Drupal module for regression site testing.
It's a monitoring tool which is notifying the webmaster about a new changes on the specific pages. These changes can be marked as regression or can be ignored for the future changes.



This module allows you to speed up the loading of the page. The entire node object is stored in a single field nodes (serialize).

Download and install module.


Virtual Field Collection

The aim of this module is to greatly reduce the load to the site's database by using "virtualized" fields instead of "real" FAPI fields.

"Virtualized fields" will be written in serialized manner to the database thus only consuming one single field data table and hereby greatly reducing the number of joins, subqueries and/or subsequent queries. In order to do so, this module provides a javascript-driven interface at the entity edit form. On the frontend, a field formatter will make sure all values are made accessible like they would if they came out of the database "the usual way".

Actual development state:
The data structure administration interface now should be likely ready-to-use. It may be the case that some additional settings will find their way into the interface, but this will not affect the functionality itself.

The entity edit forms are now populated with a proper interface for the field structure defined. Form validation of the fields as well as re-populating the form with previously entered data is already achieved and working. The data is properly stored to and retrieved from the database now! Yay!

There are already some working field types: plain text fields, text areas, node-, user- and term-reference fields are all functional and working!

Cache Expiration Alias

If you render your content on multiple domains whilst editing your content via a sub domain then when it comes to a cache clear / purge it will get tricky sending all the purge urls to your proxy and CDN services.

The basic Content Expiration module only generates and sends urls based on the path where the content is being edited.

This module allows you to specify a list of domains which should all be purged at the same time.


Varnish TCI

Varnish Tagged Cache Invalidation

Cache Object API

This module provides a cache class exposing hooks allowing other code to intercept calls to the caching layer. by implementing those hooks it is possible to alter expiry before an object is saved to the database or to prevent a cache flush under some condition.


In order to expose the cache object hooks only for the cache_form bin, put the following lines into your settings.php:



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