To remove double tap for iphone and submit form on selecting suggestion using views autocomplete filters in Drupal 8

Suppose you have a two fields such as title, description. We assume both the fields do not have html tags in it. We have set up a view to list the title and description. We also have a title as the exposed filter with auto complete. Most of our clients want new modifications every day. My client also wanted to submit the form on selecting the suggestion from the drop down below the form field.

Here is the code we've done to bring this change,

[Solved] How to embed twitter feed in a block

The problem: Twitter no longer supports widgets, and all the Twitter feed extensions use the WID or widget ID as the key to connecting to a Twitter feed. Work appears to have stalled on updating the modules.

The solution (with key hints and thanks to @hassebasse):

Admin>Content: Sticky Filter? + Add Colums to Content List

There are 200+ pieces of content in my Admin/Content page.

I use the filter to find groups of information - which narrows the 200 to say 25.

I edit one item and hit save.

The filter resets and I have to set the filter again.

I went looking for a module - but could not find what I was looking for.

Question 1: Is there a way to "hold" the filtered state - so when I save a content item it returns back to the filtered state?


How to change the "Add comment" form in Drupal 8?

I have poor knowledge in development with Twig (and with Drupal so). I would remove label before text field and maybe change labels before name and e-mail fields to images. How can I do that? So where can I read about it?

access to block content


I've asked in stackoverflow too, but got no answer, so i hope somehow here can help me a bit.
I am new to Drupal, espacially to Drupal 8.

I have created a View and placed this view in a block called 'views_block__view_submenu_ihk_kurse_block_1' in the header region of my block layout.

Now i try in a preprocess-function to get the content of this block.
I get some variables with:

Error while dumping the database ($ drush ard)

Hello! I have a problem while making a backup by the command:
$ drush ard --verbose

It returns an error related to database dump:
Calling system(pg_dump drupal --host=localhost --port=5432 --username=drupaluser --no-align --field-separator=" " --pset tuples_only=on --clean > /tmp/drush_tmp_1486406348_5898c2cce9cec/drupal.sql);
/usr/lib/postgresql/9.4/bin/pg_dump: unrecognized option '--no-align'
Try "" for more information.
Database dump failed [error]


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