Issue creation guidelines

This documentation page contains some guidelines for creating issues related to the Chart module.

Please understand that they are only guidelines: they cannot really be enforced and there may be exceptions to them. But feature requests that respect these guidelines automatically enhance the chances for a feature request to be accepted ... and implemented in a future release of the chart module.

Chart HowTos

HowTo pages are short, highly-targeted articles on how to accomplish a specific task. They are contributed by the community in response to a need for concise information. HowTo pages differ from Tutorials in that they are most often a single page document and directly relate to either a certain function of a module, a goal-based task, or a "Did you know the Chart module can do this?" paragraph.

Chart API Helper Functions

Helper Functions are available to simplify building and/or modifying the Chart API Array structure. Below is a list of all Helper Functions available in the Chart module.

Chart API Generation Functions

Documentation about the Chart Generation functions still has to be migrated to this community page ... and needs further completion (e.g. to ensure it is D7 compliant also ...).

Chart API Examples

Below are some examples for creating a chart using the API provided by the Chart module. Note that they depend on the release of Drupal being used.

If you have other examples that should be added, please go ahead and edit this page to do so.

Create charts using Views

Anybody familiar with the views UI can use the chart module to create charts without coding PHP snippets, as one typically does when using the Chart API.

So site building knowledge is sufficient to create charts using Views, you don't have to be like an experienced Drupal developer (who probably would rather want to use the Chart API instead).


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