Runtime Assertions are being added to Drupal 8.

A runtime assertion is a statement about the condition of the program that the programmer excepts to always be TRUE at the moment the statement appears in the code. They are a powerful tool for debugging long neglected by Drupal whose time has come.

How to pass argument to ajax callback in drupal 8 form

Hello friends,

What is the best way to pass argument to ajax callback in drupal 8 form?


Content Type and Fields programmatically Drupal 8


I am french so i ll try to explain my problem with simple word.

I make a module in Drupal 8 who create a new content type programmatically.
Module name : Annonce

In config/install i add this file :


Cannot login after installation as admin

Hello All!

I(and proberly a lot of you)(are) am very new to Drupal 8!

There is something wrong in my Drupal 8 installation with the Wampserver.

I installed everything. Everything works!
But after logging out as admin, i cannot login again. Very strange.
Has anyone an idea?

If i have to change something in a folder, please tell also in which directory i can find it.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


Plugin Contexts

Sometimes plugins require another object in order to perform their primary operation. This is known as plugin context. Using a practical example, almost all condition plugins require a context. Let's look at the NodeType condition's plugin definition.

Drupal 8 REST request returns only HTML - why?

I have tried the example in the documentation with Drupal 8.0 in beta12 as well as with the .dev-Package. I have enabled the modules (HAL,HTTP Basic Authentication, REST UI, RESTful Web Services and Serialization) and send the request via CURL and other HTTP REST clients to Drupal.

It is always returning HTML!.

The headers I am sending are OK, I checked that as well ("Accept: application/hal+json"). And I know the URL to access nodes has changed from /entity/node/... to /node.


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