Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.


Add/edit view of the field

This module has become part of the RoyalSlider Integration as a sub-module. The development and issue tracking will continue there. This project is kept for reference only.

Drupal Commerce Payment Transaction Fields

Make the Commerce Payment Transactions fieldable.
This module do not work by itself, the Payment method(s) module should be aware of it and use it.

How it works / Usage


Entity Property Extra Fields

You shouldn't install this module unless it is a dependency of another module you are using or you are a developer.


To expose your own entity properties perform the following steps.

Add the extra fields controller class (EntityPropertyExtraFieldsController)
to the entity info that contains the properties that you want to expose.
You can do this just adding a new key in your hook_entity_info(), or you
can implement hook_entity_info_alter().


Field validation presets

Provides the ability to define one or more field validation rules as a preset to be reused as a new rule.

File Voting

File Voting Settings

Allow users to vote on files/images using Fivestar widgets.


YAML field

Provides a field type for inputting YAML, a human-readable data serialization format.

To get most out of this module you must install the php-yaml extension currently available as a pecl install:



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