Adding blockForm to all blocks

I understand that block plugins can be created with configurable forms using the blockForm method, but is it possible to make it so that the form you create applies to every block instead of just the block plugin you created?

For instance I have a block plugin called Basic that uses blockForm to create a form with various style options, but I'd like these options be available to the 'Powered by drupal' block, view blocks and every other type of block.

Is this possible?

D8 Forum Problems

The default forum module creates an "Add new Forum topic" link at the top of every forum-related page. I cannot find where this link is created or otherwise generated. I would like to style it using the bootstrap theme I have by changing its class from "btn" to "button" but I can't find where it's generated. Can someone point me in the right direction?

One time login URL | Drush uli

What exactly happens behind the scene when we generate one time login URL or use Drush uli.

Does it make a database entry with the generated key and then matches this with the key at the generated URL ?

Just curious to know how does it works.

add custom comment type

when I add a custom comment type, it doesn't list to be selected on the field settings of the content type

How to uninstall Content Translation in Drupal 8?

We have a website which currently has many content. Initially, there was supposed to be 2 languages, English and French so all core multilingual modules have been enabled. Later after adding many content, it was decided not to have French language so now we want to uninstall all the content translation modules. But it wouldn't allow us because of th following reasons:

In the module uninstall settings page, it says:

Allows users to translate content entities.
The following reasons prevent Content Translation from being uninstalled:

css files not loading on D8 custom theme

I have create mytheme.libraries.yml file under theme folder with below code

version: VERSION
styles/css/style.css: {}

But after active mytheme & cache clear style.css not loading.
How to rid this? Please help.


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