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Etherpad Lite

Etherpad Lite Integration for Drupal.

Etherpad lite is a really-real time collaborative editor spawned from the Hell fire of Etherpad. [..] Etherpad Lite is optimized to be easy embeddable.

This module implements Etherpad Lite as a field. Authentication for group pads is managed by Drupal.

Etherpad Lite on GitHub

CTools Pages

Provides ctools plugins for various pages.

Kannel SMS Gateway

Super Modem

Kannel (http://www.kannel.org/) is one of the most popular opensource WAP/SMS Gateway, because its very good performance to handle a huge SMS. Kannel supports many modem's brand even generic modem, also support multi modems (modem bank).

"Based on the results from Wapit's test environment, we claim Kannel to be the fastest SMS and WAP gateway on the market, capable of handling several hundreds of requests per second". "

This module use CCK to store Kannel message and log, so you can use Views to make any possible reports! You can send SMS using sample form provided by this Kannel module:
- create content --> kannel_sendsms.

This Kannel module will support:

  1. Use CCK for Kannel sendsms, encode strings (done)
  2. Use CCK for Kannel smsbox
  3. Use CCK for Kannel bearerbox
  4. Use CCK for Kannel sqlbox (new)
  5. Parse Kannel log file into Drupal table, mean we can use Kannel even without external storage compiled!
  6. Check Delivery Reports
  7. Admin: Kannel configuration (partial done)
  8. Admin: Check Kannel status
  9. Admin: Restart Kannel w/o shutdown Kannel
  10. Admin: start and stop smsc


NP Auction

An installation profile to build a simple auction site that links to eBay. Developed for nonprofit fundraisers.

You will still need an eBay account; this project simply provides a all-in-one-place showcase to send people to for your fundraiser, for which you can publish a fundraising URL.

Group auction items by Category (taxonomy). This site is built using Context.

This site was originally developed for Street Roots in Portland, Oregon.


Updates screenshot

The module adds Updates page with a list of recent site content updates (created or changed nodes). Like /admin/content but more lightweight, usable and available to all users who can access content on your site.


Sniffer module is a little utility for developing complicated projects.
Module saves every step of selected users - for each user`s page-load are saved uid, $user, URL, HTTP_REFERER, $_POST, $_COOKIE and browser properties.
It helps to see what users are doing, what happens with them on site, where and how do they face with bugs or problems.
Also module can track anonymous users by their IP-adress to log authentication process.


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