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Megamenu Framework

This module provides a flexible framework for building a megamenu. Unlike most other Megamenu modules this one does not attempt to generate a finished menu, which can then be difficult to customize. Instead it provides the bones of a megamenu with almost no styling, making it easy to customize.

If you're looking for a plug and play solution, this is not the module for you. But if you're looking for an easy way to roll your own with full styling flexibility, this is what you're looking for.


Chained Fast

Chained Fast is (another) port of the chained fast backend for Drupal 7.

To use, you can for example use Database + Memcache or Database + https://www.drupal.org/project/apcu.


Uc Iyzico

Ubercart Iyzico

iyzico payment gateway for Ubercart.
This module uses the Iyzico payment form. This form is including to the order review page from iyzico server.

Configuration Split

The Drupal 8 configuration management works best when importing and exporting the whole set of the sites configuration. However, sometimes developers like to opt out of the robustness of CM and have a super-set of configuration active on their development machine and deploy only a subset.



Provides a pseudo random orderby sort for views. Very useful on pagination.

Randomizes the display order using seed number based on day of year.

Commerce Discount Payment Method

Apply discount depending on payment method selected during order checkout process



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