Backward compatible database changes


I wanted to ask the Drupal Core team if your minor upgrades (especially those including security fixes) are programmed in a defensive way, so that the new code continues to work with the old database schema before running the db updates?

The reason why I am asking is because I would like to be able to update Drupal sites in a load balanced environment with zero downtime. If there are no db changes this makes it easy, once there are db changes involved I guess it depends on how the new code can cope with a not yet updated db.

Why we're excited about Drupal 8

Hey guys

We had a brief play around with Drupal 8 in the office and decided to jot down our thoughts on what we're really looking forward to in Drupal 8. We've written a blog post that some of you might find useful. The post includes Drupal 8 features, code examples, links to other resources and how YOU can help.

We look at:

  • OOP
  • Twig
  • The REST API/Guzzle

Is there anything else you would add?

Inserting ads using the dfp-Module

Hi there!
1. Is there an online guide for using the dfp-Module somewhere?
2. We can't find out how to get the ad units online with the module. Only run-of-network seems to work. As we have 6 different spots on each page that would usually be 320x90 that's tricky.
So now we try to work with only run-of-network line items in different sizes which we target to certain pages.
Do you know how we can avoid that the same creative in different sizes (ie 320x91 and 320x92) comes out twice on the same page?

GMap Module issues

I have an issue concerning the GMap module for Drupal. We are using it to display several locations which are associated with projects that are advertised on the website. However, besides the locations which we want to display on the pages, the module has created a large amount of random locations which distort the map and generate a long and unwanted list on the page.
These locations cannot be removed using the edit function for the page.
Can anyone be of assistance?

RDF namespaces registry

At the core of the RDF mappings defined in the RDF mapping API are CURIEs such as 'sioc:Post' which refer to the particular class or property of a vocabulary. For example, 'sioc:Post' refers to the Post class of the SIOC vocabulary. The prefix 'sioc' used in this CURIE is bound to the SIOC vocabulary namespace via the prefix or xmlns: attributes in RDFa.

new environment build out

We currently are having issues with the code and would like to use the production environment as the baseline for doing any activities in the development environment.

We have dev and prod boxes with drupal,IHS and MySQL installations.

The application team would like to create a production baseline environment on the DEV box by copying the production directories and copying the production mysql repository on the dev box. This environment will run side by side the existing dev application.


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