The fine granularity of control over cache tables and function makes this module the ultimate tool to clear the Drupal caches.

It ships with a predefined set of actions, but its biggest strength lays in its configuration, where one can build any number of custom presets to fit almost any need on both development and production environments.
It is suitable for any role, starting from developers to administrators or editors. Access to each preset can be limited by permissions.


Cache Consistent


Cache Consistent provides a transactional aware cache backend wrapper as a means of ensuring cache consistency in setups not using the database as a cache backend. #1679344: Race condition in node_save() when not using DB for cache_field

Cache Consistent works best with the database isolation level is set to READ-COMMITTED.
It CAN be used with REPEATABLE-READ, but will in this case only mitigate the problem,
not eliminate it all together. When configured for REPEATABLE-READ, there may also
be occasionally more cache-misses.


Performance report

Screenshot of a performance report

This module tries to give an report about the current performance settings and tries to come with some recommendation related to performance extension that every Drupal site should be using to boots performance.


The modules uses ctools as plug-in system and comes as default with support for checking the performance settings/stats for the list below.

Memcache Storage

Settings page

#D8CX: I pledge that Memcache Storage will have a full Drupal 8 release on the day that Drupal 8 is released.

Memcache Storage module provides integration between Drupal and Memcached daemon using PECL memcache or PECL memcached extension.

Installation & Configuration

For information about installation and configuration please see the documentation.


This module is an alternative to Memcache API and Integration module focused on speed. See list of its features:

  • You may move all cache to the memory.
  • You may move users' sessions to the memory.
  • You may move lock system to the memory.
  • Module supports intergration with ngx_http_memcached module. Nginx may get cached page directly from memcached pool and avoid passing requests to the heavy backends!


Drush Entity Cache Loader

This drush plugin warms up your content caches and can help content load faster by running through and loading any/all entity content. Once entity content is loaded, components of the content (or all of it if it can use Entitycache) can get cached thus making the latter content loads much faster. By providing an argument, you can also cache all entities of a certain type (like node, user, taxonomy_term, etc).


Menu XML dump

This module dumps all the menu links in a menu to a single XML file with the hierarchy structure preserved. The functionality can be accessed through a new tab on the menu administration page.

The XML file also shows the number of children (immediate children) and offspring (children and their children and so on) for each link.

This module is not meant for importing/exporting data. Only the link titles are shown in the export, and only ascii letters and numbers are shown in the names. The module is mainly a development aid for working with large menus.



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