Comparison of Node Pager modules

Entity Pager

Concept: Entity Pager module is simple to use, allowing you to create new Navigation blocks in a few seconds. It provides next and previous navigation on any Entity (e.g. Nodes, Users etc..).

[DRUPAL 8] How to access specific fields data using twig on BOOTSTRAP THEME

Hello everyone!

I appologize if this subject was already covered, but I didn't find yet anything that can clearly answer my question.

Warnings and errors

Hello everyone,

I have a couple of questions that are very new to me. When I want to install drupal 8.0.5 I get some warnings and errors. The first warning I get is regarding Apache version:

  • Due to the settings for ServerTokens in httpd.conf, it is impossible to accurately determine the version of Apache running on this server. The reported value is Apache, to run Drupal without mod_rewrite, a minimum version of 2.2.16 is needed.

The second warning is about the PHP OPcode caching. It says that it is not enabled. I don't know how to enable it.

PHP Extensions are disabled on CentOS server. How do I enable them?

I am trying to install Drupal 8.0.5 on Apache 2.4.6 on CentOS 7, with PHP 5.6.19. But in the web GUI for finalizing the Drupal installation, I get a problem on the requirements page. It says "PHP extensions disabled. Drupal requires you to enable the PHP extensions in the following list... gd"

I have installed, with yum install these packages: gd, gd-devel, php-gd, php-pdo php-mbstring, php-xml.

Place a block directly into a page

Is it possible to place a block directly into a page's content in drupal 8? I would prefer to integrate a block with the rest of the page rather than have it as a standalone block. The block I'm trying to use is the simplenews block but it appears like the form changes when a page reloads and this causes the form to not do anything. I tried grabbing the html code for the block and pasting it into the page but this seems to make the form stop working.

Complex form. A select html element with list of data pulled from database table.

I'm new to Drupal with an alright experience in web technologies such as PHP, Javascript - jQuery .. etc. Previously I have been developing Joomla 3 components for around a year. But now finding about Drupal 8 and its awesome features such as its integration of Symfony, I quit Joomla. I'm glad I did :p. Its really great how easily drupal modules could scale and they could be maintained easily as well. So if someone could please direct me on what to do with an issue I have right now with building my first Drupal 8 website.


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