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Social Media Push

Social Media Push: A Drupal 7 Module for pushing content out to Social Media.

The First module is required by the sub-modules. When the sub-modules are configured, they push a content type's information (title, subject, images, links) to the respective Social Media provider.

You will need to provide the API information to make the connection.

TimelineJS Entity

Note: This module is under heavy active development. The APIs may change.
This module is not recommended for use in production.

This module aims to provide an entity for defining a Timeline displayed with the TImelineJS library. If you are looking for TimelineJS integration using views check out the Views TimelineJS module.

Skip Delete Confirmation

Skip Delete Confirmation

This module allows you to skip delete page of confirmation.
1- To enable, navigate to “Structure” → “Content types” then choose any content type.
2- Enable “Skip delete confirmation for this content type”.
3- Click on “Save content type”.

In Use

In Use generates a site audit indicating which enabled modules are actually in use on the website.


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