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Twitter bootstramp image presets

Provides some image presets for use with the twitter bootstrap module.

All images are designed to work with wrapping the image with a html element with a class of thumbnail to adding padding a border as can be seen here


Node View Permissions

Node view permissions module enables permissions "View own content" and "View any content" for each content type on permissions page as it was on Drupal 6.
It's as simple as that.

It's implemented in a non-conflict way, so you can use it with any other permissions related module.

Created by ADCI solutions team


Business Wire

This is an elegant theme that focuses on quality typography and that can be styled to suit many applications. It offers a framework for development of many motifs, whether corporate, professional or organizational and beyond. That is all up to your imagination and what kind of imagery you fit into the theme's many configurable regions.

Game of Life

An implementation of John Conway's Game of Life.


This is my attempt to port the slider by Mark Theunissen to Drupal 7

Entity Reference Count

What is this?

This module provides an easy way for an entity to keep track of how many other entities are currently referencing it through Entity Reference fields attached to other entities.

This module is an adaptation of Nodereference Count module, porting the same functionality to Entity References catering to the added flexibility in Drupal 7 to reference any entity type -- not only nodes.

How it works

This Entity Reference Count is in-and-of itself, just another field type (called "entityreference_count" in the code) that may be attached to any Drupal entity. The field may be configured to select which referencing entity types and fields you want to aggregate in the count. The counter field is automatically re-calculated when the referencing or referenced entity get inserted, updated or deleted. The Entity Reference Count's numeric field value may be enabled, displayed and manipulated via view modes, through the "Manage Fields" interface provided by Drupal core's Field UI, and has built-in Views integration.




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