Fancy 'digital' store with drupal

For our website we want to build a 'template store' (for HTML websites). The idea is to have an overview (with paging) of images, each image represents a website-template, below the image we want the following links: Buy | More info | Tip friend. When clicking buy, a form has to be filled in with the template details and email with details and customer information has te be sent.

This all has to be easily manageble, and adding or deleting 'templates' must be made easy.

Working with breakpoints in Drupal 8

There is no user interface for editing breakpoints in Drupal 8. Due to the fact that breakpoints are config, it's not possible to provide a UI in contrib as well.

Warning: this documentation is outdated.

OM Theme not compatible with Version 8

The "Theme Not Compatible" error is not resolved on version 8 by removing the quotes. This theme is listed as being a version 8 theme. Can anyone help?

Standalone PHP to render a Field as HTML fragment

Hi this is probably a really basic question, but hopefully you guys can help me out...

I have a javascript client application (Separate to my main Drupal 7 website) and rather than maintaining a duplicate select list with a large number of values, I would like to use an AJAX call to a PHP file on the Drupal server which will render the HTML for the list I need.

The list is configured as a custom field (Text List type).

Can I create a PHP file in the root of the website, and include the required module files?


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