Panels Cache Expiration

This module extends default functionality of the Cache Expiration module and provides actions for Panels and Panelizer. Panels Cache Expiration module allows you to invalidate cache of Panel pages and Panelizer objects.


Script Control

This is a very granular script optimizer. It will allow administrators and developers to control the location of scripts (scope) to footer/header, etc and also disable scripts on certain paths, nodes and taxonomies. The goal of this project is to provide granular script control for sites which are trying to optimize their client/browser load times.

Cluster Varnish for Drupal

A plugin to combine Joomla! and Varnish on the Byte clustered platform

In cooperation with Mediagrip Byte developed its own extension for Drupal. With this extension Drupal sites can run on the superfast Byte Varnish Cluster. The extension allows Drupal to automatically empty the cache for specific pages after changing an article in Drupal and cache the entire site should be emptied after clicking a special button.


Microservices module is a framework for implementation of microservices pattern in Drupal.

Microservices pattern
Illustration from



Endpoint module is a framework which allows Drupal acts as a light endpoint.

The module was designed specifically for REST API. It contains a router that allows to follow REST style in your URLs. Here is an example:

GET /dogs
POST /dogs/create
DELETE /dogs/1
GET /dog/1
PUT /dog/1

Endpoint is really light, fast and flexible, that makes it a good solution for projects where Drupal role is mobile backend and single-page app backend.



Workers module is a framework to pack a callbacks into workers to run through something like Drush Daemon API.



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