Install Contrib Module

Developper tools to facilate installation of Drupal module : download and install module (external or internal) with their dependencies from an entering module machine name

Domain Extra


This modules is making your life easier when you are developing site with domain modules like domain_access, domain_menus and etc.


In future I am planning on porting the module to D8.

Configurable Blocks

This module resolves the known issue of exporting custom Block configuration but the block let content title/body editable. Good example is footer contact phone or copyright notes. If you have ever done deployment to staging environments, you know the issue.

Works well with following modules :

  • Context
  • Features Strongarm

Tickets message

A ticket message manager that relies on workflow and requires to have the ticket bundle and the maintainer role.

When someone comments a ticket it will inform the creator and the members in maintainer role.
When someone creates a ticket it will notify the members in maintainer role.
When someone updates the workflow of a ticket it will notify the creator of the ticket.

WhyWebs Drupal Module Builder

Whywebs Drupal module builder will help you to build your own module in less time and effort.

-build all files needed to start a new module
-Auto build a new content type and new node to each module
-Ability to download the files as a package
--Each package includes your major 3 files under the name you picked
-Build your module depending on your editors php, which also you can use it instead of using external software (ex.sublime..)
-Free and it will always be free
-Always will be new features added to it


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