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common.inc $_Server

I just installed and i am having a problem with the server variable being initialised.

Warning: Undefined variable: _SERVER in includes/common.inc on line 12

anyone got an idea.

Help -- event.module

Previous/next months are no longer browseable from the sidebox calendar. Does anyone know if this going to be addressed?

a:hover color in user controls block

Ever since the CVS before but near the 4.3.0-RC and now still with 4.3.0 I can't seem to find a way to change the a:hover color in the user controls block. It is always blue. I'm using an xtemplate based them and previously had the same problem with a theme based off of the marvin theme. does anyone know how to change this?


Googlebot & Who's online

I saw 50 Guest online on my page. A look in the statistics shows some googlebots visiting my page (IPs: 64.86.80.X).

I'm proud of getting indexed by google but we may filter some Searchmaschine bots.

Internal Server Error -> Too many entries in {locales}?

I ran into some trouble today. I got an internal server error (500) while trying to visit my drupal site. I figured out, that the problem came due to the entries in the locales table. I removed all entries which have not been translated into german (delete from locale where de="") after that, the site works again.

I think the problem is my webserver config (Memory for PHP-Scripts?) but I am not able to admin it. My Provider won't do that so I am asking for a better solution here.


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