Linkit 7.x Handbook

Linkit provides an easy interface for internal and external linking with editors and fields by using an autocomplete field. Linkit links to nodes, users, managed files, terms and have basic support for all entities by default.
Linkit has three major advantages over traditional linking

NYS Global Navigation Integration


All New York State websites are required to have the Global Navigation
(sometimes called Agency Navigation) bar at the top and bottom of the site
surrounding any other
content. This module makes it easy to integrate them on a Drupal site
using the Drupal menu system.


To use this module, you muse have the following installed on the site:

Mosaik internationalization

If you are working on a multilanguage website, and you want to use Mosaik, you'll surely need to enable i18n_mosaik.
Traslating a Mosaik is ... (please don't say "really similar" again!!)... easy!! :D

Just look at these screenshot:



So..that's all you need to know about Mosaik.

Referencing Mosaiks and Pieces

mosaik_reference and pieces_reference submodules provide two new field types for referencing mosaik and pieces. They are really similar (again) to a node reference field, so..there is not so much to explain :)

Just enable the desired modules and add the new fields to your content type or any other entity type.


Mosaik and Features

Mosaiks and pieces are exportable via the contrib module Features.
So if you have Features module enabled, you will find your mosaiks within the "Mosaik" fieldgroup of the feature creation form. Just check your mosaiks and enjoy!

Defining a Mosaik layout

Mosaik Layouts definition is as simple as hook_theme implementation.
To define a layout we have to implement hook_mosaik_layout($path).
See example below:


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