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Dynamic Weather

Dynamic Weather

Dynamic Weather is a responsive weather block.

Media Cloudcast Chapters

The Media Cloudcast Chapters module provides a chapter field type for Cloudcast video files and provides an automated import process. Minimal CSS has been included to get you started with display. An example view has been provided for advanced display options.

It is highly recommended you watch the introductory video https://vimeo.com/125965156 to learn how to set up and configure this module.


File Entity SWF

Adobe .swf file icon

Add support for Flash files to your Drupal site.

What does it do?

  • Creates a new file entity type to support Flash .swf files!
  • Provides default file display configuration to output the swf file as an <object>.
  • Adds width and height metadata to .swf files.

NOTE: if you are using Media WYSIWYG and/or Media WYSIWYG View Mode be sure to double check your settings to include the Flash file type.


IMCE Private Files

IMCE (https://drupal.org/project/imce), which provides a file uploader and
browser that can be used alone or within a WYSIWYG editor, is one of Drupal's most popular contributed modules. This module extends IMCE by providing additional integration with Drupal's private file system. You can use it in one of two modes:

Geofield Find Address

Provides Geofield (Geofield module) widget to geocode from Address field (Address Field module) and populate Geofield coordinates fields. Additionally displays google map with selected address on the node edit page.

Relation UUID

Provides integration between Relation and UUID modules.

Doesn't provide any functionality on it's own and should be installed only if required by another module.

Modules depending on it:



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