Cannot get CKEditor to recognize styles

No matter what I do, I cannot get CKEditor to display any style options. Here's what I've been doing:

Drupal 8 Rest Login is here, but how to use it is the question?

Hey Guys,

We've been using D8 for mobile backends for a while now and got pretty excited when seeing this new feature in 8.2

"Additional RPC endpoints: user/login user/login/status user/logout user/password/reset" as noted here:

Have just updated to 8.2 Beta and no luck! Using postman the only response we are seeing when posting the documented data to: /user/login is an empty message.

Create drupal basic page Programmatically PHP


I want to create a PHP script to create basic pages on Drupal 8. I need some advices, i don't know how to start, i just have my database connection. I don't know which data i have to create etc... Maybe i have to create a row in node...

Any idea ?

Force SSL for authenticated users browsing a Drupal 8 site

I'm working on a D8 website which needs support for HTTP (for anonymous users) and HTTPS (for authenticated editors).

Unable to developpe Drupal V8 on Wampserver 64


In order to uprade my V6 sites et V8, I installed a V8 Drupal on a last version of Wampserver64: Apache 2.4.18, MySQL 5.7.11, php 5.6.19, phpMyAdmin

File upload error. Could not move uploaded file

I have created a new content type, and all of a sudden I can not upload any images to my site. It is a local server so disk space is not an issue.

The error is "The file could not be saved because the upload did not complete.
File upload error. Could not move uploaded file.
This value should not be null."

It is drupal 8.1.8

I have changed the temp directory to a place that www-data has full read and write permissions, as well as changing the files folder to 777, none of which seem to fix the issue.


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