Shift Queue

Shift queue is extended from Drupal system queue with two new features:

Disable the processing of a particular queue
This feature allows to stop the processing a queue.

Set maximum failed processing attempts
Originally in Drupal system queue, when a queue item is processed with exception, it will be processed again until it is processed completely.

This feature allows to retry in a limited configurable times and if it still get problem, this item will be moved to a separate queue called: 'ORIGINAL_QUEUE_NAME:failed'.


LoaderIO module provides Drupal users a way to test their website for performance.
This module, having an insight into your Drupal installation, generates an insight about your site using Loader.IO API

Sample API:

curl -X POST
-H 'loaderio-auth: API_KEY'
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
--data-binary '{"test_type":"cycling", "total": 6000, "duration":60, "urls": [ {"url": ""} ]}'

Varnish purge

Change in 8.x-1.4

Beacuse of changes in Purge module, some bigger changes is done in the release 8.x-1.4, please read the release notes.

This is the Varnish purger for the Purge module.

Workbench Revision Cleanup

Bulk Processing Form

The Workbench Revision Cleanup module helps to clean up the revisions for a site utilizing the Workbench Moderation module. This module helps to ensure the current drafts, which are newer than the published node, are not removed during a revision cleanup. All drafts newer than the current, published node are not considered for revision deletion.

There are 2 methods to trim the revisions:


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