Image Link Formatter

The Image Link Formatter module allows combining the Image field (Drupal 7 Core) and Link field (contrib), to display an image wrapped in a link.

This page is acting as a placeholder, for now, as it is a work in progress.
More work to be done and content to be completed.

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Using the new theme in Atrium 2.60

The new 2.60 version of Open Atrium includes a brand new theme. By default this theme is only enabled for new installations. To use this theme on an existing Atrium site (upgrading), you need to perform a couple of extra steps:

Responsive Menu module

The responsive menu module provides a horizontal menu with dropdowns at desktop widths and an off-canvas menu at mobile widths. The module currently has two version, a 1.x and a 2.x version. These behave differently and so have different instructions:

Generating your CSS using Sass

Why Sass?

Sass is an amazing and feature-rich way you create your site's stylesheet. You can learn more about it on the Sass website. Some of the Sass features that Omega utilizes out of the box include:


These are styling functions and include omegaShadow, which when included in a style will automatically add a standardized box shadow. And omegaCorners which allows you to easily add a border radius using a variable like this:

How to manually create a Omega 5.x subtheme

Create your own subtheme in Drupal 7

Omega 5.x comes with two starterkits: Omega Default, which comes with a large set of customizable regions, and Omega Clean, which is the simpler starterkit and offers a more limited set of default regions. To use either copy it from the Omega directory to your base themes directory. For example from sites/all on the command line when starting from Omega Default:

cp -a themes/omega/starterkits/omega_default/ themes/your_subtheme_machine_name


The Trovequery module integrates Drupal views with the National Library of Australia's Trove API service as a datasource.

For more information on Trove, visit


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