Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

File Remove Disable

This utility module provides the ability to disable the "Remove" buttons next to a file list when editing a file field.

This module introduces a new 'Disable the "Remove" button in file listings' checkbox on the file widget settings page. If checked, users editing the values of that file field will not see the "Remove" button next to each file in the file upload widget.


Image field formatter to enable a direct inline drag-n-drop upload. Supports views and multivalue fields.

Sponsored by Calibrate (

Refine number

This module refines input data for numeric fields, so that pasting data from spreadsheets or similar sources will not require removing spaces and replacing decimal separator.
The source of inspiration is module.


Bundle Name Reference

This module serves one purpose, it provides a Bundle Name Reference field type.

Typical usecase

As a developer you would like to promote flexibility in your website and empower content editors. You would like editors to be able to custom create content listings on the fly.E.g a page showing all articles and ebulletins.

If you were to use views page or similar quite often the user has no power over meta information, nor the ability to choose the URL etc.


Multi-source Video

This module extends the Video module by providing a "Multi-source video player" field formatter.

This field formatter works in exactly the same way as the original "Video player" formatter, except when the video field contains multiple values. In this case, each video will be added as a separate "source" element of the rendered HTML5 "video" element.


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