All the modules that implement an access control system.

CDN CloudFront private files

This module provides integration between CDN module and Amazon's CloudFront CDN for purposes of limiting/granting access via signed URLs and similar mechanisms.

Trial role

Provides a role for "trial" users.

Gives this role on install and then removes it after x number of days.

If you want to react on the role being removed (for example send a mail), you can implement the hook

function hook_trial_role_removed(\Drupal\user\UserInterface $user);

This module is what powers the trial on Violinist

Node Status Tracker



This module keeps history of node status whenever we update or insert any node.
node_status_tracker table contain status information about node.
This module is very useful when we not use workbench or disable node revision.

This module works with new content.



* Install as usual, see for further information.


Reference Access

Reference Access allows restricting access to content unless a user references that content (via an entity reference field on users).

Also, the access check can go one level deeper: It can check if the content is referenced by content that is referenced by the user.

The reference checks are done only on selected content types; all not-selected content types are ignored. These are chosen in the module settings at /admin/config/reference_access/config.

Publishing Options for Author

The module allow user to see the Publishing Options fieldset. That's all.
Here is the issue from Charles

Staff users have permission to create, edit and delete some content types and not others. I granted them permission to edit and delete content created by other staff, not just their own, under those specific content types.

Entity Permission API

Provides an API for managing entity permissions.


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