LoaderIO module provides Drupal users a way to test their website for performance.
This module, having an insight into your Drupal installation, generates an insight about your site using Loader.IO API

Sample API:

curl -X POST
-H 'loaderio-auth: API_KEY'
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
--data-binary '{"test_type":"cycling", "total": 6000, "duration":60, "urls": [ {"url": "http://mysite.com"} ]}'


Varnish purge

This is the Varnish purger for the Purge module.

How to use it

I did a blog post on how to use this module.


Workbench Revision Cleanup

Bulk Processing Form

The Workbench Revision Cleanup module helps to clean up the revisions for a site utilizing the Workbench Moderation module. This module helps to ensure the current drafts, which are newer than the published node, are not removed during a revision cleanup. All drafts newer than the current, published node are not considered for revision deletion.

There are 2 methods to trim the revisions:

JIRA Update Issues

Settings Page

JIRA Update Issues

This module is built to add module updates to your JIRA project where you can assign updates to a team member. You could also trigger a CI server (We are using Jenkins) to perform actions.


Progressive Web App (PWA)

There already exists a project for Progressive Web Apps over here https://www.drupal.org/project/pwa


Transactional PHP


  1. Apply the core patch bundled with this module.
  2. Update autoload with dependencies:

    %> composer drupal-update 





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