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A module to allow Drupal to make CARE API calls to access and update data held in the CARE database.

CARE has been known by various names over the years, and has been maintained by various software companies. Originally known as IRIS CARE, it is currently called CARENG, from Advanced Computer Software Group Ltd


Advanced Poll Media


This module extends Advanced Poll choice field in order to accept files from media module via library or any media source is allowed.
To show the selected media it uses two different view modes one for Choice form and another for results.



Drupbot :

This is a chat bot module.This will be like a Drupal assistant and will help in getting information about the website,technology and will also be a source of amusement.It will dance, chat with you and also give suggestions.


1)Animated and attractive UI using sequence of GIF.
2)An AI level 2 scripting to match patterns of chat and provide nearest response.
3)Will provide additional help.
4)Will provide information from web.
5)Will answer FAQ.
6)Character switching.

Edit unpublished


This module allows you to grant access for specific user roles to edit or delete unpublished nodes of a specific type.
You can edit or delete your own or any content.


Edit unpublished adds four permissions per specific content type :

Remind it

Remind it
This is a reminder management system which seeks to provide the best way to keep a track of our daily tasks.


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