JsCSS Remover

Remove un-necessary scripts/css allowing you to customize the includes per theme.


m2drupal is a set of classes and a utility script for using D8 as a long-running process backend for Mongrel2. This only works with the kernel branch from Crell's D8 WSCCI sandbox (http://drupal.org/sandbox/Crell/1260830).

Hosting CiviCRM Cron

This module provides the ability to trigger CiviCRM cron jobs on sites hosted on the Aegir Hosting System.

CiviCRM requires its own cron jobs, to trigger mass mailings in CiviMail, for example. Since the URLs to trigger these jobs are different from those of the associated Drupal sites' cron, they're normally handled separately, usually in crontabs. With Hosting CiviCRM Cron, these can now be managed in Aegir, as are site deployments, backups, and upgrades.



Servicelog is going to be a drop in amendment to or replacement of the core logging modules Database Logging (dblog) and Syslog (syslog) to integrate respective third-party offerings from Logging as a Service (LaaS) providers (e.g. Loggly, Papertrail).

Provision CDN support


This is a simple module and drush script for that allows you to enable CDN support per site in Aegir. It takes care of setting up a new virtual host that is configured to serve your site's static files over one or more additional domains, eg. css.example.com, js.example.com, cdn.example.com. Use in conjunction with the Drupal CDN module for full effect.

It is specifically aimed towards the Ægir project and therefore depends on the provision backend and expects the Aegir environment to be functional. If you don't know what Aegir is, you'll probably want to start there and come back when you really know that you want to use this code.


There are two parts to the code: - A Drupal module for hostmaster - contained in the /hosting directory. Install this like any other Drupal module into you hostmaster site. - A provision Drush extension - contained in the /provision directory. Copy this into /var/aegir/.drush on your Aegir master server. Now just enable the module in the Aegir frontend, and you're ready to go.


This was built on a Barracuda system, so requires Provision 6.x-2.x



Cache Audit

Provides a Drush command to quickly review cache settings. Currently supports the following modules -



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