The D8 command line interface faction may destroy Drupal

The faction of D8 developers who insist on requiring that their contrib modules (and depend libraries) be installed by command line interface (CLI) utilities such as the composer utility only, may eventually destroy Drupal's future as a whole, by alienating the larger audience of potential Drupal users.

Content revisions in views

Is there a way in views to export the list of nodes and revisions for the given content type? I tried to create "Content revisions" view but it doesn't allow to specify what exact content type do I need. And in the view I get "column reference 'langcode' is ambiguous" SQL error when I try to setup "Get the actual content from a content revision." relationship.

Add class to different options of a radio element

I'm writing a custom field using the Drupal 8 API. Now I need to have a radio button group with some custom classes to each of the different options label. I have already the render array for rendering the radio buttons but can't add some class to the options label.

How can I do this?

In the code block below, you can find a html example on how to draw the field:

Drupal 8: geolocation base fields on custom entity types

I had a requirement to be able to record lots of different types of "Point of Interest", that will require varying fields but have a common requirement to store location across them all. So, my solution would be to create a custom content entity type that supported bundles, where the base entity type had geolocation (and a couple of other things) as base fields.

To achieve the scenario above, I created a content entity class as below:

E Journal Module installation in Drupal 8

I want to ask whether E journal module can be installed on Drupal 8?

Missing fields with file configuration

Hi all,

We currently developing a new Drupal 8 website and having problems with missing fields. We use the file configuration instead of database configuration because of the deployment process and stand-alone develop environments of our developers.


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