Creating a block that only shows a certain amount of content

Hi everyone,
I want to create a block in which you can many paragraphs of text, but only one or two will show up at a time. This is so everything is saved there, but it will only show a certain amount. For example, on this website:
The feature of the day shows one item, but when you edit it (I have the credentials) there is every single item that was ever entered but somehow it will only show the last one or two (depending on the character count).

Menu Block Not Returning Correct Results


Working in Drupal 8.

I created a Menu Block to show just the Machines Listing portion of my main menu.

Initial Menu Level: 2
Maximum Number of Levels to Display : 3
Content Type: Machines
Region: Sidebar Right

AND it worked great!

Until I added a basic page - NOT Content Type "Machines" - but lives UNDER "Company" and is called "Articles".

Now "Articles" IS appearing in my sidebar menu.

But it shouldn't because while it IS a Level 2 menu link it IS NOT Content Type "Machines."

Regarding Ldap Integration for Drupal-8


I have downloaded and enabled the Ldap modules(ldap authentication, ldap auth provider, ldap help, ldap query, ldap servers, ldap users, ldap views, ldap test module) on my drupal site. But I was not able to see the option of configuring the ldap server information in the site.

When I tried to access I'm getting following error

"The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later."

Twig_Error_Loader error

I have been running a Drupal 8 site with Pixture Reloaded theme, based on Adaptive theme
(in my .info file, the corresponding lines are:

'base theme': at_core

'subtheme type': adaptive_subtheme)

and suddenly, without having done any changes in the site code (just entered content), I get errors of type: filter results by project,m major_version, etc...


I'm making my own updates checker ('cause DRD crashed with last updates) for the many sites I'm managing (around 25) and I wonder if there's a way to better filter the XML returned by

I tried to send params via GET and POST but none of my tries where successful.
I've been looking for any doc. but I can't find any.

Could someone point me to any doc. or something useful?


Adjust size of superfish menu block

Sorry if this has been covered somewhere, but I could not find a search feature for the forum. If someone wants to point it out I'd appreciate it. I did try searing the site but got 0 results.

I am a new drupal user and have installed superfish to use drop down menus. I got the drop down menus working, but the menu block itself is wider than the rest of the blocks on the sidebar. For example please see:


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