Development environment based on Vagrant provisioned Virtual Machine

Quick start

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Note: being reorganised and updated to cover variety of Vagrant based setups.

Why would you want this?

A Vagrant configured Virtual Machine setup for your Drupal work provides:

Scrollshow Installation Guide

This guide will help you get the Scrollshow module installed and configured.

Step 1: Install the Scrollshow module

First, you must install the Scrollshow module in the normal Drupal way.

Step 2: Create Content

Scrollshow will work with any Drupal node content. In this example, we will simply create nodes using the built-in page content type:

Rules Support

The following features are available only when installing the Rules extension of protected nodes. This extension requires the third party Rules extension for Drupal.

Protected Node Rules Conditions

When handling a Node, it is possible to check whether the node (1) is currently protected, (2) has a password, or (3) is locked.

Content is protected

A node is said to be protected when the node is protected by a password using the Protected node module.

Views Support

The additional support includes fields, filters, and sort capabilities that are added to the Node type. The join between the regular node and the protected node data is the node identifier (nid). This means the revision identifier is ignored.

  • Password last changed

    This value is the date when the password was last modified. You can display this date, filter using the date, and sort by date.

Password Fork Feature

Password Fork

The new module allows for a password fork.

This means you can send your users to one specific page, and tell them about a password to use on that one page. Depending on the password, they will be sent to one of several nodes.

This works in a very similar way as the other password form, except that there is no specific destination, and the users need to know any one of the passwords.

The feature uses a specific URL defined as follow:

Password Form

Protected Node Password Form

Once a node is protected, a simple password form will be sent to the users who cannot bypass the password.

The password form includes a field for users to enter the node password, and an "OK" button.

When the user's browser sends a referral, the Protected Node module adds a "Cancel" link back to that referrer. The "Cancel" link can be made to always appear by selecting that option in module's global settings. If no referrer is available, the "Cancel" link returns users to the home page.


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