Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

2gis maps

This module has been migrated into 2GIS as submodule.

Jquery Date Range

Integration of Jquery date picker (
To make a date range field type more User Friendly.

Easy to use with Custom form, Here is the way how you can use it,

xEditor 2.0

xEditor is a Drupal distribution created to make content management easier, more fun, and more efficient than ever.

xEditor is similar to Spark distribution that aims to work out as a solution to authoring experience problems in the field and apply to latest development versions of Drupal.

The idea of xEditor is heavily inspired by Barley, a commercial solution by Plain.


Commerce Product Units

This module provides some enhancements to the Commerce Product Option and Commerce Product Attributes handling by applying unis to custom product attributes. So, you can add attributes to products that affect the final product unit.

Scald UUID

Adds UUID support to Scald and allows Scald atoms do be deployed. Also supports the atom_reference field type.

It is recommended to use recent versions of UUID, Deploy and Entity Dependency.

Note: Be careful when deploying into a feature, since all files will be added as base64 encoded strings.


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