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When search-module insert items in db?

Search don't give me any matches! Why?

I have a french site... does seacrh find french words?

Thank you.

Looking for the location of the loginbox code

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to Drupal, but so far i'm amazed with the features it offers. I love the modular design! Anyway, my question: i'd like to modify the appearance of the user-loginbox. Therefor i've created an extra function in common.inc (tried to quote it here, but i didn't know how :).

Problem is, somehow i can't seem to find the location of the loginbox! I suppose it resides in user.module, and i did find three occurences of the form_submit function. Still, any modification don't seem to affect anything. Can anybody point me in the right direction?


Taxonomy_link ordered by Vocabulary weight

Hi all,
I would like taxonomy_link to print out links ordered by vocabulary weight.
I would like to print first the terms from the lightest vocabulary and then the others.
Is it possible ?? Should I hack any module ???

Thanks a lot


SQL error with search module

If you search a ' character you get a SQL error.



Download of PDF mime types from BLOB

Im using version Drupal 4.2 with "filestore.module,v 2003/08/11 22:51:59 gordon" and would like to view PDF's when I click the download button. I can download them and view them but I cant view them inline. Anyone know the secret?

Two questions: forum_link module, and feedback module

Well, I'm new to Drupal, and thus far I am terribly pleased. I've looked at, no joke, over 100 CMS/portal apps in the last few months trying to find a good solution for a couple of different sites. Drupal will nearly serve most of these straight out of the box, and I believe it will serve for all the sites if I continue to find information as easy to obtain as I have so far. With luck, I'll be able to figure out how to do a few custom modules for some of the sites. Most everything here is refreshingly easy to figure out.

I've got questions about two of the modules, however. I'm using 4.2.0, and the corresponding module releases.

The forum_link module appears on the surface to be the ideal solution to one issue I'm having, which is that I'd like to direct all discussion to the forums, rather than comments attached to a given node. For example, if I post an event, all discussion regarding that event should be in the forum, in a thread that is tied to that event. While the forum_link module does add a "discuss" link at the bottom of an event, it leads only to a form for adding a new post to the forum. If someone has already done this, the next person who comes along is not taken to the same thread created by the first, but simply to the same form to add yet another thread to the forum. This would lead not do discussion, but simply to a bunch of single posts to the forum, not tied together in any way. Is this indeed how it is supposed to be working, or have I got something mis-configured? If this degree of functionality is not included in this mod, is there something I can do to add it? (I would need hand-holding on this, I'm afraid.)


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