Automatically Start Apache Solr

What about when you reboot your Apache Solr server? Are you going to type in the command line after each reboot? There's an easier way. You can create a startup script to automatically start Apache Solr when you reboot your server.

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No Underscores in Content Type Names

As of the 6.x.1.2 version of Node Relativity you cannot have underscores in the "machine readable" content type names that you want to use with this module.

For example, if you have a content type called "my_child" that is the child of a content type called "parent", you will have to rename "my_child" to something without an underscore, such as "mychild".


Classified Ads Module Installation

This page describes how to install the Classified Ads module.


  1. Copy this directory to a suitable modules directory, such as sites/all/modules
  2. Enable the module at: Administer > Site building > Modules. This will create the necessary tables and taxonomy
  3. Configure the module settings at: Administer > Site configuration > Classified Ads. You should decide on an expiration and purge policy, as well as a max body length (in characters).

using andLinux (for windows)

For those of us out there who have been using windows for far too long, switching operating systems is not the best choice. andLinux (check out the screen shots!) is a way for most people to keep windows and still have all the features of a linux box; without the hassles of a typical virtual machine. The cool thing is andLinux is not just for development, it runs almost all Linux applications without modification.

andLinux is a complete Ubuntu Linux system running seamlessly in Windows 2000 based systems (2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7; 32-bit versions only).

You may wish to try the Wubi installer as well, which allows you to quickly and easily set up an Ubuntu Linux installation under Windows.


Download the torrent to get the ubuntu 9.04 version of andLinux.

  1. Run andlinux-beta2-kde.exe
  2. Install with defaults
  3. Use COFS if possible
  4. Don't set any desktop icons, ect...
  5. Restart Computer
  6. Might have to open port on windows software firewall (2081)

Windows Firewall (windows 7 directions)

    Making Apache Solr the only search engine available

    This documentation is obsolete!
    Much of the functionality of Suppress Search module has been integrated into Apache Solr Search Integration module since version 6.x-1.0-rc1 of 2009-Jul-02. Read more at
    To find the Apache Solr Search Integration setting go to admin/settings/apachesolr
    Then expand the Advanced configuration section. href="">View this screenshot to clarify.


    This how-to handbook is for absolute beginners.

    We are now going to disable the default Drupal search engine. Then make Apache Solr the only search engine available. This is a big performance improvement for large Drupal site.

    Step 9 of 10 Enabling Drupal blocks

    We're now going to enable the Drupal blocks for facets.

    Click on ENABLED FILTERS tab.
    Under the section APACHE SOLR SEARCH check the box beside the search you want to use.
    Click on SAVE button.
    Still using Drupal navigate to ADMINISTER > SITE BUILDING > BLOCKS
    Arrange the APACHES SOLR blocks appropriately. To do so drag and drop the APACHE SOLR blocks from the section DISABLE to ANOTHER section. In my case the RIGHT SIDEBAR section.
    Click on SAVE BLOCKS button.

    That's it you're done. We're now going to try Apache Solr search feature.
    Note: When used in combination with Drupal core search module, Apache Solr is not the default
    search. So you must access it via a new tab on the default search page, called "Search". We are going to do that now.

    Using your internet browser go to your website, for example
    Type in something in the field SEARCH THIS SITE. Try to type something you know is part of a page.
    On the left side of the page click on the grey SEARCH button.
    On the top of the page click on the blue SEARCH tab button.
    If successful you'll see your Apache Solr search blocks on the right side column.
    Test by clicking on a few links inside the Apache Solr blocks.


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