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Clinic Appointment Management System

It is a doctor appointment management system that we can use it for one or multiple office clinics.

Appointment Management System is the quickest way to get up and to run with patient appointment management. It includes the latest version of Drupal core, FullCalendar, and the other modules it is depending on. It lets you create a fully functioning appointment book, managing system out of the box. It comes with comprehensive reports powered by views module.


Menu introvert

Hide menu blocks on pages that aren't part of the menu itself.

Say you have a short guide with six nodes of type page in a custom menu. You only want this menu to be visible when you are within one of these six pages. That's what introvert refers to. It keeps the menu to itself, its own context. Configure your block as usual and enable the option Hide menu block outside of menu.


Sandbox project for BombBomb integration



Lithium SSO

Lithium SSO allows one-way login between Drupal and Lithium community forums. Whenever a user has logged into a Drupal site, they can also log into a lithium site that is set in the configuration page at admin/config/content/lithium-sso.

Lithium SSO requires the Libraries module, both versions 1.0 and 2.0 should work. Before installing this module you must obtain the file lithium_sso.php from your lithium provider and place it in a sub-directory named lithium_sso in the libraries directory at /sites/all/libraries .


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