Responsive Image Formatter Link to Image Style

This module provides an additional formatter for image core field to link to an image style.


Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module.
See: for further information.

Move 403 to page

This module will redirect the 403 request to different page depend on user's roles.

When user access a page that they don't have permission, and you wish:

  • anonymous user should be redirected to page-1;
  • authenticated user should be redirected to page-2;
  • custom-role user should be redirected to page-3;

Yes,this module will do it.

Cache Prefetcher

Provides a sophisticated cache warming / cache prefetching solution for Drupal 8.

Live test

Drupal 8 testing framework always prepares a clean environment without any site configuration, users, entities or files. This makes it hard to prepare tests that depend on the site configuration (e.g. Check if some webservice is properly configured). This module fills the gap and allows to create tests of the entire setup.

The module provides a new plugin type LTest and a base class
LiveTestBase that can be implemented by other modules and
an UI to perform tests.

Database Logging Conditions (Watchdog conditions)

Extends Core Database Logging module (dblog, formerly: watchdog) to allow conditional logging to the database.


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