All the modules that implement an access control system.

Token Content Access

Token Content Access allows you to restrict access to individual nodes using URL tokens. In order to view protected nodes, users must provide a unique token via the URL. This allows nodes to be published and viewable to anonymous users (for instance with a special link from an email campaign) but not visible to the public at large. It also automatically hides any TCA-protected content from Views results.


Content Login

Normally a user gets login into the application by user name and password.
In our case, just by content url a user can login into the application.

This project is useful for demonstrating site for users.


Exporting workflows using features is currently a little broken. It uses serial IDs in the exported code, but entities normally won't be re-imported with the same ID!

Taxonomy Autocomplete Permission

Defines which roles can add new taxonomy terms when using the autocomplete widget.


MoneySuite is the continuation of MoneyScripts, a discontinued product by Leighton Whiting. We, a group of customers, have decided to take development, maintenance and support on our own due to Leighton's fail to accomplish his compromise. As per Leighton's own website: "you aren't paying for the code itself, but rather access to support and updates for the duration of the license" but as he has discontinued service we feel with the permision to assume maintenance.

Lesser Forms

Configuration screen for Lesser Forms.

The goal of Lesser Forms is to hide configuration options from your content creators / content managers. They probably don't need to modify this.

You wouldn't want to bother them with the pathauto-alias, do you?

Lesser Forms introduces a new permission. Make sure you enable it.
This module is a UI modifier. It doesn't change permissions.



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