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Drupal QuillJS

Implements http://quilljs.com on Drupal


Under construction

TagCloud Block


This module enables users to easily create and configure TagCloud blocks based on ANY vocabulary existed in drupal system.
Font sizes are calculated by logarithmic method, thus, output is quite beautiful.


  • Taxonomy
  • Block

There are no other requirements for this module's basic functionality.


The purpose of this module is to split out a form into smaller pieces for localization. This module lives on top of form API allowing you(the developer) to break out your form render array into sub blocks to be pieced together within the form hook.

Views Custom Cache Tags


Views in Drupal 8 automatically adds cache tags to every view so that their content can be invalidated when it changes (and can be cached as long as possible until they do).

However, Drupal 8 only has a single list cache tag for every entity type. Every view that lists nodes is tagged with node_list and will be invalidated when a node is added, changed or deleted.


Farm Sensor

Provides a framework for connecting sensors to farmOS.

Description available on GitHub: http://github.com/farmOS/farm_sensor



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