How to register layouts with Layout Plugin

The Layout plugin module allows modules or themes to register layouts, and for other modules (like Panels or Display Suite) to use them.

There are several ways to provide a layout. We'll discuss each in the sections below, starting with the simplest, most common case and building up to some of the more advanced techniques!

Theming ajaxified view/view block

Views module provides powerful end flexible tools to create custom template files for each element, but as it is using jQuery in few places, it is necessary to keep template structure in order, to make sure all JS and Ajax facilities will work correctly. This document describes relation between markup of Views and jQuery code which is attached to view which is using Ajax.

Improved Internal Linking with "Linkit"

The behaviour of linking to internal entities (e.g. nodes) could be much improved with the integration of the "Linkit"-module.

Using Drupal (3rd Edition)

Choosing and Configuring Modules to Build Dynamic Websites
O'Reilly Media
Publication date: 
Page count: 

Take advantage of Drupal’s vast collection of community-contributed modules and discover how they make this web framework unique and valuable. With this guide, you’ll learn how to combine modules in interesting ways (with minimal code-wrangling) to develop several community-driven websites.

The third edition focuses on Drupal 8, the latest version of this open source system. Each project spans an entire chapter, with step-by-step "recipes" to help you build out the precise functionality the site requires. With this book, developers new to Drupal will gain experience through a hands-on introduction, and experienced Drupal developers will learn real-world best practices.

Drupal 8 Theming with Twig

Master Drupal 8's new Twig templating engine to create fun and fast websites with simple steps to help you move from concept to completion
Packt Publishing
Publication date: 
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Create beautiful responsive Drupal 8 websites using Twig
Quickly master theme administration, custom block layouts, views, and the Twig template structure
A step-by-step guide to the most common approaches in web design


Varbase is an enhanced Drupal distribution with a lot of necessities. Necessities are all the modules, features, configurations that we include in every project.

Varbase is made with goals to:

  • Speed up development
  • Provide standardized configurations
  • Bundle the all modules you would have loved to be in core
  • Provide the best and fastest site-builder experience
  • Provide a powerful combination of modules, tools and tweaks to enhance the editor experience


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