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Taxonomy Page Override


Override taxonomy term page and RSS feed on a per vocabulary or per term basis.


a Typing Tutor very adaptable all keyboards write or paste in your Practice Text.

Field reference

Defines a field type for referencing one field from another.

Views XML Backend

Views XML Backend is a Views 3 plugin that adds native XPath 1.0 query generation. It allows you to parse XML/(X)HTML with XPath selectors using Views' graphical query builder.

Easy subscription

Easy subscritption system.

Only a block whit a field "E-mail address" and a unsuscribe checkbox.

The visitor can subscribe without account.

Domain Acces compatible.


  • Verify whit emailed link suscribe and unsuscribe actions
  • Subscription details: only some content types


If you not use a mail module (like smtp) send mail is very, very, very slow. Is not a bug.

Audio Annotate


Audio Annotate provides a new CCK formatter for filefield.

A demo can be seen here :

It generates an image from an uploaded audio file and allows the placing of comments on top of the image using jQuery.
It creates sound-cloud-like field for Drupal.

Currently 6.x only.


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