Where is the Drupal Community?

Community Discussions

Open conversation is essential to the wellbeing of any community. It is especially important now, as we collaboratively determine how to evolve our governance. To help the community come together and share in a safe and respectful environment, we have arranged community discussions at DrupalCon and virtually.

Contributing to OpenAid

Like all Drupal projects, OpenAid is open source and welcomes contributions from the greater community.

To get started, grab a copy of the site by visiting the Version Control section of the OpenAid project page.

Follow the instructions on creating a repository.

Once you've cloned the repo the folder you will see the following files and folders:

New contributor tasks: Writers

Here are some tasks for technical writers who are new to contributing to the Drupal project. Dive in!

You might also check the Tasks for anyone section for more ideas on how to contribute. Many of the tasks in that section are also related to Drupal documentation.

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