How to fix merge conflicts

If you working on the issue, but in PR you see error about merge conflicts, it means that bot can’t merge your repository with source repository.

In this case you need resolve merge conflicts. To resolve conflicts, you need to do next steps from working directory of your project:

Installing Drush 6 and 7 on Shared Hosting Accounts With Composer

This document will guide you through the installation of Drush using Composer on your shared Linux hosting account. Topics include requesting SSH access to your account, using an SSH Client, general Bash usage, Composer installation and Drush installation.

How to make pull request from a custom branch to master branch

To create pull request, please make sure that you made commit to your fork with changes.

When you committed some changes, you can go to you fork or original repo and you should see button Compare & pull request. Click to this button and then create pull request to the source repository( or

Scald File

Scald File introduces a file provider for the scald module. It also provides a common display for all the files in wysiwyg, atom reference fields and in the library, where the file type icon is shown with the filename, and the filename is a link to the actual file.

Customization of thumbnail

Scald File uses one icon (or thumbnail) per file mime type. It is not a field, thus you can't customize the thumbnail display using Field UI. You can also choose a default image for the thumbnail field, but in that case you don't have customized thumbnail per mime type.

Adding File Encryption to existing Drupal 7 site


A site has been set-up a while ago - pre-Snowden - and there is a sense of improving security in general.
The site is used for company communication and to share information and files across management.
A number of files have been stored already un-encrypted. All uploaded files will have to be re-loded and the file field in the Content Type will have to be revised.


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