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Unable to extract the archive files

Downloaded drupal-4.2.0.tgz to my pc running WINDOWS XP but WINZIP cannot extract the files.

error message:
"error reading header after processing 0 entries"

I've tried with winzip version 8.1 and also beta version 9.

Any alternatives to suggest?


Trouble with PHP 4.3.3

After updating my PHP installation to close security holes, I can no longer log into my drupal installation (version 4.1). I queried the watchdog table in the database and it shows that a session is created, but I am bounced back to the front page. Has anyone else had compatability issues with the new version of PHP?

Events Nav Link

I've done a bit of searching here and can't find info on a problem I am having with the Events mod. When I select the Events link in the top menu, my calendar changes from the current month to December 1999. Hence, no events appear. Got any ideas?

I am running 4.2 on a MySQL db.

Whenever I try to create a new account and click 'Create New Account', just reloads current page!


I'm hosting on sourceforge.

Everything setup OK, database fine, default page loads up ("ou are not authorized to access this page" etc.)

But when I try to create the first account, after entering name and email address and pressing button, just reloads whatever the current page is!

What can I do?

Asfand Yar

Fixed width

I have a fixed width site with 2 sides boxes. All is ok in: bolgs, photo gallery, add new blog, add new image, ... But when a user try to add a new comment the width is unfixed. The body textarea or another element push the right boxes a few pixels to the right.

How can I fix this problem?

Thank you!!

Recommended reading and material.

Hello all.

I'm just starting out in making more advanced websites, and I wanted to start by making a basic website to host a blog-kind of journal, news articles and reviews and such. I was hoping you might be able to recommend some reading or resources that I could use to acquaint myself with this new medium of site creation.

Thanks all.



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