Fatal error: Call to a member function getIconPath() on a non-object

Good morning
After installing panels I get this message Fatal error: Call to a member function getIconPath() on a non-object C:\Users\Sites\devdesktop\drupal-8.2.7\modules\panels\panels.module on line 51
Please help me

align images horizontally

stupid of me, I don't know how to align images on same line. I mean images with field image as in that example :
http://neralala.info/node/178 (mayo)
I know I must change something in CSS, but in that case, what code must I add at the end of style.css to have them aligned?
The name of the field is "mesimages".
I tried

How to test installed configuration entities?

I receive error messages, when I want to test a custom module, which uses configuration entities. The problem finds place, when during installation of the tested module, the yaml files in config/install/ folder are processed.

Help on Single Sign On (SSO + SAML)

Hey All,

I am new to Drupal and creating a solution for my company where we use SSO (SAML protocol) and also a role based setup.

From what I know, we will need to configure simpleSAMLphp module to allow SSO. RSA (IdP) will perform the authentication and send attributes to our Drupal site.

Post authentication, how is the authorisation performed i.e. a certain user can only perform certain duties based on their role?

drupal 7 blog missing

I have drupal 7 blog site. But I want to migrate to drupal 8, it shows source blog destination missing.
What can I do
I continued, but then it shows only title but not body.
Interesting thing is that, in phpmyadmin, I can see body content, plz help

Total Beginner with some Basic questions.

Hi everybody,


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