How to create view (?) mixing multiple content types with conditional element positions

Hi everyone!

I am still a bit new to Drupal, and I have a task I don't really know how to approach yet with my current knowledge of D8.

So I have a content type A. One A has a relation to many B content types. Each B has one image field. Additionally, there are content types C and D (unrelated), where also each node has one image.

For the elements of A, I built a view showing them in a list with a custom view mode. Now whenever I click on the picture of one of those A nodes, drupal leads me to another view mode showing the field of this A node.

Migrating to multiselect taxonomy reference using static_map

Trying to migrate using CSV into a taxonomy reference field that allows multiple user selections ("unlimited"). This works when I can use the "Migrate" plugin, but when I need to provide the mapping, I get and err trying to use static map like this:

approach to display a random phrase "quote of the day" in a block ... with views

I have a set of phrases and would like to randomly display one per one in a block on each access of the site.

can somebody help

i would like to implement it in drupal 8.2.1
i have nodes with each phrase, though i would like to have them in a txt file. this would be much easier to handle.
i set up the view used Random sort. it displays randomly in the preview section
i selected the view in the block
but it does not display it on my homepage

Thanks for any answer.

Themes and video backgrounds in Drupal 8


Learning Drupal while building first project. One of the "bucket list" items is a video background on the home page. Not necessary - but would score points if I can pull it off.

I want to rely on a theme with some miles on it. Not one that would be "here today and gone tomorrow" - so actively managed & maintained.

But none I have looked at (basically on the first page of the themes page "Drupal 8>Actively Maintained") really offer "video backgrounds" as a feature.


D8: Pass date and time as contextual argument in views

Is it possible to pass a date + time to a contextual filter in Views?

Use case: I am building a conference website. I would like to embed a view of sessions happening at a certain date and time into another entity. I have a field on this entity to set the date and time to pull sessions from, and am passing this argument to views though a theme function.

D8: Managed Files URL Alias?

I have a File (PDF) field on a content type. I want to have a URL alias for the file. Given this content type pattern I would like the following for the PDF:
Node: /abc/[node:title]
PDF: /abc/[node:title]/pdf

There is no File type for creating a URL Alias pattern. If I manually add a URL Alias for a managed file, it returns page not found. Which I sort of understand is expected because Drupal does not treat files as nodes(??).


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