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The Instart Logic module provides integration with the Instart Logic CDN. This enables the purge/invalidation of cached URLs in the Instart Logic Service in response to different site events. It purges not only the internal URL (node/xxx) but also any associated URL aliases. The module integrates with the Cache Expiration module to provide automatic purging.


Sends pages in a way that allows browsers to show them much faster. First sends the cacheable parts of the page, then the dynamic/uncacheable parts. Uses the BigPipe technique.

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Block Proxies

"Block Proxies" is a Module to block unwanted connections from Stranger IPs (Blacklisteds on DNSBL), Anonymous Proxies or many more

Widget On Demand

The Widget On Demand module provides widgets for form elements which should be loaded on demand.
It also ships with a trait to act as a framework for easy transforming any widget to a widget on demand.

Service Worker

Service Workers are a new browser feature that provide event-driven scripts that run independently of web pages. Unlike other workers Service Workers can be shut down at the end of events, note the lack of retained references from documents, and they have access to domain-wide events such as network fetches.

ServiceWorkers also have scriptable caches. Along with the ability to respond to network requests from certain web pages via script, this provides a way for applications to "go offline".

Panels cache bully

Settings page

Force caching on Panel Panes.

Inspired by Views cache bully and this issue

This module enforces a global Panels caching mechanism for all Panel Panes. This can drastically improve performance.

Global configuration




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