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Webform Per Email

Attaching to a webform


This module implements a permit based access system to allow anonymous users submit a Webform only if they display a valid one-time access permit.


PHP Password

Provides a Drupal 8 Password interface for using PHP's native blowfish based hashing mechanism.

Based on work from the core issue queue #1845004: Replace custom password hashing library with PHP 5.5 password_hash()


Addressfield Formats

Addressfield Formats adds a new field formatter for addressfields that contains new formats.

These new formats are

  • Street Only
  • City Only
  • State Only
  • Country Only
  • Postal Only
  • City, State
  • and more... Patch at will


  • Addressfield

Similar Modules



This module provides functionality to build a hierarchical biological taxonomy sourced from the ITIS database (http://www.itis.gov/downloads/). Dependencies:

  • PHP PDO Sqlite Module
  • Batch API
  • Libraries
  • Entity

Depending on the options selected, the created taxonomy could be enormous. Be aware that extremely large taxonomies can have adverse effects on Drupal.


wss_base stands for WebService Search Base. This module provides some PHP classes and their corresponding interface definitions, which can be used to ease implementation of webservice integrations inside other Drupal modules.

In fact wss_base doesn't make sense as stand-alone module, but it can help developing further modules with a unified way for accessing (requesting and response parsing) foreign webservices.



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