Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Entity reference unique


This module provides special validation plugin "Validate unique entities" for Entity Reference field.
An validation error will be shown if the entity is added twice or more in the Entity Reference field.

Flash game

Do you want to develop a flash game website using drupal ?
Do you want to upload swf files and games in your website and show them az embed object ?
Do you want to add games to your website ?
If the answer is yes so you sholud use this module
This module provides a formatter for file field , so you can upload swf files into your website and show them as a embed object by this formatter


Brreg field

This module provides a field for the organization number of Norwegian businesses.
The field instance can be configured to populate other fields in the same bundle with values returned by an external web service[1].

All data returned by the web service is stored in the database, but is currently not in use by this module.

[1] (norwegian only)


Commerce Gallery

This module allows you to combine images from several image fields into one field and display them in popup window (Ctools modal). Pluggable , based on Ctools plugin system.sponsored by магазин рюкзаков

TODO: better description

Date Enhance

The date enhance module provides some small tweaks to the behavior and presentation of the date field on forms. Originally this came out of figuring out how to make a date widget more like Facebook's date fields for events.


Provides a wrapper function around the Geocoder function 'geocoder' that allows requests to be cached.
Before a request is sent, the address is checked against a local table to see if it exists. If it does, lat/lon is returned. If it does not exist, a geocoder call is made and the lat/lon is saved in the database for future use.

To use this module, make a call to geocaching_geocoder($service, $address); in your PHP. It's usage is the same as the geocoder() function in the Geocoder module.


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