Sub Theme - Inheritance Summary

In the previous section, We understood how sub theme is created along with inheritance of various properties. Below list summarises the inheritance properties.

Property Inherited
CSS, JS, Templates & Screenshot. YES
Regions, Features, Theme Settings, Core Version, Logo, Favicon & Color module support. NO

Using a View to display the elements in the Autocomplete widget


This short guide is a how-to on using a View to display the elements in the Autocomplete widget of the Entity Reference module.

Example Use Case

A user wants to show in the Autocomplete widget of an Entityreference field the node ID next to the titles in the dropdown list. The reason behind the idea is to differentiate between multiple nodes with same title.


For Drupal 8

This module allows you to add "conditional-stylesheets" in a much simpler
manner, by adding lines to your theme' file. The syntax for that is:


  • EXPRESSION can be any of the "downlevel-hidden" expressions specified in: About Conditional Comments
  • MEDIA can be any of the normal CSS media keywords

Views Contextual filter and manual Pane argument

I wrote this down because it took me a long time to find a solution to do the following:


I have a views pane that lists titles and an image plus a teaser text. To make it reusable for nodepages/panels and taxonomy pages i exposed the "contenttype" as a pane setting and added three contextual filters


Building a theme with FortyTwo

The FortyTwo theme is designed to be extended by a sub-theme. You shouldn't modify the any of the CSS or PHP files in the fortytwo/ folder; instead create a sub-theme which is located out side of the root fortytwo/ folder.

We tried to make the base theme as clean and simple as possible. It has some styling for basic input fields and buttons.

University of Minnesota 2015

Just before Twin Cities DrupalCamp 2015, a group of Drupal contributors participated both in-person (@LewisNyman, @Bojhan, @webchick, @eliza411, @stpaultim, @ivanstegic, @lunk_rat, and others) and remotely in Formal usability testing of Drupal 8 at the University of Minnesota Usability Lab.


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