Mentoring at Drupal events

A guide to good mentoring experiences

At Drupal events, the Mentored Core Sprint usually takes place in a large room with many round tables. You will mentor 3 to 8 people sitting at your table. This guide aims to help both new and experienced mentors have good experiences while mentoring. It is based on notes taken during mentoring orientation with Cathy Theys (YesCT) at DrupalCon Bogotá in 2015.

Creating plugins for Freelinking ver. 3

Freelinking ver. 3 uses a plugin system to enhance the freelinking syntax and enable different kinds of links. Plugins can be simple URL constructors, or can use more sophisticated methods and have complete control over the link and target text. The output of plugins can also be customized through various hooks and theme functions for better integration with other modules and site design.

Included filters

A number of ready-to-use filters are included in the Freelinking framework (e.g. Nodetitle. Nid, User, Google search, Drupal search, Drupal projects, Wikipedia, etc.). This page describes the purpose of the included filters and how to use them.

The Freelinking link format is:

Backup and Migrate - with AWS S3

Backup & migrate module comes with built-in support for Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service (AWS S3).

Putting your backups entirely offsite is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself and your clients. Making' local' backups is OK for development, but really doesn't help for disaster recovery of live websites.

You must have an AWS account set up first! Once you have that, and can log in to the AWS 'console' OK, we can proceed.

Commerce Reports: Stock

This submodule of Commerce Reports provides insight to current stock levels. Using sales history, the module works to provide an estimation to a product's stock lifetime based on its current stock value.

Note: there are assumptions made you are using the default *commerce_stock* field provided by the Commerce Stock module. In reality this field could be changed out for any integer field.

Step 8A - Configuring Virtual Host

Apache has updated recently to reconfigure the best way to use virtual hosting. Previously WAMP was ready to go upon install for localhost, but some additional steps are required in order to make it work with your project.

Follow the detailed instructions about a 1/3 of the way down (Find where it says "step 1") on this page in order to setup your virtual hosting: WAMP Server Virtual Hosting Forum Answer.


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