The module is not supported (i.e. abandoned), and is no longer being developed.

Dependency Injection (Deprecated)

Same project, different namespace to match 'inject' properly.

Project has moved here:

Services Merge

Allows merging a view on a field for use with services. Lets say you have an auction website and you have items for sale. Multiple bids area created that reference the item. You might need all of that data combined so it can be returned in one call to a resource.

The format will be:

[view1] merged with [view2] as [somefield] where [field_in_view1] = [field_in_view2]

The second view won't be conditional on the first.

BeautyTips Form Errors

The BeautyTips Form Errors is a simple integration with popular BeautyTips module, that provides you "Tooltip-like" form error messages.

You can use default tooltip style for error messages as shown on the image or create your custom style using BeautyTips module features.

Feel free to give your feedback on any improvements.


This module enables file fields to directly edit a file from the browser. The file is streamed to your local PC and opend by the local programm To make this work, there will be a java applet available doing all the magic.

To see how to use it, please see the video how to edit files in ERPAL.

ERPAL Employee

This module is now included in the ERPAL for Service Providers Distribution

This is a collection of modules and features to manage the holidays, working time and over time of your employees. This module is part of the ERPAL distribution

More information on this d.o project to come. Stay tuned at !


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