field--node--field-fieldname.twig.html need some help


i´m using D8 and i need some help with my field--node--field-fieldname.twig.html
I want that my field is only shwon for logged in users, so i tested:

{{logged_in}} and {{is_admin}}

these variables are ever 1, so i think i do not get the right variables, or i can not use them.

I want to do it like this:

Drupal 8.x: No welcome email body created

Ok, I give up.

Installed Drupal 8.x, and hey ho. No message body in emails. Same problem as in Drupal 7.x

I'm running Apache. PHP, etc MySQL and so on. On Yosemite 10.10.3 if that makes any difference. It shouldn't, because I have a LOT of theory installed software on here, and it all works fine.

So why is this software pack not including the email body ??/ a Great Mystery.

Error in 8.x: Drupal\Core\Form\EnforcedResponseException

Drupal\Core\Form\EnforcedResponseException: in Drupal\Core\Form\FormBuilder->buildForm() (line 270 of core/lib/Drupal/Core/Form/FormBuilder.php).

Trying to install the CAPTCHA module. New installation. Comes up ok. Looks ok. Just this.

Customizing tools menu

In drupal exists the file "menu.html.twig" that manages all menus (i.e : administration, account-menu, ...).

i want to customize only the tools menu and change its graphic (styles and css).
If i modify the "menu.html.twig" (in my subtheme), the modifies involve also the others menu (administration...).

How can i just customize only the tools menu leaving the other ones unmodified?


Exceptions are the preferred method of fault handling in Drupal. They should be used in all cases but two.

Assertion of Valid Calling Code.

(Note: The code which implements this has not been finalized and added to core. See )


This assertion checks the calling method's namespace for a match with the called method's namespace, or with a scope argument. The assertion returns true if there is a match, or if the caller is within a child namespace of the called method. It is defined in the supporting Assertions class.


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