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Audio Prompter

Audio prompter page after recording a word.  The "next" button loads the next word.

If you want to record audio directly into nodes on the website, there is the excellent Audio Recorder Field module which allows you to do so directly on the node add/edit form. But what if you want to record audio for hundreds or even thousands of nodes in one sitting? For that there is Audio Prompter, which uses the same java applet, nanogong.


Decimal Vote

Provides a Voting field type for arbitrary numeric votes. Makes use of Voting API.

FAQ Field

This module provides a field for frequently asked questions.

Added to an entity (eg. content type, user), you can create simple but smooth FAQs on any piece of content.

Viewing the FAQ Field

Editing the FAQ Field


Webform CSV Mail

This module provides a way for managers to receive an aggregated email with the submissions of a webform in a specific period (example: a daily mail with the submissions for a survey webform since the last email was sent the day before).

The email address and components to be included can be set per each webform, and as system wide settings you can select the type of file you want to receive (currently CSV and XLS), and intervals between mails.


Social gathering and planning.


The main idea of this module is to provide more useful ways to use the relation module to connect entities to one another by attaching some of that functionality to specific paths.


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