All the modules that implement an access control system.

Workbench Access Path

Extends Workbench Access for cases where site hierarchy is primarily driven by content path aliases. Makes use of menu_trail_by_path to select content parents for determining access.

Claim on registration


Allows anonymous users to create content and then automatically claim it upon successful registration.

Inspired by

Create and register for Drupal 7.


Key Configuration

Drizzle ( is a free, full-stack solution for premium content creators to start selling their best content directly to website visitors. Once installed, you can sell paywalled content, set memberships and engage website visitors to increase number of paying users.

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Extended Entity Access for Routes

Simplify per-bundle entity access checking for routes. Example: _entity_access: <ENTITY_TYPE>[:<BUNDLE>].<OPERATION>.

From the developer perspective, this module - just improvement of existing access_check.entity service. Default implementation - \Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityAccessCheck - overridden and empowered with possibility to verify entity bundle, if it specified. That's all.


Geohide is, at this moment, an experimental module used to geolocalize, and, depending on visitor's city of procedence, filter any field on a determinated node display, hiding or showing, on demand, that field.

Comment timelimit

Put a time limit on editing of own comments.


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