comes out of the box, except I would like to use drupal because it is GPL and it has multi site abilities.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Features for Drupal 8

I have been a Drupal User and front and back-end developer since the late 1990's and one thing that I have waited for was a more comprehensive means to install modules. Even until 7.x developers still have to manually search for some of the most fundamental modules. A wise choice would be to have a links in modules with the leading[module_name] where the missing module can be cut and pasted or even found with links to the pages.

Installing Drupal on Windows Azure

To get 10 free Drupal sites on Windows Azure follow these easy steps.

If you do not already have a Windows Azure account sign up for a free trial here:
Once you have an account, open up the management console at:


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