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This module works on Drupal-7. There is no BCC module on Drupal-7. So I have created one.
This adds a BCC address to all e-mails sent by the website.

Views php pager

This small sandbox project allows to generate a pager in php.

There are certain use cases where you might have not that many results in the actual query like 50 but you can't remove items on the query level, but you still want a proper pager.

This module basically loads all items and reduces them according to the current page.


By changing settings in the included Adobe Fireworks document, users can easily change theme settings (e.g. colors, backgrounds, etc.) and export the images to be used in the site.

Yelp Reviews

This module provides a block which displays a review summary and optionally review excerpts for a specific businness obtained by the Yelp API.

The code to access the API is an adoption of the example provided by Yelp here:

To find more information about the Yelp API visit here:

FlexiPanda Dropdown Menus

Provides dropdown menus using the FlexiPanda jQuery plugin.




College professors often are requested by their students to write Recommendation Letters to other colleges for contnued graduate studies or for research opportunities. Professors who teaxh graduate courses need to expend a considerable effort at year's end writing these letters and sending them to their requested schools. The information the professor needs from the student is often incomplete and needs several iterations of emails to get the information. Then when there are many requests, the professor must keep the information organized for each student until the letters are written. The Recommendations application is meant to solve or alleviate much of this burden on the professor.. It can be seen that this application involves a multitude of Drupal API functions: Forms, Database, file, email, node creation, menu.



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