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Saving "user permissions" clears checkboxes

When I log in as admin (User ID 1), and go to 'administer drupal', 'user management', 'user permissions' and get the page with a bunch of checkboxes, http://servername:8080/drupal/admin.php?mod=user&op=permission and click some to try to set permissions, and then click "Save permissions" button, the page refreshes, with all checkboxes unchecked.
Anyone know why this is, or has had it happen too?

Most other administration actions work perfectly.
I could log in as a user other than admin, but there's nothing available to do other than 'edit account' and 'logout', because the permissions I tried to set weren't saved.

This is reproducible in Opera 7.11, lynx 2.8.4rel.1, Mozilla 1.0.0, Netscape 4.77 for Linux, and in Opera 7.01 and IE 6.0.2800.1106IS for Windows.

In php.ini, I added

It's using drupal 4.1.0-9 the debian package, on debian testing, with postgresql.

Changes made from package install:

Reload the themes?

I added a new theme to the system, in 4.2.0, and it looks like once I did so, drupal could no longer display the themes part of the Administration section.

I tried dropping all of the theme data from the table, but that didn't make a difference.

Is there something I can do to make drupal reload the themes from the filesystem?

getting user name

Does anyone know how to get the user name and display it on a block?

Also I am using the xtemplate, but the forms pages show no blue band in a table format.

Any ideas?

Disable theme selection for users?

I know you can limit the selection of themes across the site in Administration » site configuration » themes.

My question is can you make the popup list go away in the Edit user page? In other words, since I'm not providing any choice of theme on my site, I don't want someone to see the popup and then get frustrated to see only one item in the list. (OK, two items: default, and the one theme I've selected.)

Using Drupal CVS (updated today), Apache 2.0.46, PHP 4.3.3.

what webservers do the sites listed on Drupal use?

the other day i was shell scripting and bored so made a list of all the webservers running on the listed drupal sites. the results:

    130 Apache/1.3.27
     53 Apache/1.3.28
     20 Apache/1.3.26
     20 Apache
     13 Apache/1.3.20
     12 Apache/1.3.19
      7 Apache/2.0.47
      4 Apache/1.3.6
      3 Apache-AdvancedExtranetServer/1.3.26
      2 Apache/2.0.40
      2 Apache/1.3.24
      1 Apache-AdvancedExtranetServer/2.0.44
      1 Apache/2.0.46
      1 Apache/1.3.23

question, does anybody know howmany drupal sites are there in the wild? maybe we could make an educated quess by downloads?

mail handler & image modules

has anybody been successful in getting the image module to work with the mailhandler module?

being able to post images with some caption through email to the blog would be a fantastic enhancement to the site.


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