All the modules that implement an access control system.

jQuery View Ticker

This module provide functionality to animating a simple news ticker.

This module requires the following modules:
* None


* Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See:
for further information.

Site Quota Enforcer

This module enforces quotas set for the entire Drupal site. It was written for the Aegir Hosting System to enforce quotas set by Aegir administrators on client sites, but could be used with any Drupal hosting system that prevents site users from editing settings.php, where the limits are set.

It works by preventing new entities from being creating on form submission if associated resources are at or past their limits.

Currently supported quotas:

Unpublished access

This module "fixes" access to unpublished nodes in Views.

[A1] An ordinary user (without "bypass node access" permission) cannot "access" unpublished nodes, except users with permissions 'view own unpublished content' can access their own.

Default Drupal

[A2] In default Drupal, an ordinary user can access all unpublished nodes in Views if there is no filter to prevent it.

Caution: A2 != A1

Website shutdown

This module allows you to shut down/close a website.

All requests handled by Drupal will be redirected to a specified page, unless it is initiated by a user who has adequate permission to navigate through the site.


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