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PhpBB to Drupal

I have recently been playing around with Drupal, and I am really enjoying working with it. I already have my forum themed, and set up how I like it, but I would like to import some of my 3500 posts from my old phpBB forum.

The easyist way I can think of right now is to make php function that reads each post from the phpBB database, and inserts it into the Drupal database. But I am having trouble finding all the functions that the forum uses to post new topics.

Problem with search engines referring to content in the correct location on a drupal site


I am doing some research for an indymedia site concerning problems with their drupal site. It does not index correctly when searched (specifically with google, but the problem applies to all search engines).

Briefly, the problem is that for a certain story, the url on the website is: sitename.org/fr/module.php?mod=node&or=59

yet, when searching through google, I get: sitename.org/fr/module.php?mod=node&or=22

How to Make Nodes / Storys only Visible to Registered Users

I have recently added a new section to my website and it contains information I would like only registered users to see.

However, I would like the static page which has the links to the nodes, if possible, to be viewable for everyone (so they know what they are missing!).

Is it possible to do this or will I have to write a module?

Duplicate entry on insert into cache

Sometimes such error appears on my site:

German Translation?

Hey everybody.
I just found drupal.org and installed it on my local Webserver - great! It's really powerful but still pretty easy to use.
I'm developing websites just for the fun of it and for my school. Since I'm from Germany most of the people using/accessing my page(s) are German, too -- therefor I'd prefer a German interface.
Well, OK, I found the localization module which allows me to translate everything string by string but I wonder if there is a complete German translation and if there is one wether I could use it (and how). :)

Thanks in advance.

How to read profile module additional user info from another module

I'm working on a digest module which is based on notify.module.
My idea is that, in user profile, there is a select field where you specify 'subscribe' o 'dont subscribe'.
A cron module selects from DB all users that have this field set to 'subscribe' and sends newsletter, with the same logic as notify.module.

My problem is that I don't know how to retrieve that field from user profile.

Thanks for your help.


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