Drupal Theme File Structure

A theme is a collection of files that define the presentation layer. You can also create one or more "sub-themes" or variations on a theme. Only the .info.yml file is required, but most themes and sub-themes will use other files as well. This page lists the files and folders that are found in a typical theme or sub-theme.
Location of themes
You must place themes in the "themes" folder of your Drupal installation. Note that Drupal core themes such as Bartik and Seven are located in the core/themes folder of your installation.

Unexpected Error after a certain number of Fields on site


Working with our Drupal 8 site, I have noticed that when I exceed a certain number of fields I get the error message in chrome "The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later." or get an HTTP 500 Error in Internet Explorer/Edge.

I get these error messages when navigating the site. Once I go into Admin, it is working fine. Also from the Admin Side, if I select Content, I get the same error message. Once I delete the field from the content type, I can then now navigate the site.

Sauce Labs

Sauce LabsThanks to saucelabs.com for sponsoring testing and quality assurance tools for ERPAL


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ESI^H^H^H AuthenticatedUser (partial)page cache support in Drupal8?

I installed Drupal 8.1.7.

It runs behind a Varnish 4 cache.

I want to get ESI working.

I started looking for docs re ESI.

The obvious module

ESI: Edge Side Includes

has no Drupal 8 support

This post implies that BigPipe, ESI & Dynamic Page Cache are different things

Drupal 8 Module of the Week: BigPipe


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