Fast cache

Looking for a co-maintainer - contact beejeebus if you're interested!

Fasterer caching on multi-webheaded Drupal installs. This module will try to get cache items from a fast cache (probably local, like APC), then fallback to a central, consistent cache. Local cache items are only used if they are newer than the last write to the central cache bin they are in front of.

Ideally your fast cache will be APCu, and your central cache will be Memcache or Redis


Heisencache "H" logo, imitating a cell in a Mendeleiev table of elements.


Heisencache is a cache monitoring tool for developers: it has an API but no significant UI (roll your own).

It provides the ability to catch all cache requests, triggering events before and after each of them, and providing predefined subscribers to handle them, as well as the freedom to add whatever subscribers the developer wishes to perform data slicing, dicing, and reporting.


Contributions are welcome. The project has received some from France Televisions and Amazee Labs. Most useful would be UI development.

Node.js Rules Chatterbox

"Node.js Rules Chatterbox” allows users create real time notification blocks with the help of rules.

Caching database driver

This driver expects a caching map in your $database definition in settings.php (probably added via an include file) and then it uses that.

Lazy Load Field

Note: Ajax Include Pattern 1.4+ requires jQuery 1.7+. The easiest way to do this is jquery_update but this is not a dependency as users may wish to update jQuery in other ways. Alternatively, download and use v1.3 of the library.

Cached Block

This module enables to create the cached wrapper of any block. It can be used where standard block caching is disabled if node access modules are installed.

Caching of block panel panes is supported also. Just add a block pane and configure the block (not the pane) to turn on caching.


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