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Asset Injector

This combines the two modules, JS Injector and CSS Injector, into a single module for simplicity.

As described from those modules, this functions the same. This module is definitely not a replacement for full-fledged theming, but it provides site administrators with a quick and easy way of tweaking things without diving into full-fledged theme hacking.

Commerce Ajax Cart Form

Another Commerce Ajax Cart Form module.

AJAX Mini Panels for Pages

This module allows you to AJAXify a panels page by making links and form submissions on the page cause the specified mini-panels embedded in that page reload themselves via AJAX.

To use this module, simply download and enabled it, then turn on Panels Mini Ajax in the configuration for the panels pages you want AJAX enabled on.


securepages D8 porting

securepages Drupal 8 porting

Simple Custom Module

Simple Custom Module for drupal 8.


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