Transactional PHP


  1. Apply the core patch bundled with this module.
  2. Update autoload with dependencies:

    %> composer drupal-update 




Advagg Minify Html

Speed up up your pagespeed thru minimizing your code. The Advagg minify html module solves the gap between css,jss and html minification. The minifier removes all unnessesary whitespaces and reduces the submitted code.

Expire Entityqueues

This module is a plugin for Cache Expiration that allows you to invalidate cache of entity queue pages when an entity queue gets updated, or when nodes are added/removed from an entity queue.

It is closely based on Expire Nodequeues.

Revision Snip

The Revision Snip module provides a utility to prune node revisions that are older than a certain number of days from the database. At some point in the lifetime of most Drupal 7 sites, revision storage becomes a source of database bloat. This module provides a simple utility for site owners to be able to perform a customized one time pruning of these revisions through the GUI or via drush.



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