Error: Redirects to external URLs are not allowed by default, use \Drupal\Core\Routing\TrustedRedirectResponse for it.

I have a fresh D8 install on Win10 with XAMPP.
I receive an error when trying to enable a core or external module:

Redirects to external URLs are not allowed by default, use \Drupal\Core\Routing\TrustedRedirectResponse for it.

These are my current trusted settings in settings.php which are also seen in admin/reports/status:

Import comments from csv in D-8


I try to import comments with migrate source csv plugin by analogue with nodes. With nodes & users import there is no problems, but when I import comments, I got error:
- Missing bundle for entity type comment.


Different theme render for different pages / views

I have a VIEW DISPLAY PAGE which is accessible by a user role ABC.

My site's theme is 'Bartik 8.3.2 (default theme)' which is used when I access VIEW DISPLAY PAGE.

What I need to do is to use a different theme (not Bartik) every time I access this VIEW DISPLAY PAGE.

All other pages on the site should still use Bartik except this view.

Infact max 2 themes will be active for the front end.


Can't access pages outside of default root: Dreamhost Drupal8

Redeveloping a site in Drupal 8.

Never had issues with previous versions of Drupal on this VPS server but for 2 days I've been trying to load D8 on a Dreamhost server with no luck.

First it failed on the SSD based VPS that runs Nginx so I reverted to the previous VPS that uses Apache and the problem is the same.

In both cases the install is pretty much perfect then when you access the site every page beyond the home page is a 404 error.

Fontawesome icons showing above label instead of inline with textfield

After installing fontawesome module on drupal 8 site, I tried the following:

    public function buildForm(array $form, FormStateInterface $form_state) {
      $form['street1']['widget']['#prefix'] =
          '<span class="input-group-addon"><i class="fa fa-envelope-o fa-fw"></i></span>';

The "envelope" icon shows up quite alright -but its showing above my "Street Address" label, instead of inline before the actual input textfield.

Viewing source of my page shows the following:


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