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Google Cloud Prediction API

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Cloud platforms have become a necessity for Heavy Machine Learning. Google Prediction API provides fast, scalable and easy to use Machine Learning services with pre-trained models or train custom models on our data. It provides a simple and powerful APIs to build Machine Learning models. It's cloud-based machine learning tools can be extended to applications like spam detection, recommendation systems, sentiment analysis and watchdog log analysis. It opens a new window to big data analysis.

Simple MegaMenu

Simple MegaMenu module provide a easy way to build mega menu. This module does not attempt to generate a finished megamenu, which can then be difficult to customize. Instead it provides some fondations to build easily a megamenu with Twig and some content entities.

If you're looking for a plug and play solution, this is not the module for you. But if you're looking for an easy way place custom content (link, image, text, etc.) inside a menu, this module could be for you.

Baidu Share - 8.x

baidu share

This module allows you to add the baidu share button to the content node of your Drupal 8 site.

Better Password

Better Password

A module which will prevent users from most commonly used passwords around the world. From a CSV fetch.

Social Auth LinkedIn

This project is based on the Social API and heavily inspired by the Social Auth Google and Social Auth Facebook modules

The library PHP-LinkedIn-SDK developed by ashwinks is used for querying the LinkedIn API. The module should be installed using Composer, in order to retrieve the PHP-LinkedIn-SDK library.

Machine Field

Admin UI

Have you ever made unique templates for exact nodes?
Will you remember after six month what's with node--page--38612?

This module gives you:


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