Block Profiler

Block Profiler shows render times for individual blocks and panel panes on each page request. Block timing requires a tiny core patch, included with the module.


Changes the names of page requests that get sent to New Relic so that you can see which panels are actually slow.




Cache control header

Cache Control header is used to improve site performance for authenticated user when NginX is used. It send HTTP Cache Control header in those page allowed to be served in cache. This module per se does not create any cache data. By sending right cache header, NginX can serve requests of logged in users with cache more aggressively.

Clear Cache

Cache Clear

This is a basic drupal module.
Empties cache tables, rebuilds the menu cache and theme registries, and invokes a hook so that other modules' cache data can be cleared as well.

It will add a menu item on the main admin menu.
Note that cache clear is based on user permissions.


Views Lazy Load

This module provides a views display extender that lazy loads the contents of a view via AJAX. When enabled the View is forced into AJAX mode which means additional pages are also loaded via AJAX.

This module was initially developed to work with Search API Sajari so the View can query Sajari on each page load without blocking the rest of the page loading.


Domain aggregate compress

This module provide the domain wise setting for the aggregation and compression of css and js files. It works when we do not set any BANDWIDTH OPTIMIZATION. If this setting is checked then it will be not work as domain wise. It will work as it work by default.

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