EXPERIMENTAL: Datetime range module

Placeholder for documentation on about the new Datetime range module.

EXPERIMENTAL: Outside-In module

The Outside-In module is included in Drupal 8 core since Drupal 8.2. It provides the ability to change the most common configuration from the Drupal front-end.

Drupal 8 Date/Calendar

Top level D8 Drupal Date & Calendar Top Page. This section is under construction.

Module is not ready yet, but its main function work and there is a first tutorial how to set up a calendar in drupal 8:

how you can add SVG image in Drupal 8 using Ck-editor.

This guide or you can say help is for those who wanted to add SVG image to there projects but currently there is no module available in Drupal 8.

Like all i had searched to add SVG to my Drupal 8 site, but got nothing nice to use. After a while when i was testing the same SVG issue i got know that SVG is some how XML code which view the vector image on browser.

1. This is how the SVG code looks.
svg code

EXPERIMENTAL: Content moderation module

Placeholder for documentation on about the new Content Moderation module.

HOWTO: Migrate from Page Title

The Page Title module allowed editing the "title" tag. This is also a standard field in Metatag. When the two modules are installed together the Page Title module can interfere with the output of the Metatag module. As the Page Title module has been deprecated, it is recommended to uninstall it and just use Metatag instead.

Steps to convert from Page Title to Metatag



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