twitter_block on 8.2.5 not visible anywhere


I'm setting up new Drupal 8. After having installed twitter_block 8.x-2.1 I can't find it anywhere. In the module listing it appear as activated but that is all. I can't find it anywehere else; nowhere to make any kind of settings, no block, nothing.

Pls help!

All the best


Not *all* css and js loading in the default theme in Drupal 8

Hi. I have installed Drupal 8, but i have realized that not all CSS and JS files are being showed.

See how Index is displayed
See how configuration page is displayed

I am using mod_userdir of apache. So my drupal installation is on /home/cfoch/public_html/drupal

MailManager override “from” email

Hi guys. I am new to the forum. Please forgive if I am posting this in the wrong place.

Importing an exported config from another site


Is there any way to force drupal to import the config files from another site? I cannot use the configuration installer profile as seems that is not working with Open Social.


Language option using Url::fromUri


I'm trying to create a url in code with a specific language.

I'm setting some options. All of these work fine (eg "absolute" and "attributes"), except for "language". As soon as a try to specify a language it dies.


Consumer Goods

Everything on the line

The stakes were high. EnsembleIQ, a highly respected B2B magazine publishing company, already had a highly successful and well loved digital business arm. Doing anything to mess it up would be really, really bad. But then you can’t rest on your laurels. Things move quickly in the publishing industry. And things move VERY quickly at Ensemble, which has become one of the fastest growing B2B publishers in North America.


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