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Dynamic Links in Administer

   Hi, I have set up drupal to be a co-branded support portal for 4 or 5 domains. The only part I can't seem to figure out is in the Admin. When a new user is added or a new Static Page is added, a link is progromaitcally built and then written to the watchdog table. This link gets displayed on the "Administer" Page under the heading "Operations".
In which file is the link actually built?

New users unable to create accounts

I've searched for info on this and haven't found any...

I've set up a test site for v4.3 and am running v4.2 on my main site. They are two individual sites with individual domains and databases. The only thing they share is the server itself.

When I installed the new version and created the first account, all went well. But since then, new accounts cannot be setup by the user; I need to manually create accounts in the admin section.

Replying to coments in this forum

This is driving me nuts. I replied to a comment made earlier by hitting 'reply' *on the comment I wanted to reply to!* - But my comment comes up as a reply to my own topic :(

How counter intuitive can it be? - I replied to the comment *to my topic* not to myself?


Anon User Can't Post

I gave anonymous users the right to post to comments, with approval. My assumption is that this should put the posting under "View Submissions", which is what the return message says. However, after their post, nothing shows up under "View Submissions". I have no idea where their post ends up, but it can't be approved.

As a side note, when the the anonymous user hits preview, they get "reply to this comment" rather than the content of their reply. They do see, however, the title they selected. Are these two pieces stored in different tables, or something?

Creating URL Aliases

Hi everyone,

I think I can create an alias but I really want to link to one of the categories I have set up in the Taxonomy. Problem is, I can find nowhere on the site that will 'show this category' to get the url from?

I must be missing somthing, what is it? ;-)

Many thanks


first time admin login

I've created my first (admin) accout, I have the correct password, my database is set up, everything is working except that I can't login at all. Whenever I enter my username and password, it just reloads the current page. Nothing changes. I don't get it, I installed this thing as directly from the install instructions as I could.

Newest PHP, IIS 6, newest MySQL.

Please help.


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