Install ssh2 on your server

Click on the below appropriate type of server

Install ssh2 on Debian Jessie 8

This is optional. But if you want to use Panopoly Apps, one of the easiest option is to install the "ssh2" extension package on your own server.

Layout plugin

The Layout plugin module allows modules or themes to register layouts, and for other modules (like Panels or Display Suite) to use them.


ERPAL is a centralized and web based business management distribution for software developers and service providers. It enables you to manage business processes with ONE smart toolbox that includes a large number of features out of the box.

ERPAL is split into two main distributions, one for end users and one for developers that want to use Drupal based business applications. Read more at

Quick Edit API

The Quick Edit API is new in Drupal 8. It is inspired, and in some parts functionally identical to the Drupal 7 Quick Edit module.

For high-level information on what this module does, see the Quick Edit module documentation.

API features

Ordered by most to least frequently used APIs:

Filter API

The Filter API is conceptually the same in Drupal 8 as it was in Drupal 7 and before. The major changes are:


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