govCMS is a Drupal7 Distribution used by the Australian Government and designed to be hosted on public cloud infrastructure.

By using govCMS, Australian government agencies are able to create and manage unclassified websites cost effectively, in compliance with Australian Government standards.

PATCH for updating content entities

User Entity Type

Updating the email and password

Here is an example using the hal_json format:

"pass":[{"existing":"existingSecretPass", "value": "myNewSuperSecretPass"}]

Flag lists 7.x-3.x

The flag lists module 7.x-3.x is compatible with the Flag module 7.x-3.x version

Mailgun Documentation

Download the Mailgun PHP library, unzip the archive, rename it to mailgun, and place it in the sites/all/libraries directory.
If done correctly, there should be a file named composer.json in sites/all/libraries/mailgun.


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