Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Image Field Caption

Screenshot of Image Field Caption for Drupal

Adds an extra text area for captions on image fields.

Similar to the alt and title text fields available with an image field, the caption text area can be used to enter text or html descriptions of an image.

2.x Compatability Note

For Views support, you must use Views 3.8 (or higher) on your site.


Numeric Field Filter

Numeric Field Filter introduces ability to filter numeric fields attached to any entity not only against a constant factor (like it does standard views numeric filter), however also to filter against another numeric field attached to the entity.



Adds a custom field to embed Formstack forms into a content type page.


The module integrates with a Formstack account to load all of the forms in the account into the field widget select list. Once selected the form will display based on the field formatter chosen. There are two field formatters as follows:


Field Comments

This module allows commenting on fields for any field display.

Because Field comments relies on core's Comment module version 7.x works only with node entity types. Hopefully 8.x version will work with any entity type -

Comments on particular field can be enabled at the Manage display settings for content types.


Field Group Titles

Horizontal Tab display using custom titles

This module extends the Field Group module by adding the ability to override the default title of a field group item (horizontal and vertical tabs, accordions, divs and fieldsets) on a per node basis. This means if you have a content type with 3 tabs, e.g. Movie Name, Lead Actor, Supporting Actor, you can create you can create field groups in the manage display, and override the titles like so:
Node 1

  • Die Hard
  • Bruce Willis
  • Alan Rickman

Node 2

  • Lethal Weapon
  • Mel Gibson
  • Danny Glover

The use case that prompted this module included 15 nodes of the exact same format with different tab titles, and it had to be easy for editors. Using Quicktabs for this case would have required each tab to be a separate node, and each instance would have been rendered as a block. So in the above example you end up with 6 nodes and 2 blocks, as opposed to just 2 nodes. Field Groups by itself would require a unique content type for every node where the group's label changes. This module allowed me to add 15 nodes with unique tabs on each using a single content type.



References Dialog Insert


Provides Insert functionality for references dialog.
It's in beta version(needs some more testing).


Enable "Send to textarea" option in entityreference field settings.

This project is developed by Bright Solutions. We also offer paid Drupal and ERPAL integration and process consulting.


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