The module is not supported (i.e. abandoned), and is no longer being developed.

Commerce Purolator

Purolator Shipping Module

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demo sandbox module

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NOTE: Given the expanded functionality being added to this module, the maintainers have decided to proceed with a name change. The project has been relocated under the new name, Extended File Field, and this version is being deprecated.

All existing and historic issues are also being moved over to the new project location. Please consider this project page abandoned.


Corporate Site

Corporate Site is a theme for corporate websites, based on Twitter Bootstrap.


Corporate is designated for a business, or corporate of any type with the main purpose of creating an information channel of the company in the online world. Solid, smooth, and elegant are what we say about this theme.


Drupal 7, Nucleus basetheme

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A project by

A website platform for Open Science

Drupal Distribution with advanced organic groups system for management of workgroups. The distro is aimed at organisations that do scientific research or provide infrastructure for scientific research. The core functionality provides workgroups where assets, deliverables, and other documents can be stored, as well as a platform for group discussions.

Furthermore the distro provides many features for reporting and PR management such as a news section, blog section, governance section, showcases section, an events calendar and tools for researchers to submit new research initiatives to the website.


Status May 2013: Testing the system in production environments, making small adjustments

As of now there is no installation profile, only a collection of modules. I'm looking for opportunities for funded or collaborative development of the system.

An entity based distribution

Open Science uses modern Drupal 7 development practices and makes extensive use of Entity API and entity based modules. Why does this matter? This means that your content is stored in a consistent manner and is easily addressable by powerful toolkits like Views, Rules, Apache Solr, entity cache etc.

Code based layout



Zoundation - Zurb Foundation based theme

Zoundation is a base theme that integrates Foundation, responsive front-end framework authored by Zurb.

This HTML5 responsive theme is built to support any device with any resolution and is built using a 12-column flexible grid.

The Zoundation theme allows a user to choose two types of navigation bars: topbar and nav-bar.
Out of the box, a user can add menu blocks and search block to the top bar. If the Main Menu setting is turned on on the Appearance page, the main menu will show up in the nav-bar.
Learn More about these styles:

Foundation provides many reusable UI elements such as button styles, form styles, tabs styles, alerts, accordion panels, inline lists and table styles.

For a complete listing of components, view the Foundation Docs.

We have also built the Zoundation Support module. This module provides Orbit responsive image slider integration, custom built menu blocks for topbar and nav-bar, placeholder elements and a few minor UI fixes difficult to do from the theme.



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