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Helpful Formatters

A collection of helpful display formatters for taxonomy terms, images, and text fields.

Formatters currently include:


Pardot Search Integration

This module integrates Drupal's default search form with Pardot Search. It currently works only with the default node search. Other search types will not be submitted to Pardot.

It includes a settings page to configure your Post URL and Query Variable.

The post URL is provided by Pardot, and the query variable can be anything, as long as it matches the query variable you configure at Pardot.

You need to sign up for Pardot and create a Site Search profile. Your redirect location should look like:

Scald Pane

Scald Pane provides a Panels Pane for the Scald module.

It works similarly to the "New Custom Content" pane, except this module provides a "Scald atom" pane that has a single atom reference "field" which can be populated with drag and drop from the Scald library.

The module also works with the In Place Editor, however there is a design conflict between the different kind of modals, and so the scald modal does not look exactly like at other places.


Views RSS Scald image

Scald RSS enclosure element Formatter in the views configure field


  • This is a extension module to the Views RSS module.
    Natively, the views RSS module support the insertion of images in the enclosure element of the RSS feed.
    To do so, once you select the image in the views, you configure the views field and select the "RSS enclosure element" formatter.
  • This extension module add the same functionnality if the image is a scald atom reference image.


The views module and views rss module are required.


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