Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.


SwinxyZoom is a image zoom jQuery plugin that can be applied to any image field.

Designed to work across a large range of designs, screens (mobile, tablets, laptops) and devices from the latest UltraBooks to memory constrained mobile devices with SwinxyZoom you can be sure the largest number of people will be able to see your imagery the way it was intended.


Entityreference relation select

This module provides a widget for an entityreference field that targets relation entities only. It transforms the selection process into a dependant selectbox system, much like hierarchical select. Only the relation module provides much more flexibility regarding entity connectivity. This may well be the start of a new beginning for hierarchical selects.

HCard field

This adds a Field API field to entities that allows for HCard microformatted contact information to be attachced to arbitrary content/user/etc types.

GMap Image

With this module you can embed static map images generated by Google's Static Maps API

print theme('gmap_image', array(
  'zoom' => 14,
  'location' => 'Árpád út 51-53, Budapest, Hungary',
  'size' => array(
    'width' => 400,
    'height' => 300,
  'marker' => 'color:red',


This module allows admin to quickly create CCK fields with minimal configurations.
It takes care of default values while creating CCK fields.
This will allow provides ability to clone an existing field into a new one within same content type.

When installing: please do read the installation instructions!



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