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A Drupal version of the Backdrop core theme, Basis.



UIkitty is a builders base theme for Drupal 8.x using Uikit js/css framework. The goal of this theme is to provide a modular architecture and suite of organized building blocks using all the great features of the UIKIT framework and placing them in an easily re-usable format inside the drupal architecture. UIkitty really purrs when used as a base theme because it allows designers and developers to focus on developing clean code and build rapid prototypes using a simple build formula.



This is a sandbox D8 port of the pdf_using_mpdf module. It is used for conversion of HTML pages to PDF documents using the mPDF library.

Note: Since the maintainer of the original module is not responding on repeated attempts, this sandbox project could be a temporary place for the D8 code and may later be released as a D8 version of the original module (hopefully, when the maintainer responds)

I'm trying to catchup with the original maintainer but huh!

No T-Rex

'No T-Rex' provides offline functionality to Drupal sites.

Functionality currently available:
- When a network connection isn't available, present users with a simple custom message.
- When a network connection isn't available, users can still access pages they have previously visited.

Functionality under construction:
- When a network connection isn't available, present users with complete page.
- Show a list of available links to cached content.
- [will add more ideas as the module evolves]


This module offers a telephone field type that leverages the libphonenumber-for-php library for validation and formatting of the field.



A Drupal distribution aimed at building a learning platform like Khan Academy.



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