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Drupal Overview?

I'm a business analyst at Compumentor, a nonprofit technology company. We are looking for a Content Management System, and I've been charged with researching the field and make a recommendation. To accomplish this, I've developed high level requirements and am attempting to match about 18 products against this list. We are interested in commercial as well as open source solutions.

I have reviewed the available information on this site, but I'm still coming up short, and need many high level questions answered, so I'll post them here, and hope for the best. I'm not technically competent enough to install drupal myself and try to figure this stuff out.

Here are the questions. Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer any of them.

Content Creation:
1. is there an integrated editor for creating content (eg, articles, lists, etc)?
2. is it wysiwig?
3. does it allow the usual html formatting
4. does it enforce valid html, and what does it do with invalid html?
5. does it follow the W3C guidelines for accessibility for those with disabilities
6. can it be safely and easily used by people with no html skills?
Separation of Conent and Presentation
7. drupal uses php templates, but most of the sites I've seen look quite similar; can we design our own templates from the ground up? could we recreate www.techsoup.org exactly as it is, in drupal?
8. does drupal support CSS?

No tax nodes returned with "and" (as opposed to "or")

Moshe Weitzman posted an interesting code snippet to create a block with links to nodes that share a certain keyword here. There is a little but annoying problem with the code though: everything works fine with "operator" => "or", but nothing is returned with "operator => "and". I am using Drupal-CVS. (This is tested with tids that do deliver results when used with taxonomy/view/and/x,y).

Any ideas as to what might be wrong?

Nav Bar editing

This might be a silly question, but how do you add items to the nav bar at the top? I figure I can do it by hand if I edit the theme, however this does not seem like a practical way of doing this. Is there a more proper way?

Where is bug tracker module?

Is the bug tracker module on this site available as a module or is it a custom thing for drupal.org? If the former under what name does the module live? Can't find it in the contrib list, and before installing various modules just to check, I thought maybe someone knows the answer right away...

TIA, Lieven

Rich Text Editor?

Has anyone tried integrating Kevin Roth's Rich Text Editor into a Drupal site? This looks to me like a cool way to make it easier for users to enter formatted (in HTML) stories, blogs, and comments.


error wirth tax cat


could someone give me a hand to solve this problem:

arning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/html/myblog/modules/taxonomy_dhtml.module on line 106.

which occurs when visiting my taxcat page?

i am running 4.2 with the following modules:

admin.module       chatbox.module    htmlarea.module       page.module       statistics.module      throttle.module
admin.module.bak   cloud.module      htmlcorrector.module  pdfview.module    stock.module           title.module
amazon.module      comment.module    import.module         ping.module       story.module           tracker.module
archive.module     drupal.module     jabber.module         poll.module       style.module           user.module
block.module       event.module      keywords.module       profile.module    system.module          watchdog.module
bloggerapi.module  feature.module    locale.module         queue.module      taxonomy_dhtml.module
blog.module        forum.module      nicelinks.module      scheduler.module  taxonomy.module
bookmarks.module   headlines.module  node.module           search.module     tb.module
book.module        help.module       notify.module         smileys.module    texturize.module


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