How to Configure Trusted Host Patterns?

Just installed Drupal 8 and am getting a notice in my Status Report that Trusted Host Patterns has not been configured in my settings.php.

Can someone tell me exactly what I need to change or add to my settings.php file in order to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Website Structure: How to organize car website, make / model year?

I am building a drupal website which is related to cars. My challenge is deciding how to organize my site. I need to build a tree structure that goes like this.

Make - Model - Year

- 3 Series
- 1998-2002
- 2003-2006
- 5 Serises
-- 2000-2005
-- 2006-2007

External javascript does not work

Dear all
I am developing my own theme and this is the libraries yml file

Picture gallery

I am a realy newby on Drupal. I try to create a new site with drupal 8 and I am looking for a simple picture gallery like for example this one:
The gallery should be very easy to configure and doesn't need fancy stuff.
Can you recommend me a module and do you have a live demo?
Thanks a lot!!!

Delete permission for Published content Drupal 8


I am trying to restrict the editor role user not to delete the published content (node) even his own content. Here, editor role will not have Publish permission to publish the content.

Currently, drupal supports Delete any content and Delete own content. I am trying to add one more permission like "Delete published content", this way I can restrict a particular user role can not delete published content even though the content is created by the same user.

D8 Repeating group field in content type

Hi everyone,

i created a content type with several field but i was wondering if there is an option to have ether a group of repeatable field or a sub content type option that can be included (and managed) in my content type ?

What i want do is that i have my content type and in this one i would like to have equivalent to a repeatable field but with 2 field (1 image 1 text), i first thought to create 2 separated content type but that mean i cant manage all in the same place ? example of what i want :


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