Classes of a school website

Classes of a school website is a typical usecase of the Group module.

With a teacher as the administrator, students as the members and the content as the learning material. Articles in the Group are created by the teacher and only visible to the students in the Group. Forums created in the Group are safe places to discuss the class as they are only accessible to the teacher and the students.

Example usecases

Out of the box, Drupal only allows a person to view, create or edit the different content types you create. However, you might want to be able to let them view or edit all content types, but only in a specific section of the site.


This documentation page details the steps required to get started with Subgroup, a sub-module of the Group module.

This sub-module allows a group to belong to another group.

OneSignal Integration

This module integrates with OneSignal, which is a free multi-platform push notification service for mobile apps.

This module wraps the PHP library written by @norkunas providing a simple user interface to setup the basic configurations to initialize the OneSignal class.

NOTE: This is not an end user module. This is for developers.

How to pre-select a group at node creation

Group pages list node creation links for all allowed group nodes. You can use the same path to make node creation links with group pre-filled from any other location too, like from any custom view with group information you set up:

/group/[group id]/node/add/[content type]

How to hide group settings on node edit forms

If you want to control how group members create and interact with group content through other means than the group settings on the node edit form (or just allow admin users to change what group content is in), it can be useful to hide that setting. One way to do this is to create a custom module and use this code that hides the form for all users except those with role id 5 (replace HOOK with your module name):


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