Setting header image as a CSS background image

At the time of writing the header image module doesn't support adding header images as a CSS background-image. Instead it simply displays the image field in a header image node. Using CSS background-images is more flexible in many use cases. Yes there are various background image modules but the advantage of using the header image module in this way is its ease of content management and full range of header image display conditions.

Tutorial - Fixed Expiration Date Membership

In this tutorial, we create a membership plan that will have a 'fixed expiration date', meaning it will expire on a certain date, regardless of when it was created.

MS Membership

MS Membership, one of the module included in MoneySuite, is comprehensive subscription software designed to integrate your site with all of the features of a professional Paid Membership Subscription site.

MoneySuite Core

MS Core is required by all MoneySuite modules and includes the payment processing and gateway functionality, as well as the cart and store API.

MS Core Configuration


MoneySuite provides a set of modules for Drupal sites that rely on the sale of memberships and/or content for revenue. This project is differentiated from the existing commerce modules in that it requires no special adaptation for the sale of memberships and handles one time or recurring payments through a variety of payment gateways.

The following modules are included in MoneySuite:

Configuring Entity Reference View Widget

The process below documents how to set up and configure the Entity Reference View Widget.

1) Create a new view

Create a new view with no display:

Go to Administration >> Structure >> Views >> Add new view (path: admin/structure/views/add)

Step 1

Give the view an unique name and select which "Entity/content" / "Type" you want to display.

Unselect "Create a page" and "Create a block"


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