Ek Health Check

This module allows admins to check site's health

Clear Custom Cache

The Clear Custom Cache Module used to Clear Cache via cid


$cid: If set, the cache ID. Otherwise, all cache entries that can expire are deleted. The $wildcard argument will be ignored if set to NULL.

$bin: If set, the cache bin to delete from.

$wildcard: If TRUE, the $cid argument must contain a string value and cache IDs starting with $cid are deleted in addition to the exact cache ID specified by $cid.

Drush Async API


Current Maintainer: Reinier Vegter

Drush Async API provides you a simple API (using hooks) to create queues of
operations/tasks and let them be processed multi-threaded (multi process
In the event of - for example - loading and saving all nodes in a large
content-repository, Drush Async API dramatically increases processing speed
by using a multitude of simultaneous workers, making use of all you
server's cores.

jQuery AJAX Local Storage Cache (jalc)

Project Description

This module provides integration with the jQuery AJAX Local Storage Cache (jalc) JavaScript library.


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