The module is not supported (i.e. abandoned), and is no longer being developed.

SES Contact Form

This project is a from of Mail Headers, which does not work with Amazon SES.

It does one simple thing, which is to set all emails to have the site's from address.

Any other "From" address is changes to a "Reply-to"

That's it.

Cue Builder

NOTE: This module is no longer in development. A better alternative is to use Media Youtube Popcornjs.


Webform Simple Quiz

A Webform extension that enables the abillity to post quizes with a admin score board.

In-Place Editing

Project disambiguation page.

You're probably looking for either:

  • Panels IPE (In-Place Editor): allows the user to change the content of a Panel. It comes as part of the Panels module.
  • Spark's In-Place Editing for content (fields & entities). See the Edit module.



About Onki (the ontology service is now called Finto)

The FINTO service (previously ONKI) contains Finnish and international ontologies, vocabularies and thesauri needed to publishing your content with support for linked data. Ontologies are conceptual models identifying the concepts of a domain. They contain machine "understandable" descriptions of the relations between the concepts.


Field group placeholder

NOTE: Use Display Suite module instead of this module. This module was written before I understood the power of Display Suite.

This module does not do anything by it self.



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