The Range module provides a destination handler which exposes range fields for mapping.

Range field requires both FROM and TO values, so it doesn't make sense to use the primary value, i.e. map to field itself.
In order to use it, please map values to the subfields (mapping to the field won't work)

Installing Site and Choosing Modules for Multilingual

Multilingual sites are installed in a slightly different way from single-language sites, and require additional modules. This section of the guide is separated out by version.

Installation and usage

Use Guardr as the base for a new Drupal project

Download Guardr 7.x-2.x-dev or use drush $ drush dl guardr.

Install Drupal using the Guardr codebase as you would normally, but make sure to select the Guardr profile during the installation process.

Building a Guardr instance for development and testing

Download the Guardr profile.

High performance Guardr

Barracuda is a bash script to install and/or upgrade, tuned for high performance, Aegir Master Instance with all related system services.

The maintainers of Barracuda have chosen to include Guardr as a distribution install option. This is a fantastic partnership to provide both secure and high performance Drupal instances.

A note about Coder

Coder Review is a useful modules for identifying potential security issues, however it is not part of the Guardr distribution. Guardr is intended to be part of a layered sub-distribution. Due to a bug in Drupal 7, using drush with coder_review installed in more than one directory can cause fatal conflicts. It is recommended to add Coder to your installation.

A note about Real Name

Not all contributed modules pre-process usernames with functions like theme_username() before outputting the username value. For Drupal installations which consider the username to be confidential information, Real Name cannot perform a universal operation to hide the base username.


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