Mosaik Management

You can access Mosaik administration section from the admin/structure/mosaik page.
Here you'll find all your mosaiks created via UI and you can search among them using the exposed filters.
To add a new Mosaik just click on the "Add Mosaik" link (admin/structure/mosaik/add) and fill up the form.


You will be asked to set a machine-name and a title for your mosaik and to choose the behaviour it will have:

Working with Mosaik and Pieces

Mosaik module allows you to create pages or blocks using template files for layout and pieces of content.

The main target of Mosaik is to be, in its complexity, an easy to use module.
Everything you will use while developing/building your mosaiks is something that you'll already be familiar with (layout generation, pieces management, mosaik and pieces definitions).

Modifying attributes in a .theme file

Just like Drupal 7, you can affect the output of certain HTML via preprocess functions. For example, if you wanted to add a class to a menu and preferred to do this at the PHP level you can.

Parallax Background

This a simple module that allows to set a vertical Parallax effect on the background of any element on the DOM.


This module provides a field formatter and Context integration for jQuery Backstretch - A simple jQuery plugin that allows you to add a dynamically-resized, slideshow-capable background image to any page or element.

Field Group Background Image

This module creates a field group display formatter that consists in a

wrapper with a CSS background (using the style attribute).


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