Ubercart does not send e-mail order notification to admin after checkout

Hello, I intend to build a very simple and small shop. In order to test Ubercart, I locally installed Drupal 8 and Ubercart-Core. I set up the store and checked 'Send e-mail order notification to admin after checkout.'. After placing an order, Ubercart doesn't send a notification e-mail of the order. Does anybody got an idea what the problem could be?

Drupal 8 on HostGator

Does anyone have Drupal 8 running on HostGator? While their installer shows Drupal 8, it fails on install and their support group told me they don't yet support it, although they didn't have any specifics as to why.

I have D8 sites on GoDaddy, and they install and run just fine, but this client is on HostGator.....

I'm hoping someone has installed D8 on their HostGator-hosted site and can give me details on how they did this.

Thanks in advance!

Autologin D8


I've developed an autologin by url so that when users click on the link, they are automatically login in my website.
-> I've generated a hash based on their email address and i check the generated hash before the website log them.
This works fine and is use in newsletters..

The issue i'm facing is that the system need to be used on partners website to log in users.

Autocomplete - Slight Improvement?

I've managed to get autocomplete working for a textfield.

I have added <b> tags around the search enquiry text in the results, see example:

So if you start typing House (h then o) you'll see a dropdown for the text field:

  • Houses on Neptune
  • Great horses
  • Happy Horace


Multiple Sites in One Drupal Installation?

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if there is a standard way to have multiple sites with different themes in one drupal installation? Right now, the server has three different installations to run three sites but I wanted to know if there is a way to merge these sites in one installation. Any help would be appreciated.

Contextual module.links.action.yml - Caching problem

Hello everybody,

I am currently developing a module to create node-based user groups. (Yeah I know, there are already some other modules, but I have some other conditions)

For this there are action links on a defined Nodetype.
A button "apply" and a button "withdraw application".
With the help of "_custom_access", "apply" is displayed or "withdraw application" if an application already exists.
So far so good.


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