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A super basic way of defining tasks. Useful for when you have a bit of work to do that doesn't warrant it's own drush command.


Create a file called 'Drushfile', then define a task like so:

 * @task
 * @desc "This is my task description"
function blah_taskname() {
  echo "OMG TASKS\n";

Now list your tasks:

$ drush tasks-list
 blah_taskname   :  "This is my task description" 

Now run it:


This is a working youtube field for Drupal 7 by youtube field. Media module provides a different purpose.

- field youtube module (or other similar modules) - which just attach something to an entity, that is not in any central repository or media library, and is automatically deleted when the node is deleted and does not appear anywhere else.

- media module - with media assets which can be reused elsewhere in a site, but than facing problems deleting the media with the the node deletion to which it was uploaded.

Drupal 8 Block Module

The core block module intended to be rebuilt utilizing CMI and Plugins.

Drupal 8 Blocks Everywhere

The current branch we're working against is the 'princess' branch. sdboyer is working to get displays into a workable situation with subrequest rendering for blocks while EclipseGc and tim.plunkett work get get the existing core block solution more in line with display needs.

Shibboleth User Provisioning


Provides additional functionality for sites that are using the shib_auth module for Shibboleth authentication of users.


Allows administrators to manage the provisioning and de-provisioning of Shibboleth authentication for users through a new option in the user registration and user profile forms.

Flag Hidden

flag_hidden allows site moderators to flag a nodes and comments as needing to be hidden. It works similarly to the D6 hidden module, which explains more:

"Open Publishing" sites require transparency of the "open editing" process.

This module creates a way of removing nodes and comments from the main site, but keeping them accessible to users in a special location with an explanation of the editorial reasons for "hiding".

flag_hidden supports the following features:


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