Filtered view of entity reference field

Hi All,
I am trying to create a content type with a field of type "entity reference".
While creating the content, I want a filtered list for selection for that field based on some condition and not the entire list.
Is that possible without writing code?
I looked at Views Reference Filter but that module is not available in Drupal 8.

Please help.

Thank You

Drupal 8, ckeditor, background color

With Drupal 8.2.3. and ckeditor I am trying to figure out the best (or at least a good) way to change the textarea shown in ckeditor to a different background color. It seems like there should be some "simple" way to do this built in, but I'm not seeing it.

I was able to follow the instructions in:

Unable copy online Drupal 8 site to a local host.

I have a website that I built on line because I could not move a local website to the host. My local setup is XAMPP. The local site in question is in htdocs\cawsv (I am using a windows 10 computer). I gave up on Dev Desktop 2 because I could not get a move to that environment to work at all.

Check in page.html.twig fpr certain content type


Is it possible to check in page.html.twig if a certain content type is displayed, and the change the Layout? For example display a picture instead of a title? And maybe skip the breadcrumb? On I want to skip the title and breadcrumb.


submenu links 4th level not displayed w Pixture Reloaded

I have a problem with main navigation submenu links (4th level) not displaying in a Drupal 8 site, with Pixture Reloaded theme (main navigation menu, 4th link "Η περιοχή της Οχης", 2nd submenu link "Η φύση της Όχης", the 1st and 6th submenu links, ie, "Φαράγγια" and "Μονοπάτια" have children submenu links that are not displayed).

All settings are correct (related block menu levels is set to unlimited), all parent menus are set to expanded, parent links are correctly set.

Passing variable from a page to another.

Hi everyone,

i have a content type foo with 4 entries, when im on the detail page of foo_1 for exemple i have a link in my template to go to the contact form, how can i add a variable to this link like href="/contact?foo=foo_1 then get it in my contact form to know where it came from ?

Thanks in advance for the help :)


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