Slickmap IA

Slickmap IA modules provides a quick way to visualize Drupal sitemap in Information Architecture phases. Great way to review IA with client while utilizing Drupal menu.

Module based of great work by Matt Everson ( )

PM Browser

An alternate browsing experience for Drupal PM Project.

Mail Tester

This is a simple module that uses the simplicity of to help you improve the quality of your email system.

If you want to know more about Mail Tester, please check their FAQ.



The goal of this module is to create a Persona repository for writing user stories, UX Design and development.

Debug Tools

Debug Tools is a helper module that is used to obtain useful information about a user and the url they are reporting an issue on.


One of the most challenging jobs for a developer is training clients on how to submit meaningful bug reports. Debug Tools solves that problem by giving the end-user a simple one-click button to submit a detailed report that is automatically entered into the log reports and can even be emailed to the developer. An optional block also gives the end-user a form to enter comments when sending the bug report.


Debug Tools lists the most helpful information about the page, server and user browser on which the error is occurring.



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