The module is not supported (i.e. abandoned), and is no longer being developed.


Git repository management.

Taxonomy Autocomplete By Vid

Allows the Form API to create taxonomy autocomplete textfields for vocabularies with no term reference fields set up.
Based on this post by echelon47.

Development sponsored by Microserve LTD.

Once enabled this module allows the creation of Form API autocomplete textfields using the following code:

Privatemsg notification sender

Important note

You do not need this module (anymore) if you are using one of these privatemsg releases:

  • 7.x-2.x-dev (snapshots of 2013-01-11 or later). Please check the release notes on how to convert and migrate your existing settings.
  • 6.x-2.x-dev (snapshots of 2013-01-12 or later). Please check the release notes on how to convert and migrate your existing settings.


The privatemsg module optionally notifies users per email once they have received a private message. Unfortunately, the sender of these notifications (the email's from header) always points to the site admin's email address (6.x-1.x branch) or to a dedicated but still global from address (7.x-1.x branch). This may lead to the effect, that the recipients of privatemsg notification mails blindly reply to the site owner instead of the originator (or a dedicated "dead mailbox").

This plugin module remedies that by allowing to set either the pm originator or a dedicated (e.g. "noreply") address as the notification mail's sender.


OpenLayers Feature Popups


This module add the ability to use the Feature Popups extension for OpenLayers created by Xavier Mamano.
OL FeaturePopups wraps the management of popups and SelectFeature control of OpenLayers.
It works perfectly with OL, with or without the cluster behavior.

Features for Drupal 7

This module provides:


Project moved

The namespace of this module is now


Notificare logo

This project is obsolete. Notificare Service discontinued after February 15th 2014

See announcement by Notificare Team



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