All the modules that implement an access control system.

Restrict node

This module adds additional permissions for displaying nodes.

IP Whitelist

IP White-list module allows the user to provide access on particular node to particular set of IP address(s).
IP White-list Module provides an interface to the admin user to provide the range IP address to allow them access to a specific node.
The module allows the administrator to specify a redirect URL as well in-case the specific page is accessed by a non-white-listed IP.


OnePass for Drupal

About 1Pass
1Pass is a platform for single-article sales.

When 1Pass users see an article for sale behind the 1Pass button on a participating
web site, they click it and the article appears. 1Pass takes care of all the
accounting behind the scenes.

This module makes that possible in the following ways:

- It populates the button embed code
- It provides a shortcode to add to posts where the 1Pass embed should appear
- It provides a virtual display suite field which will automatically truncate the posts in case the editor doesn't enter the shortcode
- It provides a built in Atom feed to make your content available to 1Pass

It also provides

- The option to use 1Pass to restrict content
-- This option can be set when creating the content type
-- This option can then be overriden on each nodes

To use the module, you need

* 1Pass API credentials

To get these, enter your email at

Submission management

A suite of modules to manage the review and revision of structured user content submissions, much in the style of editorial systems.

Unpublished 404

Reports 404 on unpublished pages.

403 to 404 is a simple module that emits a 404 error when a user tries to access a unpublished pages.

Captcha Keypad

Captcha Keypad

Nowadays bots are getting smarter and can use OCR tools to detect and bypass
captcha. Increasing the complexity of captcha usually makes it hard for users
to use it.

This module provides an alternative captcha security, where the user can use
a keypad to be to enter simple captcha numbers.
The keypad can be configured to shuffle the keys, improving difficulty of
automated bots to click on the right button.


Install the module as usual i.e. sites/all/modules



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