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PageSpeed Hacks
Aims to provide ways to manipulate files to get maximum PageSpeed Score

Private Image Cache

Private Image Cache enables caching of images in a private file system. This is useful when a user has access to the image.




This module allows you to turn on Drupal page caching but exclude certain paths.

To use, enable the module (drush en uncache) then navigate to "Administration » Configuration » Development » Uncache" in the admin menu. Note that you will need to allow the lifetime of previously cached pages to expire (or clear your cache, drush cc all) based on your current settings in "Administration » Configuration » Development » Performance."

Prefetch Cache

The page caches provided by the drupal core or by different reverse proxies or by browsers themselves are not suitable for pages like entity edit forms. In case you expect the user to load a form in the next step of her work flow, you might consider a kind of proprietary browser driven link prefetching mechanism of that page. Especially if it takes a long time to load because it requires complex database queries or fetches data from external resources.


Cache Warmer Connect

Cache Warmer Connect is a module to integrate your Drupal site with the service. After enabling the module a cache clear will trigger to immediately warm your Drupal site’s cache.


Node Stats


The module gives you statistic of node usage.


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