Aggregating video feeds with FeedAPI Mapper

Feed Element Mapper is an add-on module for FeedAPI that maps a feed's elements such as tags or (in this case) videos to taxonomy or CCK fields on your site.

This enables your site to aggregate videos from other sites.

The following instructions assume that you have already setup a content type with a op_video field and that your site has been configured to transcode. Your php installation needs to have cURL support.

  1. Install feedapi and feedapi_mapper on your site.
  2. Download SimplePie and copy the file from the archive to feedapi/parser_simplepie. It is necessary to use SimplePie parser, as Common syndication parser does not support enclosures.
  3. Enable the following modules:
    • FeedAPI Mapper
    • FeedAPI Node Views
    • FeedAPI
    • FeedAPI Node
    • SimplePie parser
  4. Check admin/logs/status to ensure that SimplePie has been installed correctly.
  5. Go to node/add/feedapi-node. Scroll down and enter your video feed url, e.g.


For Blue Droplet Video to play videos in the browser, it needs to convert them into a format that is compatible with Flash. It can also be necessary to scale down and reduce the bandwidth requirements of the video. This process is called transcoding.

To transcode your videos locally on your server, Blue Droplet Video uses FFmpeg. This is free software, like Drupal.

If you are using the transcoder at (paid service), then you do not require FFmpeg.

Facebook-style Statuses: API and Theming

Facebook-style Statuses provides a robust API to allow developers (and themers) to shape their site the way they want it. This page refers to the 2.x branch of Facebook-style Statuses.

See also the function documentation taken straight out of the code (but be aware that it may not be up-to-date).

Autopublishing upon successful transcoding with Actions

Blue Droplet Video can be configured to trigger actions upon successful transcoding of all videos present in a node.

Go to the edit page for your video content type, open the Blue Droplet Video fieldset and select Publish post under 'Once transcoded' actions. Obviously it makes sense to disable Published in the workflow settings fieldset. Click save content type.

Facebook-style Statuses - 2.x branch

Facebook-style Statuses, or facebook_status (not to be mistaken with fbstatus, and abbreviated FBSS), is a module which provides each user with a microblog where they can write what they're doing, how they feel, or anything they want. With permission, users can also post messages on other users' profiles. This helps build a community and make your users feel more connected to your website.

This documentation is for the 2.x branch of Facebook-style Statuses. The example site demonstrates how this module can be used to imitate Facebook or Twitter.

Simple setup tutorial

  • Setup Storage API using these instructions.
  • Install and enable Flowplayer.
  • Install and enable Blue Droplet Video.
  • Goto Administer › Site configuration › Blue Droplet Video
  • Select either Local FFmpeg (if you have it available on your server), or Remote transcoding on To use the service you will need to create an account at, purchase credit, enter your username and password, and select periodic check.
  • Goto Administer › Content management › Content types › Add content type
  • Enter 'Video' for name and 'video' for type.
  • Click Save content type.
  • Click manage fields under edit for the Video type.
  • Under new field, enter 'Video'. After field_ enter 'video'. For type, select Blue Droplet Video. Click save.
  • Click save field settings (at the bottom).

To test:

  • Goto Create content › Video and enter a title.
  • Scroll down to Video and select a video file to upload. Make sure it is not larger than the max size specified (this is a php setting).


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