Authcache Actions


This module gives you the ability to clear Authcache cache with rules actions based by path.
It goes by all possible roles combinations and make cache clean.

How To Use





Send watchdog log messages to a Logstash server with UDP or TCP.

When the Logstash server can not be reached, log messages can be buffered in the database until the server is back online.
This prevents losing log messages, which might be critical.

Webform Remote Post

Multiple remote posts can be setup for each individual form.

Webform Remote Post is a module that works along the Webform module. It eases the integration between Webforms and other web applications (including systems like Salesforce and Eloqua).



Permits the loading of blocks via AJAX based on media query matching. Perfect for Responsive Web Design patterns.

The module is a fork of existing module:

Node Revision Delete

Module global settings

The Node Revision Delete module lets you to track and prune old revisions of content types.


  • Define the max amount of revisions to keep per content type.
  • Run on Drush, cron run or on a different period (daily, weekly, etc).

Note content containing field_collections seems to be affected by this bug which deletes unexpected content. Follow this issue in field_collection module for further details


Memory profiler

This module is a very lightweight module that logs the peak php memory usage to the watchdog.

When your site is getting memory exhaustion errors this module can help to figure out which pages are getting the memory errors and how much memory they are using.

This functionality can be found in the devel module, however this module gives you the ability to find out this information in a production environment without needing to enable the devel module.



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