Contributing to DrupalCI


The containers can be found in the /containers subdirectory of the DrupalCI: Test Runner project. Contributors should use the production branch, which contains the latest stable code.


(Note - the code implementing these features is still under development and has not been merged into core. See

An assertion is a special type of error function that is used during the development of code. It has existed in PHP since version 4 and is being introduced to Drupal as of version 8 in order to help monitor interactions between core code and third party modules.

Faults: Assertions, Errors, and Exceptions

(API still in development)

Sooner or later problems occur in all computer programs. There are three problem groups in PHP

Help me to get status to Ready to be Committed for a small patch to Views

Can anybody help me on the below issue to get it in status to Ready To Be Committed please?

Add "All Changes Saved" text to views

I know it is a very small patch. But yeah It feels good when you do something for the community. :)

How to copy Drupal 8 production site to local machine?

In Drupal 7, I copy a site from one machine to another with following steps:
1. copy the code
2. export and import database
3. do some change to setting.php (database account, base_url)
4. sometimes, I need to make a symbol link to pretent my site directory is the same to production site
5. clear cache, change file system paths

However, this doesn't work on Drupal 8.

Local copy redirects me to

[résolu, solved]Taxonomie - version 6 -> version 8


J’ai quelques sites en version 6 que je souhaite passer en version 8 prochainement.
Je ne suis pas passée par Drupal 7.

Mes sites sont entièrement structurés autour de la taxonomie.
J’ai utilisé toutes les possibilités de Drupal 6 autour de la taxonomie.

J’essaye de tester Drupal 8 et je constate que les URL de type « taxonomie/term/1+5 » ne fonctionnent plus.

J’ai tenté de passer par Views, mais je n’arrive pas à configurer une vue pour avoir l’équivalent, c’est à dire avoir les nœuds qui ont deux termes de taxonomie en même temps.


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