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Batch creation of user accounts

Has any one tried to use text files to batch create many users account at the same time?

blog bundles

Is it possible to create bundles of personal blogs?
I want one or more users to share an unique blog, but I can't find how I can do a such thing. Every user has his personal blog...

Cannot get feature module to display

I've installed feature.module on 4.2. I can add features under admin > miscellaneous > feature list. But how do you display the list of features? On this site the link is simply http://drupal.org/features, but that doesn't work for me. Nor does ?q=feature or 101 other permutations that I've tried. Thanks.

Italian locale

Where can I find the it locale database to translate drupal to italian, if it exists?
Thanks in advance!

Disable magic_quotes_gpc

Hi. I can't set off magic_quote_gpc.
How can I do? I can't use drupal?
I've found a piece of code that seems to do the same thing into the code. How can I use it to make drupal works correctly without disabling magic_quotes_gpc?


Here is a small piece of code to be placed at the beginning of each one of your scripts which will simulate magic_quote_gpc=OFF, i.e. no \ added in front of special characters in form fields.

cron & rss. not updating...

After i held a crontab setup i see that import of rss-channels is not updating:(
And every day i`m awaking early in the morning and even without a cup of a coffee making a refresh of my feeds managment by hands. urgh...awfull
Help me, i can`t live without coffee on the morning:)


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