Hostname as custom cache context

I'm building a site which will have multiple domain names pointing to it. The site will show different content depending on which domain the request is coming from. I have working access rights and query rewrites, but I am struggling with the drupal 8 cache system, and would appreciate some help getting forward.

Double escape issue in D8? I do what is my book.

Hi all,

I try to exactly follow what is in the book: Drupal8 Theming with Twig (Chumley, Chaz. Drupal 8 Theming with Twig. Packt Publishing, made when it was 8.0.1, I I see in a screenshot. Is it because i did something wrong or because it is now version 8.2.1, but the results with HTML in Views are tagged. In the book, the following should be copied in the rewrite result, overwrite ... text of the image field with this:

Comments form not displayed correctly (D8) [SOLVED]

Hi all,
I recently joined a larger D8 project and I have got a strange problem.
My task is to add comments to a blog-article. I've done this several times on my own projects and it was working without problems.

I added several field to the comment-type, the 'comment'-field to the node-type, adjusted the form_views for node & comment. When I try to add a comment the the only field display is the comment's subject, no other fields appear. It does not matter whether I use the form as guest or as admin. It's the same in backend and frontend.

Twig performance

I'm just finishing up my first D8 development and looking to refine the performance of the site.

Surprisingly I'm seeing some pretty scary processing time of twig templates by webprofiler. An uncached page has >7000ms of twig processing which is mostly consumed by views-view.html.twig, views-view-unformatted.html.twig and a node template. The best cached performance still sees twig consuming 500ms and a page load is around 1300-1600ms.

With BigPipe turned on I can achieve 400ms twig, page load of 1000ms.

This is on an idle 4 core server.

Start location by Geolocation Module

Hello everyone,

is there an option to set the start location at Google Maps, using the Geolocation Module? I have already tried with the "Google Maps Additional Parameters" by "Web Services Settings" and the JSON styles by "Field->Widget settings". Noone shows any change at the behavior of the Map.

I am in Ecuador. Google Maps starts with some location at the cost of Africa!

Thanks in advance for your help.



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