Drush for Developers, 2nd Edition

Effectively manage Drupal projects using Drush
Packt Publishing
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Drush for Developers, Second Edition, takes common challenges in Drupal projects and solves them using Drush. This book starts with the different installation approaches for Drush and its command structure. It then moves on to perhaps the trickiest challenge in Drupal projects: keeping code and configuration together during a project's lifetime. Next, we will deep dive into the tasks needed to keep a website under control and learn how to run, automate, and monitor them effectively.

Error validating and debugging our Drush commands is a must and this book has a whole chapter on that topic. The magic of managing remote Drupal projects through Drush site aliases is explained in the following chapters through a practical example. Finally, the book wraps up by putting in practice all the concepts covered in previous chapters in order to implement a development workflow for a team.

PECL Memcached configuration

This page contains configurations which are specific to PECL Memcached extension.

Change extension options

First, check out the list of possible options here. You might want to play with those settings to get the best performance settings.

PECL Memcache configuration

This page contains configurations which are specific to PECL Memcache extension.

Compression mode

You may enabled or disable compression mode for cache stored in memcached servers.

Drupal 7:

$conf['memcache_storage_compress_data'] = TRUE;

Drupal 8:

Advanced configuration

Memcache Storage module provides some additional settings for advanced users. Note that all configuration changes should be done in settings.php file.

Preferred PECL extension

Memcache Storage supports both PECL Memcache and PECL Memcached extensions. It means that you should choose one of them to use. If your server has only one of two extensions installed, then Memcache Storage will automatically pick it. But if you have installed both, then you may want to specify it:

Drupal 7:

Drupal problems (geotargeting, breadcrumbs in menu)

Hey guys,

I'm running Drupal atm and there are two weird problems and I don't really get it.....


- The website is running on different languages. The content gets displayed in a certain language on the same URL instead of redirecting users to the specific site. Google is just indexing the English site (in every country). Is there any chance to tell Drupal that it should redirect a user from France to the "com/fr" site and not showing him French content on ".com"?

Basic configuration

To enable Memcache Storage support you have to add these lines to the end of your settings.php file:

Drupal 7:

$conf['cache_backends'][] = 'sites/all/modules/memcache_storage/memcache_storage.inc';
$conf['cache_default_class'] = 'MemcacheStorage';

Drupal 8:


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