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Entity Merge

This module provides a framework for being able to merge two entities together. Developed alongside the Party module, it handles merging the contents of one entity into another out of the box including all the values on the fields.

The merge process for a given entity is controlled by that entity type's merge handler class, see EntityMergeDefaultHandler for more information.

Mozilla OpenBadges displayer

This module has been designed to allow users on your website to display badges that they have grouped in Mozilla Backpack. If your site has users who have badges on Mozilla Backpack, you may want to provide a window to it on your website as well.

This module will create a block on user's profile 'Mozilla openbadges displayer block' to display the grouped badges from Mozilla Backpack, provided the email address of the user on the site is same as that of the Mozilla Persona account. The block displays all the groups of the user and its badges. integration

Drupal Community Working Group

We work on community stuff!

From great community ideas to helping smooth ruffled feathers, the Community Working Group is tasked with stewardship over the Drupal Code of Conduct, and the non-technical, non-code, non-infrastructure sides of the Drupal project.

For more details, see


D8 port of Gravatar Integration module

File Sender

Provides an automated transfer of files over ftp.

Development sponsored by PrometSource


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