TFA plugins and plugin development

TFA plugins provide the form and validation handling for 2nd factor
authentication of a user. The TFA module will interrupt a successful username and password authentication and begin the TFA process (see Configuration for exceptions to this statement), passing off the form control and validation to the active plugin.

Common Tasks for security team members

  • Work issues though the workflow
  • Help write/review SA’s
  • Author and review patches
  • Take a turn on triage duty
  • Speak on a security topic at a Drupal Event
  • Attend one of the semi-annual meetings at DrupalCon
  • Work on SDO issues (
  • Look at all issues that have not been updated in 2 weeks and ask for/provide update
  • Find issues flagged "Needs public issue created" and create one.
  • Find unassigned issues, and assign them to yourself

Adding Regions to a Theme

Adding regions to a theme requires:

- Adding region meta-data to your file
- Editing your page.html.twig file and printing the new regions

Adding Regions to Your Info File

Start by declaring any new regions in your file. Regions are declared as children of the regions key like so:

Mentoring at Drupal events

A guide to good mentoring experiences

At Drupal events, the Mentored Core Sprint usually takes place in a large room with many round tables. You will mentor 3 to 8 people sitting at your table. This guide aims to help both new and experienced mentors have good experiences while mentoring. It is based on notes taken during mentoring orientation with Cathy Theys (YesCT) at DrupalCon Bogotá in 2015.

Commerce Reports: Stock

This submodule of Commerce Reports provides insight to current stock levels. Using sales history, the module works to provide an estimation to a product's stock lifetime based on its current stock value.

Note: there are assumptions made you are using the default *commerce_stock* field provided by the Commerce Stock module. In reality this field could be changed out for any integer field.


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