Creates a method that lets you programatically (through AJAX) increment a node's count in the node_counter table using memcache and cron execution.
This module is for sites with huge volume of visits which need get access content statistics, and can't update database with every visit by a performance question.

Site Audit

Generated HTML report

Site Audit is a Drupal static site analysis platform that generates reports with actionable best practice recommendations.

Boost Cache Cleaner

Boost Cache Cleaner

Boost cache cleaner flush (delete all the static boost cache pages) when any update occurs in drupal core. Example node update, insert or delete. No need to wait for expiration the cache or no need to run the Cron job.
There is no configuration required for this module only we need to enable this module and boost module should enable.
Boost Cache Cleaner does not work for anonymous user.


This module integrates development with Meteor ( and Drupal. Meteor is a platform built on Node.JS. Using Meteor, you can specify the layout and basic rules for your data and then let the underlying tools handle real-time updates between users (for example publishing a change from one user to other users, and refreshing everything on their screen that depends on that data). Meteor automated the basic infrastructure tasks to make it easy to built apps with real-time communication.


Unveil.js Logo

The module implements the lightweight lazy load plugin called unveil.js

To install

Download the module, and the unveil js library from the git repository here: The unveil js libarary should be located at sites/all/liibraries/unveil.

Please use V3 tag of the unveil javascript (from github) as master is broken


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