Smart Glossary

This is the documentation for the "Smart Glossary"-module.

Table of contents:

Writing extensions

Please note it has been a while since I wrote this implementation, but it appears nobody ever documented this properly. So this is to give people some directions on where to look. Feel free to update and add to this document.


The Node.js module allows one to extend the behavior of the server. This way we can emit and handle custom event handlers.

Creating a Drupal core security release

This guide explains how to create a security release of Drupal core. For instructions on creating a normal patch or minor release, see Creating a new Drupal core release.

Reviewing and committing Drupal core patches

Reviewing and committing patches

When reviewing a patch before commit, here are some things to think about:

Annotation-Based Plugins in Views

Views uses annotation-based plugin discovery for much of the code in Drupal Core.

Annotation Class

There are a variety of different annotation classes that underly the different Views plugins. The annotation class is specified in the plugin block, for example, the Views Display type "Block", uses the annotation class "ViewsDisplay", which is indicated by the "@ViewsDisplay" in the following code:


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