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It was about time for Serbia to get a brand new Drupal site. Purpose of this site is to gather all Serbian Drupal individuals and agencies.

This site is a place where we are promoting local events, but it is also a starting point for people who are new to Drupal world. If you are a Drupal baby, here you can find people ready to help you with your first steps.

Drupal Displays text only when permissions 666


I have install Drupal and it is working but when I change the permission to 666 on the files folder the drupal site does not display and colours or images.

The only way I can get it to display properly is to set the permissions to 777. The owner of the files in this folder/directory is www-data.

Could some please suggest why changing the permission to 666 causes this problem.



how to get fields to render as attributes in twig or preprocess?

Hello all.
I am trying to get node content fields to render as attributes for other content fields.
I.E I am trying to get content type of 'clothing' to render fields field_gender and field_name as data-gender and data-pagename attributes for a wrapper added in the node--clothing.html.twig file. The issue I have is these fields are from paragraph of type 'style' which have the fields so I want to create a widget or preprocess to pre format the paragraph before it is sent to the node.

How to enable Content and Structure options under Manage menu for Editor role?

I have an Editor role that when the user logged in, he sees "Access Denied -- You are not authorized to access this page." when he clicked on the Manage menu in the navigation. How do I enable that for the Editor role in Drupal 8? What permissions to do I need to turn on?

Caching issue with twig templates

i created a new custom module and i used Facebook SDK to retrieve the latest post from a page here is my .module file

Create Article image


Having a brain freeze. When you create an article and click on image choose file it only give me option to upload an image not to be able to use a URL.

Is there an option to had that option ?


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