Installing Drupal on Google Cloud Platform

Google Compute Engine provides virtual machines that you can use to run your own Cloud-hosted applications on the same infrastructure that runs all of Google. You can choose from a variety of virtual machines types that best fit your requirements and your budget.

How to set up OA Domains

OA Domains (oa_domains) is a submodule that comes with the Open Atrium distribution, it adds the ability to have a separate URL domain for each Space in Open Atrium. This will show you how to configure OA Domains properly, it's characteristics and limitations.

Profile a site with Webprofiler

Using the Webprofiler, you can profile any Drupal 8 page analyzing both the performance and the internal structure of a website.


Install as any other Drupal module.
Webprofiler needs two javascript libraries to render the timeline and to syntax highlight collected queries:

Commerce Order Cleanup


Commerce Order Cleanup module provides set of drush command to manage deletion of Commerce orders. It allows the user to delete by order status, changed date and type of line item in an order.

For example (with 7.x-1.2) using a Drush command you are able to delete orders containing "Product" product types that have an order status of 'Canceled' and were last changed between 6 and 7 months ago.

LESS 7.x-3.0

Documentation for the LESS CSS Preprocessor module.

This module will automatically process any LESS files that are added using drupal_add_css or added through your module/theme's .info file.

Add your files just like any other .css file, just with .less as the extension, and they will be automatically processed.


  • Libraries API.
  • less.php library unpacked so that '' is located at 'sites/all/libraries/lessphp/'.

LESS Development:


File placement

If your source file was "sites/all/modules/test/test.css.less"
Then your compiled file will be "sites/[yoursite_or_default]/files/less/[random.string]/sites/all/modules/test/test.css"


The following two examples provide equivalent functionality.


= drupal_get_path('module', 'less_demo');
drupal_add_css($module_path . '/styles/less_demo.css.less');

.info file:

stylesheets[all][] = styles/less_demo.css.less

LESS Engines


LESS requires at least one of three possible engines available:

  • oyejorge/less.php *

    This is a pure PHP implementation, which is good for shared hosting, or if you don't feel comfortable
    installing or configuring software on your server.

    It lacks the ability to execute javascript embedded in .less files, so some LESS libraries might not work.


    1. Libraries
    2. oyejorge/less.php installed such that Less.php is located at sites/all/libraries/less.php/Less.php


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