"More" button in view


My custom block is displaying data from database. One of them is a long string. I want that the user can't see this string in the view, but he's able to click on something like "show more" and then the block display the string.

upgrade drupal 8 core


just updated Drupal 8 to 8.0.5 core using drush and I get the following error:

Render Node Fields and Labels in Node Template - Drupal 8

I'm familiar with the Drupal 8 theming API, including the hook_preprocess_HOOK, as well as all of the theme template suggestions available when Twig debug is enabled.

However, what I would love to be able to do - is to control all of the individual fields and optional labels for a node - inside the node--tool--full.html.twig template (my content type machine name is 'tool')

I also know that I can simply leave out the call to {{ content }} in the Twig template and call fields individually like this...

SQLSTATE[42000] [1044] Access denied -- yet I am using mysql and can access via cli - drupal 8 [SOLVED]

Version: Drupal 8
DB: MySql

I followed the instructions to add a database from here: https://www.drupal.org/documentation/install/create-database

I am at the stage of running install.php. The following are the MySql options:

Can not remove login block from frontpage in drupal8

I am a rookie in Drupal. I want to use Drupal8 to build a website. I had a issue. I can't remove the login block from the frontpage. I had waded throng the admin/structure/block and disabled the user login block, but I failed.
mac 10.11.3
mamp pro 3.2
theme: bootstrap

D8 added menu not showing in block list

Howdy, I'm having a problem in D8 (Bartik theme). I've added a new menu but I'm not seeing a related block show up in the block page list, is there a magic setting i'm missing? Thanks!


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