drupal8 beta installation issue

I tried to install drupal8 on a centos box, I keep have the issue and can not figure out how I can work it out.
Resolve all issues below to continue the installation. For help configuring your database server, see the installation handbook, or contact your hosting provider.

How to create a craiglist style frontpage?

Looking to create a directory website in craigslist style: http://www.craigslist.org (just the front page)

How can I do this? I searched around and there was a craigslist module but its from 2011 and unsupported. I am only looking to create a front page in craigslist style with links to single pages with information.

Google Analytics Reports + Aegir

In this tutorial I will outline how I managed to set up Google Analytics Reports with the Aegir hostmaster system (i.e. give each site an extra tab with Google Analytics summary reports).


Drupal 8 read extended user-data

I created a few new fields under [Administration -> Configuration ->People -> Account settings -> Manage fields] to get a relevant User-Profile.
How can I read this extended user-data (f.e. field_zipcode)?

thx cw

Drupal 8 equivalent to field_attach_form?

I'm building a custom form for one of my content types. I want to be able to import some of the existing fields and save out the node programmatically.

On drupal 7 I always used the field_attach_form function to do this for me. It looks like that function has been removed in Drupal 8. Can anyone give me some pointers on how I can do the same thing and include fields from a content type in my custom form?

I've scoured the internet looking for this all day, any help would be appreciated.



To follow Drupal 8 best practices, the module has been reworked to use plugins instead of custom hooks for Skins, Slideshow types and Widgets.

This documentation is describing how to create custom plugins to extend Views Slideshow with additional widgets for example.
(WIP: Sub pages to be created per plugin)


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