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Variable Styling

The following describes how to get variable styling into your OpenLayers 1.x map. Please note that there is not any way to do variable styling without coding. Please note that some of these methods have examples in the OpenLayers Test module.

Simple Attribute Replacements

The OpenLayers library has a neat, simple way to replace styles with attribute values in each feature. First define your styles with the replacement syntax:

= array(
// ...various map properties
'styles' => array(
'default' => array(
'pointRadius' => '${radius}',
'fillColor' => '${color}',
'strokeColor' => '${color}',
'strokeWidth' => 4,
'fillOpacity' => 0.95,
// ..other map properties

Then when you add the features to your vector layer, you simply define the attributes, similar to the following:

$colors = array('red', 'blue', 'yellow', 'purple');
$map = array(
// ...various map properties
'layers' => array(
'style_vector' => array(
'id' => 'style_vector',
'type' => 'Vector',
'name' => t('Style Test Vector'),
'feature_x' => array(
'wkt' => 'POINT(4 5)',
'projection' => '4326',
'attributes' => array(
'radius' => rand(7, 12),
'color' => $colors[rand(0, count($colors) - 1)],

Support fields

This module is an add-on to the Support Ticketing system module.

It allows an administrator to define custom cck fields to the STS content type (support_ticket) and then control which fields to display for which Client.

You could, for example, have a Product support Client with fields for customer number and Product. In another client you might want to specify other fields that allows the user to enter information that you think is necessary to give the user the best possible support.

It also allows you to list your Clients on the Create content page so that you can allow the user to create the correct support ticket at once without having to change any options in the node-edit form.



  1. Upload the module to your modules folder (you could keep it in the modules/support folder for clean structure)
  2. Enable the module in your installation

Usage: custom fields

  1. Create a custom CCK field on the Support Ticket content type
  2. Go to the Client edit page
  3. Click the Support Fields tab that has been added
  4. Check the field(s) you want to use with the Client

Usage: as content type

Soap service with Services and phpSoap

The current Soap server module uses nuSoap. Development of NuSoap has been on hold for sometime now. phpSoap now provides all functions that nusoap provides and is also compatible with most of current Soap standards.

Here is a example of how to create a Soap Server using PHPSOAP and wsdl.

In my case i have a wsdl that holds data structure of members and provides a method sync_mem_profiles ,

Step 1: Tell services that you want to setup a new service

function mymodule_server_info() {
    return array(
    '#name' => 'MyService',
    '#path' => 'myservice'

Step 2: define callback function for your SOAP server, this function will be called when requests are received at "/services/myservice"

* Implementation of hook_server
* @return unknown_type

function mymodule_server() {
    global $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA;

    $server = new SoapServer( drupal_get_path('module', 'mymodule') .'/wsdl/mymodule.wsdl');
    ini_set("soap.wsdl_cache_enabled", "0"); // disabling WSDL after the server is initiated


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