Add a Shortcut

Now Alt+right-click on the task bar at the top of the desktop and choose Add to Panel:

Create a custom launcher with the Name "PhpStorm" and with a Command of:


You can click on the icon, and select /usr/local/PhpStorm/bin/webide.png:

Installing PhpStorm

Go to click on the Linux tab, and download the tar.gz file:

Once it has finished downloading, look at your Downloads folder in Nautilus:
Right click on the downloaded tar.gz, select "extract here", and extract the package into your Downloads folder:


Although it is a paid-licenced product, PhpStorm currently has the only multi-threaded xdebug client, which is necessary in order to step debug the SimpleTest unit tests. It is very reasonably priced for someone making a living working in Php. They do offer some free licenses for open source projects, but with a number of restrictions, such as you must be one of the top 50 contributors to drupal, for example. Or if you are the lead dev on a non-drupal Open Source project that is currently actively developed and has existed for more than 3 months.

Finish Installing Drupal

On the Database configuration screen, put the Database name, username, and password in, but do not hit the Save and continue button yet!

Switch back to the phpmyadmin tab, scroll down and hit the Go button.

Once that clears, switch back to the Drupal installation tab, hit the Save and continue button:

Create Database

Once you have opened a new tab in the browser, go to http://development/phpmyadmin, log in as root, and go to the Users tab along the top. Hit the "Add user" link to create a new user. Make sure you check the Create database for user box, fill in the username, select Local from the dropdown for Host, and Generate a password. Do Not Hit the Go button Yet!!! You want to select the generated password, copy it to the clipboard, and switch back to the tab with the Drupal installer.

About D8 what is your plan ?


You have a site built with Drupal 6 or 7, do you plan to migrate to Drupal 8 ?

What is the best time to begin development of a site on Drupal 8 (including an intranet with management tools) ?

Thank you


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