Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

File Image formatters

Allow image field formatters to be used on file fields which can contain images, as well as file field formatters to be used with image fields.

If your file field contains a mix of images and non-images, then you might find the Fallback Formatter module useful.

Field Formatter Editable

This module allows site administrators to make any field to be editable in the Manage Display settings page.


The field formatter editable settings are found in the Manage display tab for content types. In the Manage display main page there is a description on the fourth column that determine if the field is editable or not. A select element is available for each field formatter, that can be see by using the formatter settings edit button (Gear wheel icon) for that field.

Xpath Formatter

Add a formatter to text fields that allows parsing with Xpath.



The SlidesJS module provides the ability to create a responsive slideshow with features like touch and CSS3 transitions, based on jQuery SlidesJS plugin.

Hosting Remote Aegir

This is an experimental project from GetValkyrie to add the ability to push a site from one Aegir server to another. It builds on the venerable

Entity Reference Prepopulate Token

This module supplements Entityreference prepopulate module (7.x-1.6 or dev version is required) by adding prepopulate provider which sets default field values using tokens and replacement patterns of panel pane contexts.


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