Workbench Permissions

This is a port of the README file within the Workbench Module. It may need to be adapted to fit the Handbook style.

Once a user role has access to create content, Workbench becomes immediately useful.

Workbench Permissions

  • Administer Workbench settings
    Only Administrators should have access to this. Workbench without its other modules does not have any configuration settings. It becomes more useful when additional workbench modules are enabled.
  • Access My Workbench
    For any user role who may access their own workbench a.k.a My Workbench
  • View all unpublished content
    Allows a user to see content that is not Published on the site. This becomes even more useful when Workbench Moderation is enabled.

A typical permission setup so that a user can take advantage of Workbench looks like:

  • Node Permissions
    • Article: Create new content
    • Article: Edit own content
    • Article: Delete own content
    • Basic page: Create new content
    • Basic page: Edit own content
    • Basic page: Delete own content
  • System Permissions
    • View the administration theme
  • Toolbar Permissions

    Change apache solr search keyword operator OR/AND

    By default, the apachesolr Drupal module is set to do an AND search when there are 2 keywords, and then applies some fuzziness with DisMax for 3 or more keywords. This is set via the mm parameter in solrconfig.xml which default to 2<-35%.

    You can inhibit this behavior by setting the mm parameter in the query before it is sent to solr:

    Drupal 7 - Making a Guestbook, a Gallery, a Status Wall, Chat Room ...

    If you are already using the following modules, you can easily make a guestbook or an alternative without additional modules.

    You need: if you need photos

    1. Create a content type guestbook
    2. Make this content type a content profile node
    3. Make a mini Panel with user context showing only comments and comment form for this content type
    5. Place the mini panel in the user panel and make the setting as Tab -
    4. Make a Redirect Panel which redirects to the users profile when someone
    wants to view a node of that type to the coresponding tab e.g.
    5. activate if you want to attach photos to a comment

    The principle is that guestbook entries or facebook statuses are comments.

    What do you think?

    I am sure there are other ways as well. The good thing with the above approach is that you can do very complex visibility rules within panels using UR relationship, OG, Context ...

    Usernode (Drupal 5) to Content Profile (Drupal 6) - Upgrade

    The process for migrating from Usernode to Content Profile, is remarkable simple. This approach instructs content_profile to use usernode as its content type.

    Before you run update.php

    We need to make sure that the usernode content type will still be available in Drupal 6, so run this SQL command to switch usernodes to being a user-defined content type:

    Install Internet Information Services 7.0 and Drupal 7 by Using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer 3.0

    Install Internet Information Services 7.0 and Drupal 7 by Using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer 3.0

    This article describes how to install and configure Drupal 7 on
    Windows Server 2008 R2 by using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer
    (Web PI) version 3.0.

    ARCHIVE: Complementary Modules for Multilingual Sites (Drupal 7)

    Besides Internationalization module, here's a selection of complementary modules to help you build your multilingual websites in Drupal 7.

    Localization Update
    Quickly updates all outdated translation files.
    Localization Client
    Provides on-page translation for strings, as well as an automated way to contribute back translations to
    Localized Drupal (Installation Profile)
    This installation profile includes Localization Update, Localization Client as well as basic files to install Drupal in over 80 languages.
    Global redirect
    Helps cleaning up the multiple identical paths created by translations. Useful for your SEO effort.


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