Authcache Boost Storage Backend

This is a proof-of-concept on how to integrate Authcache with Boost. This module used to be part of Authcache, but was subsequently moved to its own project because it was blocking a stable release (see #2349495: Move Authcache Boost to its own project).


Couchbase Cache

Couchbase Cache module provides integration between Drupal and NoSQL Couchbase Server using PHP extension "php-ext-couchbase".
For optimal performance use Entitycache module and move all cache bins to Couchbase.


The most complete and up to date documentation is included with the module, in the README.txt file.


Couchbase c library:

Block Performance

This module is based on jchin1968's sandbox project Block Timer.


Block Timer is a module for analyzing page block performance.


Force JS

Removes the has_js cookie for anonymous users without an open session.

When a browser renders a page generated by Drupal, a piece of JavaScript is executed which adds a cookie (has_js=1). This allows Drupal to generate different markup depending on whether the user agent is capable of executing JavaScript or not.


Parametric Page Cache


Parametric Page Cache replaces built-in Drupal page cache. It caches individual copies of a page, depending on selected parameters, typically session variables (however, in theory it can be any parameter/variable available at the moment when cache is being set). The goal is to allow caching even for pages with customized content, provided on the same URL, which would normally have to be constructed dynamically, thus inefficiently.

Typical use cases:

Failover DB cache

The Drupal community provides numerous modules to move Drupal cache_bins from MySQL to another kind of storage (Memcached, Redis, APC, etc.). How those alternate storage solutions are actually made highly-available is a matter of infrastructure. As failure is always an option, some people customize their settings.php to ensure the alternate backend is actually available before configuring $conf['cache_default_class'] (or other, similar variables such as $conf['cache_class_cache_page']).
But what to do if none of the alternate backends are available?


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