Group 8.x-1.x

Placeholder page for the Group (version 8) documentation, about anything that does not apply to the 7.x version of the Group module.

Note: refer to Additional resources for a link to a video that demonstrates how to use the Group module.

Custom entities as group content

To allow your custom entity to be added to a group, you must expose it as a GroupContentEnabler plugin.


Date popup translation

Is it possible to change date format and translate strings in date popup? Thank you.

Respect image orientation

I try to fit portrait and landscape images to one size for Drupal 8. When I set image style (scale and crop 280x220) portrait images are automatically rotated. Then I tried to install Image effects module, but there is not choice Aspect switcher like in ImageCache Actions module for older Drupal. Do you know how to do it? Thank you.

Rerolling patches: Failed Rebase

  • Now, attempt to pull in all of the changes that have happened since the commit you branched from. Any rows that begin with "CONFLICT" are the ones you'll need to sort out in order for the patch to apply cleanly.

    git rebase 8.0.x

Rename Admin paths and config paths

My host has installed a security profile on their WAF and they are now blocking my access to my drupal instance.


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