APCu - Alternative PHP User Cache for ChainedFastBackend

This allows to use the apcu.so php extension with https://www.drupal.org/project/chained_fast module.

It also includes the Symfony apcu-polyfill, which makes it work for both apc and apcu module.

Compared to https://www.drupal.org/project/apc this backend is very stripped down to the bare basics and is pretty similar to the Drupal 8 APCuCacheBackend.php.

Cacheable Cookie Handling

This module provides a framework for setting cookies that works well with page caching. It does not do anything on its own, but rather provides an API that other modules can use.

Authcache Upstream

This is a very simple/generic backend module for Authenticated User Page Caching (Authcache), providing the basics so that it be used to feed upstream reverse proxies and CDNs.

There's really nothing extraordinary on the code, it's a dumb authcache backend which only provides a cookie with the key that you can use upstream.

Chained Fast

Chained Fast is (another) port of the chained fast backend for Drupal 7.

To use, you can for example use Database + Memcache or Database + https://www.drupal.org/project/apcu.

DBLog Booster

This module speeds up Drupal sites by collecting all watchdog entries in memory and writing them on shutdown in one query.

Watchdog Alter

This module adds a hook_watchdog_alter. Used in DBLog Booster.


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