Push Notifications

Project page: Push Notifications on Drupal.org.

Push Notifications Overview

YouTube Block

The YouTube Block module integrates with YouTube and creates a block containing your most recent YouTube posts.

Configure YouTube Account

Each YouTube channel has a unique feed URL. These are used to refer to the channel in certain apps and services. To find the feed URL for your channel, sign into Youtube and check your advanced account settings page. To do this, click here.

How to bulk assign content to a group


Is there anyway of bulk-assigning existing content to groups? I have a large set of preexisting content that I would need to assign to a main group. I'm aware that I could do this programmatically, but I wonder if there is a simple way of doing this.

Configuring group permissions and roles

The Group module comes with its own set of configurable roles and permissions. For each group you can specify appropriate permissions, and this for various "roles" that are specific to the Group module (these roles are not the typical/global roles of a typical Drupal site).


You can use the Group module with only the base module. But extra features can be enabled via these sub-modules (you will probably need at least one):


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