New to Drupal

I would like to know if any of you guys have seen a price comaprison page made with drupal?
Second do you have some similar example pages? would you provide me the link?
cheers !!



Pages with a lot of form elements without grouping and hierarchy are confusing and hard to use and get used to. Some form elements are not important enough to see all the time.


Group related form elements with a detail.
A detail is placed around these form elements. Depending on the browser, a detail will be collapsible.

Use when

  • There are a lot of form elements which need to be grouped logically
  • There are very different form elements on a page
  • There are very similar form elements, but with a distinctive difference


  • Don't put a detail around the main (first) interaction on the page if there is one
  • Keep the label short and concrete
  • detail contents should stay within 1 page scroll
  • Avoid nested details, it disorients the user
  • Position default-collapsed details below expanded ones
  • If a detail is collapsible, the default state should be collapsed (if it's that important to show its content initially, don't make it collapsible)

When to use Fieldsets over Details

  • When they are semantically related like a date field with year, month, day, time.


A problem for install drupal8

when I install drupal8, apache report a serious problem,

PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /var/www/drupal8/core/includes/ on line 893, referer:

how can i avoid it?

Website with promotion-box where tour operators can ADD, EDIT, DELETE their own offer

I have to make a website for a specific country with general information but also a promotion-box where tour operators can show their own offer (text, image, price etc).

So i have to generate a list of users which can add, edit and delete their own offer in the promotion-box.

Something like on the website (scroll down you see PROMOTIES/PROMOTIONS)

How do i set this up?

Is this possible with Drupal?


Public Website and Website with restricted access in one

I have to make a website which can be viewed by everyone. On the website is a login form (for a list of restricted users). After login they can view a site (the same layout) with all the content only visible for the restricted users.

Is this possible with Drupal?

I think this is possible with Drupal but how do i set this up?


Installing contributed modules (Drupal 8)

You can add third-party contributed modules to extend or alter Drupal's behavior.

Note that advanced Drupal site builders often use command-line techniques like the UNIX wget command or drush. While these tools certainly help speed up the process of adding contributed modules to Drupal, don't feel like you have to use them in order to install new modules.

Choose the module file

Choose the right release. When you have chosen a module to add to your site, you must choose which release to use. The version must be compatible with your version of Drupal. Note that 'Development releases' are versions of the module that are in an active stage of development. They may be written for a previous/current/future version of Drupal, are considered unstable, and should be handled with care. 'Recommended releases' are stable and ready to use.

Upload the module

There are two basic ways to upload module files to a Drupal 8 site:

  • Through the Drupal user interface
  • Manually on the server

The first option will not work on many types of servers, but may be a more user-friendly choice on servers where it does work. The second option is always available.

Option 1: Upload the module through the Drupal interface


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