Uses the loadCSS library from filamentgroup (https://github.com/filamentgroup/loadCSS) to load CSS files asynchronously.

Flat Table Entity Data

This module stores each bundles of entity data in single row. Example, if a content type "page" having 10 different fields, it holds the whole node data in single node. It wont replace the existing field storage. But this module halps to reduce the number of joins when viewing node. This will be useful for heavy read only sites. I developed this to increase the performance for a drupal site which powers dozen mobile app. This reduce the latency.


Varnish Vanish



Solution : Varnish Vanish (Orignal by Chris Delalis)

Contacts a Varnish server with a cache clear request over HTTP on the following actions:

  • Drupal Cache Flushes
  • Node Saves
  • Node Updates

If the Web Experience Toolkit (WxT) distribution is installed, the WxT render caches will also be cleared, primarily so that menu updates will be reflected after a varnish cache clear.

CloudFront Purger

You can use AWS CloudFront as a reverse proxy in front of your whole Drupal site.

This module provides a very simple AWS CloudFront Purge Purger plugin.

Required Modules

Because AWS CloudFront does not support cache tags (yet), this module depends on URLs queuer module


Windows Azure Storage

Windows Azure Storage

This module is a fork of the Windows Azure Blob module which looks to have been abandoned for more than a year.
This module only support the Drupal 8.x.


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