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Running Drupal on PHP 4.0.6 ?

Drupal looks really promising to me. I installed it on a local server and it run just fine. Customized it a bit and then tried to upload it to the server. However, there I get strange errors. In never read that Drupal does only run on PHP > 4.1.0. The manual just says it needs a PHP4-capable webserver.

My webhost has PHP 4.0.6. There error sounds like "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: array_key_exists() in /home/.sites/51/site54/web/modules/locale.module on line 287"
I tried to rename locale.module and then the site loads. It does not look very nice (looks like no theme can be found, but perhaps that can easily be solved once I get in the admin-area), but it loads. So, this sounds like that I cannot use Drupal just because in one module the function array_key_exists is used. That's a pity...

Or perhaps I can disable that module. However, I guess I need it because I'd like to have my site in the Dutch language. I could ask my webhost to consider upgrading their PHP-version, but I guess that could take some time. Otherwise I am thinking about the possibility to rewrite locale.module so that array_key_exists is not used anymore. But currently I do not know what this function is used for and with what I could replace it.

I hope that someone has some more insights on this...

Thanks in advance,

http://www.mozbrowser.nl (the site where Drupal s

images not showing up, on this site too

we've been receiving emails about images in the gallery section (image module) of our drupal site not showing up, and i've confirmed this to be a problem. it didn't used to be a problem, but it is now. upon further investigation, it seems it's not limited to the gallery, since when i login to the administrative interface, the druplicon logo is not showing up either. so i come to this site to check for any info, and to my dismay, the druplicon logo doesn't appear on THIS site either.

as i am writing this message, i'm staring at an image placeholder icon in the top left of this page. in the forum, the icons down the left of the topics aren't appearing either.

the status bar at the bottom of my browser indicates that it's "Downloading picture http://drupal.org/themes/xtemplate/images/druplicon.gif" . i'm on dsl, and am a very patient person, but seemingly no (extended) duration of time will allow these images to load inline.

now in this case, i'm able to load that gif, at that url, but my image gallery has no such luck, on either the thumbs or the full size images. the images exist on the server, they're publicly readable, but do not load inline, or at their own url.

i've tested this to be a problem on windows IE 6-- well crapper, this probably isn't a drupal problem, in that images aren't loading in my IE about box. it doesn't seem to be a problem on mac netscape, ie, or safari. i'd guess it's an ie6 problem.

PHP in Static Page and Passing Variables

I got php code in static pages working, but I have one problem left.
If I want to pass a variable via link to this page, I cannot access the variable from my code.

Neither $cvar nor $q is set in the php code included in the static page.
Pure php scripts outside Drupal work.

Any ideas, how to overcome this problem? Thank you in advance.
(Using PHP 4.3.0, Drupal 4.2.0)

Links on new window

How Can I do all links go to a new window without using target="_blank" each time I put a link into a blog?


Interesting Block Mystery

I had a working install of Drupal 4.2 on my testing server, and I decided to upload it to my live server to work out any final kinks.

I created a dump file of the sql database, and created a new database at my server, moved all the files, etc.

The site works -- all the content is there, the theme is there, I can login via admin, etc. The only problem is that the blocks do not appear.

Users Edit Own Nodes?

Hi - is there a way to have users edit their own nodes, but not anyone else's? This feature is called "administer nodes" in the user permissions page of user management. But I don't want the user to be able to edit anyone's nodes, just their own. Thanks!

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