Commerce Avatax (5.x)

Connect to Avatax

After installing Commerce Avatax, configure the connection to AvaTax:

Hooks and Events for SMS Framework

This page outlines how your module can hook into SMS Framework.

Creating a gateway plugin

Creating a gateway plugin #

Create your plugin file at src/Plugin/SmsGateway/, namespace should be Drupal\my_module\Plugin\SmsGateway.

The gateway class must implement the \Drupal\sms\Plugin\SmsGatewayPluginInterface interface. SMS Framework includes an abstract base class to speed up plugin development. Your class can can instead extend \Drupal\sms\Plugin\SmsGatewayPluginBase.

Adding incoming SMS features to Gateway plugins

The page outlines how to add feature to your gateway plugin in order for your site to handle SMS messages sent by mobile clients to your site. Unlike the send method, adding incoming functionality is optional.

Entity Browser Enhanced

Entity Browser Enhanced provides some behavior and style enhancements to Entity Browsers, specifically for multi-select and image/media browsers.

All you need to do is Select enhancer

Entity Browser Widgets configuration

SimpleSAML Runtime Config: Dynamically adjust metadata

(For overall information on SimpleSAML Runtime Config, see the project page.)

The module generates a JSON file containing the values in private storage. You can then manually
integrate this with your SimpleSAML configuration. The file is located at

Include it into your configuration and run json_decode on it.


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