Sidebar Menu from Main Navigation

On Drupal 8
I have a main navigation, which has three depths, for example:

Web services

How make web services in Drupal?

Authentication API in Drupal 8

Hello Friends,

In my project Drupal is going to act as a Headless CMS. In order to use the CRUD operation using the REST API in drupal 8, I need the authentication token. Using basic_auth or oauth or simple_oauth I could manually copy from admin panel do the CRUD operation.

How to handle and model content snippets with a single instance via the admin menu

Hi. I am coming from a WordPress background and finding my way slowly into Drupal. So far things progress well but one thing in the field of content modelling i am still uncertain how to handle and deal with in Drupal. I've researched documentation and tutorials but haven't found a viable explanation yet. Most of the time the examples deal with content types of repeating elements like articles for example.

Previously viewable pages set with anonymous access not viewable


I am fairly new to Drupal 8 and very much loving the product and all the various aspects to it. I am building my first site and I used views to create some static pages basically transferring brochure type website into Drupal as the first part. However, the main part of the website is using the real features of Drupal as a very basic learning management systems.

Upgrade drupal 6 to 8

I have the following problem, they are doing an upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8. Unfortunately, after some time gives me an error:


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