Using VPS, all my drupal files are owned by root:root

I'm using Ubuntu 16.04. Everything seems to work, but it doesn't sound right. With apache2, should it be www-data:www-data or something else?

Help me to install Drupal on my blog

Can any one help me to develop a blog using drupal

Drop down menu in block


Im want a dropdown menu in a block with HIDDEN submenus, when you cliuck on the parent it shows them.

I don't know how to do it.

Any idea ?


[Solved] Translated content duplicate on a view (with choosen language )



I just created a new drupal website.
I added the translation module, added the language switcher block in my sidebar module and added my content translation in my 3 added languages (English, French and Spanish).

Everything looks perfect BUT in my list view I see 3 times the same node content for a selected language.

I try to change my translation view parameters but I keep 3 times the same content (translated or not in the same language).

[SOLVED] Bootstrap 3 Theme For Drupal 8: image size issue


New to Drupal and began using Bootstrap as a theme. I created a sub-theme and, for the most part, all works well.

All my images appear very large. They are not as large as image files, as they are appearing in my browser. (it's like they are getting blown out) - larger than their containing DIV.

However - once I shrink my viewport - the are responsive - and appear properly. I created some responsive image styles which worked with another theme. However - they don't appear to work with this theme.

ThemeInitialization.php on line 117 crashes the server

with Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 201326600 bytes)
I was trying to create my own theme based on Stable as per Theming D8 guide, noticed that my theme was shown as inactive because "the base theme was not working properly" or something, looked into the stable theme info.yml and something possessed me to comment out the "base theme = false" line. To the best of my knowledge that's the only edit in a core file I have made before I started getting the error upon any attempt to access the web server.


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