Bug reports are looked at; requested features may be implemented.


GreenShadow has mainly 9 regions named:

1. Header
2. Sub-Header
3. Content
4. Left-Sidebar
5. Right-Sidebar
6. Footer-Content-1
7. Footer-Content-2
8. Footer-Content-3
9. Footer

Dropdown menus have also been implemented using nice-menus module (http://drupal.org/project/nice_menus)

This is a drupal 6.X compatible theme.

~For More information on enabling dropdown menus please go through README.txt~

AFW - Available for work

Screenshot of the output, which reads "Available for Work?" And the response: "Not right now"

This module provides a basic block that will let you tell others if you are available for work. You can change the block title and the phrasing that appears from the block configuration page. The default value is set to say that you are accepting more work. I'm not sure if that's optimistic or
pessimistic, but you can change it whenever you'd like.

If you run your own freelancing practice, it's generally a good idea to let people know on your site whether you're accepting new work; it's pretty much one of the few things people will actually use your site for.


Wysiwyg CKEditor Extras

Provides extra CKEditor-specific options to sites using Wysiwyg API module and the CKEditor library.


Docvert logo

The Docvert module interacts with a Docvert server to convert documents into a parse-able format for Drupal to import into.

This module is currently under development and is not ready for production use.


Services Entity Metadata Resource

The purpose of this resource is to allow external applications to know more about the data they are receiving.

Possible use cases:
- Needing to know the default value for a field (ex: image)
- Knowing exactly what the data types are being received
- Carry field names/labels with the service for deep drupal integration
- Other unforeseen mysteries

Kateva Test Sandbox

This is my test sand box


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