Permissions (Drupal 8)

After enabling the module and creating some domains go to Administration > People > Permissions ( to configure the module permissions.

Search API Exclude Entity

The Search API Solr search module is the Drupal 8 / Search API successor to Apache Solr Node Exclude. It makes it possible for editors and webmasters to exclude nodes and other entities from being indexed in search indexed configured using Search API framework.

Akamai Module in Drupal 8

The 8.x-3.x branch of the Akamai module provides a Drupal 8 service to interact with the Akamai Content Control Utility. While the service can be used by developers in isolation, most users should install the Purge module. Purge will take care of invalidating caches automatically when content is updated.

Facebook Tracking Pixel

Step by step overview of configuring the different sections of Facebook Tracking Pixel module.

Define what roles should be tracked

go to Configuration -> System -> Administer Facebook Tracking Pixel (its at url admin/config/system/facebook_tracking_pixel)

The tab ‘Administer Facebook Tracking Pixel’ should now be active and you'll see an interface very similar to this:

Multilingual Guide in Drupal 8

Enable Multilingual modules

After installation, check if all Drupal 8 Multilingual modules are enabled. If not, enabled them

Menu: Manage > Extend
Path: /admin/modules#edit-modules-multilingual


  • Configuration Translation
  • Content Translation
  • Interface Translation
  • Language

About languages

Default language is chosen during installation. Let's add more languages for kickstart multilingual setup.


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