Integration with DropShark monitoring, trending, and alerts service.


Cacheable forms

This module was created primarily to address issues related to the cache_form table in Drupal.

1. Ajaxified forms throw an error if the the form was served from a cached page after the corresponding record in cache_form was deleted
2. cache_form table size can grow to be extremely large in enterprise websites

AJAX Include

AJAX Include Pattern for Modular Content.


- matchMedia.js and Ajax-Include-Pattern
Download the library archives from the folllowing:



Generic HTTP Purger

This project provides a generic HTTP-based purger to the Purge project and allows site builders to support caching platforms and CDNs that aren't supported by any other modules. It aims to provide the same technical configuration options that older versions of Purge provided.

  • To provide a minimum viable product for Drupal 8.0.
  • To port most of the HTTP configuration options legacy purge provides.
  • Robust testing coverage.


XMLRPC Page Load

xmlrpc_page_load Provides a simple XMLRPC call that can simulate a page being accessed as a certain user. This can be used in two ways:
To simulate accessing a page when other mechanisms prevent a traditional user login
To seed caches by having apache / nginx handle the request as if someone actually accessed the site



Collect feedback within pages and content

Simply install the Pulse feedback widgets into your site. You can customise the look, feel and functionality of the widgets depending on the content and context of what you are asking feedback for.


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