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Term Content

Term content is a simple administration UI to manage (sort/filter) Taxonomy term's content

Why Term Content ?

There is no any way to customize the term content's order in drupal, most of the times we are using nodequeue module to order the nodes. It is very hard to manage the content in both nodequeue and taxonomy, This module might solve the problem. we can easily customize the node's order based on the terms and also we could list the nodes in views based on the custom orders.

For more details Check README.txt file.

Entity references with text

This module allows you to provide a custom text with multiple entity references embedded. This image makes this clearer:

List of similar but not similar projects

https://www.drupal.org/project/entity_reference_override This module allows you to specify a custom text per entity reference

Configuration Rewrite

Rewrite existing configuration during installation

Place any configuration .yml in your module's config/rewrite folder and declare config_rewrite a dependency to your module. Full and partial configuration changes are saved on installation.

This module requires a patch for core!
#2350111: Introduce an event to decouple the module installer from the entity manager


module for dingtalk app development.
dingding module are byproduct of umoney system. when umoney system online, the developer team standardize common used module and public it to open souce community,all module use same package name umoney.
dingding support dingtalk isv and corp micro-app, include isv program or corp program .
About how to develop dingding app , please visit dingding development site https://open.dingtalk.com

PayONE payment

Payment integration for the PayONE payment provider.

Date Icon

This module extends the date_popup module (part of Date) to provide a JQuery UI icon datepicker.

It will just create a new element type "dateicon" based on the "date_popup" element so, it will not convert all your date_popup elements into "dateicon" automatically .


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