Using DrupalCI on

For any project on, DrupalCI testing can be enabled from the Automated Testing link on the Project page. Please note: Only project maintainers have the ability to configure project testing.

At the top of the Automated Testing tab you will see the configuration for the existing PIFT/PIFR testing, but below that you will see the test matrix for the new DrupalCI tests:

For each supported testing environment you can enable:

[Drupal 8] Modifying a controller's content

Is there any way to modify a controller's content? To be more specific, I have a controller building a table (using #type => table) and I want another module to add a field to it and add the field's data, is there a way to do that in Drupal 8?

DRUPAL 8 - uninstalling modules manually

For a platform drupal8 beta12 I unzipped manually filed several modules in the " Sites / Modules " folder.
These modules have been integrated with Drupal and I wished activate simultaneously by checking their check box .
Activation failed but the modules have been marked as enabled.
Since it is impossible to uninstall .

is there a procedure to check which modules properly installed ?
Can manually uninstall a module and if so how?

Thank you for your answers.

D8 - Get default front page route

How can I programmatically obtain the front page route?

Drupal 8 base theme

I'm looking for a good base theme for Drupal 8. But i can't find many information about it.

Are there good base themes available? Or is theming based on a base theme no longer necessary/recommended for D8?

Writing Automated Update Tests for Drupal 8

If your module is making a data model change related to configuration, then you need to properly update your data model (as described on child pages linked to from that page).

You'll also need to test your update, to verify that it is working correctly. You can test it manually (as described on the parent page linked above), but it is also a good idea (and required in Core development) to write an automated upgrade test for your change. This page describes how to do that.


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