Clarifying Root Aspects In wall art stickers

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DrupalCI - Modernizing Testbots

DrupalCI represents the next generation of testing infrastructure for This page documents a rough architectural overview of each component of DrupalCI, and some of the key architectural decisions that have been made as it is built out to MVP spec during the D8 Accelerate sprint hosted from March 31st to April 2nd 2015 in the Drupal Association Offices in Portland, OR.

Per the project page there are several components that make up the DrupalCI system.

Bubbleable metadata

The parent page explains cacheability in general. This looks in detail at how render arrays bubble cacheability.

OG Mailinglist and Mailgun

General setup

OG Mailinglist works well with Mailgun backend. Just make sure you set correct API key, username and password on admin/config/group/mailinglist configuration page.

Reducing Mailgun load

Mailgun counts both incoming and outgoing emails. To reduce this, one could send email from the server and only use Mailgun for the incoming emails, which for largers mailinglists is just a fraction of all outgoing emails (someone please clarify if Mailgun counts email going to group as single email or counts all the recipients as well).

Render API

Drupal's Render API roughly consists of two parts:

  1. The render pipeline — which is format-agnostic (HTML, JSON, anything)
  2. Render arrays, which are a representation of a HTML page. They allow nesting (like HTML) and altering (necessary for Drupal's flexibility)

Clear-Cut Solutions In 玻璃双边磨边机 For 2012

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