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Landing Page Theme

top menu of the page

Now we are working on website of Our Drupal Development Team. We would like to share our theme as simple one page solution that can provide one page anchor navigation out of box without complex admin and coding activity.

It is Bootstrap 3 sub theme, so please install Bootstrap theme.
Also Library module and Font Awesome and Appear JS libraries are required.


Permissions Helper

Permissions Helper overview


Permissions Helper is just a "tell me the truth!" module for those developers which have no time to spend on searching for the correct permission key in the Permissions page.



This Project Includes:
1: PayUPaisa for Drupal Commerce (main module)
2: PayUPaisa Phone Field (adds phone field to billing address required by payupaisa)

Allows you to use PayU Paisa payment gateway with the drupal commerce module and empowering any business to collect money online within minutes.

Payment options provided by PayUPaisa:

Credit Card
Debit Card
Net Banking
Cash Card/Wallet
Reward Program

Faceted Search Extension for Google Search Appliance

This is an extension to the google search appliance module to provide faceted search for drupal 7


A module to allow Drupal to make CARE API calls to access and update data held in the CARE database.

CARE has been known by various names over the years, and has been maintained by various software companies. Originally known as IRIS CARE, it is currently called CARENG, from Advanced Computer Software Group Ltd


Advanced Poll Media


This module extends Advanced Poll choice field in order to accept files from media module via library or any media source is allowed.
To show the selected media it uses two different view modes one for Choice form and another for results.



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