Translator: thebigword

thebigword translator module (tmgmt_thebigword) is a plugin for the Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) and provides support to send and receive translation jobs to the service.

Installation instructions

thebigword Translator is built for both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 and is a translator plugin for the TMGMT module.

How To Add User Information ?

Casper hold some extra information per user that it can be edit at - user/[nid]/edit

  • Header User Picture
  • Profile Picture
  • Facebook
  • Website
  • Twitter
  • Bio
  • Full name
  • Google +

How To Edit The Front Page ?

Casper uses his custom fields to handle the front page information.

Casper front page fields can be found at admin/appearance/settings/casper

  • Front Page Title
  • Front Page Background Image
  • Website Logo

Configuration with DrupalConsole

Overwriting configuration in Drupal 8 from a theme is not possible during the install process, only profiles can do that. However, you can use DrupalConsole to override some configuration without no problems. For this reason, you can use the following commands to override some configuration need it.

Run this command from your Drupal root directory

Reinstalling Casper

Currently themes in Drupal 8 does not support hook_uninstall, for this reason if you are trying to reinstall Casper you will run into this issue Where you cannot install the theme again because of that error.

Contributing Configuration

Introduction to chain-config.yml

This file is mainly for people that are trying to contribute to the Casper theme. This is an easy was to export the configuration that Casper carries by default. If you have made any new changes to the configuration, using DrupalConsole you can re-export all the configuration again without need of any extra steps.

How to run chain config ?

From the root directory of you Drupal website you can run something similar too.


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