"PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column" error


You are trying to create a new ERPAL contact. Or add an address to an existing contact. When you click on "Save" button. ERPAL returns the following error message:

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Operators Explained

equals (exact value of a property, consider ThemeKey Debug to get an impression of the possible values)
not equals
not contains
less than (alphanumeric values are treated in alphabetical order: "A" is less than "B" but "B" is less than "a")
less than or equal to (alphanumeric values are treated in alphabetical order: "a" is less than "b" but "B" is less than "a" and "A" is less than "a")

Properties Explained


Blog: User ID - The id of the user (uid) who owns the blog.
Page Cache: Supported


Drupal: Base path - If Drupal is installed in a subdirectory, the base path will be '/[subdirectory]/', otherwise just '/'.
Page Cache: Supported


Drupal: $_GET['q'] - Current value of Drupal's query parameter "q"
Page Cache: Supported


Drupal: Is front page - 'true' if current page is front page, otherwise just 'false'.
Page Cache: Supported

Writing Automated Update Tests for Drupal 8

If your module is making a data model change related to configuration, then you need to properly update your data model (as described on child pages linked to from that page).

You'll also need to test your update, to verify that it is working correctly. You can test it manually (as described on the parent page linked above), but it is also a good idea (and required in Core development) to write an automated upgrade test for your change. This page describes how to do that.


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