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Creates a WebP copy of image style derivatives to decrease loading times.


Whenever an image style derivative is created this module will also create a WebP copy of the derivative to be served to supporting browsers.

Node Access Rebuild Progressive

Utility module that provides an alternative mean of rebuilding the Content Access table.


The default core behaviour, when a module marks the content_access table for rebuilding, is to delete all entries first and to then rebuild the grants for all nodes.

Serialization cache

Drupal 8 serialization system is pretty flexible but it causes serious time cost
to recursively process all entities, their fields, embed entities if they are
exist and etc.
This module provides caching for normalized entities (+embedded entities)
using different caches for different accesses (checking "view" for entity and
its fields).


The idea behind this module is to build file to use with apache server or proxys to make the redirections in the server/proxy not with drupal.

Permanent Cache Bin

At times we need to cache some values which are not related to Drupal config or data but are coming from external systems and which don't really need to be deleted when clearing (rebuilding) Drupal cache.

This module provides a way to use Drupal cache but still keep it separate from drush cr.

Code to use this new backend in your bin (here stock is just for example):


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