Replaces some img[src] by DATA URLs, to reduce the number of requests.

Cache Locale

Provides a framework overriding the locale() function thereby enabling various ways of caching translations.

Requires a core patch, which is bundled with the module. The patch allows for override of the locale() function.

A couple of translation cache handlers are bundled with the module.


Apply the core patch, and enable the module.




Critical path CSS

This module helps boosting the loading speed of your website by inlining the CSS styles of one or more files you can define, in the <head> and loading the rest of the CSS files asynchronously with the loadCSS JavaScript function.

Read more about the critical rendering path from Addy Osmani

Cache Deferred

Framework for creating cache backends that supports deferred/asynchronous requests.

Views Cache Tags


  • Generate view cache key using term cache tags
  • Reset these cache tags when a node attached to the term is saved
  • As a result, the query cache key will invalidate


  • Extends time-based view cache plugin so a default cache time can be set.
  • Extracts tids from query JOIN/WHERE and uses their tags to generate the cache key
  • Term cache tags are invalidated on node save
  • Allows altering of tags

Session Cache Form

Session Cache Form stores additional information in 'cache_form' table, which allow to maintain table more flexible.
When user logged out, module deletes all 'cache_form' records for his session.
In case session was dropped by drupal, module has hook_cron() implementation to clear 'cache_form' table for records which has sessions ids that already expired.



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