Simple Database query in drupal 8


i'm new to drupal 8 and actually playing a little bit with a test installation. I added a additional table to my database, from which i want to query some text and show it in a block.

How can i do that? I searched a little bit on google, but i only found notes which are using a extra module to query data from an external database...

How do I display a mixed list of external hyperlinks and links to internal content?

This seems like something that should be pretty simple to do but I haven't touched Drupal since sometime around 5.x.

I am attempting to build a news aggregation website. I want to be able to put a list of links on the front page, where some of the links point directly to external pages, and others point to internal articles. I've been trying to search around for a straightforward way to do this and it seems either the feature doesn't exist or I am not using the right terminology in my searches. Can anyone help me?

Module for feed import D8

Building a new Drupal 8 site and need help finding a module that can import feed-items and create nodes.

In Drupal 7 I used module "Feed Import", but that´s not ready for 8 yet.

Any ideas?

Submission of module after the version upgrade from D7 to D8

I have created 'Views HTML Tags' module in D8. Same module was already there and active in Drupal 7 version, . Please let me know, how I can proceed this D8 version for community review process. Do I need to submit this as creating a new sandbox project or shall I proceed to submit the module here in this issue queue. Or is it possible to submit to the existing D7 module's page.

Drupal 8 Global Training Day - 9 aprile 2016 a Milano

Usa Drupal 8 senza scrivere codice e personalizzane il tema.

Transliteration's module in Drupal 8

Hello Community,

do you know if transliteration module is implemented in Drupal 8 Core?

Thank you for your replies.


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