Session Share

Share sessions between different domains! Not just sub-domain.

You have several different domains for your drupal site, they can be in different servers but using the same database server. You want users only need to login one time for all those domains/sites. This module would help you.

put an iframe into a custom invisible block, pages with this block would sync sessions to other domains/sites

Other keywords:
session sharing
distributed session

flood control
source control

Role execution time limit


Role execution time limit is a small module that allow you to set PHP max execution time per role and command line usage(drush).


Permission to change max_execution_time on your webserver.


Drupal 7

Go to admin/people/permissions#module-role_execution_time_limit to set the persmission.
Go to admin/config/development/role_execution_time_limit to set the limit for a role.



Logo ProjectPaas, yes, Druplicon is on fire :-)

ProjectPAAS is an automated testing tool for Drupal performance. This tool will test your Drupal website from both the outside (frontend performance) and the inside (backend performance). This module is a connector between ProjectPAAS and your website and is required to run the tests.


Lazy Entity

Allows field values for Drupal entities to be lazy loaded rather than loaded at
the time of the entity. This can improve performance and memory usage when
loading an entity without the need for all fields.

This is currently a developer only module. It provides both entity and controller implementations for lazy loading entities.

Note: This library does not utilize the cache_field cache when loading
the fields for an entity which can lead to a decrease in performance when you
actually want to load all fields.


Boost Custom Expire Rules

The module allows setting different expiry times for boost cached pages. Using this module you can set different expiry times for different pages in the site based on different rules. The module allows developers to add custom rules of their own as well.


Queue Runner

This module executes items in the Queue Runner queue, typically using a drush command.

The main goal of the Queue Runner module is that it runs for x time and executes as many tasks as possible within the given timeframe, with a specific interval between tasks. This is effectively a sort of daemon that continiously executes tasks in the queue.



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