Upgraded to PHP 7.1 but not working.

I have a Drupal 8 site that I installed on Windows 10 on my local PC for learning. I went through the basic tutorial on YouTube, added the custom module Hello World, then started trying to figure out how to add a custom module of my own from some of my production code that accesses MySQL tables outside the Drupal base tables. https://www.drupal.org/node/2899787#comment-12216397


Rinnai Drupal 8 home page

Rinnai is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of gas appliances and is the number one selling brand of tankless gas water heaters in the U.S. and Canada. Through the website, Rinnai customers connect directly with an extensive network of dealers using a suite of online tools to facilitate the process from initial product search to dealer follow-up.

Switch languages

System 8.3.6 fresh install on debian stretch (php7).
I use DE and EN as language where DE is my default.

Following modules enabled:

configuration translation, content translation, interface translation, language, language switcher drop down (just a trial).

Can't access page after adding translation

I am working on a Bitnami Image of Drupal 8.
Actually, After installing my Drupal site, I tried to add a translation (French).
The progress bar stopped at 44% for a while so I thought it was an issue tho I stopped it by changing the tab.
Now I can no more access to the configuration page, I have access to content, structure, but can't access the website using its URL or access configuration page from the dashboard.
Any idea on how to fix this, without recreating content-types and content that I already have, please.

Thank you

Fatal Drupal 8 update

I have updated my Drupal 8 website to the current version.
After updating, the front page shows this message:

Translate static content

In my site there are lot of static content such as section headers and random content. I want to translate them.

Can I translate with them {% trans %}my content{% endtrans %} in twig?

If yes, where to insert the translations in the backend?


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