Advanced taxonomies based on answers to questions and same answers

So i'm trying to work out a website idea that needs users to be able to filter by content info (title, name, desc, length, etc) and scenarios so that they can wittle down content to a more meaningful result.

As well, I want users to be able to submit said content and I have 3 layers of information they must submit, first being normal fieldable content, name, title, description, length etc.

Installing Modules

I used the intsall from the URL and this is the error message from browser

Failed to fetch file due to error "cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (see"
Unable to retrieve Drupal project from

Is Drupal 8 suited for my project?

I'm a half-ass front-end developer. I can figure stuff out in time. However despite my spotty knowledge, go as in depth as you'd like with an explanation, and I'll research the topic.

A summary of my project:

Setting up private files 8.0.1

how is this done??? i want to upload pictures larger than 2mb but it wont let me if it goes into public files. i made a folder at sites/default/files/private and i added it to the settings.php quotes for the path, saved it, and cleared the cache but still says private system path not set. where am i going wrong here?

How to bootstrap Drupal 8 and create nodes from an external PHP script?

Simply, I want to bootstrap D8 in such a manner that would allow me to create nodes from a custom PHP file. Any ideas how to achieve that? Thanks.

Installing Drupal 8 on openshift

Since PHP 5.5.9 is not supported yet on Openshift default cartridges. I tried the following on openshift

added nginx 1.8.0 using

add mysql5.5 using local cartridge
add phpmyadmin4.0 cartridge

Use drush to get latest drupal in my case 8.0.2 - rename the directory to php, removed the public directory


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