Nexus theme - how to format text without using html

I'm using the Nexus theme for my new site and noticed that there are no options to format the text (such as with bold, italics, etc) without using html code. This seems strange to me - is it really only possible to format text using html or am I missing something?

How to get Nodes that has image. ( Drupal 8 )

Good afternoon,

I want to know how I can get the nodes that have images only.

Is there any fields to make condition when I do something like

multisite install on godaddy shared - page cannot be found / 404 errors

I'm a Drupal novice and have recently come back to drupal because 8 seems to be designer friendly. After successfully testing a single site install via Godaddy's Drupal 8beta installer, I decided that multisite is the way I need to go.

I basically followed these instructions:

Drupal 8 buildRow links not passing intact [SOLVED]

Links embedded in the buildRow method of the ConfigEntityListBuilder class get converted into html text tags. Other methods of the class leave embedded links alone. I suspect its some kind of twig function or a filter being applied somewhere but I couldn't find any relevant documentation about this. Anyone know?


User registration on the 'add basic page' form?

I have been trying to find a solution to allow anonymous users to start creating content right away, with an optional user account registration form in the same process (on the same page).

I haven't found anything like this; is this possible?


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