Overriding the basic gift pages with views

As the basic module is very strict with hardcoded lists and displays for the "buy-a-gift"-phase, you might want to use views for customized displays.

Drupal core release cycle: major, minor, and patch releases

Release cycle timeline

Starting with Drupal 8.0.0, Drupal core releases will move to a new release cycle schedule, and begin using the semantic versioning (semver) numbering system. (For a video overview of semver you can watch this Semantic Versioning video.)

Drupal 6 support will be dropped three months after 8.0.0 is released.

Patch releases (8.0.1, 8.0.2 etc.) will have a monthly release window, which will address bugs to be fixed.

How to use the Resource Conflict module when creating a Course Schedule

Use case: I wanted to create a Course Schedule, where the user (faculty member) can select a number of Courses from a schedule.
If any of the selected courses are scheduled with conflicting dates, then an error message will be displayed to the user, indicating which of the Courses contain conflicts.

RESTful best practices for Drupal

The RESTful module achieves a practical RESTful for Drupal following best practices.


The following also describes the difference between other modules such as RestWs and Services Entity.

Google Map Field - README


* Introduction
* Installation
* Configuration


Current Maintainer: Scot Hubbard - http://drupal.org/user/868214

This module allows content creators/maintainers to add maps to content via
the addition of a "Google Map Field" field type that can be added to content


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