Drupal8: HOWTO detect whether an entity reference field is a taxonomy term reference and flag it for targeting in field.html.twig and your CSS

Now that the Taxonomy term reference field has been removed in favor of Entity reference it begs the question how one is supposed to specifically target taxonomy term reference fields in Twig templates and in your CSS.

The following (which currently involves checking for the existence of a particular method) may not be very pretty, but it works.

In your THEME.theme:

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Drupal 8 (plus archives in Drupal 5).

cant remove comment type of an uninstalled module (support ticket)

I tried out "support ticket" modul and it seemed to work. It uses coments for communication with support requests.

After deinstalling troubles began.

After deinstallation i have often strange messages:

User warning: The following module is missing from the file system: support in drupal_get_filename() (line 233 of core/includes/bootstrap.inc).

And after installing search api modul, database serach i get following error message after installing moduls:

Load Drupal as Package (D8.1)

I want to load drupal as a package within another.


Calls to index.php or /admin/index.php would do things that may include loading drupal and performing a route request. Any response would need to have the correct path translations relative to / with no paths leading to /packages/drupal except for possibly dynamic site data.

Orbit Keith Pough - Want to Create a Website for my business


I am Orbit Keith Pough. I have my own business and i want to explore my business so i was thinking to create my Website . I read that it is easy to create a website in Drupal. Please suggest what should i initially do to create my website.As i don't have good knowledge of programming.


Conversion of Existing Site Theme to Drupal 8

Good day,
From what I have read, there is NO easy way of using an existing theme from Drupal 6.x to Drupal 8. It would seem easier to find a Drupal 8 theme that is released and try use it as a basic template. This was built as a sub-theme version of ZEN. It appears that there is no Drupal 8 version of Zen. Does anyone know the best Drupal 8 theme that could be used?

Many thanks.


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