CSS problem help

i have installed the Events module...its great...although have a minor issue i just cant resolve

when altering the event.css i managed to change all the necessary colors other than the purple shaded cell that denotes the first day of the month in the calendar

i have tried altering 'event-calendar td.selected' but this doesnt change it...is it hard coded somewhere?

using Moodle developer toolbar, when i hover over the cell, the latter part of the path is (if the date is Tues, May 1):

>td # may1.may tue selected > div.event-empty

Where is my Panels?

I have installed and enabled the Panels Module on my Pantheon Dev 8.1 site. After installation and enabling there is no sign of Panels on my website. Nothing to Configure. No Panels on the Add Content Page. No Panels anywhere in Structure.

Here is the message I got when did my Drush Install and enable of Panels:

Creating Drupal 8 Hot Rodding Documentation

With Drupal 8 "officially" being new, (been working with it since 2012), I've been finding that along the road to getting everything working I want, I'm constantly doing things for which no standard documentation exists and considering the methodologies used, none is likely to ever make its way into the official documentation.

Removing Libraries

Hello Friends!

I'm currently playing around with / attempting to create a theme from scratch. I'm now looking to clean things up a little bit and remove much of the default libraries / css / javascript that is added. I've managed to remove modernizr but my biggest issue is figuring out how the paths relate to the actual libraries.

example: There is a piece of javascript called collapse.js which doesn't seem to be remove by core/misc/collapse, core/collapse etc.

Attaching a javascript file to every page in D8

I'm trying to start learning Drupal 8 after some exposure to Drupal 7. I'd like to attach a javascript library to every page call. I created a directory for my module called flot_d8 I created an info file, flot_d8.info.yml. My understanding is, the libraries section should insert the javascript on every page load:

can't install d8. am a new user...

got an error ,can't open the Drupal need to get "op cache". what is this and how can i install this? please help...


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