Drupal Remote Dashboard (and Server)

The Drupal Remote Dashboard (DRD) is a module for system administrators to monitor and manage any number of Drupal installations at once and it's built to be extensible by other modules.

For example, DRD enables you to place all your monitored sites into Maintenance mode, Clear the cache, run Cron or update.php.

Overriding the basic gift pages with views

As the basic module is very strict with hardcoded lists and displays for the "buy-a-gift"-phase, you might want to use views for customized displays.

Field Group Table

Fieldgroup Table module extends the Field Group module and provides a "Table" group format, which renders the fields it contains in a table. The first column of the table contains the field labels and the second column contains the rendered fields. See an example in the screenshot below.

Screenshot of Field Group Table

The module page contains basic configuration instructions.

"PHP extensions Disabled" error

You are trying to install Drupal 7, but during the installation at "Verify requirements" step, Drupal returns the following error message

PHP extensions Disabled
Drupal requires you to enable the PHP extensions in the following list (see the system requirements page for more information):

The cause of that error is "php5-gd" package is not installed on your server. That GD extension is required by Drupal 7.

To fix this on Debian Wheezy 7

Drupal core release cycle: major, minor, and patch releases

Release cycle timeline

Starting with Drupal 8.0.0, Drupal core releases will move to a new release cycle schedule, and begin using the semantic versioning (semver) numbering system. (For a video overview of semver you can watch this Semantic Versioning video.)

Drupal 6 support will be dropped three months after 8.0.0 is released.

Patch releases (8.0.1, 8.0.2 etc.) will have a monthly release window, which will address bugs to fixed.

CKEditor Insert

CKEditor Insert builds on the Insert module to add an Image insert button/process into CKEditor.


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