The module is not supported (i.e. abandoned), and is no longer being developed.

Field collection d8 port

This module is a stub for work on porting Field Collection to Drupal 8.
Please contact me if you want commit access.

Responsive tables backport

This sandbox has been merged into the 7.x-2.x branch of Responsive Tables module.

Backport of the responsive tables functionality of Drupal 8 and Views. Contains the following changes:

Commerce CTools Extra

Provides extra CTools integration for Commerce.

Currently contains:

Product Reference

  • Relationship: Default Product from Content (wraps commerce_product_reference_default_product())

Form Logic

This module provides options for conditionally adding validation rules to to node add/edit forms and conditionally adding other modifications to the form, e.g. hiding fields. Options are added through configuration, so no custom code is required. This allows the 'end configurer' to set up validation and other form customisation, globally or on a per role basis. The 'end configurer' can do this without writing any code.


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