All the modules that implement an access control system.

Force login for Anonymous users

This module helps you to always redirect anonymous users to login page or force a mandatory login for all unauthorized users.
You can also configure the redirect to any valid path f.e. if you have a custom login form.

Restricted Area

Restricted Area

If you want to secure some specific entities (nodes/term/assets/etc) or specific pages (still in development), you really need this module.

It allows you setup login and password, in a simple way, for each important page.

All password stored as hashes, so there are no security issues related to third-party access to the database.

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Entity Limit

Entity Limit allows administrators to restrict the number of entities create of a specific type that an user or role can create. Basically, this module provides options to define a creation limit based on user and role.

Currently, entities can be limited on following:

  1. Users
  2. Roles

Group Block Contents

This is a submodule for Group ( and extends the "Group Content" entity to create/add block contents from a group.

Dynamic Entity Access

Drupal 8 content access control gone meta. DIY taxonomy access control / organic groups / domain access.



Memberful module provides integration with Memberful - Secure and reliable membership software.


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