Flexible Purge

Flexible Purge allows to dynamically invalidate contents cached by Varnish frontends.

Panels cache control

Set cache headers per panel page.
Implemented as a panels cache plugin.

Cache Debug

This module is really simple. Its a pseudo cache class in Drupal that wraps around another cache handler simply to extract debugging information around cache items being retrieved or set in cache.

The cache class can be used exclusively without enabling the module or you can enabled the module to get UI options in the Logging and Errors page under Configuration in Drupal's administration.


Views Index Hint

Allows to add MySQL index hint to view query. This is for performance improvement on the views query.



This module intends to address the quite common "MySQL has gone away" error. Many shared, production MySQL servers set a rather low value for MySQL's wait_timeout parameter (e.g., 1 minute) and this is to be considered good practice as most connections to such servers are intended to generate HTTP responses as fast as possible.


A Drupal 8 cache implementation using Unix shared memory segments through the Shmop set of functions.

Unlike the MemoryBackend cache implementation, the ShmopBackend does store cached items between requests.

As the cache objects are stored in memory, this cache implementation should provide fast access to data and eventually improve performance, in some cases (performance stats to be collected soon).


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