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Analog to Social Share Privacy mediaWrapper provides a way to prevent visitors' data being sent to third party websites without their explicit interaction. Instead of directly loading a media player from e.g. youtube.com, visitors see a image with a "play" icon on it. If they click this image, the player from the third party is loaded.

To do so a filter is added, that replaces [media]-Tags with some jQuery based script and a html fallback for client that have Javascript disabled. The filter can be enabled for individual content formats. It has to be run after the html corrector filter, otherwise clients with disable javascript will see a nasty (but working) link to the embedded media.

Nativly supported are http://www.youtube.com/, www.jamendo.com/, http://bandcamp.com/,
http://vimeo.com and http://soundcloud.com/.

There is also support for oembed in a separate module. If it is enabled you can add media from more than 50 different video providers. Most of them have not been tested, but if one doesn't work, just open a ticket. You can also configure the width of the block that display the actual content. In native mode there are fix presets. If you create an account at embedly, you can add your key in the module's configuration.



The APN module handles Apple Push Notifications through the ApnsPHP library and integrates it with the Drupal user system.

There are other solutions available that aren't exactly the same:

There will be a sister project for the Android notifications using C2DM.


  • Register push key for a user (tested) or anonymously (experimental) using Services 2.x (tested and used), Services 3.x (experimental, untested) for Apple Push Notifications
  • Send user push notifications (tested)
  • Send anonymous push notifications (untested)
  • Feedback handling (removal of dead push keys)
  • Simple functions for connecting to Apple and sending notifications.

Anonymous Theme

Anonymous theme selection gives administrators and anonymous site users an interface for switching themes, while retaining page caching for the website.

It is useful in a number of cases:

Fast Permissions Update

This is a simple module to give the user the ability to check all checkboxes to the right or left of a particular column on the permissions screen. Particularly useful if there are many roles.

Gramar List Sandbox

The idea behind this module is to provide the user with a quick, and easy to use way of rendering lists of short names/labels/titles in line separated by custom set of characters, usually comma. Given that they are values in a field.
It provides UI options specify the separator, the use of links to the entity, and also the option to render the list in a grammatically correct fashion.
The module should handle nicely other fields that make reference to items, not only node or term reference. Adding support for other field should come in the future.


This module abstracts authorization consumers, such as Drupal Roles, Organic Groups, Workbench Access Sections, and providers, such as LDAP, into pluggable consumer and provider classes. Originally the initial classes came out of the LDAP project, but they are needed for some other authorization models and were already designed to be decoupled from the LDAP groups providing the authorization.

This module is a requirement for the 8.x-3.0 branch of LDAP authorization and contains the ldap_authorization_drupal_roles module renamed as authorization_drupal_roles.



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