Tarpit spam trap

The Tarpit module allows you to build a tarpit on particular url that you can define.
When the spammer visit those links, a special page with text and links is displayed.
If he continue crawling on those links, after a depth limit, an action that you can define is triggered.

The module is bundled with multiple submodules that you can enable according to your needs.

Sub-theme for MAYO 8.x-1.x

These are the steps I used to make a Sub-Theme for the MAYO theme for Drupal 8. I'm using MAYO 8.x-1.0 here.

Exposing your plugin types

The Plugin module describes a format for telling other projects about the plugin types your module provides. This is useful if those projects provide generic features for any plugin type, such as Drupal core's cache clearing mechanisms, or the Plugin module's plugin field type, which can store instances of plugins of any type.

Older versions

The instructions for building a sub-theme of an old version of Zen are archived here.

Elimai Theme Installation

Elimai means Simplicity in Tamil Language. This is a simple responsive theme with minimum colors. This theme has been developed with the Twitter Bootstrap framework.


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