Bug reports are looked at; requested features may be implemented.

Commerce QB Enterprise

A D8 port of the Quickbooks Webconnect Module, work will be done here until maintainership status is gained or the project is closed as abandoned.

Gmap Store Locator

This is a very simple module that provides an entity to add the store locations.

This module allows to configure Google map Marker, Show/hide fields in list and info-window, drag-gable sorting of fields.

It also provides the location map block.

Media Folder

Media Folder module allows users to organise media entities with a file system structure.


This is a simplified version of the editable field formatter.

Content Base Field Update

If you have to change base field configuration in core or contributed modules, there is a work around using drush command and then export the configuration.

This module will list all entities, bundles with fields allow user to enter key->value for the attribute that has to change and execute the form. The result will produce export file.

Audience Pixel

The Audience Pixel plugin easily installs and enables the Audience.to tracking code on your Drupal website.


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