Possible Cause: Duplicate module folder

Possible Cause:
There is one or multiple copies of the same module folder.

For example in my case the error returns Fatal error: Cannot redeclare system_requirements() (previously declared in /modules/system/system.install:12) in /modules/modules/system/system.install on line 299

Possible Cause: A function got declared inside of another function

Possible Cause:
A function got declared inside of another function (i.e. “}” in the wrong place)

function listing_form_alter($form_id, &$form){
  if($form_id == 'listing_node_form'){
    //do stuff

function listing_form(){
//do stuff
}//end listing_form

}//end listing_form_alter

Move the function.

Possible Cause: Module and theme use same name

Possible cause:
An installed module conflicts with an installed theme, (i.e. they both have the same name).

Rename one of them.

Possible Cause: Two modules bundle the same third party library

Possible Cause:
Duplicate includes of third party libraries (i.e. when two modules bundle the same third party library) could also trigger this.

Do the find-in-files to identify the problem, and inquire with the respective module projects.

Possible Cause: Two functions with the same name

Possible Cause:
Because, EVERY file in themes/*/*.module and themes/*/*.theme is evaluated once, if a module is created by copying an existing module, and the module developer did not rename every function inside the module directory structure, you could have two functions (albeit in separate locations) with the same name.
The first function will be evaluated, and the second will throw an error.


Views Showcase

This is the Views Showcase documentation page. Here are the instructions for configuring the module for simple use.

You must have the Views module and Views Showcase installed to be able to follow the instructions given here. You also must know how to create a view and configure it properly. I'll only show how to configure Views Showcase not the entire view, since it's up to you.

Since version 6.2 of this module depends on Libraries API module.
You also need to manually download the two Javascript libraries: Cycle and
Easing and put them in the sites/all/libraries folder.

The first thing you should do is to add some fields to your View. The Views Showcase requires at least 3 fields:

  • A field to be used as title
  • A field to be used as teaser
  • A field to be used as thumbnail

Notice that you do not necessarily need to use node Title and/or Teaser but only two fields you want.

Important: You must order your fields in this sequence: Image, title, teaser. Otherwise the showcase will behave strangely. This should be fixed in the future.


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