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Chaos Tools Content Boxes

Use ctools content types as Boxes.

This module provides plugins for the Boxes module that render Ctools content types.

Currently, node, block and contact forms are supported.

This module potentially replaces several modules:

!&# Content

This Drupal 6 module uses ctools content to render different types of content
in different formats.

Block Admin

Drupal's core admin/build/block does not scale. Beyond around 15-20 blocks, the list is well over a page long, and it can be hard to work out what blocks should go where. By 50 blocks, the UI has become unuseable.

This module takes a step towards making the admin/build/block page scale nicely for 20-100 blocks, by adding a filter to only display blocks added by any given module specified by the user. This allows the user to at least move the block to the right region, then submit (or reveal all blocks) and then fine-tune the sorting.


View unpublished content

This small module adds the missing permission "view any unpublished content" and "[Content-Type]: view any unpublished content" to Drupal 7 and provides an replacement for /admin/content aka "Find content".



With this module you can create a list of words which are used in filtered text to provide users more information about used terminology.




This module exposes a number of core Drupal elements as blocks.



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