COD Sponsors

COD supports the management of Sponsors on your event website using the following features / modules.

COD Sponsors

This core module provides us with a Sponsor content type, a Sponsorship Level taxonomy vocabulary and a few end user views for displaying the sponsors. To get started with sponsors you need to make sure the COD Sponsors feature is enabled during install or at Structure > Features.

Populating user fields from a commerce order

This tutorial is adapted from issue

By default Commerce creates a Drupal user when an anonymous user completes checkout. If you have added fields to your site's user schema, it can be useful to populate them with the information the customer provides during checkout. For example, maybe you have added first and last name fields to users. If this information is entered during checkout, then you can avoid asking the user to enter it again when they log in.

Using Composer in a Drupal project

Composer can be used to add dependencies to a Drupal project.

This can be done by modifying the included autoload.php.

Existing Project: Execute composer install

NOTE: Executing composer install will delete everything in your core directory and download the core version from the repository above. Any modifications in core will be lost.

Distribution specific practices/requirements

December 12th, 2014: This page is under review and being considered for adoption. See for more information.

Distributions have many of the same processes and standards as regular projects, with some specific differences:

Overriding the basic gift pages with views

As the basic module is very strict with hardcoded lists and displays for the "buy-a-gift"-phase, you might want to use views for customized displays.


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