Drupal 8.0.2 has problems with Views that I didn't have with Drupal 8.0.1

I'm having a problem with Drual 8.0.2 that I did not have with 8.0.1. in regards with Views.

When I make a change, it won't change and close the configuration window. I have to close the View and reopen to see the change has been made and sometimes the change has happened and sometimes not.

I thought it might be because I was using Adaptive Theme or that maybe it might be one of the contrib modules was causing the problem, but I decided to use the theme out of the box and only the modules that come with it and it still happens.

Drupal 8 with Foundation 6

Good day.
I'm trying to Configure a theme to include foundation 6(css and js) and create a block type that outputs a Foundation 6 Orbit slider.
After 3 days of diging and reading i'm in a dead end.
Does anyone has a hint or a guide for this task?

Field using entity reference to another entity showing only titles

I am using 8.0.2 fresh install. I created two content types:

1. Inventory
2. Inventory Item

Inventory Item has a entity reference field type which links back to Inventory. Using default settings and auto-complete this kind of works. The problem is I need the auto-complete to use the Inventory "part number and/or part name" not the title.

I created a custom view, changed it to type entity reference, selected the part number as the entity reference "style options" - hit save and the view works as expected.

Drupal 8 - Rewrite the breadcrumb in preprocess or extend BreadcrumbBuilder?

So I guess this is more of a philosophical or 'best practice' question, but I've found three ways to modify breadcrumbs in D8. For this, say I want to build a breadcrumb as follows, and the theme extends from classy.

Top parent menu item > ... > Parent menu item > Page title

There seem to be three ways to approach this:

lack of drupal 8 premium themes


I am new to Drupal and if I will begin to know a little more want to start with the new dropal 8.
I have started watch the drupal 8 before the release and as many people I am very excited.
One of the things I have noticed is the lack of drupal 8 premium themes. I have always looked and few have found. However noticed that the drupal theme authors continue to launch premium drupal themes from the previous version today.

Automated Testing

Builds are passing
We are using Travis and Github to automate our testing:

There are 2 separate suites of tests run.


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