Reaction module


Reaction module provides ability to react on content. Inspired by facebook reactions.

Technically the module will provide the field reaction field type, where this field can be added to any entity type(like Content type, Comment type etc).

How to install the module?

Query Settings

Some Views may contain duplicate results. There is an option that can help remove duplicates. Open up the "Advanced" section of the view's administration page and in the "Other" section are "Query Settings".

Here there is a checkbox for "Distinct" and another one that appears if it is checked, "Pure Distinct". It may not be clear which to use, but for a new view, it is best to check both options. Some sites that have upgraded from a previous version of Views may have problems with pure distinct, so this option is disabled by default.

SauceLabs Integration Module

This is the documentation placeholder for the SauceLabs module.

Bitnami Drupal Stack: All-In-One Drupal 7, and 8 Local Installation on your Windows, MAC, or Linux Computer


Bitnami Drupal Stack

Includes Drupal, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. (Windows, MAC, Linux)

This is a very easy way to get a Drupal 7, or Drupal 8 site running on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. After the 30-minute installation (might be 15, or 20 maybe) you will immediately have a Drupal site ready to play with.

Adding a new Drupal core committer

Potential core committers (like any other type of core maintainer) can nominate themselves publicly, at any time, via the standard procedure (see the Drupal core governance documentation).

In practice, though, it is common for the existing team of committers to recruit people privately:


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