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Can't upload files with filestore

Hi, I've searched the forums and mailing list and didn't find anything on this.

I have successfully installed Drupal 4.3.0 (I think) and everything seems to be working fine.
Now I've installed the filestore module but there's no way for me to upload anything. I look for a file with "Browse" and when I click on "Preview" or "Submit" I get the error message You need to specify an upload file.

Ordering the Nav Menu

Does anyone know if there is a way to control the order of menu options that display in the navigation bar? I noticed that changing the name of a module once moved it around, but that is, obviously, not a good solution.


Missing delimiter in theme.inc

I'm testing upgrading from a 4.1 to a 4.3 on my site, and have a copy in a subdir.
I get this errormessage in the blocks area after upgrading: warning: No ending delimiter '^' found in /home2/www/langemark/langemarkscafe/includes/theme.inc on line 200

I'm puzzled since I just put theme files up there from a fresh install.

I had a couple of db issues during upgrade, but most have been resolved, and I do not think they have anything to do with above.

Any ideas?

Does anyone care?

I tried asking for support in the modules dev forum but had absolutely no respons so I'll post it here.

I have ported from postnuke to drupal. In postnuke I used the superBB forum module which is based on the Gold-Sonata cyboards. The good thing with that is that I can link strait in to the actual forum, as I only run one, and not just to the folder of the forum. Precisely what my users want.

Sure, I can link strait to the forum in drupal too but I had to add the link in the conf file to do that. Nothing in the administrations supports it.

The issue is the look and functionality of the forum. If I should quote what 99% of my users say, the drupal forum is crap. I don't agree with them per se, as the administration is far better than in postnuke. However I do understand what they are on about. Have a look at this link which leads strait in to a cyboards forum. This is what my users are accustomed to and demand.

My question, as an extreme lowlevel php coder, is the following: How on earth do I go about to get the topic with the comments show up like this?

I hope I do get a respons from the Drupal community and hopefully the people behind the forum and fix the problem or I have to chose between finding another system or pay someone to build the forum I want, which would then not be available as open source.

Time is displayed wrong

For some reason the time is being displayed wrong in drupal.

Checking the server time, it is fine, but in drupal its off by several hours.

Running Drupal within another frame on a web page ?

Running drupal within another frame on my webpage, and i get a problem with authentication.

If i enter the username & pw that page is just reloaded and it seems like nothing have happened.
If i enter a non existing username and pw just to test if it checks the userid at all, it give me an error msg who says that ive might have spelled the username or pw wrong.
If i enter the page where i got drupal so it's not within any frames, everything works ok. I can enter my userid and pw, and add some blogs or do whatever i want.


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