Customizing the Forms for Staff and Producers

One of the biggest advantages of using a modern content management system for your community media site is the ability to customize forms without having to know any HTML or PHP.

Change map size

There isnt a administration way to change it but you can change with css.

Add this code to your theme:

.google_map_field_display {
height: 300px;
width: 500px;

change height and width to fit the size you need.

Google Map Field

Google Map Field,, helps content creators/maintainers add maps to content via the addition of a "Google Map Field" field type that can be added to content types.

Video.js (HTML5 Video Player)


  • Video.js is a HTML5-based video player with a built-in Flash fallback for older browsers. This means that videos can be played on nearly all devices and operating systems, provided the right codecs are used.
  • This module is a support module for Video.js. It doesn't contain Video.js itself, but integrates it with the File, Link and Video modules after you've installed it.
  • Video.js (HTML5 Video Player) connects the file field to the Video.js library.

This page is based on my experience with videojs-7.x-3.x-dev and video-js-4.10.2.

Allowed changes during the Drupal 8 beta phase

Now that Drupal 8-beta 1 has been released. it’s important for all core contributors to understand the criteria for acceptance of core patches during this phase of the development cycle.

For background discussion, see #2350615: [policy, no patch] What changes can be accepted during the Drupal 8 beta phase?.


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