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Hi everyone, i have a problem in drupal 8:
i create a view called sportview and i have made a template for it called views-view--sportview.html.twig
and what i want is to print the body field or the image field
i try to do things in my twig like {{content.body}} or {{content.image field}}
but nothing displaying

Drop Down Menus


I'm running Drupal 8 and the Zymphonies theme.

When I hover my mouse over the drop down menus at the top of the front page, some of the drop down menu items go "behind" the page title.

They still appear over-top of the front page banner, but behind the text.

Since "Nice Menu's" isn't ready for Drupal 8 yet, I'm not using Nice Menus yet.

I'd like to have the drop down menu appear overtop of the banner text, or at least be clickable overtop of the banner text.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Post Installation Issue

Hello, new to Drupal and coming from a Teamsite background. Installed latest, local version of Drupal 8.x and able to login. I receive the "Welcome to drupal No front page content has been created yet" page. When I look at this page it seems that everything is installed correctly. However, when I click on any of the links (even the logout button) I receive "The requested URL /drupal-8.1.0/user/logout was not found on this server." It seems that all the database tables were created and the folders have the correct permissions. What am I missing? Thanks.

How to add a class to an image field in view-views-fields template with twig


I am trying to print an image field in a views template because I want to add a class to the rendered image field. How can I achieve this?
I tried this:


it prints the rendered image just fine. But How can I add a css class?


{{ file_url(fields.field_image.entity.fileuri) }}

does not seem to give me the url of the image field. Is there any other way to achieve this?

Thanks for the help

error line 64 instalation databese

Hey guys i was hyped to see durpal exist and when i went to insta it, it didnt work... i made database in phpmyadmin and entered right info and got this error here

Thanks in advance for help >.<

controller php file in the custom module

when we create custom module, in the controller directory of this module
one .php file is their so what kind of data this .php file will return??

namespace Drupal\my_module\Controller;
class MyModuleController{
public function test() {
  return array(
'#markup' ==> t('Hello Word'),

here i am returning simply a string but it is not returning ..


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