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Image Styles Display

Displays the available image style derivatives when viewing a media entity, so that content editors can easily see how the image will look at various sizes.



Radios to Slider

Radios to Slider

Syslog Report

Syslog report

This module allows an administrator to view the contents of the syslog.

It supports

  • Linux servers
  • Filtering the displayed logs by type, URI and message


  • Filter box is case-sensitive
  • Need to give read permission to syslog file (e.g #chmod 644 syslog)

Site Load Optimizer

Site Load Optimizer was designed to optimize Drupal's HTML output with particular emphasis currently on pagespeed performance. It is intended to be a simple yet powerful module that generates HTML output that reduces render blocking elements such as CSS and Javascript while also minifying HTML so pages load faster!

Overlay panel

Module provided panel, where can be placed drupal blocks. Panel showed on every page and can be hided from display. It's very useful to have most useful blocks "at hand".

For example module may be used for developers to have popular blocks:
masquerade, language switcher, devel php execute, etc... at hand.


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