pageAccelerator is very light solution to load web pages faster.


Key CDN Purger

This project is now merged with KeyCDN.
Please download/visit project.


Performance Monitor

This module tests, verifies and recommends system environment settings to speed up performance of Drupal sites.


  • Overall tests system performance
  • Checks Mysql status and variables

HTTP Client Manager

Http Client Manager

Http Client Manager introduces a new Guzzle based plugin which allows you to manage HTTP clients using Guzzle Service Descriptions via JSON files, in a simple and efficient way:

External Link Noopenizer

If pages on your site contain links to untrusted sites and those links open in a new window, your users may be vulnerable to phishing attacks. A full explanation of this vulnerability is available here and here. The long and short of it is that links opened in a new window are granted some access to the originating window.

Acquia Purge Cloudflare

This module hooks into the Acquia Purge module to further purge URLs from Cloudflare.


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