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Generating database fixtures for D8 Migrate tests

When writing tests for your D6 / D7 to D8 core migrations, use the database fixtures that are included in Drupal 8 core:
* core/modules/migrate_drupal/tests/fixtures/drupal6.php
* core/modules/migrate_drupal/tests/fixtures/drupal7.php

This is your D6 / D7 source data to write your tests against.
If you need extra test data in these database sources, you can run a script to extend these fixtures (changes to be added to your patch):

Media Vimeo Uploader

In this doc you can find information how to start using Media Vimeo Uploader module.


1) Download and enable Media Vimeo Uploader module with his dependencies
2) Download vimeo.php library and place it in libraries folder
Library should be available at sites/all/libraries/vimeo.php/autoload.php

Resize logo on Invoice

The Invoice logo size is set in your "invoice_pdf_html.tpl.php" file. Which comes with ERPAL. Or you could create your own ".tpl.php" file. The path to that file is display at "ERPAL" > "ERPAL INVOICE" tab > "Invoice PDF templates" section. Or go directly to /admin/erpal/invoice

If you're not familiar with editing ".tpl.php" files a workaround is:

Using the Docker Container

The Cartaro demo Docker container provides a quick and easy way to get
a local demo installation of Cartaro. The container contains all
components needed for Cartaro. These are mainly an Apache webserver
with amongst others PHP, a readily configured Geoserver as well as a
PostgreSQL database with PostGIS.
The only requirement is a running Docker installation, which can be
obtained here

How to register layouts with Layout Plugin

The Layout plugin module allows modules or themes to register layouts, and for other modules (like Panels or Display Suite) to use them.

There are several ways to provide a layout. We'll discuss each in the sections below, starting with the simplest, most common case and building up to some of the more advanced techniques!


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