All the modules that implement an access control system.

Field Content Access

This is a custom module to restrict access based on field value.
It compares field value on user profile and node, based on the result, if the value matches it allows else restrict the access.

Entity Type Clone

Entity Type Clone allows Administrator to clone Content types and Vocabularies.
These will be used in creating an additional entity type with existing one.

Entity Type Clone form

Temporary File Download

The target of this project is:
provide a mixture of functionality from drupal project
One-time File Download
and like other well known filetransfer providers.

You can:
Provide a temporary download link for private file.
Set an expiration date and time for this link.
Monitor the external download access of this link.
Submit invitation mails for the link.
Get notification mails on each download attempt.

Taxonomy Publish

Publish/ Unpublish Taxonomy term.

New Permission if user can see unpublished terms.


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