Advanced Cache Flush

Advanced Cache flush module enable the administrator interface to clear cache object like page, Block, css & JS menu, Module list, theme registry, forms and views individually like drush cache clear options with wildcard option.

APC Flush

APC flushing example with Drush

This module is intended to be used as an APC opcode cache flush automator for high performance Drupal-setups.

If you have setup PHP with apc.stat=0 in production and you deploy code updates (with version control or CI or whatever) you need to either restart your webserver or restart php-fpm to flush the opcode cache. You could also execute apc_clear_cache() with a script.

This task becomes more complicated when you have multiple webfronts. All servers need to flush in sync - or they will execute different code, which will mess up everything. Also, doing webserver restarts theorically might abrupt current http requests, while apc_clear_cache() doesn't.

How to use

This module integrates with standard Drupal cache clear and drush. To flush caches (for one or more servers) with drush, you can run:
drush cc all or drush cc apc

When to use

This module is useless for you, unless you have configured your production PHP server(s) with apc.stat=0!

Code deployments to production should usually/always end up with a global cache clear, and the cache clear integration makes things work mostly out of the box. There are some special cases such as when the site is in maintenance mode, but those challenges can be circumvented.

Why to use

Bootstrap optimizer

Before optimization

How it works

Module is searching for all modules that were deleted unproperly. Bootstrap optimizer removes this modules from {system} table. It allows Drupal to skip heavy modules/themes directory scan during every page load.

See #1081266: Avoid re-scanning module directory when a filename or a module is missing to get more info.



You need no longer bother yourself with caching strategies - which view is cached and for how long, how panels are cached. You don't even need to set up boring Rules to clear out those pesky caches. This son of a beast will even purge Varnish for you.

There is a slight problem with the short name having a capital letter A. For the time being you just have to rename it :)

Autocache is cache for kings! It does all the heavy lifting for you. Setup is as easy as:


Site Review

Run tests against your Drupal instance.
For now, this module includes :

  • Performance tests
  • Security tests (very basic)


  • Complete security tests
  • Add SEO test suite


You may be more interested in the Profiling module.

This module captures performance data of various Drupal components and provides a rich API for storing the generated statistics.


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