Codit: Crons


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Codit: Crons allows a developer to add multiple jobs (functions with spoecific
actions) to the cron with each cron job having its own timing.


Graceful Menu Cache

Graceful Menu Cache flags menu caches as stale instead of clearing them.
At cron run, it generates new caches and then replaces the old caches.
Doing so, users only have to wait for the cache to build, the first time it gets loaded.
This gives a major performance boost to Drupal installations with a lot of menu items.

The disadvantage is that it takes longer for anonymous users to see menu changes. It takes as long as the cron frequency.


Add PerfBar to your website!

It's a neat little JS script that adds a bar of performance metrics to the bottom of your screen.

Only default options right now.

I am working on adding an admin form where you can control which stats show up in the bottom, and an alter to add your own stats, but I'm trying to keep it done in a performant way. The default options are pretty good anyway, as all of the stats on there are useful.

Installation Instructions:


Commerce Order Cleanup

Commerce Order Cleanup

Allows to cleanup the orders by various order properties like last changed, status.




Adds the ability to issue purge requests for specific URL paths using an admin form for defined roles.

Webprofiler diff

Adds diff capabilities to Webprofiler module.



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