Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Field modifier

Field modifier is a module that stribes to easy update fields using db queries

Entity tokens multiple field logic

Entity token multiple values logic

This module let's you use to tokens to perform
some logic on multiple field values.

The following functions are provided:


Name: File convert
Description: Convert doc or docx files to pdf.
Drupal 7


* LibreOffice

Webform Gmap Location


This module adds «Gmap» component to Webform.
This component allows you to mark the location using the Google map.
Also below the map can be displayed autocomplete address field.

Webcam Snapshot

This module allows images to be captured from a webcam and uploaded to the server. It provides a field API widget for file and image fields, as well as a form element for module developers.

To capture images this module requires a browser that supports getUserMedia.

Catalonia address field

This module provides catalonia for country of on all site, and provide a list of Catalonia provinces for Address Field module and the fields you normally would use for addresses in Catalonia.


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