How to Test your YOTPO set up

Note: When I first wrote this you could test out the api on the api site but this is currently not possible as the forms have been removed. However Yotpo recommend using the Google Chrome Postman extension if you want to test the api.

Useful Yotpo information

How to find your Api keys


Background Reading

For some yotpo background reading see this document which gives some information concerning Yotpo configuration such as that shown below.

Rules Integration

The Push Notifications module integrates with the Rules module. The module implements 2 actions and 8 events you can implement in your custom Rules.

Contact Storage

The Contact Storage module provides storage for Contact messages which are fully-fledged entities in Drupal 8.

With it you can store, edit and delete messages, customize button text, hide preview button and work with it all in Views.

The Contact Storage module adds the "List" Tab to the Contact Forms Screen as shown below.

Contact Forms Screenshot


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