Update D8 upper version

How to update from D8 lower version to D8 upper version?

Data to implement

I received data of a drone.
That means HTML5 script, JS and several pictures (jpg)

Is there a module available to implement?
Or how can I implement this??


Drupal View: Contextual Filter Issue


We are trying to create a following type of view.
We have 20+ clubs. More clubs can be created in future by client. We created a content type for club with fields like Club name, description & logo.

Each club publishes its own magazine. So another content type MAGAZINE is created with fields title, upload pdf, date of publishing, and "Publisher Club Name", which is a dropdown reference link of all club names.

How to add menu using simple sitemap xml module ??


Simple sitemap xml

I installed this module in drupal 8 and configured it. but i want to add a menu item in footer menu item like "sitemap". when i click on sitemap it has to display all site wide links in that page with default inner page styles. but when i add "sitemap.xml" in menu path it is displaying white page with all url's ? but i want display it another innerpage like other innerpages in our site with default styles ?what is the exact path per menu item ??

Drupal not responding after moving to remote host

Hello and have a nice day everyone,

I'm recently trying to lunch a new website using drupal 8.1.0 and I'm working on it more than 2 months now.I'm developing it on my local windows machine using Acquia Dev Desktop 2. Everything was working alright until last week, when i decided to move my website to the server and production environment; so I went through these steps respectively to move my website to the server :

d8 - extending file entity

Hi all,

I am newbie to Drupal 8, so sorry if my questions are obvious.

i would like to extend file core entity, to add some custom fields like category, year, etc.

I saw there is a module which seems to do that : file entity

unfortunately it seems not to be currently ready for Drupal 8.

So is it an easy way to do this ? Creating an inherited entity ? but how to translate it to database ?
Is it a documentation or tutorial which could help me ?


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