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Page Titles by Path

This module is a very basic module for filling in some of the gaps left over by the Page Title module. I was frustrated with the fact that it was very difficult to get custom title tags on panels_pages and apachesolr search pages so I quickly wrote this basic module to provide a path to title mapping in a simple text field (one mapping per line).

This module does require the Page Title Api

n8 Experiment

Nate's sandbox for some drupal experiments.


With this module you are able to create a content type "GCCode" with an official gc-code from geocaching.com as title. By importing gpx-files, attributes from gc.com will be shown in the node. Alternatively you can launch a download of informations by clicking on a button in the node. For this implementation the ruby-script geotoad is used in background. The content typ itself offers space to enter your status on the geocache and notices. So this module is about creating your own personal geocaches database.


Status: Before this becomes a real project, some of you guys has to suggest a different name! "Drux" is just too meaningless.

Additional drush commands for dealing with module dependencies in a code-driven development workflow.

drush dep
Download and enable dependencies of all enabled modules.

drush obs [module 1] [module 2] [module 3]
Find all modules that could be safely disabled without disabling any of the modules specified as arguments.

Use case: The PULL situation

You pull code (modules and features) that a fellow developer has worked on. These modules could contain new dependencies. You run "drush updb" and "drush cc all", but the dependencies are still not enabled.

Now in addition you run "drush dep", and everything is fine.

Use case: The PUSH situation

You worked on some modules (incl features), and want to push them upstream. Your fellow developers need to know which other modules they need to enable, so you add those as dependencies. But, how can you be sure you did not forget a dependency?

You have one or more "seed" modules, with all the dependencies. You agree in your team that these should always be enabled.

Skysa for Drupal 6.x

What is Skysa?

The Skysa App Bar is a free to use standardized web app platform which enhances any website or blog. Enabling a website with Skysa takes less than 5 minutes. Once installed the Skysa Bar displays on your webpage at the bottom or top (your choice) of the browser window; making it unobtrusive, while at the same time, presenting a range of applications you have added to the bar for your visitors and site members to use. An example, some Apps which can be added to your Skysa Bar include: Chat, Instant Messaging, Interactive Sharing, Who's Online, Translate, Voting Poll, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube videos, RSS, News Ticker and many others that are available in our App library.

Why Use Skysa?

With Skysa, you can add or improve social features, add other social services to your website, engage your website visitors, collect valuable member information, the list goes on. Skysa is designed to help websites keep visitors longer and build more traffic through socially engaging apps. Skysa is a robust web app platform; once added to your website, you never have to update code to get new features or updates (Less Headaches for you).

The Skysa Difference:

    Selectable Blocks

    The Selectable Blocks module allows selection of the blocks when creating or editing a node. A selected block will show up in the selectable region assigned on the node page. The module was crated for a client to eliminate the need to access the Blocks page and enter the correct path alias to control whether a block should show up for a particular node.


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