netForum Authenticate

The netForum xWeb Interface API provides a platform to communicate with the 3rd party Association Management System (AMS) called netForum. xWeb is an XML over SOAP based interface, and this API implementation allows developers to have a central interface for developing based on xWeb.

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PayPal Reports

Provides you a report about PayPal transactions.

Task Pledge

View with Task Pledge field

Add pledge tracking per user to a set of tasks. A user can pledge to do a task or mark a task as completed, or just skip that task. The pledging status is stored per user for each task.

The tasks are displayed in a view. To add pledge status, add the "Task Pledge" field to the view. When the view is displayed, a set of radio buttons will be shown in each row. The user can change the settings and click Save.

This module could be generalized into storing arbitrary per-user data per node.


Let entities throw other entities into certain pools.


Herald logo

Herald is a project/service for monitoring Drupal code quality.

You can see it in action here.

Herald exposes a flexible API for monitoring Drupal projects (mainly Drupal modules and themes), create builds (like reacting when code is pushed to a Git repo) and running tasks on that build (like checking code standards or running unit tests using Docker).



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