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Web Taxonomy

Allows you to define an external source for the Taxonomy Autocomplete field (i.e. a web service delivering a JSON list of Drupal modules, or an XML service delivering a list of descriptors from a thesaurus, or a SPARQL endpoint with RDF data). Multiple unrelated sites can connect to the same taxonomy. A local version of the term will be created and can be synced with the external term in the centralized vocabulary.


Provision extension installer

This is a complex project to allow frontend Aegir extensions to install extensions into the backend of Aegir too.

This will require the 6.x-2.0 release of Aegir, which won't be done for a while.

This project will have some interesting security implications, which will be documented; Unless you understand the code perfectly, I would suggest not installing this module until they are documented and you can decide if those security implications are worth it.


This bad-judgement module will allow you to do time-traveling with your content.
For example it will move the timestamp one second into the future and remove one for every old content.

Absolute URLs to Relative Path

This module provides an input format filter that is the opposite of the Relative Path to Absolute URLs module.

Why would you want this? The most common use case is when working in multiple environments with different URLs, like dev/staging/production. When syncing your production database with a test server, absolute URLs will redirect you to the wrong site. Also, if you're changing domain names, this will help prevent incorrect URLs.

File Framework 2

File Framework 2 is a copy of File Framework Module from
OpenBand, an M.C. Dean, Inc. company.


It seems that the support for FFw is closed.
we have no responce from the maintainers for several months.
We just want to keep this amazing modul alive and bring it to a stable version


Entity Box Types

Entity boxes provides an entity type whose bundles are box types. This allows for an easy UI-driven approach to creating custom and fieldable box types.




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