Installing Drush on Linux Mint

This has been tested in Rebecca and Rosa.

Open the terminal in your $HOME directory. The $HOME directory is typically at /home/yourname. You can easily get to it from anywhere in the terminal just by typing cd and pressing enter.

1. Enter the following:

php -r "copy('', 'composer-setup.php');"

You may get a message that you need to install php5-cli using apt-get. If needed do it by typing:

Drush on Acquia cloud

I followed the instructions at - and

But when I run drush on terminal I get a permission denied error.

rez@rez:/mnt/gfs/rez/livedev$ drush status
Warning: Permanently added 'free-****,**.***.**.**' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
Permission denied (publickey).

Local environment with Docker native app (1.12)

Hi there,

I've published instructions how to configure a local environment with docker native app (1.12). Simply use the compose file from the repository to run pre-configured public containers (PHP7, Nginx, MariaDB):

Config override for multi-site


I have a multi-site set up with /sites/default and /sites/dev.
In the sites.php I have set /sites/default for my-domain.tld and /sites/dev for This is working, I have two website running a different database on different sub domain.

The problem is I want to override the site name with this : $config['']['name'] = 'New site name';

This works when I add the line $config['']['name'] = 'New site name'; in /sites/default/settings.php for the my-domain.tld.

User tabs


I want to customized default tab in user page, first I'm not using tabs block from core.I'm using view modules to make a tabs with unpublished,published and add new article for current user.It is work, but there is a problem, I want it show up below the user page and the tilte must be current user's name just like drupal's user page. Do someone know the problem?



Drupal 8 REST - Can't POST hal+json "Access denied on creating field"

Upon further investigation it seems that POST is trying to recreate core fields.

In either case we've pulled the pin with D8 and will stick with D7 for the time being.

Not being able to easily move content from one D8 site to another without requiring the entire site configuration is quite a step back.


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