Ubuntu 16.04 LTS "Xenial Xerus"

Just a word of warning about Ubuntu 16.04, which was released today: It upgrades you to PHP7 but leaves behind a number of components that Drupal requires, notably the CLI version of PHP (required by Drush), GD, curl, mbstring, and probably a few others. I had to spend about 20 minutes adding Apache modules before I was able to get my localhost Drupal installation running again.

Also, "apt-get install" doesn't necessarily restart Apache, so don't forget to do that manually to pick up your changes.

System (Version <8.1 required)

I just updated from 8.05 to 8.10, but when I run update.php, the Verify Requirements tab responds with
Unresolved dependency System (Version <8.1 required)
Drupal Upgrade requires this module and version. Currently using System version 8.1.0

Well of course I am using 8.1, because I just installed those files, why is it saying I need an older version?

No submenu displaying & moving account menu to main nav

Hi Drupal Developers.

I use stark theme, and i have subthemed it for your knowledge.

When i add submenus to my main nav, it aren't showing on hover - not even in raw without styling, and enabling "show expanded" doesn't work either - how can that be? is it standard for stark?

Also, i wanna move the account menu to the main menu (right side of the menu) - anyone know how to do this? Totally lost!

Thank you.

- Magnus

Configuring group permissions and roles

The Group module comes with its own set of configurable roles and permissions. For each group you can specify appropriate permissions, and this for various "roles" that are specific to the Group module (these roles are not the typical/global roles of a typical Drupal site).


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