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Manage external css & jss through Drupal admin UI & Contexts. Files support multiple versions based on prod/stage/dev environments for easier development on production instances.
This module was developed by Interscope Records and designed with Acquia Sitefactory in mind to accommodate building sites in a multisite environment off a shared codebase without the need to push out updates for theme-level updates.

based on Javascript Libraries Manager

Feature List

Commerce Todo Pago

Todo Pago logo

This project will integrate Todo Pago payment services into the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout systems.


netForum Single Sign On (SSO)

netforum xweb configuration.

netForum Single Sign On (SSO)

Allows users with netforum profiles to sign in into the Drupal website. This provides basic SSO functionality and will create new users in Drupal if they don’t exist. In addition, this also sets certain user attributes using the netForum SSO Tokens, that will let you create cross-site hyperlinks, allowing users to seamlessly move between the Drupal CMS and Netforum eWeb site.

Environment Indicator File

Display an arbitrary tag from a file in your sites folder.

Useful for when using different build systems across multiple environments and want to standardise.

File must be called "version" and live in sites/$site_name


Open Data Schema Map

This module provides a flexible way to expose your Drupal content via APIs following specific Open Data schemas. Currently, the CKAN and Project Open Data schemas are provided, but new schemas can be easily added through your own modules. A user interface is in place to create endpoints and map fields from the chosen schema to Drupal content using tokens.



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