A note about Real Name

Not all contributed modules pre-process usernames with functions like theme_username() before outputting the username value. For Drupal installations which consider the username to be confidential information, Real Name cannot perform a universal operation to hide the base username.


What it does

Guardr pre-packages the following modules, activates most of them, and sets pre-configured, secure values for some.

Alter exposed form with jquery

Let's say you have an exposed form with a units dropdown containing a variety of units, eg Klometers, Meters, Miles, Yards and Nautical Miles but you really only want Kilometers and Meters, here's how:
In a bespoke module (or your theme) you need some javascript enabled, in this example we will call it "myhelper".


Guardr is a Drupal distribution with a combination of modules and settings to enhance a Drupal application's security and availability to meet enterprise security requirements. While you can easily start a new Drupal site with Guardr, it is recommended that you use Guardr as a base install profile.

Guardr follows the CIA information security triad: confidentiality, integrity and availability. From Wikipedia:

Well Formed Errors Initiative

Let's face it - Drupal's errors can be downright cryptic, especially when it isn't Drupal but PHP raising the error through calls to functions on non-objects most of the time. This is an initiative to change that.

Serverside Google geocoding

Getlocations does all it's geocoding clientside (eg in the browser) but there may be times when a developer needs to do some geocoding serverside, here are a couple of functions to help with that:


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