DruStack is a freely available packaged distribution of the open source Drupal system. A collection of most common software from the Drupal community, DruStack provides a quick on-ramp to begin building Drupal websites.

Bootstrap Site Alert

The Bootstrap Site Alert module allows people to create a system wide message that is bootstrap themed.

Install the module as you would any other module outlined in this documentation.

Go to : /admin/config/system/bootstrap-site-alert

Image Link Formatter

The Image Link Formatter module allows combining the Image field (Drupal 7 Core) and Link field (contrib), to display an image wrapped in a link.

This page is acting as a placeholder, for now, as it is a work in progress.
More work to be done and content to be completed.

See related topics, listed as child pages.

Using the new theme in Atrium 2.60

The new 2.60 version of Open Atrium includes a brand new theme. By default this theme is only enabled for new installations. To use this theme on an existing Atrium site (upgrading), you need to perform a couple of extra steps:

Responsive Menu module

The responsive menu module provides a horizontal menu with dropdowns at desktop widths and an off-canvas menu at mobile widths. The module currently has two version, a 1.x and a 2.x version. These behave differently and so have different instructions:


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