Multi-Site with Single, Shared User DB

Hello Drupal Community,

Forgive me if this is posted in the wrong forum. If so, please tell me the correct forum and I'll repost it there. Also, I've searched and searched and either my search-fu is no match or the results I do find are rather dated.

I've been assigned a project whereby I'll be creating multiple sites using the following configuration:

How do I consume JSON from other sites and display it on my Drupal 8 site?

Hello, I want to make a dashboard item and display it on a Drupal 8 page. I have an REST API for legacy systems that produces JSON. How do I consume that REST API data and display it in a block on a page? Is that for a block? View? New module, something else?

I would have several of these items from various systems on the page, so multiple "dashboard" items would be there to choose from based upon who is logged in.

How to convert a CKEditor plugin to install via Drupal 8.x?


I have just installed a local copy of Drupal 8 and I would like to install a CKEditor plugin to be used in my Drupal installation. I am assuming that I will first need to convert the plugin so that Drupal will recognize it and install the files to the correct locations. Is there any sort of automated process for this or will I have to do it manually? If it's a manual process, can anyone direct me to a tutorial that explains how to convert a CKEditor plugin to be compatible with Drupal 8?

How to add html head link tag when a specific block is loaded

I have a custom block with its twig template suggestion.

I want to add an html head link tag when this block is loaded.
ex: <link rel="import" href="test.html">

In the twig template I can use attach_library to add css/js to , but I don't know how to add html imports in twig.

Is it possible to achieve this using mytheme_preprocess_block function, or any other hook?

Quick Edit API

The Quick Edit API is new in Drupal 8. It is inspired, and in some parts functionally identical to the Drupal 7 Quick Edit module.

For high-level information on what this module does, see the Quick Edit module documentation.

API features

Ordered by most to least frequently used APIs:


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