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Transformations: Generic data pipelines (6.x)


Transformations is a family of modules built to perform user-defined, arbitrary data transformations. The main module was last updated in 2009.

It's specifically suited to do import/export tasks (e.g. for CSV or XML data), but given the right set of operations, it could be used to do pretty much anything.

Transformations is different from other import/export modules because it works on a lower level then others do. The advantage of this approach is greater flexibility over the data flow - you can freely mix and match your data sources, transformations, and target data sinks the way you need them. The downside is that it also results in more complexity, both for the module to provide a nice user interface and for the user to build the required transformations. Like Rules or maybe Views, Transformations is one of those "abstract" modules that are not fitted to any specific use case, instead the module is what you make of it.

The big idea

Finder Wizard

Here is some supplementary documentation for Finder Wizard.

Display a 'response' after the form is finished

Finder Wizard 6.x-2.x

To carry the responses over to the node page (on auto redirect) you must put something like this in your node template:

Multistep forms for CCK/Fields

The Multistep module adds multiple-step functionality to CCK forms. It does so by assigning a step number to each fieldgroup within the content type and hiding all the groups that do not belong to the current step. The user can then use different submitting buttons that will redirect to the previous, next, or current step.

The module also provides a block for each content type with a menu of the different groups within that form and a progress bar. This provides an easy way to jump to different steps throughout the form without having to go one by one as well as keeping track of the progress of the form.


Drupal 7

1. Go to “Manage fields” screen for this content type.
2. Add new (fields) groups, set the groups type to "Multistep: form step"
3. Move the fields into the groups.
4. Save content type.

Drupal 6

To use this module, go into the content type editing form in Administer >> Content management >> Content types and select the content type you want to enable the multistep for.

There will be a collapsed Multistep Form section below, mark it as Enabled and enter the amount of steps that you want this form to span.

PHP Notice: unserialize() ... : Error at offset 6 of 10 bytes in ... \includes\ on line 568

Improperly Serialized Variables in Database

When loading a page the following error occurs when loading an improperly serialized array from the variables table. The same technique can be used for bad serialized data in other tables.


PHP Notice: unserialize() [<a href='function.unserialize'>function.unserialize</a>]: Error at offset 6 of 10 bytes in \includes\ on line 428

Depending on how caching is set on your site, you may only see this error sometimes. Because once the variables are cached they may not be loaded every time.

Some Causes of Serialization Issues

  • Changing serialized content via sql replace command such as when migrating a site. You can't do this unless you follow up and put the
    length of the new value in by hand.
  • Serializing resources
  • Serializing objects and unserializing them without the class code loaded
  • Serialized string is truncated because it is too long for the field it is stored in.
  • Encoding/Decoding PHP/mysql issues
  • Incorrect installation/compilation/configuration of APC (php extension)

Debugging Technique

Connecting Drupal to Kaltura CE

What is it about?

Your Drupal server can easily be connected to Kaltura Community Edition (KalturaCE) to provide full video solution , hosted at your own hosting.
Here are the main features of this combination:

  • Empowers Drupal websites with a full video experience
  • Easy upload and import of videos, images and audio files from your computer, MySpace, Flickr, record from webcam and more
  • Total independence, content hosted and streamed on your KalturaCE server
  • All metadata stored locally on your Drupal site - each media file is created as a Drupal Video Node
  • CCK Field representation of rich media - to easily add rich media to existing content types


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