All the modules that implement an access control system.

Paragraphs Access Control

Manage access and restriction to edit and view paragraphs.


This module provides a node access type api to allow restriction of access to
paragraph items. Companion modules provide access rules, and grants which are
verified when rendering the entities.


This module was originally built to be compatible with Role Access Control. RAC provides a integration with the paragraphs access module.

Role Access Control

A Drupal module to handle access control based on role references.


Role Access Control (RAC) was developed around the same idea of Taxonomy Access
Control. The major difference is the
use of Role References instead of Taxonomy Terms. This simplifies the access
control configuration on site's who's TAC acls are mimicing the role list.

YAML Configuration

Move array definitions out of code and organize them with the Y module. Y has much of the functionality of CTools, Features, Views, Panels, and Page Manage built-in and lightning-fast!

Workflow Moderation

workflow moderation

Workflow Moderation (Content Revisioning)
Workflow Moderation is a module for the configuration of workflow to create, moderate and publish content revisions.

You use it in scenario's like this:

  • Authors write content that must be reviewed (and possibly edited) by moderators.
  • Once the moderators have published the content, authors should be prevented from modifying it while “live”, but they should be able to submit new revisions to their moderators.

Workflow State Configuration

workflow state config page

Workflow State Configuration
- Workflow State Config is a module for the configuration of workflow state as "Publish" and "Default Revision".
- Module is required by "Workflow Moderation" to managing the node revisions.

Configuration Details

  • Published - When content reaches this state it should be published.
  • DefaultRevision - When content reaches this state it should be made the
    default revision; this is implied for published states.

Module Dependency
- Workflow


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