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Attach directory

This module is sponsored by Sciforma

Attach directory module allows you to display all the files of a directory as file attachments. The name of the directory is defined on a node by node basis. This module is particularly usefull on intranets. It links nodes with directories from a file repository.

Koorie Archival System Install

This is an installation profile for the Koorie Archival System.


A fluid, flexible grid that resets all style elements and prepares a basic layout for your styling. The Elastic theme prepares a baseline presentation for mobile devices and scales nicely to any size resolution.


This module wants to end the situation of current D6, where hook_init() is a crowded battle place. Things like drupal_add_js(), drupal_add_css(), etc, can now be done in hook_pageapi(), instead of hook_init().

One major goal is to prevent premature theme initialization, premature menu_get_item(), and other things that we don't want to happen too early in a request.

Status / stability

The API of this module is still taking shape. See the discussion on groups.drupal.org

First release(s) of this module will be stable enough for use with DQX AdminMenu, which is going to have pageapi as a dependency.

Those aspects of the API that are not used in DQX AdminMenu are carved in chewing gum. Especially, method names and signature of the $api object. You only need to worry about this, if you use/develop other modules that use pageapi. In this case, you are welcome to join the discussion on groups.drupal.org.

How it works


Commerce Also Purchased

Tracks user orders to generate the recommendation "Customers who purchased this also purchased..."

Meta - metadata management for media files

Metadata - cluster logo

(formerly 'mediadescriber')

This package accesses metadata and descriptions associated with images (or other media files).

The idea is that you can use desktop image library management tools (iPhoto, Picassa, Windows Photo Gallery, AcDSee, Adobe Bridge/Lightbox) and have the additional descriptive information you add transfer with your files when they are uploaded to your Drupal site.
* that's the idea anyway - each package has its own way of encoding metadata, not all these are currently possible.

This package can read and re-use embedded or supplimentary metadata sources (EXIF, XMP, Descript.ion) that describe uploaded media and absorb them into the Drupal system. This data is then used to provide captions or tagging information for the files.


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