Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Shortcut url field

Text field that will provide internal links to nodes processed depending on the context in which it is applied.

Each context will be related to a vocabulary.

Autocomplete Feedback

This module extends the feedback provided by Drupal's autocomplete functionality by displaying a message when an autocomplete search returns no results.


NVP field


NVP field allows you to create a field type of name/value pairs, with custom
titles and easily editable rendering with customizable HTML/text surrounding the pairs.


Profile Fields Upgrade

There seems to have been a long running argument about how one should migrate data from the deprecated core-profile module to Drupal 7. What there does not seem to have been is a way to actually do the job.

This is a pretty minimal (read - written in a rush) module to migrate any data that you have attached using the old core-profile fields into fields.api fields attached to the user object.

Image Mobile Camera

iPhone camera

This module exposes all image field widgets to mobile devices via the HTML Media Capture method. It does this by running a jQuery snippet that adds the accept attribute to all file input form elements on a page.

Collage Formatter

Collage Formatter with borders

Provides Views style plugin and image field formatter to display images in collage. Uses Blocked Recursive Image Composition (BRIC) algorithm (recursive binary tree).


  • Pixel perfect collages - any number of images, any aspect ratios
  • Responsive markup
  • Link collage images to content or original image / image style
  • Support for modal galleries - Colorbox, Shadowbox, fancyBox, Photobox, Lightbox2 - every image in collage is clickable and opens defined image style or original image


Collage Formatter for Drupal 7 with Photobox module



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