www.site.com/user/login showing 404

Hi, using 8. Site was working fine, but would not show in maint. mode. Finally started showing in maint. mode. However, now when I try to login at www.site.com/user/login error code 404 shows up. Anybody know how we can get into our site? Thanks in advance.

Translation: YAML FORMS

Where to translate YAML Form.

Made a Form-Template, then a copy and attached it to a node.
Now i need to translate the form content.

There is no Translations-Tab in the Form-Setting.
Do i need more Configuration?
Could someone send me a path where to find the Translation-Page?

Thanks and greetings

Reinstall ck editor on Drupal 8.2

Hi to all

ck editor crashed during installing Color Button and Panel Button on Drupal version 8.2. We have troubles to reinstall ck editor (adaptive theme).
Fatal error: Call to a member function filters() on null in /var/www/web141/html/drupal8/core/modules/text/text.module on line 84
Can you give us a detailed instruction what to do?
thanks a lot

How do i change this markup from my.theme file?

Line 119 in \core\modules\search\src\Controller\SearchController.php

if (count($results)) {
  $build['search_results_title'] = array(
    '#markup' => '<h2>' . $this->t('Search results') . '</h2>',

I want to change the "Search results" from my search page.

Rewrite results

"Rewrite results" working in Drupal 8.2.2 views but "Rewrite results" not working in Drupal 8.2.3 views

Menu Depth doesn't seem to work in Drupal 8???

Ok I've got a slight problem with Drupal 8, I've searched all over the internet for answers (although I presume I've probably missed some kind of straightforward answer to this somewhere).

The problem I'm having is with menu depths...

The website I'm trying to create is for our local asperger's support group and the problem I've got is that the original website has a top menu with sub-menus from that so it has things like


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