Modules that were written for fun.


This is a Drupal 8 module which has no tests.

It is used to perform regression testing for the DrupalCI testbot.

Better Jump Menu

Better Jump Menu is a module who provides:

  • The Drupal menu blocks with menu links in a select box instead of a list.
  • A Views style plugins to display links into a select box.
  • It can display any entity field in a select list, see features below.

This module has been made to cope with bugs in the original CTools implementation but some new features has been added.


Site Name and Slogan rotator

Configuration example

Born one silly afternoon for a bit of fun, this module allows you to enter site name and site slogan alternatives. These change in round-robin fashion, moving to the next option with every user click.

Enter as many alternatives as you like at admin/config/system/title-rotator, shown right, with screenshots of resulting site names and slogans -- click to enlarge.



Bontact Drupal module | Joshi Consultancy Services

This module is a bridge/integration to Bontact live chat tool
Bontact offers live chat along with SMS & Call back.

How to make it work:

  • Sign up with Bontact if you do not have an account yet.
  • Complete your profile by providing the URL of the site you intend to use bontact on
  • Go to settings > Code Embed
  • Find the 'bontactCustomer' variable, copy it and paste it on configuration page of the module.

A version for 8.x branch is underway.


WS notify

Notifies all users of a node being updated or inserted, by WebSocket.

Set up

  1. composer install
  2. copy js/wss-conf.js.orig to js/wss-conf.js and edit
  3. start nodejs server: nodejs js/ws_notify.server.js


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