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moderation approval is deleting the node´s vocabularies


I have been playing with the new 4.2 drupal´s version and i have noticed that when i send a new node to the queue and thisone becames approved, the vocabulary (i have only one vocabulary for each node) becames deleted. Some idea? anybody had the same problem?

Fiade: Juegos de rol

Some sections of the site are empty after installing taxonomy_dhtml

When I normaly install the taxonomy_dhtml module :

1) the link user account load an empty page with just the header of the page and the title "user account" but with no user information and no blocks (on the right or left).

2) The same thing for the submit link.

3) The same thing for the files link (of the filestore module)

4) same thing for forum

5) Same thing for inbox link (from private mesage module)

But some links stay correct : pool, news feed, search, events ...

common.inc issues

this might have been answered a while ago when 4.2 actually came out, but im trying to update my theme and i get the error "Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/wornpath.net/httpdocs/includes/common.inc on line 960" I looked that up and its the function to insert a link into the page but im not really sure what is wrong with the foreach... i dont know the ins-and-outs of drupal to go messing around so if someone could tell me what i need to fix in my theme i would appreciate it... thanks, horix - www.wornpath.net

Apache crashes trying to acess the help

In the administration section, when I click on any of the help links, I receive a windows error (win xp) that apache.exe has closed. Then, the help dosn't appear. After that, I tried to acess the chatbox and it does the same thing.

Before today, I could acess those help files without any problems.

I use easyphp 1.6 so I deceided to make a backup of my drupal database, uninstall easyphp and reinstall it and then the problem reapear.

Bypass the email confirmation?


Drupal is very good.

But I don't like my users to have to go check their e-mails to confirm their membership. Is there a easy way for the user to be ready to use drupal immediatly after is registration?

Page Module

How do you remove the posted by info when creating the static pages?


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