Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Date range formatter

This modules provides field formatter for date fields. The formatter shows date ranges using the preconfigured format.


References Dialog: Checkboxes

Provides support for node or entity references as checkboxes for the references_dialog project.

Implements hook_references_dialog_widgets() to take advantage of all the great work on References Dialog:

function references_dialog_checkboxes_references_dialog_widgets() {
  return array(
'options_buttons' => array(
'element_type' => 'container',
'format' => '$label [nid: $entity_id]',
'views_query' => 'references_dialog_node_reference_views_query',
'operations' => array(
'add' => array(
'function' => 'references_dialog_node_reference_add_link',
'title' => t('Add dialog'),

This sandbox project is out here to share and improve: Currently it makes an assumption about one of the field names for callback.


  • Works with API via hook_references_dialog_widgets() to present to parent module references_dialog. This means no contrib module changes were required.
  • Adds Create [entity-type] link to the bottom of a configured checkboxes nodereference
  • On dialog successful submit and closure, ajax refreshes list of checkboxes
    ..albeit like crawling through a den of snakes..
  • Has a hardcoded fieldname specific to my use case/project

Field Type Alter


Module to change the type of the field.

CKeditor link widget

Provides the CKeditor Link internal path autocomplete for use as a widget with the Link field, allowing a more consistent UX for linking via wysiwyg or fields.

Uses the global CKeditor Link configuration to control which internal content types, menu items and taxonomy index pages are available to the autocomplete.

Paths are stored in the database as normal paths, not url aliases, so links will not break if the url alias changes.

Field formatter attributes

This module allows site administrators to add additional HTML attributes to the wrapping markup on any field in the Manage Display settings page.


The field formatter attributes settings are found in the Manage display tab for content types, users, and other entities. A options element is available for each field formatter, revealed by using the formatter settings edit button (Gear wheel icon) for that field.

Why use this module?

This module is good if - for example - you need a quick & dirty way of adding microdata attributes to fields. A better solution to this problem is found in the Microdata module, but most field formatters are not yet supported. *edit: An even better solution to this problem is the module which, while not technically supporting the recommended microdata format on, uses RDFa 1.0 which all the search engines support nicely.


  • Field formatter settings: Provides the low-level API needed to alter formatter's settings forms,
  • Options element: Provides the form element used to allow admins to specify additional HTML attributes.


Dropbox Chooser

Sandbox project for integration of the Dropbox Chooser with Drupal


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