Views geofield raw

Alternative field handler for using geofields as data sources in maps.

When a view contains Field API fields, their field handler will load the field's corresponding entities, which might not be desirable if the map contains many points.

This field handler prevents loading the entities associated with the geofield, and can thus give dramatic performance improvements, providing no other field in the view will load the entity.

Created for use with leaflet_views. Not tested on anything else.

Entity Flatstore

Setups db tables for entities that contains all field data without any joins.

Captivate Import

A suite of interlinked modules that together import e-learning units created in Adobe Captivate and save them as discrete Drupal nodes.

Block Expire

This module provides configurable actions upon events that will expire URLs from caches in which block list page(s)/URLs. This module is supported Cache Expire module.

This module is required Cache Expiration


This is tested with Boost & Cache Expiration module

Entitycache Multilingual

Entitycache Multilingual

The is a Drupal module to extend the entitycache module allowing a seperate cache per language.

When to use this module

When modules attach setting and content to a module, they sometime handle localization in different ways resulting in unpredictable cache results when view entities in different languages. This module can help by adding a cached version of each language.


Expire module doesn't have direct support for flag.If the flag is activated for the anonymous user & varnish or any reverse proxy is working behind the back-end, then purging an URL will be necessary to get proper real-time scenario in a cached pages.

This module is integrated with expire module to purge the custom URLs(which may returns the count value) when any node/comment/taxonomy is flagged



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