Video.js (HTML5 Video Player)

Video.js (HTML5 Video Player) connects the file field to the Video.js library.

This page is based on my experience with videojs-7.x-3.x-dev and video-js-4.10.2.

What you need

To test all the features of Video.js, you need three video related files.

File system changes


This document outlines several methods to track changes to a website at the file/directory level. File system monitoring should be applied along with regular file and database backups.


The goals of file system tracking include:

  • Monitor changed and added files
  • Log changes and additions
  • Ability to revert granular changes
  • Automated alerts

Bulk File Nodes

Bulk Photo Nodes is a module that allows users to upload or import many images at once, and have many individual nodes created, one for each image. Where this module significantly differs from other modules like Bulk Media Upload is that when uploading/importing the images, the user is given the opportunity to edit all of the fields for each individual node, and in a single form.

CSV Chart

CSV Chart is a tiny module that uses Custom filter (previously Computed Field) and Google Chart Tools: Image Charts modules and embeds a Google Chart anywhere inside the node text. It allows for multiple graphs on a single node.

How to improve security on Drupal websites

Hiding Drupal Traits

Some users believe that hiding Drupal traits and characteristics may help prevent automated attacks on Drupal sites. The following is a list of actions that you may take to conceal the fact that your site is running on Drupal. This practice is controversial and is disputed here: Hide, obscure, or remove clues that a site runs on Drupal

Code on currently runs Drupal 6


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