All the modules that implement an access control system.


HTTP Middleware to handle IP and path restrictions.

Share Node

This module allow administrators to add a "Share node" field to some content type so the users can indicate who else has access to edit their nodes.

Unpublished Nodes Redirect

Unpublished Nodes Redirect is a simple module to allow admin users to setup redirects for each node type on their site. They can also set different types of redirects per node type. Developers can alter the node type list if required. The redirect will only effect anonymous users, if you have admin users that do not have permissions to view unpublished nodes, they will still see a 403 Access Denied for these pages.

Node finder

This module should allow users to search for a node using its id or using its name to search. If it finds the module it will redirect the site immediately to the node but if it doesn't then it will return an error message

Field Off

Field expired

This module is not like node expire like after some time interval node gets expired so same kind of thing this module does but with the field.

We have field in some form , it may be any form custom or administrative and in all the forms this module will have total control over the visibility of the field. You can hide the field or eliminate it totally from the view. It will totally depend on ones choice.


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