How do I stop recieving forum updates?

I haven't used Drupal in many years, yet I continue to get forum post updates that have no link to unsubscribe, and no clear, obvious way even when I log in and go to that forums post. When I go to "Notifications" it doesn't show me as being set up for any, yet I've received hundreds of emails.

Yes, I've Googled it. The only post I found was this:

...which is unresolved.

I just want to not receive any more emails from How do I make this possible?


Personal profile pages for directory/gallery plugin ??

Hello, i would like to ask if there is a plugin for Drupal available to build a personal page (gallery/directory) which contains such informations like country, weight, pictures and so on ?

LESS IDE integration


Built in support for LESS.


Follow instructions here:

When using this plugin, use @import without the url() notation.
This is still valid:

@import '../imports/less_demo.clearfix.css.less';

Drupal and uploading/protecting/sharing files (in the cloud)

Hi everybody!

I was a long time contributor to Drupal, although I was away from it for a long period of time.
Now, I'm back, and would like to setup a personal non-profit website, for storing and sharing files.

The question is, which modules I should use to accomplish what I need.
The list of modules is endless, and I'm pretty much lost because of it.

How to check your approved translations.

Hello friends,

I am contributing drupal by doing marathi translation of few drupal keywords.

Can anybody please tell me how to check whether the translation made by you is approved or not? And within how many days does it get approved?

Which is more future proof? Wordpress or Drupal?

At the moment i use wordpress for all my web clients. As i am soon looking to make freelance graphic design and web development my full time job is drupal the real answer? Alot of what i read on the net suggests many people are making the conversion to drupal but i find wordpress easier, simpler and if i am honest better looking. But there must be a reason why the drupal community is so big! Also if you could recommend me any good books on converting to drupal that would be great! :)



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