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Front Plus

Front Plus extends the Front Page module. It seeks to make it easier for a non-technical website owner to easily select a front page from a set of pluggable options. This allows developers the ability to create commonly used front page plugins that can be selected by the site owner from a visual list, making the process of setting a front page more straightforward and intuitive for people that are not as well-versed in Drupal.

Security Testing

Security Testing is a tool for locating XSS, CSRF and SQL Injection vulnerabilities in Drupal contributed modules. This tool will scan the source code of contributed module(s) for vulnerabilities and display warnings. It also tries to exploit XSS vulnerability using SimpleTest module by injecting random data into database fields and checking if any injected data will be displayed without being sanitized first. It tries to exploit CSRF using SimpleTest by visiting each link of the contributed module and checking if any insert, update or delete query is executed.

This is a Google Summer of Code 2012 Project.
View Security Testing Screencast

Installation and Usage
This module should not be run on a production site.

1). Enable the module /admin/modules.

2). For scanning the source code of the contributed module, visit the configuration page admin/config/development/security_testing.

3) Enter the location of the directory containing the source code of the contributed module to be scanned in the text box and click on the "Start scanning" button.

You can also scan the module using Drush command :
drush sec-test name_of_the_directory_containing_source_code_of_module


Geo Redirect

Configure Geo Redirect

Allows Country-wise redirects.

No dependancies.

Library files downloaded from: http://shockmarketer.com/geoip-country-location-php-script/

You can download latest IP-country database file (GeoIP.dat) from above link and
replace it with /includes/GeoIP.dat


  • This module provides country-specific redirections.
  • Almost all countries are included.



Overlay theme

Screenshot of overlay theme settings

Overlay theme is a small module that provides an option to set the theme of modal frames provided by the core Overlay module, different from the default which is the Administration theme. This is useful for example if you want to exploit the overlay to provide inline editing of content to end users, without exposing them to the bare-bones styling of a typical administration theme.

This project has been sponsored by Work Hard Pilosophy - Web and interactive media.




Whitebull is a 3 column, clean, elegant, and include a wide image banner. Combination of soft color and good design, that make your website looks like a great website.


  • 1,2 or 3 column layout
  • More than 19 collapsible block regions
  • Superfish drop-down menu (2, 3 or more nested levels)
  • Wide image banner 960x398 px. You can replace it for custom look
  • Built-in image banner
  • Tableless
  • XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 validated
  • Primary links and secondary links

The wide banner featured in this release using a beautiful photo of Rodrigo, this released under GPL license.

Before creating a new issue (i.e. support requests), please read the Whitebull handbook first, and please check the Issues for Whitebull page whether your problem has been reported or solved.

Whitebull use :


Field TimeTable

A Fields module that creates a timetable field that can be display through an nice weekly grid. Can be use to display opening hours or working hours in a very neat way.

If you need to display office hours in a graphical way you have now a proper solution !

Provides a Views display displaying fields using the Timetable plugin.

You can see a live example at Polyclinique du Borinage or Polyclinique du Borinage

We need more examples!

If you have successfully implemented this module on a live site, please post the URL to the issue: http://drupal.org/node/1826808, so others may better understand what is possible. Thanks!


  • Timetable field support granularity, min Time, Max time
    • granularity can be 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes or 1 minute
  • Integration with view
    • Color support based on manual color, random color or field color
    • Description support



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