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This may be a newbie question but In the Theming Guide it says:

It is also possible to "theme" only certain sections of a site, certain types of content, or even individual pages.

Problem with the installation of the modules

Hello, help me please with my problem. When I try to install module layout_plugin, installation process stops on 67%. what could be the problem? Sometimes it happens with other modules. Screenshot with a problem ( ). Help me please

Trouble in adding custom blocks in Primary-menu region.

can anyone help me out to add multiple custom blocks in primary menu in the bartik theme.Thanks in advance :)

Statistics module count display format

How can I change the count number that is produced by the Statistics module to be displayed as a formatted number. So instead of "123456" display "123,456"?

Missing images.

I have a Drupal 8 site up and running and everything seems fine until I create a view to display summaries of news items. I use the first image in a group of images to go with the headline and a summary in the view and it works fine until some hours later when the image goes missing and all I get is the alternative text. I have googled this and it seems that someone had a similar issue in 2006 where the images were stored as temporary. Can anyone say if that is what is happening here and do they know of a fix?

I would appreciate any help here.
John Eardley.

how do i get started?

in an effort to personally compare drupal vs wordpress, i downloaded it to my windows 10 machine.
extracted the drupal folder to c:\xampp\apps (same location as WP).

now what?


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