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Theme administration is broken

I installed drupal 4.3.1 clean onto a sun ultra 5 running openbsd 3.4 with mysql 3.23.57, php 4.3.3 and apache 1.3.28. The first few clicks things were working find. Upon clicking around, the default theme disappeared. Currently, when I click on themes the following message apears in apache's error_log: "[notice] child pid 28147 exit signal Bus error (10)" Any ideas on how to fix this?

Polder theme issue or Installation issue?

Dear All,

I've managed to set up the .htaccess file corectly (at least I can acces the directories). Now, I got a problem. I'musing Drupal 4.3.1., Apache 1.3.28, PHP 4.3.X, and MySql something (This a host server). On my local machine where I first installed drupal I plyed a bit wiht theme and extensions to find the proper blend. I choose polder as my default theme and then move everything to the hosts server. Now, when drupal is called I get :

New accounts not saved

Yet another question..

It seems when I create accounts they aren't saved. I keep getting:

Sorry. The e-mail address is not recognized.

Any ideas?


Not sure what this error messag means, but it can't be good! I am running Drupal on Red Hat Linux release 7.1 (Seawolf).

I set up the cron job as suggested by the docs. Here is an example where I run the code by hand, and the response. What did I do wrong?

Browser wars.

Apparently Mozilla, Lynx and Opera display my drupal managed site perfectly, runs great, always has run great, administers perfectly everything is kosher. However, when remote Internet Explorer users try to view my site, it will load the page fine and dandy, then kick them to a second page, either a DNS error, a "cannot download specified resource" error, or a not found page. I've upgraded to 4.3.1, I ripped out all but the default theme, tried xtemplate and marvin, I've reinstalled the latest version of apache (with a fresh config rebuilt specifically for this, only tweaking virtual hosts for a few domains and NameVirtualHost directives, well, and a few directory directives). All but the latest version of php I have updated, still, the same error. What's strange is if I view it it is fine and dandy, if I view it on another comp across my LAN, which comes through the ISP just like a remote user (static ips), it works fine and dandy, however, if someone remotely tries to view it it will behave this way. I am stumped, I've asked other people and they are stumped, I was about ready to install IIS, until I realized how many of those little _vti_pvt directories they want to spew about before my poor overloaded hard drive and decided that'd be a bad idea, I read something about content termination due to a short mysql field for say a large database entry (700k+) or an apache bug with xp for a large page (30k+) and I don't think this problem attributes to any of the above, because it cannot be apache because any other browser views the page in whole and everyone I've asked said it looks fine in any browser other than IE.

Forum topic NOT promoted to front page?

Hi all. A hearty thank you to everyone who has helped me get pointed in the right direction with Drupal. This next question, I've searched the forum archives, but had difficulty finding the answer. (the truth is many of the search matches were WAAAAAAAY over my head)

When a user creates content/forum topic, the default is that the new content will be "promoted to front page."

How can I set the default to NOT "promoted to front page?" In fact, I would prefer it if it was always set this way, and the option was not even available.


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