Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Media Derivative Entity

This module helps connect the derivatives made by the Derivatives API module back to the entity which created it.

It has the following features:



This module provides a field formatter which displays a image field by TimThumb.

TimThumb is a simple, flexible, PHP script that resizes images. You give it a bunch of parameters, and it spits out a thumbnail image that you can display on your site.

For more information see TimThumb – PHP Image Resizer

Thanks my friend 姚迎迎 gave me the idea.


Entity Availability

Shows a table describing an "availability rule"


This module uses Entity Referenence relationships and Date fields to flag entities as "unavailable" during specific time periods.

Documentation is available here:

Flexibility for complex relationships

The idea is to allow an admin to create rules like this:
Date Field of Entity A defines a period of time when Entity B is not available.
Entity A connects to Entity B with Entity Reference Field A.reference-B
When Entity C then tries to reference Entity B with an Entity Reference Field C.reference-B and defines a date range with Date Field that is set within the time range defined by Date Field, a validation error is thrown on save of Entity C, because Entity A has "reserved" or made Entity B unavailable in that time range.

The relationships are all configurable. Entity A and B could potentially be the same entity. The field relationships are all configurable as well, and a ctools multistep form wizard exists to help you get these complex rules set up.

Figure caption formatter

Display a field as a HTML5 <figure> using field formatter settings, optionally with a <figcaption>.

The module uses token API, so site builders can generate the figcaption from other fields.


Enkoder for Drupal

Want to guard against spam? Want to make sure sensitive information isn't easily nabbed by an automated script?

Use Enkoder for Drupal! This uses the logic behind Hivelogic's Enkoder to encode any field or arbitrary text in a recursively self-evaluating block of javascript, foiling all but the hardiest of spambots.

You can use this to harden any text-based field and this module also exposes a general-purpose php function (sclib_enkoder) for your own custom uses.

This module is supported by time from the Sierra Club.

Why use this?

In my examination of the Drupal module landscape, SPAM-hardening solutions either tend to be focused on forms (like CAPTCHA) or provide very limited email encoding (such as by providing HTML entity encoding or exposing an input filter).

By using this module, you

  1. can arbitrarily harden any core text field, even ones that don't use an input filter
  2. can arbitrarily harden any text, not just things look like email addresses.


GMap Image Field

  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Requirements
  • Installation
  • Do first example map
  • For Sitebuilders and Developers
  • Future plans
  • Contacts



The module provide interface for converting any image to google map.
In example usage the module can help to make map for a pirate treasure or may be map for a campus, or whatever you want to present as eye candy map.




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