Allowed changes during the Drupal 8 beta phase

Now that Drupal 8-beta 1 has been released. it’s important for all core contributors to understand the criteria for acceptance of core patches during this phase of the development cycle.

For background discussion, see #2350615: [policy, no patch] What changes can be accepted during the Drupal 8 beta phase?.

How to fix merge conflicts

If you working on the issue, but in PR you see error about merge conflicts, it means that bot can’t merge your repository with source repository.

In this case you need resolve merge conflicts. To resolve conflicts, you need to do next steps from working directory of your project:

Installing Drush 6 and 7 on Shared Hosting Accounts With Composer

This document will guide you through the installation of Drush using Composer on your shared Linux hosting account. Topics include requesting SSH access to your account, using an SSH Client, general Bash usage, Composer installation and Drush installation.

Using CI bot

After creating Pull Request, you can interact with CI bot. You need ask your Team Leader to approve your PR to testing by CI by command ok to test. Also Team Leader may use command retest this please.

When you PR was approved, you can use command test this please to trigger testing and then you can see response from CI Bot.


Available commands:

For Team Leaders


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