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Nexx Integration

The nexx integration module integrates videos uploaded to nexx.tv (http://www.nexx.tv/) video CMS - called Omnnia - into drupal.
If you connect nexx.tv and drupal with this module, Videos updated to nexx.tv will automatically be created on
your drupal site as media entites. If you render those entitites on your article, a video player with this will be shown.



Drupal integration for Usabilla - user feedback tool.

Bootstrap responsive wrappers

Bootstrap responsive wrappers module adds a new filter in your input formats that checks the content and adds the video wrapper for responsive videos with 16/9 ratio aspect and the table wrapper.

This is useful beacuse users can use the WYSIWYG to add videos an tables and magically append the responsive wrappers, without the need to allow users to create divs or know or remember to add the bootstrap responsive wrappers.


EID auth

Estonian EID login module

Color Dialog


Provides Drupal 8 CKEditor with the Color Dialog. This is useful for modules like Color Button

Commerce Utilities

Module provides object-oriented definitions of utilities which simplify the routine of building E-commerce websites.



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