SIMPLE: Guide to "trusted_host_patterns" Localhost (WAMP)

- Insure that settings.php is writeable - \sites\default\settings.php
- Find, in settings.php code line 627 (where the comments/instructions begin)
- Close said comments and add your host as follows.


How to? setup questionnaire in Drupal and match with others

Hi all,

I want to let users fill in questionnaires. The filled in results need to be processed by the key such that a field will be filled with the result.

In addition, I want to match the result of that field with results of others in the same field and only return matching users.

For instance, user A does an IQ test. So he or she answers all kind of questions. After all questions have been filled the answers will be processed such that the IQ can be calculated. Lets say the result is an IQ of 100.

installation problem

Hello, I get this error on the 3. step of installation:

"Database setup fails to proceed. No error. (Drupal 6)"

But I'm sure my database name and password are true.

What should I do?

Comparison of Responsive Menus

There are a number of contributed modules for making menus responsive (i.e. for responding to being on a mobile device by changing size, shape or form), and this page summarizes these different modules.

Beware, they all have very similar names!

The table below is sorted by number of reported installs (11th June 2015), which often acts as a useful proxy for determining the most likely module to be best for your needs.

Make an ajax generated submenu from a menu element?

I wonder if there is any way to put a link in the menu tree that activate a ajax generated submenu (as submenu to that link).

You can look at Capgemenis site:

If you click on "Our Services" a whole submenu is loaded. Still in the same menu there are normal links.

Is it posible to do the same in Drupal?

Urdu Formatting Issue!

This is my first post, someone please help me to get it right. I want to make a website in Enghlis and Urdu. My issue is not translation. Issue is proper formatting in urdu artiles or whatever write in urdu language. So here is a example of this. In wordpress there is a plugin called "Urdu Formatter - Shamil" Link is :Link:


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