Failover DB cache

The Drupal community provides numerous modules to move Drupal cache_bins from MySQL to another kind of storage (Memcached, Redis, APC, etc.). How those alternate storage solutions are actually made highly-available is a matter of infrastructure. As failure is always an option, some people customize their settings.php to ensure the alternate backend is actually available before configuring $conf['cache_default_class'] (or other, similar variables such as $conf['cache_class_cache_page']).
But what to do if none of the alternate backends are available?

Static HTML by wget

Generate static html site integrate by wget.

Field index

Field modules don't always add indexes for its columns (value column of text field for example), this leads to poor performance in views when we would like sort or filter views using the unindexed columns. We can check the query executed by views and add custom indexes manually, but it's not easy to deploy.

With field_index module, we can create custom indexes for fields. The indexes are exportable.


Asynchronous Prefetch Database Query Cache

A pretty darn quick cache. Uses asynchronous connections & prefetching to speed up cache calls & eliminate deadlocks & metadata locks on the cache tables. Only MySQL currently.



The module integrates Geocomplete jQuery plugin with Search API Location Views module.

It provides a new input option for exposed location field. When the option is selected, address suggestions are shown as autocomplete list, when a user starts typing an address, and geocode data for selected address are submitted alongside with the form.



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