Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Link Field Menu Formatter

Provides a field formatter to output link or URL fields as faux menus or menu blocks, which means the link field values themselves can then by styled the same as menus or menu blocks.

Form element layout

Field settings for Element order


Form API and field setting for manipulating the layout of primitive form elements. Main features:


A configurable client for the icon cdn

This module provides a field and util functions to output icons pulled in from a link located on



Provides the user with text autocomplete functionality within textareas. By default it comes shipped with a basic html autocomplete and emoji (emoticons) autocomplete.

However the true power of textcomplete is when you install entityreference and advanced entity tokens. It will allow you to perform autocomplete searches on entities within your Drupal install.

Social field


The Social field module provides a field that allows you to collect links to social network profiles like facebook, twitter, googleplus, linkedin, etc. Links are shown as icons. Social field links are validated according to the patterns inserted in the module configuration.

For the moment, this module requires fontello icons collection.


In addition to the core Social field module, you are able to enable the following sub-module:

Entity Reference Multiple

Field settings


Provides a field type that can reference arbitrary entities. Module allows you to establish a relation between multiple entity types.


Check the README


Entity API


Module was developed by Harbuzau Yauheni.


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