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OnePass for Drupal

About 1Pass
1Pass is a platform for single-article sales.

When 1Pass users see an article for sale behind the 1Pass button on a participating
web site, they click it and the article appears. 1Pass takes care of all the
accounting behind the scenes.

This module makes that possible in the following ways:

- It populates the button embed code
- It provides a shortcode to add to posts where the 1Pass embed should appear
- It provides a virtual display suite field which will automatically truncate the posts in case the editor doesn't enter the shortcode
- It provides a built in Atom feed to make your content available to 1Pass

It also provides

- The option to use 1Pass to restrict content
-- This option can be set when creating the content type
-- This option can then be overriden on each nodes

To use the module, you need

* 1Pass API credentials

To get these, enter your email at 1pass.me.

Search API Multilingual Solr Search


The goal of this project is to cleanly extend Search API using Search API Solr Search as backend to provide:

  • better support for non-English languages
  • support for multilingual search
  • cross-language information retrieval (CLIR)
  • an easy-to-use administration interface


Dynamic node Importer

This module allows user to import nodes using .CSV files.

Features offered:

Ban Unpublish Links

This module adds links to ban and unpublish to user and node tabs. Depends on Ban and Unpublish module.

Webform ClickDimensions

This module has support for many addons that allows them to integrate to Microsoft Dynamics CRM ClickDimensions system.
A webform can be configured in order to visitors send data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM with http://clickdimensions.com/ form.
The module allows configurations needed by Click Dimensions, such as URL to Form Post action.
Submissions from a webform are saved in Click Dimensions system database.

Views Filter localStorage

Fills and submits form inputs with settings in localStorage. It's not specific to views, but is probably most useful to fill and submit views exposed filters to values obtained via front-end methods. This avoid unneeded ajax calls and allows it easily to be undone. Works well with views better exposed filters and including a reset button to unfilter the view afterwards.


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