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This is education project!!!

Mandrill Webhooks

Mandrill Webhooks exposes an endpoint, receives data from Mandrill webhooks and makes it available via the Drupal hook: hook_mandrill_webhook($data).
This module also allows for administration of Mandrill Webhooks from the Drupal site via the API.

The endpoint implements the recommended authentication from Mandrill http://help.mandrill.com/entries/23704122-Authenticating-webhook-requests.


Taxonomy manager 8

Sandbox project for D8 version of taxonomy manager http://drupal.org/project/taxonomy_manager

Search API Voting

This module provides basic integration between Voting API and Search API modules.

It adds an extra data alteration to entity based search indexes and make this setting available on the "Filter" tab. If an administrator enables the mentioned alteration, all combination of vote results will be available for indexing on the "Fields" tab.

OpenLayers PopOut

Example of the settings form

This modules provides a new behaviour for OpenLayers maps: data from the map will be shown in an external div when a map point is clicked.

You can specify the DIV element by ID. By default it will look for #pop-out. In the example in the screenshot, the map data is shown in the sidebar region.


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