Services - Related Projects

This is a list of projects designed to integrate or interact with the Services module. If you have any projects to add, please feel free to do so! These handbook pages should be editable by any registered user.

  • Authentication


Servers provide different mechanisms and protocols through which external clients can communicate with Drupal. Here are some of the Servers that are available for use with the Services module.

How to configure permissions for use with TAC

This document summarizes permissions you should be aware of when configuring your site for use with Taxonomy Access Control (TAC). Permissions are sorted by the section of admin/user/permissions where they are listed.


The NCIP module is an extensible API that allows developers to create applications that communicate via the NCIP protocol.

It includes an API to create, configure, and manage NCIP applications, connections, and messages. It also provides a simple user interface for listing and modifying default NCIP settings as well as application and provider-specific settings.


The eXtensible Catalog Drupal Toolkit includes several modules. Although packaged together as a group, a few modules are independent from the rest of the Drupal Toolkit and can be used separately as necessary. Of the rest, there are many different types of modules part of the eXtensible Catalog system.

Menu block (Drupal 6)

Adding menu blocks

To add new menu blocks, use the "Add menu block" tab (or button) on the administer blocks page, admin/build/block. You will then be able to configure your menu block before adding it.

Configuring menu blocks

When adding or configuring a menu block, several configuration options are available:


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