Commerce Payment Method: Mercado Pago

This page explain how to install and configure the module Mercado Pago Payment which allow you to receive MercadoPago payment in Drupal Commerce

Version 7.x-2.x

This is the recommended version.The version 7.x-2.x, now works fine, and it will not suffer strong changes on the near future. But it requires more testing in order to release it as an stable version.


This interface lives at the intersection of the Cache API and Responses. Since it is first and foremost a response, that's where the canonical information lives.

See also

Responses in Drupal 8


HTTP is all about requests and responses. Drupal 8 represents the responses it sends as Response objects. Drupal 8's responses are Symfony Response objects. Their documentation also applies to Drupal 8. First read that :)

Site information and Currently loggedin users.

Extra Site Information module provides Drush commands and UI level view to see Count of Content types, Nodes, Users, Roles existing in the site.
This module also provides the information about Currently loggedin users in your site.


How-to: Index title fields

As you might have noticed, basic node title fields (the ones you get for free when creating a new content type) don't show up when trying to create a new FTS index. Is that a bug?

No. It's a feature.

Okay, the less lame explanation is: it is not a bug in the module, it is by design in Drupal core.


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