Entity Browser Enhanced

Entity Browser Enhanced provides some behavior and style enhancements to Entity Browsers, specifically for multi-select and image/media browsers.

All you need to do is Select enhancer

Entity Browser Widgets configuration

SimpleSAML Runtime Config: Dynamically adjust metadata

(For overall information on SimpleSAML Runtime Config, see the project page.)

The module generates a JSON file containing the values in private storage. You can then manually
integrate this with your SimpleSAML configuration. The file is located at

Include it into your configuration and run json_decode on it.

Installing Varbase 8.x-4.x

In order to install and use Varbase there are several extra steps you need to follow, to take full advantage of Varbase, other than the Drupal 8 installation instructions and setup process.

Collections (filtering, sorting, and paginating)

JSON API makes it possible to retrieve multiple resources in a single request, these routes are called "collection" routes. One can fetch a collection of resources by sending a GET request to the base resource route, e.g. GET /api/node/article and not including a UUID. By default, this will include all resources of the specified type.

Field Permissions


The Field Permissions module allows site admins to set field-base-level permissions to edit or view CCK fields on any fieldable entity.

Jmeter with Drupal

This plan was adapted from other test templates and has the following scenarios:

  • Authenticated browsing
  • Editing a node
  • Federated Login


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