SpamSpan and the Email Field module

SpamSpan,, works with the Email Field module to provide modified email fields for use in content and Views.

Set up and configure Spamspan. Make sure SpamSpan works as a filter.

Set up and configure the Email Field module, Test the Email Field module by adding an email field to content.

Field storage tables

These tables are used to store values and revisions to values for the fields that are available with a stock installation of Drupal 7. More tables of this format will be added as fields are added to entities such as nodes, users and comments.

Independent tables

These eleven tables do not belong in a group of tables.

Node tables

There are four primary node-related tables. There are many relationships to the node table and another to the node_type table that reach into other table categories.

Taxonomy tables

There are four taxonomy tables:

Search tables

There are four tables for search:


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