The Views UI module

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The Views UI module is the user interface module for Views. In order to create, edit, and manage views in the Drupal user interface, you need to enable the Views UI module. The rest of the help in this section assumes that you have the Views UI module enabled.

Once you have all of your views defined, you can turn off the Views UI module for efficiency. Your views will continue to work, but you will not be able to see them in the Drupal user interface.

Find Vulnerability on the module

hi every body
i developed a module for the drupal cms.
i want to secure this module and find vulnerability
example : find sql injection or xss vulnerability.
how to i can secure this??

please help me friends

Process plugin: extract

The extract plugin is used to pull data from potentially multi-level arrays in the source. One use case is extracting data from field arrays in previous versions of Drupal - for example, in Drupal 7 a field array would be indexed first by language, then by delta, and finally by a key such as 'value':

    plugin: extract
    source: some_text_field
      - und
      - 0
      - value

The PHP equivalent of this would be:

Installing Drush on Arch Linux

Arch Linux users can install Drush through the Arch User Repository. Using your favorite AUR helper, install the drush package. For example, if using yaourt:

yaourt -S drush

If you are working with Drupal core development and need the git version of Drush, install drush-git. Example:

yaourt -S drush-git

Process plugin: migration

It is important to maintain relationships among content coming from the source site, but in most instances the unique identifiers of the content change in the process of migration. For example, on the source site a given user account may have an "author" ID of 123, but the Drupal user account created from it may have a uid of 456. The migration process maintains the relationships between source and destination identifiers in map tables, and this information is leveraged by the migration process plugin.

module that displays history of items - feedback requested

Does your community/library/archive/museum/association give awards, grants, or scholarships, or maintain special collections? If you do, do you track their history? By this, we mean not just the recipients but any other changes over time, such as a sponsor’s name or the type of recognition, amount of remuneration, or object condition.


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