Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

jQuery Raty (Star Rating) Widgets

Raty as a field input, field formatter (output) or Views exposed filter


Output any numeric field as a 'stars widget'.
Use a 'stars widget' as the input for any numeric field or Views exposed filter.
These are the field types handled: number_integer, number_decimal, number_float, list_number


This module comes with the jQuery Raty library ready to go! No double downloads for you.
If you really feel like it, there is libraries integration and you can download your own.

Why Raty?

Raty is designed to be an immediate, zero-config option to either display stars from any numeric field or use them as field input widgets.

Unlike Rate & Fivestar (which are awesome modules!), there is no major voting backend to Raty. Raty also does not include a schema or create any DB tables. However, you can still simulate this behavior to a degree since you can use Raty as the input widget for any numeric field on an entity.

Use Cases

  • If you want a quick, no-config needed field formatter to output stars.
  • Output any numeric field as stars.
  • Use a 'stars widget' as input for any numeric field.
  • Use a 'stars widget' as input for any numeric Views filter.

Set Up / Config

After enabling raty:

  • All numeric-storage fields will have a new formatter option for Raty.


Field Value Loader (Show field on click)

Field Value Loader(FVL) is a simple module to hide a field values ​followed by their display via ajax-request.



Backport of the Drupal 8 core 'telephone' module as an future-proof alternative to the Phone module.

Includes the following core patches as well:
#1942902: Placeholder not supported in telephone default widget


Field Variables

Screenshot of Field variables settings page.

Field Variables provides field values as variables in a view mode for an entity. It's an alternative for those who prefer to work with files rather than configuration or when using tailored tpl files is the best fit.


Please report issues in the main repository on GitHub: kollegorna/fieldvariables.

Sponsored by Kollegorna.


ShareThis field

Adds a ShareThis field to any manage fields page, with ability to show ShareThis an individual node basis.


Extra settings are made available on the manage display form

Having trouble with your colon? This module allows you to remove colons from field labels by giving you two extra label choices in the 'Manage display' tab of your entity. You can now choose 'Above no colon' and 'Inline no colon' and your field will output the label without a colon.


This module is intended for people who wish to simply remove a colon from a field label without having to create a specific field template in their theme.



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