Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Dynamic dependent fields

Makes field value or options depend on other field values when editing entity.


Inline entity form extra

Provide a clone button for commerce product inline entity form.

Welcome report any bug to me, whatever my English is very poor, but I can read. I will fixed some bug for this module in sandbox.

Give me a chance to use English to communicate with you.

Social Comments Fields

Module allows to print comments from social networks to pages of your website.
It provides three field formatters:
Google, Twitter and Facebook.

How to use

Each field formatter provides URL field in which you need to paste link to the post. After that on page where content for the selected field is displayed, you will see comments being posted (those, that you pasted in URL field). Just use it as any field in your content.
Don't forget to specify settings here: admin/config/system/social-comments


Commerce Currency Locale

This is an add-on module for Drupal Commerce that provides a way to display formatted prices according to locale information.
For example, with this module a Euro product price could be displayed as €30,000.00 for visitors from Ireland, while visitors from France would see it as 30 000,00 €.

If your product price is not displayed according to your local information, please create a new issue providing the correct currency format as well as local information (language and country). Before creating this issue please check that:

  • you have set the Commerce price field formatter to "Locale formatted amount"
  • the geolocation is working as expected
  • there isn't any issue already created for your currency and locale information

This module also provides a countries/currencies list (see commerce_currency_locale_country_currency_get_list()), as well as a Rules action that convert country code to its currency. Useful when you want to set the user currency according to his/her country, works well with the Commerce Multicurrency module.




Install as usual, see for further information.


    attach a file to an entity (node) and display it as autoload (drupal_add_js) or widget (interactively load via a link now, using jQuery.getScript() ).

    It is a field type

    Code are stolen from image core module, there is no need to rename or not, both drupal_add_js (php) and jQuery.getScript() (javascript) load any file without concerning about extension.

    Use for

    Test, show what you have done, load a canvas based game or app, do something that currently you can not do without ... this module.

    MediaElement.js Poster Image

    A simple Features-based module to add a poster image field to video files, and display it when using MediaElement.js


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