Already exists in active configuration - issue


I had honeypot module installed before but due to some issues on the site i had to delete all modules via FTP and then reinstalled them via Drupal panel.

However a few modules are throwing an error when tried to activate them, please see the error below.

Error message
Unable to install Honeypot, honeypot.settings already exists in active configuration.

Update to 8.02 from Drupal 8.0.0 Beta 6

I have a question concerning a Update of
Drupal 8 Beta 6 Version to 8.02 i tried hard but always failed.
can somebody help me. is this not possible ?
do I need to do more than from 8.01 to 8.02 because this worked fine.
I would like to make the same with the Beta version because it contains a lot of work that i would loose.
i work on a MAC System 10.8.5
with XAMPP 5.6.3-0

Annotation-Based Plugins in Views

Views uses annotation-based plugin discovery for much of the code in Drupal Core.

Annotation Class

There are a variety of different annotation classes that underly the different Views plugins. The annotation class is specified in the plugin block, for example, the Views Display type "Block", uses the annotation class "ViewsDisplay", which is indicated by the "@ViewsDisplay" in the following code:

Brand new to Drupal - caching issue(s)

Hi y'all. I'm brand new to Drupal and trying to get into theming so I can hopefully replace WordPress in my current workflow. However, I'm having an issue with turning off the caching in version 8.1.

Following any of a great number of tutorials on the web regarding the situation, I've copied /sites/example.settings.local.php to /sites/default/settings.local.php, set

Drupal 8 Add Item Work History

How do you create a module with formbuilder api and be able to dynamically add another group of inputs?

Prime example of this is work history. With work history you have company name, phone, and supervisor. You may have 1 or 5 work histories. How do you allow the user to click a button and add another work history?

In javascript I would have a template that I called and appended it to the end of the form. Does that work with drupal, or is there a simpler way with form builder markup?

I'm trying to get anything to change but the rebuild doesn't rebuild.

Limit of 15 routes in module.routing.yml

Drupal : 8.0.1
Drupal console : 0.10.2

I have see when i want to create a new route they have an limit of 15 routes per module. In fact i have created an over route an i'm suprise to see of my road wasn't in route:debug. However they are in the module.routing.yml

I have cout the number of routes i have , and after 15 the routes arren't seen.


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