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Pinboard.in for Activity Module

This module allows the Activity module to import bookmarks from Pinboard.in, an (un)social bookmarking service similar to del.icio.us.

Future versions will allow users to specify tags that should be imported rather than the entire public listing.

Role toggle

This module gives you a page and a block to toggle (switch on and off) any role.
Best practice is to set up a role that only gives you permission to "toggle some roles", but not to toggle the "toggle some roles" role itself.
This is because you do not want to end up toggling off the role that that lets you toggle roles.
Trust me, it's easier than it sounds.



Stay tuned for a new type of sharing widget.


This module checks content title field uniqueness via AJAX request. This module is based on http://data.agaric.com/node/365.


This module is an effort to create a simple and robust data warehouse for use within Drupal.

Panels Display Dashboard

Panels Display Dashboard allows each panel page to behave as a dashboard for users and organic groups.
This means that organic groups can easily customize the content and layout of their group pages, users can configure their default profile page and most important both groups and users can customize new pages that you define on your project.


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