OpenEDU API (Notifications)


OpenEDU API is a generalized suite of services which provide access to data within the OpenEDU framework.  OpenEDU Syndication is one implementation of this API infrastructure.  Notifications, a system for collecting and distributing user-defined event notifications, is another.  Out of the box, OpenEDU notifications is designed to support two primary usecases:

OpenEDU Core Components

This section considers the core components of OpenEDU:

OpenEDU Installation

OpenEDU is an installation profile.  To install OpenEDU do the following:



OpenEDU presents a foundational collection of shared data and operational services in support of the needs of today’s edu marketplace.  These services are exposed to a wide variety of deployment and presentation options.  In this way, OpenEDU is both presentation and architecturally agnostic, allowing each organization to construct a set of unique end-state web sites each sharing critical functional and data “DNA”. 



There are two different common locking problems you will likely encounter and it is very common to assume you have a single locking problem. Since these two locking problems are actually completely unrelated, it causes a lot of confusion as people look for the solution to “the locking problem” and get stuck on the wrong fix or a combination of the two.


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