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Neelambal (நீலாம்பல்)

NEELAMBAL (நீலாம்பல்)is a simple and colourful theme based on 960 grid system.

There are 8 different regions in this theme:
- Header
- Top menu (Primary links)
- Sidebar left
- Main content
- Content bottom left
- Content bottom center
- Content bottom right
- Footer


AdlibTools is a Drupal 7 module that provides a box of tricks for retrieving and integrating data stored in an Adlib database using the Adlib API. In the toolbox are entities, admin ui, libraries and views.

Adlib data is fetched from a remote server on demand and is not stored or cached locally. Writing to an Adlib data store is not supported.

Requires Entity API and Views version > 3.2


What is Hyphenate

The Hyphenate module provides an input filter that integrates
the JavaScript library Hyphenator (http://code.google.com/p/hyphenator/).

The input text is wrapped in html tags with a configurable css class,
which defines the scope for the hyphenator.


Fixes to vote_up_down to get it to work on a D7 site

Date 7.3 Sandbox

This is a sandbox to revamp the Date module in preparation for a port to D8. See http://groups.drupal.org/date-api.


Fixes and merges to userpoints_contrib to that it will work for me, on a specific site. The userpoints_contrib migration to D7 is painfully slow and patches are not being committed.


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