Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Autocomplete ID

The core autocomplete element relies on the ID being present in the label. I believe that the user should never have to see the entity IDs - This module provides an alternative element, that handles IDs transparently.

In core, where no ID is present in the selected label, the entity is simply queried by title. That doesn't work if multiple entities have the same title, but it's a problem that's solved by using this module.

ct Shariff


This project has been abandoned, because I provided a patch ( for the Shariff Module ( to include a field type "Shariff sharing buttons".


Defines a QuickTabs field formatter for Entity Reference fields.

Plug Field

Plug Field

Get the Field API plugin system for Drupal 8 in your Drupal 7 developments.

The Plug Field module is a module for developers that can't wait until Drupal 8 and loves Field API.

Using this module, developers will be able to create field types, widgets and formatters in a similar way as in D8.

Forget about copy & paste code and start to use real OOP and its advantages in your Field developments.

Menu Item Fields

Allows you to add fields to menu items and manage their display.

This module is also an excellent starting point for themers wanting to create the markup needed for a flexible a megamenu in Drupal. The module itself does not create a megamenu, but when combined with your own CSS, completely custom megamenus are much more attainable in Drupal. If you're looking for a way to create a megamenu without writing any code, check out TB Megamenu.


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