JavaScript and REST

This page aims to outline how to use JavaScript to communicate with Drupal 8's RESTful services. It is broken into sections per entity type. It outlines which HTTP method to use (GET, POST, PATCH, or DELETE), the Drupal path to use, which Content-type and Accept headers should be set, and what response can be expected from the server.

We can use cookie based authentication. Any calls using POST, PATCH or DELETE need an X-CSRF-Token header attached to the request, using a token value that can be retrieved via the Drupal site at: rest/session/token

Using dynamic arguments in quicktabs

This is a summary of the discussion here #1238796: Dynamic arguments in quick tabs.

It is important to note that when passing arguments to views, the use of %N is required. In this case, "N" represents the position of the argument in the system url and not the position of the argument in views. for example:

Sharing a field between content types

I am interested in sharing a field between content types in D7.
However i have heard that this won't be supported in D8.
So this will make the D7 to D8 upgrade a pain.
Is this correct or am I wrong?

Using Composer in a Drupal project

Composer can be used to add dependencies to a Drupal project.

This can be done by modifying the included index.php.

Execute composer install

NOTE: Executing composer install will delete everything in your core directory and download the core version from the repository above. Any modifications in core will be lost.

Drupal 8 beta 4 css not css

Hi all,
I have some issues after testing some themes in Drupal8 beta 4. the problem is that the css is not loading, I tried other themes like Omega Five for Drupal 8 but that had no effect, every time the css was not loaded.
can someone help me why the css is not loading correct.

Configuration Packager

Configuration Packager provides is a toolset for building well designed and interoperable Drupal 8 distributions.


Configuration Packager requires the Configuration Development module.


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