VotingAPI Queue

This module provides a queue implementation for updating voted entites. The votingapi default cron solution might break if it needs to handle too many new results at once. The configuration hooks into the default votingapi settings page. Choose manual on "tally results" settings. Additional settings for batch size and cron execution are available.


Voting API

Available Drush commands

(options available, see drush help for more information)

Paragraphs Performance

This project provides reference tasks to measure the UI performance of Paragraphs.

With every change in complexity, caching / loading, or performance improvement intentions, these measures should be rerun and evidence provided.

Big pipe override

This module is meant for development purposes

Some times you want to disable big pipe, for example to make sure you can set breakpoints in JS files in attached libraries. Just drop in this module and enable it in settings.php like so:

$settings['big_pipe_override_enabled'] = TRUE;

When changing this value, you should clear the cache.

Performance Budget

Web page performance is as important as ever and, using best-of-breed tooling, performance budgets can be defined and automated to help us keep things the best that they can be.

Key Features

  • Multiple budgets
  • Plugin design to facilitate adding providers
  • Stored results broken out by budget dimension
  • Customizable schedule for budget analysis

8.x-1.0 goals


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