Yet Another Fast Cache

Provides improvements for Drupal caching system.


Book Cache

Book cache is a drop in performance improvement for the book module. Book is very expensive when it comes to calculating the previous, next, and parent links for use in rendering at the bottom of the page. By hijacking core's uncache-able version of this function, book cache is able to serve up the results from cache bins instead of calculated at run time.


Views custom cache

Views custom cache: View's first argument enabled

This module provides two new simple caches for views which takes view's arguments into account:


Orbital Cache Nuke



Version / Author
1.0 Justin Slattery

This module allows asynchronous remote cache invalidation between replicated Drupal environments. Available for Drupal 7.

See this blog post for details on how it works and integration.


CSS Delivery Optimizer

This module aims to implement optimized CSS delivery by inlining stylesheets which are critical for rendering 'above the fold' content and load the rest asynchronously via JavaScript. This, if used well, should completely eliminate render blocking CSS from the pages, improving perceivable and absolute page load times.

Development is at its early stage at the moment although code is in a working and functional state.


Component Cache Expiration

This module allows blocks, panels, views and other page components to respond to cache expiration events triggered by the Cache Expiration module. This allows the individual components on a specific page (blocks, panels, views, etc.) to be purged when that specific page is being purged from the cache by the expire module.

Built in Support

There is currently built in support for the following components:


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