Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Webform Geofield

Webform Geofield



Commerce Recurring Framework Bonus

Process ended recurring entities with rules!

Extends the great "Commerce Recurring Framework" module in the following aspects:

These new features may become part of the core module in the future. We're looking forward to that! This module may become obsolete then.

Installation and configuration

Use the usual Drupal Module installation procedure. Afterwards you may use the new Recurring Entity creation form (admin/commerce/recurring-entities/product/add) or configure the new Ending Recurring Entity Rule (admin/config/workflow/rules/reaction/manage/rules_commerce_recurring_bonus_deactivate_ended).


Development proudly sponsored by German Drupal Friends & Companies:

webks: websolutions kept simple (


Field Embed Views

The module provides a field type to attach any Views View display with, configurable on per-entity level, default values for exposed filters and sorting. The placement of the View in the content can be reordered on the "Field Display" administration page for the entity.



Toggle module demo

This module is all about toggling stuff silly.

It started as a port of iToggle to Drupal 8 but is being completely re-thought and re-built from scratch to leverage the cool new Drupal 8 APIs.


Here's what you get:

  • New Form API elements
  • Field widget for boolean and list fields (including entity/term references)
  • Field formatter for boolean and list fields

Coming soon:


Entity reference plus data

Currently Entity Reference only allows for one View Mode to be selected for displaying a reference field.

This project extends Entity Reference by allowing selection of the View Mode for each referenced Entity within the field. It provides a field widget for selecting the Entity (using autocomplete) and View Mode, a field formatter to display the selected View Mode for the entity, as well a Migrate field handler.


UC Field Class Attribute

Fork of Ubercart Field attributes module.
Difference is:

  1. 80% reworked code.
  2. Attributes not duplicating for each product node.
  3. Better field to attribute value synchronozation.
  4. Allows to map attribute for base Ubercart 'product' class.


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