How to upgrade variables to the state system

Variables need to be converted to the new configuration system API/storage.

State API in Drupal 8

The State API provides a place for developers to store information about the system's state. State information differs from configuration in the following ways:

Please improve Drupal Help Document.

Hi All,

I'm pretty new to Drupal Development, Experience with Wordpress. As I'm a new bee, sometime I'm not able to work things out and like a every developer I go to Google to find the things that I'm missing while developing. Help that I prefer is Drupal help, but to my surprise I always see the code on help document and not actual help. Why I should come to Help document if I want to see code. I can see that code on my drupal setup. Help document should be explanatory about the function and not function code itself.

See wordpress help for example,

issues after installation of drupal 8 on wamp

i install drupal 8 on wamp server without any issues. after the installation i cant do anything. if i try to create content or click on anything, it takes me to server configuration screen. any ideas as to why?

Drupal themes for both free and paid content


We want to set up a new website with free and paid content (user must login to see this sort of content). Anybody can suggest drupal themes supporting both free and paid content?



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