Input format

Chat message will be filtered according to the input format you select for the chat node.

To integrate Smiley support, simply install the Smiley module and setup a filter with the smiley formatter in it.

Kick and ban messages

When users are kicked out or banned from chats, you can set the message displayed to them here.

Update frequency

How often the chat client polls the server for new messages. If you are worried about too many chats impacting server performance, set this to a bigger number than 1, which is the default.

Troubleshooting "Could not refresh feed." using simplepie

The SimplePie library doesn't give much clue about why it may fail.
Could not refresh feed.
Is not very helpful.
When testing on a remote, valid, accessible URL the parser was just failing.


It turns out that simplepie is picky about HTTP Headers when it checks is_feed(&$file).
Your RSS source must be one of :

Formatted Title

The Formatted Title module helps you to format the title of a node. At the moment it supports bold and italic.

Example #1
Hello **formatted** title!

Hello formatted title

Example #2
Hello __formatted__ title!

Hello formatted title

Tutorial 7: Modify profile-fields (of the profile module from core) with PHP in rules

Here's a short description on how to modify any profile-fields that you have created with the profile-module included in the Drupal core (at ?q=admin/user/profile). You need to know the name of the profile-field (starting with "profile_") and the category of that field (a name that you must provide when creating it). I will assume profile_test as the name and "test-category" as the category in the following, you will need to adjust these to modify fields with an other name/category.

Invite Friends to Authorize the Current Application

It's nice to give users a way to invite friends to use the app. Not only because users share something useful with their friends, but also because it makes your application more viral. Facebook has imposed limits on how many invites a user can send, and may even deprecate the invite function in the future. Still, for the time being, its a nice thing for your app.


Invite forms are an example of fb:request-form. This is a special FBML tag that will build the entire form, including buttons. While this renders a form on the page, from the Drupal perspective, it is markup with a <fb:request-form> tag, not a <form> and therefore it is not built with Drupal's FAPI. However, we want third-party modules to customize these forms. So, we build a data structure very similar to a $form array, then call drupal_alter(), so that modules can customize, then finally call drupal_render() to turn our data structure into markup.


Note that this recipe works for FBML Canvas Pages, and HTML Facebook Connect sites.

  1. Enable the fb/contrib/fb_friends.module, currently called "Friend Features".

Possible Cause: Duplicated PHP in block or node body

Possible Cause: Duplicated PHP in block or node body
In this case, PHP code may have been inserted into the body of a block, or is contained in a node's "body" field. This code declares the function in question more than once, producing the conflict. For example,

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getnodecount() (previously declared in /var/www/sites/ : eval()'d code:3) in /var/www/sites/ : eval()'d code on line 9


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