Search API Fast

Provides drush commands to index fast with search API (using all your CPU cores).
It's an effective multi-process approach by spawning new drush commands that handle queues.

If you have a 10k+ node-set, this is highly useful.

Relies on drush and unix/linux-based systems.

See README.txt for instructions.

Migrate booster

On Drupal 7 we could disable hooks while running migrations:

This module adds a similar feature. You can disable hooks
in settings.php or by editing configuratoin object `migrate_booster.settings`.

There are two ways to disable hooks:

1) Disable specific hooks and modules:


Apache Kafka


This module provides a Drupal 8 Queue API adapter.


It is based on the php-rdkafka PHP extension for PHP 5.6 and 7.0, which is itself based on the librdkafka library.

It has been developed and tested against Apache Kafka 0.10, and should work on 0.9 too.

Files Version

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The files version module provide you functionality to maintain the version of current drupal instance. It iterate recursively and saves drupal files into database and create a new version on current timestamp.

HTTP/2 Server Push

HTTP/2 Server Push for Drupal 8. All CSS & JS assets automatically use Server Push.

Install it and it works. There's no configuration, no UI.

What’s the benefit of Server Push?

When a browser requests a page, the server sends the HTML in the response, and then needs to wait for the browser to parse the HTML and issue requests for all of the embedded assets before it can start sending the JavaScript, images and CSS.

Tune Up

GUI utilities and drush commands to help Drupal websites deal with common problems associated with scale.


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