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GoSquared LiveStats

GoSquared LiveStats

This module allows site owners to easily integrate their GoSquared Tracking Code into their Drupal site without having to change any source code or theme files.

This enables you to monitor your Drupal site's traffic in real-time with LiveStats and Trends, the real-time analytics platform.

To use LiveStats and Trends on your site, simply download this module and sign up for a free account at https://www.gosquared.com/plans/


Upload Clone

Extends the clone node module to allow to clone uploads

Blackboard SingleSignon BbSSO

This modules allows users to login to from Drupal into Blackboard without re-entering authentication credentials. The Drupal session is recognized in Blackboard.

Drupalcon Chicago iCal Generator

This module allows you to generate an iCal file based off of your "My Schedule" view from the Drupalcon Chicago website.

Drupal Wrappers

Drupal Wrappers is an api module meant to "help" developers do totally awesome stuff. Imagine a module that took all those "PHPisms" and turned them into drupal functions with proper naming patterns and a look/feel just like the rest of Drupal. That's what Drupal Wrappers does.


Webform Submission Location

This module adds geolocation information to webform submissions using the free hostip.info API.


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