Setup Cron Jobs

What's particularly interesting in DRD is to have an overview on domains, their status and their project update information. To keep all this up-to-date automatically, the following set of cron jobs is a possible recommendation:

Migrate DRD from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

If you have been using DRD already on Drupal 7 and want to migrate over with all the cores and domains automatically been available in your new dashboard, simply follow this guide.


This is what we're planning after the 3.0 release for Drupal 8 has been published, in no particular order:

Multisite Support

When you're operating Drupal in a single-domain environment, then all is nice and easy because when adding a new core, you're providing the URL in a form and DRD knows exactly to which end-point to talk to. Nothing to worry about.

However, if you're in a multi-site environment, where one Drupal core hosts more than one domain, then you have to give DRD a chance to recognize the domains that this core actually provides.


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