All the modules that implement an access control system.

Locked Content

Locked Content satisfies a specific access control use case: you want users to be able to see teasers, links, and search results for locked materials, but want them to log in before actually visiting the full page view. It's useful for situations where keeping the existence of information secret isn't critical, but making sure users are logged in before they actully view the complete contents is important.

Workbench Access for Taxonomy


This module extends Workbench Access functionality to control access to editing taxonomies.

Workbench access works with node entities only. This module allows to also restrict editing of taxonomy terms in select vocabularies. Here is an example use case where this module may be handy:

Create New Entity Reference Permission

You have a site where you want your users to create nodes, blog pages etc. You use tag style taxonomy terms on these nodes. You want your trusted site editors to be able to add new terms when they create content but your regular users are polluting your tags vocabulary with misspelled words. How can you stop these users creating new terms but allow your editors to add terms whilst writing content? The answer is this module!

Route Access

Simple module for checking access for all registered routes for given user.

Voice Search

This module makes it easy to add speech recognition to your web pages to search content.

Note: This functionality will work with Chrome browser only.

This module requires the following modules:
* Search



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