Localizing content: Organic Groups vs. i18n

Grouping content by country

To group content by country, site builders tend to recommend one of two approaches:

Drupal 7 - Using OG and i18n for Internationalization and Localization

This documentation section covers how to build an international Drupal site that will cover the required functionality for modifying the site structure, content, and integration with other services in order to have an effective and manageable site. We will also offer some tips on using custom modules to extend i18n and the locale module.

Determining your use case

Before you start building your site, you will first need to determine the overall use case for your site's current needs, and likely needs in the future. For example:

Contributed plugins

These plugins are provided by modules that extend Feeds Tamper.



Debug a value at any step of the tampering flow by using the webserver's error log, Drupal's watchdog, standard Drupal messages, or Devel's dpm() function.

Increase ERPAL speed


  • To speed up ERPAL it's suggested to install an op-code cache. This will speed up processing of PHP scripts for up to 4 time more time faster. In other words 400% faster page load.
  • The following suggested steps will increase ERPAL speed




QueryBuilder is a module which build dynamic query for developers. That module helps the drupal developer especially those guys which are fresher in drupal. It reduces the amount of time for building query. It also provide option to clear cache of the site every time when cron run. By using QueryBuilder we can build these query statements:-


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