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Support OG

The Support OG module allows for co-existance between the D7 Organic Groups module and the D7 Support module.


There is a problem when both modules are enabled that the node access permissions do not allow for Organic Group members in the same Organic Group group to access each others content.



The goal of this module is to directly accept and process DMARC reports.

File icons

File Icons

An advanced version of Media's "Large file icon" file formatter. First of all - it is able to output file icons through Image Style.


  • Remove the dependency from Media module.
  • Add a layer of abstraction of a generic Icon Library to support both local and remote icon libraries.
  • Make selection of icon configurable with defaulting to MIME
  • Add Rules support (selecting proper file icon)

Mediation Editor

Editor settings for Mediation



This module integrates the CSS-Crush library with Drupal APIs.

CSS-Crush is an extensible PHP based CSS preprocessor that aims to alleviate many of the hacks and workarounds necessary in modern CSS development.

Overview of CSS-Crush features with examples:

CSS-Crush on Github:

My First Dmodule

This is a demo sandbox project for our screencast.


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