How to create block that shows referenced node on specific content type?


I want to create block with views which showed us a "referenced" item and a "referenced by" item. It just like on the issues content type where it can have a "Related by", "Referenced by", "Parent issue", and "child issue".

How to achieve that capabilities on Drupal 8?

Thank you.

Deleted language ghost content

I started to set a site main config with French as default language and English as a supplementary language. Then I wanted to reverse the language priority with English as default and French as supplementary. But in D8, it seems there's no way to change a site config language source and in my case, it remains hard coded to French. I even tried to completely remove the French language, but the config language source keeps showing French even if the language doesn't exist anymore, cf screenshot.

Load all titles and body text from one content type into array

HI all,

I'm working on an input format filter that should work as following. I have a content-type called glossary, the user can fill in a word (title) and description (body). Then there is a content-type article. When a word in the article matches a word in the glossary it should wrap that word with a span. Something like word. I already did a quick and dirty tryout and that worked fine. I already did a speed test and it worked out fine only a delay of 0.2s max. But now I try to make it as it should and I got stuck.

Drupal 8 translation of list (text) values in views

I am new do Drupal. I am testing out Drupal 8's multilingual capabilities.

Site main page shows up as blank page with "Skip to main content" link

Drupal version: 8

For some reason, the site main page (but no other pages) has suddenly changed to just an empty page with nothing but a "Skip to main content" link that does nothing. I can't think of any change or configuration I might have did that caused this, this occurred suddenly even though it was working before.

How to embed files into a Drupal Page?

I have documents I would like to display on my Drupal 8 website. Rather than copy/pasting text, I want to upload the PDF so that I don't loose formatting. Thus, an "embed" button in the content editing bar would be nice. Anyone know how to do this?

I have tried installing the "Embed" module, but when I enable it, my site breaks and all I get is an "unexpected error" page. Any assistance would be appreciated.



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