Color module replace a color in an image


I've created an drupal8 Theme which is compatible with the color module. It is possible to change the theme images with a specified color. You can fill an image or set a gradient for example.

But i've an icon which i want to change to another color. Is it possible to replace an color of an image with the color module?

Drupal 8.2.4 Install error

Dear All,

I got a problem when i installing drupal 8.2.4, i follow the step but it still error. Please see the message below:
Fatal error: Interface 'Drupal\Core\Entity\Schema\DynamicallyFieldableEntityStorageSchemaInterface' not found in D:\xampp\htdocs\drupal\core\lib\Drupal\Core\Entity\Sql\SqlContentEntityStorage.php on line 39

I hope get feedback from you all soon.
Thank you,

Rendering banner image for items on views

Hello ! I am doing at Drupal 8
So, basically i have a blog page of my site.
And then i want to have the views.

And so i created the views with grid type.
And it's doing just fine.

And then i want to put my banner image of each of every blog into the views. but i fail.
Each of every blog have a banner-image..

Shopify vs. Drupal Commerce

I'm torn and need some input from a few people who have tried these combos.

Looking at a pre-configured D8+Commerce package so all the work is already done - however I've read that Drupal Commerce is a beast and not the best solution. What are the pros/cons?

What is the best way to handle fullscreen mode in D8?

I made an inline slideshow with Views Slideshow with thumbnails cycling away in a block. Now I would like to be able to click on the thumbnail and open the current picture in full screen retaining the ability to flip through full sized pictures from the same set back and forth. Can't see how to implement that within Views Slideshow. Installing another slideshow module like Colorbox to simply show the same set of pictures but in full screen does not seems very bright.

Drupal 8 REST API - DELETE verb for taxonomy term always returns 403

I've been playing with REST API for a while and everything works fine but I have a question about DELETE verb for taxonomy terms. I configured GET, POST, PATCH and DELETE for /taxonomy/term/{term_id} using RestUI and GET, POST and PATCH works fine but DELETE always returns 403 Forbidden. I use admin account for basic auth for simplicity and development purposes only and I do generate proper token (the same method as for POST and PATCH). Does anybody tried/tested DELETE verb for taxonomy terms or is it disabled for some reasons and that's why it always returns 403?


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