Bug reports are looked at; requested features may be implemented.

Commerce Rentals

This project utilizes the Commerce module to allow for products to be rented out to customers, including scheduling and repetitive booking.

Token support for user registration mails

The token_registration_mails module enables replacement tokens for user registration mails using the Token module.


Page Manager Pathauto

Use the dev version of pathauto to work with this or any 7.x release that is released on or after 2011-Oct-27


Workflow Content Permissions

This module allows the site administrators to control the permissions to edit or view fields of a node that participates in a Workflow for each state.

It's based on the Content Permissions that comes with CCK.

Depends on CCK and Workflow


NS business

The NodeStream Business product let's you create sites describing your company. It contains:

* Blogging functionality
* Cases
* Articles
* Contact information (Maps, Office information, contact forms...)

Next Location

Next Location is meant to be a location project, a mix between Location and Media module, with GMap v3 in the first time, and after all map providers in an easy way.


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