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Attach_file module broken on 4.3 RC because form is not correcr

On 4.3RC form tag is erroneously built, 'enctype="multipart/form-data"' is not recognized and upload is not working.
It could be the same problem as the one with filestore and others.
before hacking the module, I would like to know if the way to tell Drupal the option ENCTYPE has changed, and which is the correct way to specify it.
Actually, in XSTORY module, you specify this

$param["options"] = 'enctype="multipart/form-data"';

but when the page is built, the syntax is not correct, and upload is not working.

Javascript and presentabilty questions

First off let me say that Drupal is one of the most impressive tools I've ever used and a big thanks to the volunteers who put their valuable time into making this project so great. I have a couple of questions so please bear with me.

filestore not uploading

I`ve installed filestore.module, change settings (bthw absolute path(/tmp/) can be another, like in my situation: /home/user`s number/user`s host/tmp/) and after i was submitted a file - nothing was upload to my site dir.
After that i get a post with "download" link which was linking to unexisting file (?) without extension and named by node id.
How get in this module?
Please help/

Thanks in advance!
Digest for ru-Designers

Looking to integrate limited CMS into existing site

I'm from the Cold Fusion world and am bidding on a project to database portions of an existing website, in multiple languages.

My options are to have them add CF Server to their plan and custom write some back-end admin code (I can copy from the dozens of sites I have already authored) to drive three pages on their site, which will have to be renamed to .CFM files, or find something in PHP that is easy to set up for someone unfamiliar to PHP. Since I'm looking to expand into PHP anyway, it's an opportunity for the client to pay for my educational forray.

So, I'm looking for a CMS that will allow me to drive only a few of pages of many in an existing website. There are three pages in question:

- A news page, with content shared across three pages: Three short headlines on the homepage, ten snippets on the news page, and the show news page with the full stories (currently hard coded as separate pages).

- A contact database page, listing people in multiple countries and states/provinces, etc., searchable and indexable.

- A products section, with a left-nav listing of seven categories and each category's dozen or so products. Clicking on a product name brings you to the hard-coded product page with images etc.

So, I need the ability to integrate a CMS into the site such that it will drive these three pages, allow me to expand onto other pages when the client is ready, and support five European languages in the back-end.

Very newbie - installation with Cpanel !

I'm using Cpanel. After unzipping the Drupal 4.3 files and uploading it into the root directory (www/), I went into Cpanel > Database manager and created a database automatically, then a user, then added the user to the database.

Then I edited the file includes/conf.php to change the 4 lines:

Search events by city (or zip!)

Does Drupal's event module allow users to set the location of the event? (I assume that searhcing events by zipcode [e.g. "I wonder what Drupal events are happening near my zipcode tonite?] would be too complicated)

But it'd be great if, say, I could search by city... "what events on this site are in San Francisco? Let me do a quick search.."


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