Layout plugin

The Layout plugin module allows modules or themes to register layouts by simply providing a YAML file and some templates, and for other modules to list the available layouts and render them.

Registering layouts using *.layouts.yml


The simplest case (so, using the 'template' and 'css' keys)


Registering your own theme function and using 'theme'


Registering your own library and use 'library'


Using the .csv source plugin

The Migrate Plus module provides a source plugin for utilizing .csv files as migration sources.

How to import a simple CSV-file with Migrate Plus CSV plugin

This very basic example will show you how to import Title and Body into the Article content type from a CSV-file.

Drush commands

This page will document the various migration-related Drush commands:

migrate-upgrade (no alias)

Provided by the Migrate Upgrade project. Use this to run a upgrade from Drupal 6/7 to Drupal 8. This command will generate migration configurations (from migration templates) based on the source site's configuration and content and then run all migrations in the proper order (based on dependencies).

Continuous Migration

Since migrations are no longer done in-place, it is possible to do continuous content migration, which means the first time a migration is run all content is imported. On subsequent runs, you can expect that:

  • Content that is unchanged will be ignored - no duplicates will be created
  • New content will be imported
  • Updated content will be re-imported
  • Deleted content will remain in the destination. It will not be deleted.

Additional topics

See child pages for various advanced topics for migrating data into Drupal 8.


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