image style optimizer is a free image optimization API. It compresses the size of your images, making them — and therefore your website — significantly faster to load. image style optimizer is a Drupal module that provides an image style effect with this image optimization capability.

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Drupal core deprecation policy

Why we deprecate

In Drupal 8, minor updates can introduce new APIs and features. When a new API is added, the old API will be deprecated in favor of the new one. We cannot remove the old API in a minor release because Drupal 8 makes a backwards compatibility promise, but it will usually be removed in the next major version (Drupal 9).

BS Base

@TODO - this will be a documentation for bs_base base theme.

Getting Feature Data into and Out of dH




In the example below, we are searching for a feature by "hydrocode" column, which , along with bundle and type should form a unique text identifier.


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