Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Context Field Display

A context reaction that changes a field display (currently it can only change formatter or hide field).

This module can be Used with Custom Formatters to alter field display more with more flexibility.


Provides a text field formatter for embedding entities by matching regular expressions.

Field Formatter Template

Field Formatter Template

Field Formatter Template (FFT) allow you can easy create formatter template for any field.

1. Copy the entire fft directory the Drupal sites/all/modules
directory or use Drush with drush dl fft.
2. Login as an administrator. Enable the module on the Modules page.

Magento Mapping

Sandbox project used to create fields, content types, and many more from Magento using webservices (Magento API).

That's a preliminary step before Migrate batch for Drupal Commerce destination.

bundle clone

given a node content type X that has many fields and a new requirement of creating a node content type Y that has the same fields,
then this module allows you to clone all X's fields into Y and saves time of manually creating them using field UI .

same applies to all other entities and bundles that exists in the site .

the module operates under path admin/structure/bundle_clone

Content Chunks

The Chunks module is a framework for structured and reusable content. Using this module, developers can provide structured and reusable content chunks through the chunks API. Then authors and editors can add those chunks to fieldable entities through chunks fields. Those content chunks can then be configured, previewed, rearranged, and removed - all from the entity's edit/add page. This is a simple alternative to messy WYSIWYGs and complicated views/panels implementations.


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