Seeking theme developer to develop new d8/twig theme

We are a non profit environmental organization called

We are nearing completion of our design files, and are currently researching potential HTML/CSS converters and ultimately someone to develop the site into a d8 TWIG theme.

A few questions.

Migrating from SilverStripe to Drupal ?

Has anyone had success migrating a relatively large (several thousand pages) and relatively complex (dozens of page template types and + a few custom themes/CSS/layout) from SilverStripe CMS to Drupal?

remote (offline) drupal installations data sync with main online site?

I'm an experienced drupal developer (tons of sites in versions 5-7 over the years, all custom themes, some custom modules etc), but I'm coming across a use case where I'm not sure how to approach it, looking for suggestions on where to start, whether there are modules that will help with this (multi-site will not for example solve this issue).

What I want to have is one central install of drupal maintaining a core data set. Other installs of drupal (eg. on laptops) can download sections of data from that main application, then go offline and run with that data locally, which may get updated during that time. Later, when the remote instance(s) return online they will automatically sync any changed data to the primary application.

login- and registerpage


At our company we've just started a new Drupal based website.

At the moment our login- and registerpage are combined, but we would like to seperate them, as we would like to put the registerpage temporary oflline. Right now we can only put the entire User Login Bar Block offline.

What files does "update module" affects or "update theme" affects

I am updating site running on Drupal 6, that haven't been updated in one and half year, Thing is that sites folder has about 0,5 GB. Handbook says that I should "backup all files", but backing up 0,5 GB per every update and I have about 30 modules to update seems harsh, as server seems to slow down and disconnects, if I try to upload lots of files at one time.

That is why I would like to ask you very advanced questions:


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