add block to node


I want to attach some block to some nodes, in the "content" section.

Firstly, i added the block in the "content" block section, and set some specific url pages for that block.

Secondly, i wanted to use the Page manager & panels modules, interested by the layout system and for many other reasons.

But i think i don't understand how it's work :

i updated the /node/{node} page, by adding a variant with 2 blocks :
block "myBlock", and the block "main page content", like in the block management.

RSS feed from view has wrong xml:base

Using Drupal v8.1.1.

I have created a view with two RSS displays, one called "Advert Feed" and one called "Basic Page Feed" corresponding to my custom "Advert" content type and the default "Basic Page" content type. The advert feed has the path set to "/content/advert.rss" and the basic page feed has the path "/content/basic-page.rss".

PDF Accessibility

Is there a good module which would check if a pdf file accessible or not?

It's for drupal 8
Thank you

How to use block settings in forms an themes?


The form is in /src/Plugin/Block/LoremIpsumBlock.php

  public function build() {
    // Return the form @ Form/LoremIpsumBlockForm.php
    return \Drupal::formBuilder()->getForm('Drupal\loremipsum\Form\LoremIpsumBlockForm');

The theme is in /templates/loremIpsum-block.html.twig

How to remove image attributes in drupal 8 ?


i have been looking for a way to remove image field attributes in drupal 8 site-wide. I tried using some preprocess functions in themename.theme file using below samples.

How do I remove dead link pages from my site

I hit on the link and the page comes up as 404 or bad host but I can't edit the page to delete it. What do I do to remove these pages? The site has 2000 pages and the broken link detector has already found 63 broken links from 225 pages.


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