Provider Modules

To further development, new Embedded Media Providers will be created as separate modules. This will facilitate maintenance of new providers as well as integration with future modules such as the Media module.

Send email with new users details to an arbitrary mail address

Use this rule if you want to send a mail to a arbitrary email address when a new user has registered on your site:

Snippet to pull an events feed from into a Drupal page (using file_get_contents)


The following snippet pulls a myspace event feed into a Drupal page.

Requires your PHP Input Filter to be available and the PHP function file_get_contents. You can check to see if your host allows the use of file_get_contents by using a standard phpinfo file.


  1. Create a normal Drupal page by going to CREATE CONTENT -> PAGE
  2. Pasted the entire snippet below into the body area
  3. Edit the myspace link variable at the top of the snippet to match the link your events page
  4. Expand the INPUT FILTER option and select PHP Input
  5. Click on SUBMIT
  6. Style output to suit


* The following displays pulls a myspace events page into a Drupal site
* Edit the $myspace_link variable to match the events listing you want to use.

$myspace_link = '';

// is file_get_contents installed?
if (!function_exists('file_get_contents')){

Facebook Profile Importing

Fbconnect_profile has been removed by the maintainer. See:

If you enable the bundled Fbconnect Profile module you will be able to import a users profile information in to your Drupal site when they register.

The Facebook profile data is updated every time the user re-authenticates with your Site. if they do not return after 24 hours the imported data is deleted. This is in line with the Facebook terms of service.

Configuration Options

When a new user signs up to your Drupal site via the FBConnect button they can agree to have a message posted on their Facebook profile wall letting their friends know they have joined your Drupal site.

The FBConnect module is pre-configured with a template message.

You may define what message is displayed on a new users Facebook wall by changing the 'Registration feed bundle ID' number.


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