Drupal 8 SSL settings

Good afternoon.

I just installed Drupal 8 Beta 9 with Nginx.

I set SSL.

But in Chrome web browser complains

"Your connection is encrypted ..., However, this page includes other resources which are not secure."

I check the other sources which are unsecured.

The only unsecured resources are on the HTML attributes like below.

Composer package naming conventions

This is WIP documention for #2401519: [policy] Decide on Composer Package Names.

With Drupal adopting Composer as dependency manager, the community has to follow a naming convention for composer package names to avoid conflicts.

Composer in relation to Drush Make


A Drupal project usually consists of the following:

  • Drupal Core
  • A number of modules and maybe a base theme downloaded from Drupal.org
  • Perhaps even some PHP libraries found on GitHub
  • Custom code written by you and your team mates

The most popular approach to assembling these parts is using Drush Make.

Quote on flashcard module

I want to be able to make flash cards in drupal just like the open source Anki software. Does anyone know approximately how much it would cost to have such a module developped?

Drupal 8 latest dev - connection timeout

I am trying to install drupal 8 latest dev on local windows ( XAMPP, PHP 5.4.7). Installation failed after database configuration page with connection timeout / connection reset error.

I tried several time after removing database and settings.php still get the same error.

Thank you.

[Drupal 8] Passing path arguments to a form builder

I'm trying to understand how to port the following D7 code.


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