Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Zoetrope Viewer

Zoetrope Logo

The Zoetrope viewer module provides fields, field formatters and tokens for the Zoetrope viewer. It's made specifically to display interactive 3D photographs from the Engage™ photography service from

See more information about Zoetrope's interactive 3D photography service.


Landing edit

This module provides a new field formatter for long text field type. Formatter allows to edit field content right from the page using contenteditable attribute. The goal of this module is to allow users not familiar with HTML to add minor tweaks to text of landing pages, which have complicated HTML structure, but don't need separate content type with complex theming since this is only one page. So you just create fancy landing page with HTML/CSS/JS, then drop it into text field with "Full HTML" filter and select "Landing edit" formatter on the manage display page of an entity.

Slick Carousel

Drupal slick carousel

Slick is a powerful and performant slideshow/carousel solution leveraging Ken Wheeler's Slick carousel.


FedEx Address Validation

This module provides an addressfield plugin to validate an address using the Fedex address validation service. It depends on the new flood_sem module which provides protection against a DDoS attack using the address verification service.

In addition to the normal Drupal installation steps you will need to:


Fullscreen gallery


The Fullscreen gallery module provides a new image field formatter for entity types. This formatter extends default gallery display of image fields with opening an Fullscreen gallery page while clicking on any image within gallery.


Hidden Field w/ Entity Reference

A sandbox project to add Entity Reference support to Hidden Field.


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