The module is not supported (i.e. abandoned), and is no longer being developed.

Android Cloud 2 Device Messaging

Deprecated - Google announced C2DM is getting out of beta and is replaced with the new Google Cloud Messaging.
Please do not use this module, and instead use the new GCM module.

This is a Drupal module that provides support for Android Cloud To Device Messaging, using basic capabilities of the Rules module.
This module is part of an upcoming Drupal distribution, but should be used separately as well.


MY Demo sandbox project for learning

This is a demo sandbox project .

Demo sandbox project

This is a demo sandbox project .

Flag BulkForm

This module builds a form for toggling flags on nodes in bulk.

This code is probably not production-ready, so use with caution. I'm posting the code because maybe the ideas/code within will help others with similar needs.

Note: I'm posting this project long after I wrote the code, which is provided mainly for reference purposes. I've undoubtedly learned better ways to do things in Drupal/PHP since writing this code, but I do not intend to update/modify this code unless I have specific requests to do so.


When an entity is created, a server (Drupal with "entity_server" installed on it) will be ask for a unique ID and the entity itself will be send. Locally, the entity will be delete and recreate with the new unique ID.

Work only for "Term" entity type.


This module makes a flag only usable on one node (for each user). Think of having a node flagged as a "default."

I originally wrote the module because there are so many good modules that use the Flag module's API, and I needed a way for users to "set a default research point."

The module may not be production-ready, so please look over the code before implementing it.


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