Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Field Library


Field library allows you to build up a library of pre-configured field-api fields.
You can then add these fields to other fieldable entities in bulk.
This is ideal for modules like Entity Form where several forms may share common fields.


Create your own library of field bundles.
Easily add a bundle of fields to any fieldable entity type.
Edit the fields after adding them.



IE Placeholders

Adds functionality for placeholder attribute in IE.
Depends on the jquery.ieplaceholders library.

Country Field

This module allows you to add a field to select a country. Useful for enityforms module.

sprintf() formatter

A field formatter that can be used on text or number fields to display the field value using sprintf().

Field Group Background

This module creates a field group display formatter that consists in a <div> wrapper with a CSS background (using the style attribute).

For Drupal 7, the background can be set from a field of the rendered entity:

  • An image field
  • A color field (Color Field / jQuery Colorpicker modules supported)

For Drupal 8, the background can be set from an image field of the rendered entity.

GDrive File

GDrive File is a file widget using FileField Sources module for upload files to Google Drive


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