Domain aggregate compress

This module provide the domain wise setting for the aggregation and compression of css and js files. It works when we do not set any BANDWIDTH OPTIMIZATION. If this setting is checked then it will be not work as domain wise. It will work as it work by default.

Project page

Page Manager Cache Lifetime

This module allows you to override the cache expiration variables on each page manager variant.
Once the module is enabled, an extra operation will appear when editing a variant.
This will allow the page to override the default variables and use a custom one.

The variables supported are:

  • Minimum cache lifetime (cache_lifetime)
  • Expiration of cached pages (page_cache_maximum_age)

These can both by edited globally on the admin/config/development/performance page.


Views geofield raw

Alternative field handler for using geofields as data sources in maps.

When a view contains Field API fields, their field handler will load the field's corresponding entities, which might not be desirable if the map contains many points.

This field handler prevents loading the entities associated with the geofield, and can thus give dramatic performance improvements, providing no other field in the view will load the entity.

Created for use with leaflet_views. Not tested on anything else.

Entity Flatstore

Setups db tables for entities that contains all field data without any joins.

Captivate Import

A suite of interlinked modules that together import e-learning units created in Adobe Captivate and save them as discrete Drupal nodes.


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