Environment Libraries allows themers to manage external css & js through the a Drupal admin UI & optionally with contexts (the recommended approach). Files support multiple versions based on prod/stage/dev environments for easier development on production instances. A basic role based permission allows access to non-production versions of a library.

Using with date_popup Form API element

Pop-up calendar widget for Date fields is not the only thing provided by the Date Popup module. It actually defines new form element first and then uses it when defines Pop-up calendar widget.

Using with Pop-up Calendar widget and Date fields

  • Install Date Popup Timepicker module and its dependencies.
  • Navigate Administration » Configuration » Date Popup (admin/config/date/date_popup), select "jQuery UI Timepicker" in the options list and save settings. So this is the only available option added by the Date Popup Timepicker module for now and it's full name is jQuery UI Timepicker (By François Gélinas) timepicker library: https://fgelinas.com/code/timepicker/

Date Popup Timepicker

Date Popup Timepicker module adds more timepicker options for Pop-up Calendar widget for Date fields and date_popup form element provided by the Date module.

There are 2 possible ways of using Date Popup Timepicker module:

Statistics Advanced

The Statistics Advanced module provides a few advanced options to the core Statistics module.

Maintaining Sites With Distributions FAQ

Can new modules be added to the site?

Can a module provided by the distribution be upgraded individually?

How should a site maintainer handle security releases to contrib modules or Drupal core?


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