FOSHttpCache Purger

This project provides a FOSHttpCache library based purger to the Purge project to integrate with HTTP caching proxies such as Varnish and NGINX.


Performance Insights

In our time, site performance plays an important role and have a significant impact on user experience. The main idea of this module is to do extensive analysis of Drupal project’s infrastructure, and settings and suggest real improvements in order to make your site faster and faster.

Expire Admin

This module allows for site admins to clear cached pages through the Expire module.

Currently you can do this through two ways:

  • By adding the expire page block to a viewable region. This block contains a button allowing the user to expire the current page cache.
  • You can enable a local task by going to admin/config/development/performance/expire-admin. An expire page tab will now appear on every page


  • Expire module (version 2.0 or higher)


Performance Benchmark

This module runs some PHP calculation repetitively in order to estimate server performance.
The benchmark relies on "PHP Benchmark Performance Script" from Alessandro Torrisi.


This is a module greatly influenced by entity_modified.

It unifies obtaining the creation timestamp from an arbitrary entity and tracks timestamps for those that do not natively.


To retrieve the creation timestamp of an entity, you would make a call like the following:

Site Common

Site common is an collection of common things i use on all my projects lately.
This module requires

Module highlights:


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