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Alpine Theme

Alpine is a GPL v3 Wordpress theme by the same name that I converted to Drupal 6 originally. Since Drupal 7 has been released, I have also updated Alpine for Drupal 7.

I have already added some extra regions and plan to add more in later versions. There is also a 100% CSS Only Primary Links menu dropdowns for Drupal 6 and Main Menu drop downs for Drupal 7. Alpine features some great default images and styles, but can be easily modified with your own images. It is great for a nature blog, hiking blog, and generally any other outdoors or nature related website.

Block Regions

  • Header Content
  • Search Box
  • Left Sidebar
  • Content Top
  • Highlighted
  • Content
  • Content Bottom
  • Tryptych Column 1
  • Tryptych Column 2
  • Tryptych Column 3
  • Footer

Alpine 1.x Features

  • Drupal 7 Ready!
  • 100% Pure CSS Primary Links Menu Dropdowns (No need for JS libraries!)
  • Content Top and Content Bottom Block Regions
  • 2 Column Layout
  • Left Sidebar
  • Custom Header Image - Easily Modified!
  • Header Content Region - Just comment out or remove the CSS for the #header background image on line #29 in the CSS.

Please Note: Alpine 1.x is being phased out for Alpine 2.x. Please upgrade!



This module provides a node type that allows authenticated users to enter sweepstakes (contests). Winners are automatically chosen after the sweepstakes' end date. This module can also integrate with Webforms so that a sweepstakes can be attached to a webform. Then, when submitting the webform, the user is entered into the sweepstakes.

To use with a webform:
1) Create a webform.
2) Create a sweepstakes. In the "Attach to Webform" field, select the webform from step 1.


I can be your module (you can be my theme)


This project maintains, improves and distributes the so far only Drupal power ballad.

Feel free to use, study, share and improve.

Demonstrations available online:


Organic Groups Webform Integration

This module provides integration between Organic Groups and Webform modules. It allows users that have "edit own webform content" or "access own webform results" to edit any webform content for which they are a group administrator. It also corrects some issues with properly displaying setting group context when editing webforms or viewing the submission results page.

This module requires Webform 3.3 or higher.


Canvas Field

This is the HTML5 Canvas field module, which allows you to capture manual "drawing" input directly in the browser. It's main component is a FieldAPI Widget for the image field, meaning you can display captured images the same way you would any image field. Some suggested uses are marked-up screenshots and signature capture.


Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells Drupal Theme

Wedding Bells is a GPL theme that I ported from Wordpress that is great for a wedding related website or blog. I did my best to keep it exactly like the original theme. This was my first contributed Drupal theme on Drupal.org, so please share any criticisms or suggestions for improvement in the issue queue. I have recently updated it to Drupal 7!



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