Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.


This module allows you to specify content type(s), users, or any other type of entity as being a block. This allows the content managers of the site to edit the block text and title without having to access the block administration page. Users only need edit access to that entity in order to edit it.

reCAPTCHA - I'm not a robot

Google came with a new reCaptcha API called Are you a robot? “No Captcha reCaptcha” a complete new design captcha system. This protects your website for spammers and robots. Its new design is clean and impressive.

Tracking number

Screenshot of field output

This module provides a field for storage and display of shipment tracking numbers.

Field index

Field modules don't always add indexes for its columns (value column of text field for example), this leads to poor performance in views when we would like sort or filter views using the unindexed columns. We can check the query executed by views and add custom indexes manually, but it's not easy to deploy.

With field_index module, we can create custom indexes for fields. The indexes are exportable.

Views Date Range Rewrite

Output text depending on the range in a date field with start and end values.

You can use this module to show an Open or Closed text flag for events, depending on whether the current time falls between the start end and times on an event node.


Clicker obfuscates Link fields by replacing the original link URL with an internal URL, that redirects the user to the intended URL. Current features include:


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