YouTube optimized formatter

Drupal 8 formatter for YouTube field which loads div with preview not iframe which can cause performance issues.

Json autocomplete

json autocomplete

This module provides enhanced auto complete widget which is better in performance as compare to default auto complete widget, as it's name suggests that searching is based on json data, so instead of fetching results from database it searches from json object and gives fast results with better user experience.

Note: Right now it is only available for taxonomy term reference field type and will be available for entity reference field soon.

File Version

This module add simple token in files URLs based on file modified time. This is very useful for caching files in CDNs and differentiate if the image changes like a new resource.

Modules that crop images need this for integrate with CDNs. Because the image file name is the same but the image could be different.

You can configure:

Cache Control Override

In Drupal 8 core Page Cache max age settings are applied globally to all pages, and there is no way to set a different max age per page or leverage cache metadata max-age to override Cache-Control max-age value. This means that if you're hosting your website behind a reverse proxy that honors Cache-Control header, all pages are cached with equal TTL. You can either disable cache with response policies, or cache it for the same global value.

Data queue

This module is still in active development mode. And there will be some updates in .install file.

The data queue module allows you to import data from Excel file and process them from the queue. You can control how many items processed per time from the module config page.
This module will create a new content type (data_queue_file) so you can upload Excel file using this content type.


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