Cache Object API

This module provides a cache class exposing hooks allowing other code to intercept calls to the caching layer. by implementing those hooks it is possible to alter expiry before an object is saved to the database or to prevent a cache flush under some condition.


In order to expose the cache object hooks only for the cache_form bin, put the following lines into your settings.php:


CDN Views

This module is a lightweight add-on to the CDN module which will rewrite the URLs of any images generated within a View.

Assuming you have the CDN module installed and configured properly, simple install the CDN Views module as any other module and you should see your Views output rewriten URLs. There is not an admin UI to this module or any sort of configuration.


Watchdog File

Watchdog File Module

WATCHDOG FILE is a module that records all watchdog() events to a log file on your server rather than using the database. The goals are to reduce database load in general, and to provide an easier way of keeping track of your watchdog activity.

This module is intended to replace the Watchdog module.

It looks like the Raw Log module (http://drupal/project/rawlog) is similar to this module, but it is only available for Drupal 6.x.

EdgeCast Caching

EdgeCast Caching module for Drupal

The Edgecast module connects your Drupal site to the CDN so that when you edit content the CDN knows to update it's cache quicker than the standard expiry time you've defined (usually hours or days).

When used in conjunction with the Cache Expiration module you'll get support for Nodes, User profiles, comments and more. When used standalone it will purge the cache just for node updates.


Fork of LABjs

This is a fork of the LABjs module:

The purpose for this is to improve the admin side of it, add in debugging functionality, and fix bugs as I encounter them.


Shunt listing screen (8.x-2.x)


"In electronics, a shunt is a device which allows electric current to pass around another point in the circuit by creating a low resistance path."
- source: Wikipedia: Shunt (Electrical)

Shunt module provides a facility for developers to create virtual "shunts" that site administrators can trip in emergency situations, instructing Drupal to fail gracefully where functionality depends on them.



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