Performance Budget

Web page performance is as important as ever and, using best-of-breed tooling, performance budgets can be defined and automated to help us keep things the best that they can be.

Key Features

  • Multiple budgets
  • Plugin design to facilitate adding providers
  • Stored results broken out by budget dimension
  • Customizable schedule for budget analysis

8.x-1.0 goals

Queue Watcher

The Queue Watcher module lets you define automatic checks
for specific queues regarding their overall size.

Render Queue

The Render Queue module provides a queue for Drupal,
which renders entities in their view modes.


Drupal pinterest style image loading

This lightweight module will automatically provide lazyloading of images on your website in a pinterest-style color scheme. It fetches the main color of your image and serves it until your image is loaded.

The module is great for performance and SEO, since it only loads images that are actually viewed in the viewport. Especially on mobile devices this results in faster loading of your pages.

Installation instructions

Easy Cache

Makes it easy to cache any callback's result using an autogenerated cache key.


Minify JS

Minify JS was developed to replace the implementation of the Minify module which has a couple of problems:


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