FranklyMe Widget

The plugin for Drupal adds social plugins to your Drupal site and optimizes the experience of your audience through easy ask buttons and social widgets. Associate your Drupal site with side pane widgets and embed shortcodes for ask button and social widgets. All features are deeply integrated with Drupal APIs to make building your webpages and administrative features as easy as possible with the extensibility you expect from Drupal.

Video Comment FranklyMe

Use this plugin to spice up your posts with video comments instead of boring text comments. Simply start by creating a new post, the video comment feature is added automatically at the end of the post.

This plugin places two-set widget. First, a sleek 'record video' button, and a video carousel at the end of all of your posts. Official plugin from FranklyMe.

It'll be shown to your audience once your post goes live, where they can take a video selfie (velfie) that'll be viewable by everybody on your site.


Google PageSpeed can be increadibly useful. Or it can be the bane of your existance.
For example, you may have a weird compression issue, or a JavaScript error that cannot be traced back easily.

This simple module allows you to control which pages of your site allow PageSpeed to function.
Disable it for your entire admin, so that you don't have to worry about PageSpeed violating some third-party module JavaScript.

This helped me get out of a jam some time ago, and I figured I'd share it.

Only works with more recent versions of PageSpeed, 2014 or newer.

Protected Download

This module provides a way to grant access to specific files for a limited period of time to anonymous users. The generated links are protected by a HMAC, i.e. a long string which is not likely to be guessed by an attacker.

Unlike private files delivered by Drupal core, downloads provided by this module are cacheable and also support HTTP cache revalidation. This makes it possible to efficiently serve assets to mobile applications while still maintaining some access restrictions.



This module provides passively refreshed page cache.

Users never have to wait for a cacheable response because cached responses do not expire. Instead, they "refresh" by performing an indirect asynchronous request to update the page cache.

This module passively supports Authcache via a reverse proxy. In response to a proxy request advertising support for passive secure sub-requests, this module takes care of instructing the proxy to retrieve the appropriate cacheable page.



Airee is a reverse proxy, firewall, and global CDN, it can be implemented without installing any server software or hardware.

This module provides integration with Airee service and depends on the Expire module which enables it to clear specific pages from the Airee when you update, delete or add a page.


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