Update formvalues with JS


I am looking for a way to develop a live update field in a form element at /node/add/article with JS in Drupal 8.
Something similar to this solution: http://valutaomregneren.dk/

Is there anyone who can guide me in a direction?

Customize user_links in user login form

Hi everyone,

i'm customizing the login form of my website, i used theme_form_alter() to do what i needed on every field but impossible to find how i can change the texte of the user_links (reset_password and create_account), in the UI i don't see anything to change them, in my .theme i can access them with :

What is the recommended/best module to use along with Ban module in Drupal 8?

Hi, The Drupal 8 core Ban module allow us to ban IP address of commenters or spammers. But, at first place we need to see the IP address of the visitors. Ban module does not show the list of IP addresses, so in this case along with Ban module which module we can use to detect the IP address? Very thanks for help.

Which all the user information does Drupal 8(core) collects by default?

This question arises in my mind while I am writing privacy policy of my web site. I am not providing User Log in Facility, users can post comment Anonymously. Since I do not collect any Person Identifiable Information from user, I can simply write in the policy that "MYSite is not collecting any user information." But what if the Drupal 8 by default collects information from user like IP address. So, How shall I know which all modules in Drupal 8 Core collect information about users?

Warning: Header may not contain more than a single header, new line detected in Symfony

I am getting a header error in all pages. More specifically:

Warning: Header may not contain more than a single header, new line detected in Symfony

Kind of lost at what is causing this problem. Haven't been able to figure it out so far. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated.

Issue with the use of "vw" unit in adaptive theme

I put a slideshow in the highlighted region. I made it with views... . After that I changed in the Adaptive theme the global width of the highlighted region in "100vw".

When I go to the site it looks good but when I change the size of the browser-window the slider doesn't responds. I stays in the same width, it does not change when I change the size. I'm wondering how to fix this... ?


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