The LAMP Stack

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySql, and Php. The instructions that I've laid out in the subpages in this section strive for ease of installation and use, at the expense of other considerations.

Complete Open Source Dev Stack

The aim of this guide is to get from a blank machine to a working development setup in the fewest, simplest steps possible. For the developer who just wants to get the development infrastructure out of the way so they can start to focus on the substance of Drupal 8, the following guide may help that person achieve a high level of performance, including the ultimate challenge, breakpointing and step debugging a failing unit test, with a minimum of investment.

Extending Drupal 8 custom block types - naming conventions/theming

Is it possible to extend D8's custom block types without using a module?
To open, very familiar with Drupal 8 Naming Conventions .
In regards to the blocks section, it covers extending blocks via modules. I understand this very well...

Bubbleable metadata

The parent page explains cacheability in general. This looks in detail at how render arrays bubble cacheability.

Managing Drupal 8 With Composer

I am very new to Drupal (sorry if my questions are stupid) but not at all new to Composer management. I am trying to understand how to manage a Drupal 8 install through composer. To my understanding these steps are taken before install:

  1. Change the autoloader to load /vendor/autoload.php instead of /core/vendor/autoload.php
  2. Run composer install

The problem I see is the packages for drupal/core are duplicated in /vendor as well as /core/vendor

Bundle Payment

I want to know, is there any method using which I can set multiple payments based on the quantity of the product.
Here is an example
Suppose 1-5 $20 / product, 5-10 $18 / product and 10 or more $15 / product.

Your help would be much appreciated.


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