Get Module Permissions

Try to build my own permission system with standart module permissions, but didnt know how to get all existed permissions in .permissions.yml.
How is it work now:
In .permissions.yml define few new permissions

  title: 'Title'
  description: 'Description'

Create in Core specific php file which return me access by permissions name

How do I uninstall Drupal 8?


I am trying to uninstall Drupal 8. I have removed all of the files, and I have deleted the database, but things like "sites" folder still come up, even after when I delete it.

What is the proper way to uninstall Drupal 8?

I installed Drupal 8 manually.

I am removing Drupal 8 because I want to start from scratch again.

Thank You.

Problems with upgrades and fixes

Not sure where the best forum is for this, I apologize if this is the wrong place.

New to Drupal and I need some help with setting up.


I am currently trying to make a drupal site for a sports newspaper in my area. I have Drupal 8.

On the main page, they want something that rotates between 3 different articles of their choice. Basically they want it to display three of the articles they really want their readers to see. I can't seem to find anything like this on google but that is probably because I don't know what the type of model is called.

Reagrding API

Can anyone tell how to integrate the API of in our Drupal 7 project
Facing Lots of Difficulties.

Passing book information with POST/GET method


Using REST API, I want to be able to POST nodes together the relationships given to them by their book they belong to. I need to be able to POST a node (parent) and at the same time reference another node (child) that are part of the same book. I want to avoid having to create those relationships manually.

I have tried the following POST body:


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