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Themes don't work right

I install Drupal in a debian box, everthing works right but themes are not show correctly,
I'm using Mozilla 1.4 if I go to drupal.org site I see the theme right,
if I go to my new installed drupal site(http://www.moredata.pt/~davide)
the theme is Not correctly loaded or showed , is this bad configuration problem???

PS:If I use Konqueror everthing is right.


postgre db creation error

everything gose well untill the end when the function is created i get:

ERROR: language "plpgsql" does not exist

user error: DB Error: unknown error with postges

Greetings - I have just installed Drupal using Postgres as a back end.

if I turn on the 'Moderation results' block I get the following error as an authenticated user and as the admin user:
warning: pg_exec() [function.pg-exec]: Query failed: ERROR: pg_atoi: zero-length string
. in /usr/share/pear/DB/pgsql.php on line 164.

user error: DB Error: unknown error
query: SELECT n.*, u.uid, u.name FROM node n LEFT JOIN users u ON u.uid = n.uid WHERE n.nid = '' in /var/www/drupal/includes/database.pear.inc on line 74.

Random quotes


I wanna put some random quotes in a block.

Can anyone post a php code to do this?

I'm not a php programer :(

Thank U

Can't use distributed login anymore

For a long time I was able to login to drupal.org with my login from my personal website: mike@frazierhome.net. This no longer works. I'm not positive, but I think this quit working after I upgraded to 4.2.0 (it was working when I was at 4.2.0-rc I know for sure).

I've doublechecked my settings and everything seems to be fine and I don't see any errors on my end.

Any help would be appreciated.

Please help!

When I try to log in I read this on screen:

'warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/atlant/public_html/themes/xtemplate/xtemplate.theme:174) in /home/atlant/public_html/includes/common.inc on line 425.'

What happend?

Please help!



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