KwsN Purge

This is a demo module to for the upcoming Purge 2.x api. This module enables Purging of reverse proxy caches for the Drupal Shrubberies platform.
This is module is currently incomplete and should not be used on production shrubberies.

Simple Cache

before cache

A Simple cache module that works for Anonymous & Authenticated users.

Stores the HTML of the whole page in cache table and serves it after Drupal core functions are executed, not requiring to process theme functions and thus saving time.

Pages are cached by URL & user role.

XHProf Callgraph of functions called
before cache: before_callgraph.png
after cache: after_callgraph.png


  1. All code that does things like setting sessions($_SESSION) will work, for example: quiz module.
  2. easy to install & configure.
  3. can work along with other caching modules(example: exclude node/*/take pages in boost and use simple_cache for those pages)
  4. will cause no harm if you know what you are getting.(cached page source code is same for users of that role, irrespective of page logic)

Use cases:

  1. For pages which can't be cached by any other means because of sessions, or drupal_page_is_cacheable() is FALSE.
  2. If the page logic has to be executed and the page view doesn't depend on that logic.(example: Quiz module)



    CloudFlare Purge (cfpurge)

    CloudFlare Purge (CFPurge) is a plugin for the Expire module which enables it to clear specific pages from the CloudFlare CDN when you update, delete or add a page.

    CloudFlare with "cache everything" enabled provides the ultimate performance for your anonymous users, down to a 20 millisecond response time and extremely fast transfer rate. When you enable this setting your site can instantly handle millions of anonymous users, even if you're using a shared host.

    By the way, Google also likes really fast websites, so it also improves your SEO.


    • A CloudFlare account with "cache everything" enabled on a Page Rule. Make sure you create Page Rules for directories that you don't want to cache, such as /services/service, in case you have a service set up using that path. The free package lets you cache everything and also let's you create a few page rules.
    • PHP with curl enabled. This module uses curl for issuing the http POST requests to CloudFlare.
    • CloudFlare Purge requires the Expire module.



      Mobile Cache

      This module is intented to maintain Drupal core caching for multiple device
      types simultaneously through interception and modification of the requested URL.
      It performs device detection using the Mobile_Detect class, provided by the
      required mobile_detect module.

      Mobile cache also provides the capability to switch themes for mobile (and,
      optionally, tablet) visitors.

      The caching method should be compatible with alternate cache backends such as
      memcached as well.

      Commerce Authcache

      Commerce Authcache allows the Drupal Commerce module to work with Authcache.


      Syslog Access

      Syslog Access compliments the core Syslog module by routing access statistics and logs to syslog (in addition to Syslog's routing of Watchdog), allowing you to use your favorite log management software or service (like Splunk, Loggly, etc.) to visualize, analyze, and manage your access log.

      You can also disable database logging to help scale your Drupal installation.




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