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Generated taxonomy terms with empty custom field

I'm fairly new to Drupal (and to programming in general), and have written a custom module to implement a calendar.
This module also creates taxonomy terms during the installation, and those terms have a custom field for a css value.

When I install the module manually after Drupal is installed, the terms get generated correctly and the css field gets populated with a value. All is well.

Menu link name as page title


I have Drupal 8 multilanguage site which works fine except one thing. I would like to use a name of active menu link as page title. Unfortunately I haven't found yet solution how to do it. Can you help me?

Any help appreciated.


Can drupal do it based on these requirements?

Good day,

I have a project which I am almost positive Drupal 8 would be a perfect candidate for, but I would really like some expert opinions before I commit to using Drupal as a CMS solution.

Can hook_views_pre_execute used to fetch the views preview sql query properly?

I am trying to fetch the views preview SQL query. I could get the query and convert it into string. But it couldn't be executed directly on MySQL directly. The following is the code.

Drupal 8 block Base Plugin With multilingual fields


I would like to know how to do blok plugin fields be able to make multilangual fields. I have:

field1: 'example text'

type: mapping
label: 'example settings'
type: text
label: 'field 1:'
translatable: true


namespace Drupal\example\Plugin\Block;


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