Utility module to prevent users from being able to use the browser history to display previously visited pages without refreshing them. Requires JS to work.

Browser compatibility: this has currently been tested on Safari 10, Firefox 50 and Chrome 55, but the main event it relies on should be available on all the most common versions of the major browsers.

420 Response

420 Response

Handle the apache 420 response code "appropriately."


The simplify_menu module uses a TwigExtension to gain access to Drupal's main menu's (or any other menu for that matter), render array so it can be accessed from a twig template. Among the many advantages of having full control of the menu's render array in a twig template is the ability to customize the markup for your menus to ensure they are accessible and comply with standards.

menu replica

Allows to replicate a menu and all of its items.


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