Autocomplete Limit Length

Allows the site administrator to specify a minimum length for autocomplete strings, to stop autocomplete from running SQL queries with potentially huge result sets.

It does this by replacing Drupals function with a little function that checks if the user-entered string is shorter than the set minimum length. If so, execution is stopped and the back-end callback handler that provides completion targets is not accessed.

OG Cache


OG can take quite a toll on website that rely heavily on it. OG cache tries to cache certain parts of OG for short periods of time, as to increase performance.

Stingray Traffic Manager

Stingray is a Drupal plugin that implements Stingray Traffic Manager through the SOAP API.

Currently it support below functionalities (Stingray Traffic Manager v9.0):

1. Clear cache by path pattern (clearMatchingCacheContent)

Bot Limit

This module does one thing, allow an admin user to define and interval of time that must pass before another request may be made by a particular user agent. This is most useful in cases where a search engine bot, for example, does not respect the request-rate set in the robots.txt file and it's repeated requests are impacting on site performance (requesting old pages outside of any caching layer for example).

Baseline Performance

Baseline provides an extensible set of tests to get performance metrics comparable across different systems or configurations.

These metrics can be used as a baseline for comparatives, the goal is to get the closests results for a given test when external factors have not varied (system, load, configuration, database, etc).


Performance benchmarking can be tricky (all the more in Drupal), and repeatability is the weak link of most benchmarks you find on the internet.


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