Drupal 8: Overriding/theming Views REST Export?

Hello Gurus,
I have a REST Export view display setup in Drupal 8, showing node fields. It's AWESOME.

The challenge: I want to theme/tweak/alter the output of JSON or HAL_JSON. Currently, it's rendering this in JSON:

D8 - Datepicker in views

Is it possible to use the nice datepicker that the Form API has in views? If so, how might one go about doing so?

Limiting what entity reference can point to

I'm creating a hierarchy. Let's say:

- Library
-- Section
--- Book
---- Page

Each level is a different content type, and each level should only be able to point up to the level above.

There seem to be two ways of doing this:

What is a single project promotion?

If a project is useful but only has few lines of code then git administrators will promote the project for you instead of giving you the git vetted user role. You will only be able to create releases for this one project. If you need to promote another project you will have to create a new project application.

D8 - Form Submit Values

This must be incredibly simple, but I'm having a difficult time understanding how form submission works in Drupal 8.

I have created a form that extends FormBase. I have a controller that is calling that form with
$form = \Drupal::formBuilder()->getForm($form_path);
and then I just return the form.

SIMPLE: Guide to "trusted_host_patterns" Localhost (WAMP)

- Insure that settings.php is writeable - \sites\default\settings.php
- Find, in settings.php code line 627 (where the comments/instructions begin)
- Close said comments and add your host as follows.



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