Drupalcafe - From waterfall to scrum: a 1-year retrospective.

Drupalcafe dives into the world of projectmanagement.
From waterfall to scrum: a 1-year retrospective. Have you been thinking about working agile? Want to know what to expect when you dive into the world of scrum? After a year of converting a classic waterfall organization to a true scrum team, it is time to take a look back. Learn about getting the best out of yourself - and providing optimal solutions for your clients! This presentation will focus on the implications for team members, management and clients. Bring your pitchforks and tough questions!

Drupalcafe duikt in de wereld van projectmanagement.
Van waterval naar scrum: een 1-jaar-retrospective. Denk je er wel eens aan om agile te gaan werken? Wil je weten wat je kunt verwachten als je de wereld van scrum induikt? Na een jaar van een klassieke waterval-organisatie ombouwen naar een scrum team is het tijd om terug te blikken. Leer hoe je het beste uit jezelf en je collega's haalt en de beste oplossing biedt voor je klanten! Deze presentatie behandelt de implicaties voor teamleden, management en klanten. Neem je hooivork en lastige vragen mee!

Interested in visiting this meetup: please signup here: http://www.meetup.com/drupalnetherlands/

Start: 04 april 2013 (17:00)
End: 04 april 2013 (20:00)

One Shoe

Whoops ... just when I think 8.x is fully installed ...

1. unzipped drupal to "foo22" folder
2. created "foo22" database
3. http://localhost/foo22 (or could use foo or foo22)
4. entered db info for "foo22"
5. foo22 db installed just fine
6. sitename: localhost admin_foo22 etcetera
7. "Congradulations, you installed Drupal!"
8. clicked on "Visit your new site"
9. "Welcome to Drupal" ... "No front page..."
10. click on "Add new content"
ERROR: Not Found!
The requested URL /foo22/node/add
was not found on this server

Using Drush Rebuild

Drush Rebuild is a utility for rebuilding a local development environment from, for example, the production environment. Drush Rebuild uses Drush aliases and an easy-to-read YAML configuration file.

To use Rebuild you must know how to work with drush aliases.

Installation & configuration


Rebuild can be installed with drush or git.

Using drush: drush dl rebuild

Passing a test before allowing a user to comment...

I was wondering if anyone knows of a module or selection of modules that would permit an administrator to create a test that a user, if they wish to comment on any posts, must first pass. Much like a captcha, but for weeding out more than just robots... Ideas and suggestions greatly appreciated.

Change File permission,[HELP!]Plzz

I want a Help changing Permission for 1 domain in manager
my domain is having 500 error issue
I changed all setting to read and write
But there is no option to change them to default
i heard ,The default is 066 for file and *** folder
but i donot know how to change it
Please i really need your help
and I am TOTALLY NOOBS to these things

thanks for Reading it :)

single sign on between different drupal versions (6.x and 7.x)

Sorry if that question has been posted before but, is it possible to have this module working with different drupal versions? We some big projects in Drupal 6 and we want to start with a migration plan. Without being able to migrate parts of our sites, the task is much more complex than being able to do small migrations and tests.

Thank you very much in advance


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