8.3.x is not a minor version release

I work for a company that builds a lot of medium sized sites in Drupal 7 and 8. We have been engaging with Drupal 8 to participate in it's evolution, but we don't have the resources to actively participate in beta ad dev release evaluation. We just discovered that 8.3.x branch no longer supports non-composer module installation, although the module installation admin UI still exists, it leads to WSOD installation errors in anything requiring libraries. This breaks our previously very efficient and cost-competitive workflows.

Site name wrong displayed

I set up a site branding block in order to display the site name. The site name is wrong displayed. It shows Drupal instead of my custom site name. Do you know how to solve this issue?

Sevilla FC - Digital Strategy and Drupal 8 to improve an online brand

Sevilla FC - Digital Strategy and Drupal 8 to improve an online brand

Sevilla FC. A brand that never stops growing

Formed in 1890, Sevilla FC is one of the oldest and most relevant soccer teams in Spain. The club has won a number of trophies and titles that make it one of the most successful teams in Europe in recent times. Sevilla FC has become the only club in history to have won the Europa League 5 times.

Entity Reference and Exclusive Assignment (casting dancers)

I am looking for ideas on how to approach a problem.

I have a bunch of ballet dancers who are performing in dozens of shows. I wish to a create a "casting system" that could do a number of things:

Post installation

Alright. Here it goes. taking my first steps. I need some information on what document I should be reading to take the plunge.

I bought a domain. I am using godaddy for hosting. I've installed drupal on cpanel.

Now how do I use Drupal, the Content Management software? I'm not sure what I have to do next. I did a google search. All i get is "how to install drupal". Since I've already installed Drupal, I need to use Drupal, but I haven't clue what I need to do. I feel like a passenger on a United Airlines flight, clueless and intimidated.

Template auto_reload/no-caching not working Drupal 8.3.0

Running Drupal 8.3.0 under Apache. I am currently working on tweaking an existing module (PHP code and TWIG templates).
auto_load is set to true and cache to false in both files as recommended however I do not see any impact. Changes to my templates are not being picked up automatically. I always have to "drush cr" for getting the updated version of my template

The services.yml is being picked up (an error in the Yaml file gives an error during cache-rebuild.

...anything else I am missing? Can it be that hard for getting a reasonable dev environment working?


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