Theming in Paragraphs for Drupal 7


The default paragraphs template is in paragraphs-item.tpl.php.
It uses theme suggestions for other templates, the following suggestions are available:

  1. paragraphs__[view_mode] (e.g. paragraph--default.tpl.php)
  2. paragraphs__[type] (e.g. paragraph--image.tpl.php)
  3. paragraphs__[type]__[view_mode] (e.g. paragraph--image--default.tpl.php)

Prefetch Cache

The Prefetch Cache module adds a prefetch feature to drupal in a browser independent and reliable way. In fact in can be described as personalized pre-warmed page cache that even works for pages that are commonly not cacheable for authenticated users.

It is a kind of the link prefetching provided by some browsers.


The Attributions module may be used by maintainers of Drupal modules and themes to create an attribution block or an attribution page that can be used to display the license and attribution information about third party materials (such as code libraries, fonts, icons and images) that are included in a repository and need to be documented and/or publicly attributed.

The declarations concerning licenses and attributions are pulled from files named ASSETS.yml.

Request statistics

SEO, presentation, themes, they all depend on an understanding of who visits your site and what they use to view your site. Request statistics gives you a look at what they use to view your site.

Style (CSS) Settings

This documentation describes the latest stable D7 version of the Style (CSS) Settings module.

Allows any module or theme to have their CSS attributes configurable from the UI just by wrapping default CSS values in a code comment. These are then substituted in a separate rewritten CSS file by Drupal variables or theme settings. The CSS is functional even if this module is not installed.


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