Translate static content

In my site there are lot of static content such as section headers and random content. I want to translate them.

Can I translate with them {% trans %}my content{% endtrans %} in twig?

If yes, where to insert the translations in the backend?

Setting up stock permissions in Ubercart

I am setting permissions to allow my staff to update stock for products in Ubercart.
I have allowed access to editing the product content type and allowed permissions for the staff to access and change the stock though I have not been able to work out how to give access to a stock page where the stock levels can be changed by the staff.
Can anyone give me advice as to how to achieve this?

drupal install checklist ...

Just a note to anyone installing Drupal to check the following list of PHP settings and ensure that they are all correct before installing Drupal:

After installing Drupal, many of the settings listed above can be verified directly from the admin status report page which includes a link to view PHP settings right on it.

YAML Form Submission - Key vs Value

I have a unique situation. We have a form that uses dropdown menus. These menus utilize the SELECT field type, each with its own custom key-value pairs.

It works like this:

Step 1: Choose a "Category" -- (i.e. ALPHA, BETA, CHARLIE...)
Step 2: Choose "Specialty Type" -- The available selections here are dependent on which "Category" was chosen
Step 3: Choose the "Details" -- The available selections here are dependent on which "Specialty Type" was chosen

Location of output of body field on basic page has changed

First, I want to apologize for what may be an extremely ignorant question. I am not the developer or maintainer of our site; they are on vacation, and we ran into an issue, and I was asked to help. My knowledge of Drupal 8 is very limited, so please forgive me if I fail to initially describe the issue sufficiently.

Add page directly in custom menu


When i create a new page or any new type of content, i want to assign this new page to the menu, but not the main navigation menu. I created some custom menus but i cant select one of them during the new page's creation. I can only add to main navigation menu...

Any idea ?



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