Very new - creating pages from scratch which can use a visitor's drupal login

For the website I'm working on, I have a program which is going to be generating PHP pages. I would like the visotors's drupal login to be associated with these pages.

What I mean is, I want them to be logged into their drupal account on my site regardless of the page. So when I create a php page, I need to know what I need to put in there to make sure its counting as a drupal page, too.

Looking for best tutorials for ZEN theming, designing and CSS ?


I am new with drupal. I am learning a lot, about drupal, and about html & CSS.
I decided to learn about the ZEN theme, and I want to learn how to best customize and design the ZEN theme.

The documentation is helpful but is also overwhelming.

can someone please tell me where are the best video tutorials for Designing and customizing the ZEN theme?
or best sources for that?


Point of Sale Module?

I'm helping my neighbor bring technology to his little family owned coffee shop. Right now he is using a basic register that pretty much only does the math for you and doesn't really have a website.

CSS problem in Drupal


Recently i installed Drupal Ecommerce to my domain , But am getting some css problem with Internet Explorer Browser 6.0 , IE6 doesn't want to accept the display some pictures and alignments.

So where i have to do the changes in CSS ?


Web Form


is it possible to include a captcha in the web form? Please let me know the version if Yes.

Thank You.


Upgrading (core of) a Drupal Distribution correctly

Hi Community,

I'm new to Drupal and I'm having no real developer's knowledge, but search/google is my friend ;).
Unfortunately, I can't find a straight forward answer to my issue/question:



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