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cron does not works

When i have no access to ssh, i was using webcron.org and cron
was working but with some errors (set time limit)

But when my provider give me access to ssh and created
crontab for me in such way
10 * * * /bin/sh /home/unumber/host.ru/www/scripts/cron-lynx.sh

nothing happens:(

truth is out there?

thanks in advance

Granular Content Editing?

Is there any way that I can assign a specific user the rights to administer specific content and nothing else on a drupal-based website?

I have a group of users that should not be able to edit anything besides the content that I assign to them and as of yet I have not been able to find a solution with drupal. It seems to be that they can either edit all of the content on the site or none at all, and that's not really feasible for my situation.

thanks for your help!

images in RSS feeds?

I'm using the import module to syndicate some RSS feeds. Some of them have images in the feeds. The feeds work fine, but the image links don't show up when I view the feed via the import module. An example is here: http://dwlt.net/tapestry/dilbert.rdf. Any ideas why the image links aren't showing up?


Help is needed please

Fatal error: Table 'mywebsite_-_drupal.variable' doesn't exist query: SELECT * FROM variable in /home/virtual/site25/fst/var/www/html/drupal-4.3.0/includes/database.mysql.inc on line 90

I dont know what that means, can someone help me?

Content visibility

I am working on a site to manage a writing contest. I used Drupal to build a prototype, and am now working out some of the details. Contestants will be required to submit a series of essays, with monthly deadlines. Ideally, the contest managers would like for the contestants to be able to work on drafts of their submissions online, i.e., enter/edit content that is only visible to the author until it is officially submitted.

Trouble with the new htmlarea module

I get this error:
Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 0 of 4 bytes in c:\serveri\easyphp1-7\www\includes\common.inc on line 204

And when I try to access anything to do with administration (administer content etc) drupal kind of "forgets" my theme. Don't know how to explain this. It just prints everything in text format etc.


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