Easy Cache

Makes it easy to cache any callback's result using an autogenerated cache key.


Minify JS

Minify JS was developed to replace the implementation of the Minify module which has a couple of problems:

Purge Cache Warmer


This module places updated versions of content that have been invalidated, into internal and external caches (a process known as cache warming).


As requests are made to the site, the URL Queuer module maintains a table mapping cache tags for the pages to URLs. Once content edits/updates trigger Drupal core's internal cache invalidation, the invalidations are registered by the URL queuer module. Url Queuer then triggers external invalidations by URL for purgers that support it.

Random user auth. DANGEROUS!

This module provides auto-authenticate-random-user.

If user does not have a valid session, one is created with a random user.
This is VERY DANGEROUS and should NEVER be enabled on public
available environments.

Use this module for performance testing for intranets and other
personalized websites.


  • Random user select during hook_boot()
  • Admin user is omitted
  • Redirect to requested page

Resource Hints

This module provides facilities for user agent resource hints.

Please see https://www.w3.org/TR/resource-hints/ for more details.

Current Functionality:


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