Not supported (i.e. abandoned), and no longer being developed. Learn more about dealing with unsupported (abandoned) projects

Config database storage


UPDATE: this module is now redundant, as Drupal 8 uses the database by default for configuration storage.


Office Hours - rules integration

I want to be able to use Views Bulk Operations to update the office hours on a bunch of nodes.

Note that this module does not work yet! This initial attempt is posted here so that I can get feedback from others.

Panels bootstrap

This Module is moved to Panels bootstrap layout builder due to naming issue

EPSCoR Reporting Repository

This module works with the EPSCoR Reporting Core to pull data from individual jurisdictions into a centralized repository.

Enjoy Video

This module was created to solve a problem that seems to have a lot of issues in Drupal - creating a good user experience for content creators who want to embed Vimeo or Youtube videos. This module expects the content creator to paste a plaintext link to their Youtube or Vimeo video. This module adds a display format to go out and grab a screenshot of the video, pass it through Imagecache_actions to add a play button watermark, and make it linkable to a colorbox that holds the video.

On page urls extractor

This module should help in keeping links on pages up to date.

When turned on, it searches for all links on chosen page and checks their HTTP response. All results are displayed in table on chosen page.


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