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Date specific permissions

Date specific permissions listing

This module allows site admin to grant and revoke permissions based on date.
Site admin must select which permission to be provided / revoked to which role and for a specific date interval.

This module enables site admins to select which permission to be granted on which date for a specific user role. This module dependent on drupal cron run to update the permissions. Site admin can update the permissions manually as well.

When cron runs or manually updated by site admin, all the permissions scheduled today for an update will be updated for specified roles.


Parameter Injection Dot Env

Provides a Plugin for Parameter Injection Module to use parameters from .env configutation files, that can be overridden with environment variables from Webserver / Docker / whatever.

This is especially useful for running Drupal 8 in a container environment, where configuration must be injected to achieve a 12-factor app.

Parameter Injection Settings

Provides a Plugin for Parameter Injection Module to use parameters from Drupal's configuration / settings.

Parameter Injection

Provides a dependency-injection compiler pass for injection of parameters into services using a Symfony-like notation with %name.sub.sub.value% syntax. For extensibility this module provides a @Plugin notation and interfaces for other modules to provide configuration.

- Parameter Injection Settings
- Parameter Injection Dot Env

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This module creates a simple content type to act as a container for other content types. Why? The values of a card, Title Blurb, and Image are based on the referenced node, and you can either keep the default values or override them with custom values without affecting the referenced node. This is useful for things like heds and decks and newsletters, where a summary of the underlying node may need to be different than the nodes summary itself.


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