Hide Node Title in a Full Content View?

Title pretty much sums it up.

Drupal 8.

I have a view that compiles the full content of a content type. Some titles are longer than others which offsets the grid.

However - the titles are redundant as they are stated in each node description. But are needed in the colorbox pop-up.

Can this even be done? Or do I need to approach it another way?


Drupal 8 and elections roles

Hi all,

Looks I've been running around in circles. I try to accomplish the following:

How make a VIEWS page with 3 different blocks?

I can make a view page with a grid for show 4 newest posts of a content type

but i can not add a image block that it is produced by image field and a block with 2 buttons that linked to another pages

A view page with 3 blocks by different input


Why run update.php?


I have just installed Drupal 8.2.6 without problems. After installing the files, I logged in to the admin site. In "Status report" there was a message "Database updates: Old". (Maby not correctlyt translated). There was a link to an update script. I ran the script and updated the database. I went back to "Status report". The database was now up to date.

The above procedure is much simpler than first edit settings.php to "true", run update.php and finaly change back settings.php to "false". Mostly there are no updates.

subdirectory with non-Drupal software

I want to create a subdirectory called "wiki" within the root directory of my Drupal site. I have installed the Mediawiki software into this subdirectory, but Drupal seems to prevent it from working. What can I do to allow this subdirectory?


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