Why does Drupal use other extensions than .php

Hello everybody,

I was wondering, why Drupal uses instead of just .php other file extensions as

  • .info
  • .module
  • .install
  • .theme
  • ...

What is the reason? Is it because it's more "readable" (which I believe is not the case)? Or does it boost performance (which is not logical)?

Thanks for your answers ;)

Looking for feedback on eCommerce, community and content management modules


I'm researching options for a client project and would like feedback on modules people have found effective for the following use case.

The site is conceptually similar to Cafe Press or Zazzle. There is a master library of items for sale. When a new client is signed up, they will choose a subset of the master library to offer for sale to their own customers on their own site. The client site should be lightly customizable (logo, color scheme) and the site can either be a subdomain (client.oursite.com) or a subdirectory (oursite.com/client).

Opinions about this idea of website...

Hello Everyone!
I need to create what I imagine to be a simple website with basically 4 pages:
1. The first one is private (only people with admin rights can see it). This page is where I create a list with several products.
Thinking about it as a database, this page should generate the (unique) table containing *all* the products and their characteristics.
2. The second page is where the users register their information. It is open access to everyone. Here the users register and save their info.
DBwise, this page would feed the (unique) table containing *all* the information relating to each user.
3. The third page is where each user (previously registered) selects a product (from the list that I created) and gives the price that they are willing to pay (or sell), the location of the product, and any other information related to the sale.
DBwise, this should be a (large) table containing the userID, ProductID, and all the conditions related to the sale (price, quantity, buy/sell, location, etc., date of the post)
4. The fourth page would be only based on queries of the table in 3. For instance, it would contain (apart from several ads), graphs with the buy/sell prices each day (like a graph of a stock index for instance).

looking for modul

Can any one provide a module that can import files from other web site
for example i have two website
site 1 and site 2
and i want to get all the files or some files from site 1 to site 2
instead of downloading those file from site 1 to my computer the uploading them to site

Thanks in advance

Site Background Images

Hey, thank you for taking the time to read.

I would like to have a full screen background image which:

puphpet.com vagrant configured Virtual Machine

Why would you want this?

A Vagrant configured Virtual Machine setup for your Drupal work provides:

  • Match your real go-live production environment (as opposed to a MAMP setup or putting a LAMP stack directly on your machine means your site is dependent on that environment)
  • Repeatability and consistency: can re-run your scripts to setup the VM if you need to, you can share your setup with others

More detail on these at end of doc - see "Background"

Don't get put off by the length of instructions!

A bit long aren't they?! TL;DR and all that!

NOTE: Most of the stuff is a one-off setup. Hang in there! Keep going! After that it's much less and it will pay off - see "Why would you want this?" Contact me if you need advice - post a comment - help me write a better guide :)

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