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Quiz Webform

Quiz Webform module provides a new content type to use with quiz module as a question type. It allows users to fill webform submission as a response to quiz question.

Menu Link Attributes

This module allows you to add attributes to your menu links.

You can create issues and pull requests on Github.


Translate fields

This module presents a new field type called translate fields which can be used in custom forms. This field type will be typically used with a select list or checkboxes/radios. We usually define a key|value pair and present that to form field in an array. However this module presents a admin UI to manage these key|value pairs more efficiently by adding effective date and status control to them. This is generally when certain key|value pairs need to be retired or when new ones are to be shown effective from a certain date onwards.

Best Price

Best Price

Best Price allows you to find best price for your products. Search Competitor's prices and Dynamic change price for our products. Works with Ubercart module.

Default Content for D8


Default content gives your module and install profile a way to ship default content as well as configuration.
Powered by core's serialization, rest and hal modules.


Supports entity-references between content.
Supports files if you have File entity
Easily export your content and its dependencies to yml using drush commands.

How does it work

How does it work



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