Drupal as E-Commerce for 2 Sites

Hi all! General Question on Drupal -

Can you share the drupal cms with multiple websites that share the same content.

Example: client has 2 websites. 1 has more product range than the other, but both share the same product range and pricing e.t.c?

PS - tried searching the current info but couldn't find any :( Please point me in the right direction if this information has already been posted up. Cheers!

Backwards compatibility - the fight plan

It's 2013 out there. And hopefully, in about 8 months or so, we'll see another major Drupal release: Drupal 8. <woot> !

That also means (</woot> ) the end of the life cycle for the first massively popular Drupal series - Drupal 6.

Test Your Drupal Skills

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It would be nice if we could..

If there was a module to leverage the new mega.co.nz cloud storage system provided by Kim Dotcom.

Something with similar functionality to what the Amazon S3 Module does or being able to use it as Drupal's private_fs to store files onto. No idea how big of a development task it would be to accomplish something like this (sysadmin here), but throwing it out there.

Varnish VCL for Drupal

Hello All,

We have a client who is looking to implement Varnish in front of their CMS, as the site is very busy and using up a lot of resources on content which is only updated daily.

Does anyone have a bang on varnish VCL for drupal 8 and Varnish 3

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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