Yandex.Metrics Reports API Documentation


The Yandex.Metrics Reports API is aimed to add extensibility to the Yandex.Metrics Reports module, which is a part of the Yandex.Metrics project.
Currently only one hook is available - hook_yandex_metrics_reports_list().

How to Use

Just implement the hook_yandex_metrics_reports_list() hook in your module to add a custom report/chart on the reports page.
Don't forget to clear the cache after adding new reports.

Yandex.Metrics Popular Content

Yandex.Metrics Popular Content module provides Popular Content view that displays the most popular urls of the site.

The data is pulled from Yandex.Metrica service using Yandex.Metrics project.

Yandex.Metrics 7.x-3.x Documentation

The Yandex.Metrica service is European alternative of Google Analytics.

The Yandex.Metrics project helps to integrate a website with the Yandex.Metrica.

The project consists of two modules, such as Yandex.Metrics Counter and Yandex.Metrics Reports.

Yandex.Metrics Counter


Simple FB Connect - Handbook

Simple FB Connect module allows users to register and login to your Drupal site with their Facebook account.


The following steps will guide you to update or upgrade of your actual installation of ERPAL in the Version 2.x-dev to the actual development snapshot on


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