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Has anyone else tried this module and gotten it working? As I noted in search hit on spellcheck where matthias was saying he was taking over this module, it doesn't seem to work at all for me, the popup window goes white for a second, then I end up at the login page - as if my session info didn't make it.
on line 61 of the spellcheck module, but that didn't help.

can drupal have ability of custom position

i want position 1 & 3 sticked in the frontpage, and other positon can random for story or forum etc,,,
can this work in drupal?

Installing drupal as ~user/ ?

Anyone got any tips for installing drupal into /home/user/public_html, so that I can access it as http://host/~user/?

How to show blocks only in certain pages

Hi all,
I'm thinking on how to show blocks only in certain pages.
I would like to know where to start from...

The basic idea could be to show the home page with a very basic navigation block, that takes users to show for example stories, weblinks etc.
When I choose stories, I would like to show a block for every vocabulary related to stories, and the same with weblinks, and so on......

Could you please suggest to me some code and where to put it ??

Thanks a lot


Re-Index problems again

Hi, I've almost read all the posts about reindexing the database.

But I can't re-index my database. And I really can't find a way to do it. Searched all the admin pages ect.

When I try to do a manual reindex by index.php?q=admin/search/reindex then I get the following error

warning: call_user_func_array() expects first argument, 'admin_admin', to be a valid callback in C:\Program Files\Ensim\SiteData\webppliance\conf\domains\dpoy51\Inetpub\wwwroot\nieuws\includes\menu.inc on line 108.

Please help?


Enhanced security,

When using xtemplate theme (on drupal 4.2) , the frontpage containing the login box also includes top-menu links and blocks. On a site with no guest access, a visitor should get an 'access denied' when clicking any link in the menu or in a block. However, it appears that some content _can_ be accessed by visitors who are not logged in yet, even if no permissions are granted to anonymous. (Apparently various modules fail to check for $uid).


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