Drupal 8 caching

I have a scenario where I need to present a simple form for a user to toggle a preference (Country) on every page. Users are largely anon users.

When toggling I add a value (the country) into a cookie.

I'd like Drupal to then cache all content based on that cookie value.

I've got to the point of a custom module to present the form as a block and write the cookie variable. However the 'form' won't keep its default value (based on the cookie value) when navigating to another page. I'm getting the last page built ignoring the cookie.

How to customize registration/account forms

I have been trying for weeks to figure out how to make my user registration/user account screens handle what I need. The user profile I need to use has 80 fields. I had planed on using a tabbed page, with each tab having a different layout. One tab would have name and address and 3 email fields. One tab would have 3 columns of yes/no radio buttons. Some of the fields would be drop-down select lists. for a while I played with the idea of using the Webform module, but apparently you can't use a webform for the registration/user account forms.

Add a "read more" in my text - Drupal 8

Hi everyone !
I'm a beginner in Drupal 8 and I have already a little problem. I want to incorporate a "read more" in the text of my basic page. When I click on the "read more" link, I expect that the trimmed text will expand to full text in the same page (not in a new tab). I also want to have a link "less" that hides the entire text in order to have again the trimmed text. I prefer not to touch the code, I know there are Views but I don't know what features to use..
Thank you in advance for helping me.

Help! I Lost The Login Form

I installed the Mayo theme, but I had moved blocks around and I got pulled away before I could rearrange things. Now my session has expired, and I can't get to the login form. Is there something I can do at the command line so that I can get to the admin pages and rearrange things, so I can login properly?

how do i get rid of the errors after installing drupal

Hello there, at Drupal I'm looking for a sync key which is missing, where do i get that key , Any hint where to find that key would be nice.

Configuration directories : Not present
Your sites/drupal-8-3-3.dd/settings.php file must define the $config_directories variable as an array containing the names of directories in which configuration files can be found. It must contain a sync key.

Disable RSS (drupal 8.3.3)

Please tell me how to disable the RSS?


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