Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Belgian Postal Codes

This project provides the user with a Belgian postal code field. When the user enters a postal code or the name of a Belgian city, a list a possible postal codes is displayed from which the user can choose.
This module differs from other modules like Postal code or Postal code validation in that it not only validates the form of the postal code (4 digits in Belgium) but it checks against the list of Belgian postal codes.

Field Group Implosion

This module provides a field group for use on entity displays, which "implodes" all of its contained fields into one. Most common use is to display two fields on the same line, such as in the case of first name / last name. You can control the "glue" which is used to connect the fields (eg, a space, a semi-colon, the word "and", etc.). It can also be used to do the same to all members of a multi-value field. And yes, you can have nested implosions. :)

This module depends on the Field Group module.

Inline relation form

As the relation add module now containt this functionality, please use only the relation add module and add a relation add field to you node.

ATTENTION: This module is not needed any more as the functionality is now included in the Relation Add module.



DropzoneJS Demo

Dropzone js is libraries js suport for file upload. See more at dropzonejs

Current Dropzone supports most modern web browsers, including:

  • Chrome 7+
  • Firefox 4+
  • IE 10+
  • Safari 5.

Install: Install this module is simple althought 3 step:



Fielder allows you to embed node fields (images, videos, files and any others) right in the node body using a simple inline tag: [fieldname:items|position].

The real power of this module comes when you writes a long article and wants to insert some images and videos between its paragraphs.





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