Mentoring at Drupal events

A guide to good mentoring experiences

At Drupal events, the Mentored Core Sprint usually takes place in a large room with many round tables. You will mentor 3 to 8 people sitting at your table. This guide aims to help both new and experienced mentors have good experiences while mentoring. It is based on notes taken during mentoring orientation with Cathy Theys (YesCT) at DrupalCon Bogotá in 2015.

Commerce Reports: Stock

This submodule of Commerce Reports provides insight to current stock levels. Using sales history, the module works to provide an estimation to a product's stock lifetime based on its current stock value.

Note: there are assumptions made you are using the default *commerce_stock* field provided by the Commerce Stock module. In reality this field could be changed out for any integer field.

Panels 3: High-Level Overview

What is Panels, and why is it awesome?

  1. Panels allows a site admins to create customized layouts for multiple uses.

Use module Panels to show charts created with module Charts

Another example of creating a chart, using the views UI, is the chart below. It shows the amount of members added to an organic group per month, which was created using views (with the views style provided by the charts module).

Chart about members added per month

COD Sponsors

COD supports the management of Sponsors on your event website using the following features and modules.

COD Sponsors

This core module provides us with a Sponsor content type, a Sponsorship Level taxonomy vocabulary, and a few end user views for displaying the sponsors. To get started with Sponsors, you need to make sure the COD Sponsors feature is enabled during install or at Structure > Features.


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