Google Analytics Reports 7.x

This documentation is for the 7.x version of Google Analytics Reports. For Drupal 6, click here.

Required modules

Google Analytics Reports provides a Views query plugin to create Google Analytics reports using Views interface.

Configurable behavior objects with @CfrPlugin

The "Configurator plugin API (cfr)" is an API for "configuration-born behavior objects".
In site building it does take a similar, but more flexible and powerful role as the Drupal 8 plugin API or the CTools plugin API.

Data Helpers - High Volume Time Series Storage & Analysis

Data Helper storage framework in Drupal to provide support for high volume data storage and analysis. Borrows many concepts and structures from the ArcHydro data model, but scope goes beyond a simple watershed data storage infrastructure to accomodate any geospatial and high volume time series dataset. Uses entity framework to optimize storage and retrieval in Drupal.

Simple OAuth 8.x-1.x

Simple OAuth is an implementation of the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework: Bearer Token specification.

Using OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token is very easy. See how you can get the basics working in less than a minute!

This project is focused in simplicity of use and flexibility. When deciding which project to use, also consider other projects like OAuth, an OAuth 1 implementation that doesn't rely on you having https in your production server.

Simple OAuth (OAuth2)

There are two significantly different versions of the Simple OAuth module. Version 8.x-1.x is targeted to a quick global authentication using bearer tokens. Version 8.x-2.x is a standard compliant OAuth2 server implementation.

Header image

The header Image module allows you to display an image on selected pages via a block with flexible display conditions covering all pages of a site.

It doesn't support displaying images as a CSS background image, but here's how to easily achieve this.


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