Module Checker

This module is used to differentiate the count of custom, contrib, core module.
This module will be used for statistical and dev purposes only.


You can view the report of the count for the module in the following relative URL after installation of "module_checker" module

Module Count: "/admin/reports/module-count"

Similar projects and how they are different

We don't have any module to differentiate the custom, contribute, and core.

Workbench annotations

A module to add annotations to content that is going through a workflow



Dewy is a service that lets you know what your Drupal sites are doing at your higher-ed institution, multi-site organization or digital agency.

Once you load the Dewy module on to your sites and switch it on, your sites will report to Dewy. It doesn’t matter whether your sites live on a server running under your desk or on a Pantheon environment, if your site can be seen on the web, it can be used with Dewy.


The Drupal Status module creates a bridge between and your websites. With this module enabled, a key will be generated that uses to authenticate retrieving a JSON object of your site's installed modules and their versions.

From there, will notify you of any available updates to your site (including Drupal core and contributed modules) and any security releases. aims to help you keep your sites up-to-date with a dashboard to see all your sites at a glance.

OpenLucius Kanban Board

In this Kanban board for OpenLucius you can collaborate on tasks more easily and efficient:


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