Modules that were written for fun.


This is a Drupal 8 module which has no tests.

It is used to perform regression testing for the DrupalCI testbot.



The Disco module provides your drab, boring site with a little bit of life. Through randomly generated inline CSS styles, your site will transform into an abstract work of art. For those not fond of art, Disco can be used as a punishment for specific users or roles on your site.


Depending on how mt_rand wants to treat you, sometimes a strong stomach.

Webspeech STT (Speech to Text - Dictation)

By Magicon from the Noun Project

Experimental Implementation using the Field API for Webspeech STT (Speech to Text). Project is located at until it's ported here.

Drupal Mario Bros

A fun, interactive easter egg.

Left pad

String left pad


/** @var ContainerInterface $container */
$service = $container->get('left_pad.default');
// Results in '00005'
$result = $service->leftPad('5', 5, 0);

Don't worry, it also includes an interface if you want to override the service!


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