Drush stopped bootstrapping

I have Drupal 8.1.9 multisite system that is functioning as it should.
I installed Drush and I was able to update with it...until today. Suddenly I get an error message that Drush could not bootstrap.
The site is a functional Drupal and Drush worked yesterday. What could have happened?

Drupal 8.1 & settings via Ajax

Hi All,

Trying to use google chart objects dynamically via Ajax. When I call the back end normally using the Visualisation module I get the appropriate page div and settings JSON which is then used to build the chart.

But when I use:

$response = new AjaxResponse();
$response->addCommand(new ReplaceCommand('#graph', $container, $settings));
return $response

Select list in content type to output Views block to specific page

I have a content type "News Story", that I have a select list field in which has different selections/pages (page 1, page 2, page 3) that a user can pick from (only one selection/not multi) to push the News Story to so it appears in the block area of that specific page. So if the user creates their News Story and then selects "page 3" that's where it will show. The problem is I don't know how in Views to do this. I assume I somehow need to define page 1, page 2 and page 3 as specific nodes somehow. I'm just not sure the best way to do it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function token_get_all() - drupal 8

Hi. I'm attempting to install drupal8 on FreeBSD but when I try to load the front page in the browser, I get an empty page with just the error,

Fatal error: Call to undefined function Doctrine\Common\Annotations\token_get_all() in /data/htdocs/test1/vendor/doctrine/annotations/lib/Doctrine/Common/Annotations/TokenParser.php on line 56

All the other extensions listed in extensions.ini seem to load and Drupal7 is working fine.

MIgrating Drupal Site

Operating system: Linux
fender: Centos 7

Like many users I have a testing machine and production ready machine. I have be began using drupal 7 during its final days; I made several quality websites with d7. Eventually, I stopped my learning and waited for d8.
When using d7 i effortlessly created a tar file of the particular d7 website and used mysqldump to save the database. When I move to the production sever there was no hassle. I 1) untarred the directory and 2) mysql the file back into the database. Everything worked.

Link for user to edit userdata


In D6 and D8 i had a way that a user could edit some things in his user profile. E.g. he coudl change his password and other fields. Now I see only the data, mut he can't change if. Which link to his user-profile is to change things?

Whe in click on My account, i couldn't edit my data.. It goes to the contact page... : http://genealogie.hcc.nl/index.php/%20users/adminfred/contact . What's the link to the dit page? Or must i do some other setteings?



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