Twig Translation String without Enabling Interface Translation

Is it possible to provide translation strings to Twig, without the Interface Translation module enabled?

We have Content Translation enabled but do not want to enable Interface translation (we would like the Drupal administration menu system to remain in English).

We have a couple of landing pages that base most of their content on a translated entity however, there are still a few labels and links we would like to translate using {{ 'foo'|t }} in Twig.

Is this possible? And if so - where would the translation stings be stored?

Updating to 8.2.7 issues

I am currently trying to update 2 drupal sites from 8.2.6 to 8.2.7. Due to the setup on the server I have had to try the manual method (no ftp). Unfortunately I have not had much success with either.

Site 1

On the first site everything appears to be fine until I load Once I click on continue on the overview stage it attempts to open but this results in a 404 error message.

Comcast Technology Solutions

Comcast banner

Comcast Technology Solutions, a B2B unit of Comcast, reached a point where traditional marketing wasn’t doing enough to communicate decades of innovation and experience within the cable and broadband space. They had stories to tell and success to tout, but no means with which to do it.

Given the lightning-fast pace of multi-platform media buying, Comcast Technology Solutions needed a new content marketing strategy, supported by a Drupal-baded infrastructure.

Key modules/theme/distribution used: 
Organizations involved: 

Redirecting URLs - Switching a site from Underscore to Hyphen?

When we first started using Drupal over 10 years ago the choice was made to use underscore separators (OLD) in URL aliases. I am now considering switching to hyphens (NEW), but want to retain the OLD URLs for search engine indexing and SEO purposes.

Background Slideshow and Animated Page Loading


I will ask for help from you in 2 issues. First of all I am doing site with Drupal 8.

My questions are;

1- I want to slide like in the background. How can I do that.

2- Click on the menu to load the animated page on the left. How do I load pages like this.

In short, I want to do the same thing on this site.

Please help me. I did a lot of hard work but I could not solve it.

Thank you;


1- Solve the animated SlideShow job. But it was a static solution. I could not do it using Views slideshow.

Contact Form—Cannot Hide Labels


I set up my contact form. I cannot hide the labels such as Name, Email, Subject, and Message. In order to hide the field labels, I use the Manage display tab. I set all labels to - Hidden –. If I set labels to Above, nothing happens too. So the problem is that the display doesn't change at all. I ran cron and cleared the cache but it didn't help. Does anybody know how to solve this problem?


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