Rest POST New Forum Topic

Hi all,

Ive been trying to create a new Forum topic via REST and POST. I have created a basic node posting to a new article type, but I have been unsuccessful in creating a new forum topic because of the taxonomy.

It always returns with the following:

{"error":"Unprocessable Entity: validation failed.\ntaxonomy_forums: This value should not be null.\ntaxonomy_forums: Select a forum.\n"}

In the Devel output for the node I have the following structure:

Alternative Contect Accesos un d8

I need to do view permissions only a own content. How can i do without contect accesos module?

set different language from default install for admin


As per the title, I have installed selecting a language different than English, but I'd like the admin language to be in English, is that possible, how/where to change it?

I have also selected English as the second language of the site.

Thank you

blocks list column (drupal 8)


Here I see the block UI should have a list of the block with a search filter in a column, but on my install I don't see it, do I need to enable it somewhere?

Thank you

Overriding the Quickedit Module (Drupal 8)

Hey drupal community,

For a current project I'm working on we're trying to leverage the "In Place Editor" functionality provided by the Quickedit module.

Our main goals are to:
1.) Have a module that allows us to perform Create Update and Delete options in-line on only fields that needs the functionality
2.) Make it so that there is a single visible button which says "Edit" on some content that is always used to enter the "In Place Editing" mode.

new install keeps redirecting to install.php


I've just installed v8.0.1 and the installation went well. After it was complete it took me to the admin panel.
Whatever link I click on in the admin panel it takes me to core/install.php as if I hadn't installed the script and wants me to start over.

The database is installed and the sites/default and the default/settings.php files are set back to 644

I tried deleting everything and installing Drupal from scratch as well as a fresh / empty database and I'm still having the same issue.

Please could someone help.




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