Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Scale Address Field

Scale Address Field is a utility Drupal module that helps Drupal scale when unauthenticated users are presented with forms containing Address Fields.

View all modes

View All Modes module extends Display Suite with an extra overview that shows which view modes are customised (custom settings = TRUE) per entity type / per

Working on project with a certain number of entity types, bundles and various customised view modes, it's easy to lose a clear overview. This module helps developers to regain that.

This is a developer module. You should disable this when you deploy to production.

Global Field

Maintained by Mediacurrent

Provides a field that displays a global variable text value.

Have you ever needed to display a bit of text that would always be the same across your whole site? Wouldn't it be nice to display that as a field on a Taxonomy term or Node? This is exactly what Global field does.



This is a simple label/value field that can be attached to any entities.

Similar projects and how they are different

Both modules provide a solution to the key-value field using combination of existing fields.
A labelvalue field is not a combination of two already existing fields.

File FID formatter

File ID formatter provides a field formatter for file and image fields that prints just the file id.


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