HowTo: Enable group sign up during user registration

The Organic groups module (OG) comes with sub-module called Organic groups register that allows users to join an existing OG group when they first register to use the site. These instructions explain how to set this up.

Import content and its translations from CSV (managing entityreference field)

In this page, we will see how to handle an entityreference field in content type 2 referencing a content of content type 1 without having the id of the target, only its title.

And of course in all the languages we want.


For the main language import, we will be using an entityfieldquery to get the id of the content of content type 1 in the main language.
For the other languages import, we will use the main language import to be sure of the id of the target.

Import content and its translations from CSV

Using migrate-7.x-2.6-RC1.

The main purpose of this cookbook is to show how to import one content type in as many languages as you want using CSV import.

It assumes that you have one csv file per language, that each is in the csv format, and that the content for all its translations are at the same line. It also assumes you're using the Content Translation method of translation, and not entity translation.

Force using "" to avoid problem with language like russian chinese, japanese, arabic, etc...

Nodewords to MetaTags Migration (D6 to D7)


This is a simple solution that I have implemented because the contrib Nodewords to Metatag solution didn't work for me.


I am using the following modules:

Website launch checklist

Development environment based on Vagrant provisioned Virtual Machine

Quick start

See link to guides at footer.

Note: being reorganised and updated to cover variety of Vagrant based setups.

Why would you want this?

A Vagrant configured Virtual Machine setup for your Drupal work provides:


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