Ajax callback, dynamic select and illegal choice


i got some issues with my form

Toolbar Themes

Toolbar Themes is a contributed module for Drupal 8. It includes a number of stylised themes that apply only to the Drupal 8 Toolbar.

The main purpose of this module was to replicate the old D7 Admin Menu style, since D8 cores toolbar takes up a lot of screen realestate and for power users the icons and most of the tabs are not required.

Cannot translate node date altough other fields are translated

In twig file I use

 {{ date|t }}  /
          {{ comment_count }} {{ 'Comments'|t }}

Here 'Comments' text is translated but date is not translated

Cannot translate "ago" text using "time ago" in views

is there any way to translate "ago" in "time ago" date format in views.
I found and translated

%time ago
@time ago

strings but still not working

I changed the line 69 in views.install

$view->set($base . '.settings.past_format', '@interval ago');

"ago" here but nothing changed

Taxonomy term custom links

Feature: Taxonomy term custom links


Remove the default links to the taxonomy terms, and add custom links instead

If the name of the field referencing the taxonomy term is ‘xyz’, create a file field--node--field-xyz.html.twig.
Add the code, as shown below, to change the default path of the taxonomy term ‘/taxonomy/term/tid’, to ‘/yourpath/termName’
Note: The div class names may vary based on the field settings


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