Page Cache Clear

Page Cache Clear was built as a simple way to flush a page's cache when working with Varnish and Workbench moderation.
Uses Rules integration to fire the action and adds a 'Ban' to Varnish.

This module was originally developed to allow for cache clearing with Workbench moderation states, however it will work with other Rules conditions.


Boost Cache Clear

This module helps clear specific Boost cache pages (delete particular static boost cache pages) on Drupal events - Node create, Node edit/update, Node delete, Node comment create, Node comment edit/update and Node comment delete.


File static cache

Enable static caching for file entities. Written by Fabian Franz.

Views Cache Global Default

This module does not work in it's current form. Do not download/install.

This is an experimental project to see if there is a practical way of globally managing the cache expiration time settings for all views on a site rather than having to update the cache settings 1-by-1 on each view display.


Adds the lazyload XT library and initiates it on configurable selectors and elements.

Download LazyLoadxt from and install at sites/all/libraries/lazyloadxt/ (make note of the folder name, as you might need to change it)

Configure the module at admin/config/development/lazyloadxt


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