XML sitemap Http Cache

XHC batch job preview


XML sitemap Http Cache (XHC).

This module uses non blocking batch job requests for generating http cache pages for Nginx fastcgi and such, from sitemap.xml files provided by the xmlsitemap module.
The method used for cache generation is PHP's Curl "fresh connect" requests.

You will also get the optional xhc_cron module, for planning daily http cache warmup with cron tasks for Drupal's awesome Elysia cron module.




The KeyCDN module uses the KeyCDN API to interact with the flush features.
It's dedicated to the KeyCDN service : http://www.keycdn.com

It allows you to flush a list of URLs or the whole zone on your KeyCDN account.

A tiny administration UI allows you to set your authentication token (can be found on https://www.keycdn.com/users/setting).

HTTP Request Cache

Provides a wrapper around drupal_http_request() that will, by default, cache outgoing GET requests. Also defines an alter hook so that other modules can adjust if a request is cached or not.


No additional requirements.


Just enable the module and it will start caching outgoing GET requests. More complex rules require implementing an alter hook.


Redis Logging

Redis Logging

Redis logging provides a logging backend for the Redis key-value store, as well as a dblog-like user interface to view watchdog entries.


Better Cache

This is an enhancement over drupal's default cache.



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