Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

EFQ Helper

Entity field queries are a powerful tool for quering data from Drupal's entity system. This module provides a EfqHelper class which extends the EntityFieldQuery class providing shortcuts to common EFQ usage. This is a module intended to assist in development and provides no functionality visible to an end user.

Example Usage

Here is an example to load the last 10 article type (bundle) nodes created with field_featured (a checkbox, perhaps) set to 1.


FFMpeg Video Thumbnail

A simple file (field) formatter that use FFMpeg to extract a single frame of a
video and display it using core's image formatter or the picture module.


Link iframe formatter d8

Defines a formatter that renders a link like an iframe for drupal 8.

Migration done at Global Sprint Weekend 2014 (Barcelona) and updated in the Global Sprint Weekend 2016

VoIP Number Verification

== Introduction ==

The voipnumber_verification.module is a module which adds verification capabilities to
VoIP Number Fields by sending an SMS message with a random-generated 4-digit code. In future versions we plan to add verification via Phone calls, too.

In particular, this module provides:

- a new VoIP Number Field option, which can be found under
Field Settings -> VoIP Number Verification

== Installation ==



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