Redis Logging

Redis Logging

Redis logging provides a logging backend for the Redis key-value store, as well as a dblog-like user interface to view watchdog entries.


Better Cache

This is an enhancement over drupal's default cache.



This namespace will host TypedData based GraphQL Schemas for Content Entities and the likes.

For further information regarding GraphQL and Relay please refer to these blog posts:


Ctools Content Type Cache

This module extends the api capabilities of ctools content types provided by the Chaos tool suite. It allow a developer to hard code cache settings in their ctools content types, to avoid making site builders having to configure cache manually.

I'd like to see this functionality go into panel core, and have opened a ticket with the maintainers.

CloudFront Refresh

Under Review

This module is now under review to become an official module. Please take the time to review this and help this process along

Live timing


Saves live front-end timing numbers back into the db with uncacheable AJAX via custom entry script with super simple bootstrap for super speeds.


Any user visits the site (any page, any role etc), when the page is definitely done loading a JS sends 2 numbers back to live_timing.php: domready time and onload time. Both come from performance.timing, so only decent browsers are supported.


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