Creating Drupal 8.x modules

Welcome to the module developer's guide for Drupal 8!

This section includes tutorials and other information that you need to create modules for Drupal version 8.x.

An excellent overview: Understanding Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Install issues

I have been trying to install Drupal 8 on my shared server and keep running into the same issue. I get through the install just fine and when I go to view the site I get 500 error. Tried with a clean install of Drupal 8 and a Drupal 8 Spark distro as well. It's not throwing anything into the log and I've tried all the normal .htaccess stuff I usually do like uncomment Rewrite Base and whatnot.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Feature detection

Browsers of all types connect to the web, and the diversity is only increasing. It used to be acceptable to specify which browser parameters (e.g. browser maker or screen size) the user should adopt to properly view your content, but this is no longer the case. Instead, it is better to adapt the web page to the users' individual browsers, based on the presence or absence of specific features. This is where the concept of feature detection comes from.

Think of feature detection as a way of fingerprinting a web browser. Just like two people with the same name, two devices running the same browser will produce different fingerprints.

new to drupal

can you give me some advice
about how i can get straight in there

and start programming

Manage display settings for the Views configuration screen

  1. Navigate to admin/structure/views/settings.
  2. Enable or disable any of the following settings:
    • Always show the master display When this option is enabled, the View configuration screen will always display the Master display for the view. If this option is not enabled, the Master display is hidden when the first display is created.
    • Always show advanced display settings When this option is enabled, the View configuration screen will always display advanced configuration options such as relationships and contextual filters. If this option is disabled, the advanced configuration options are still available but require clicking a collapsed menu.
    • Show the embed display in the ui
  3. In the Live Preview section, enable or disable any of the following settings:
    • Automatically update preview on changes When this option is enabled, the preview will update as the configuration is changed.
    • Show information and statistics about the view during live preview You can also select whether this information will be displayed above or below the preview.
    • Show the SQL query Displays the SQL code used to create the display.

Manage your views collection

You can enable, disable, clone and delete a view.


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