jQuery AJAX Local Storage Cache (jalc)

Project Description

This module provides integration with the jQuery AJAX Local Storage Cache (jalc) JavaScript library.

Cache flusher

The cacheflusher module adds a link to the navigation toolbar that allows users to clear drupal's cache. The module provides a permission, that can be given to user roles, to allow only certain users to have access to the cacheflusher.

Once cacheflusher has cleared drupal's cache, the module takes you back to the page that the user was on when the cacheflusher button was pressed.

Webform Config Ease

Module for batch processing of configuration settings of webform components.
Currently this module only supports below functionalities --

1. This module will encrypt/decrypt all fields except fieldset, file, markup and pagebreak in every webform on the site.

This module will add more common functionalities across all the webforms in a site to make the configuration management easier for the site admin.

Cache Invalidate


The Cache Invalidate module allows developer to set trigger to force an entity cache clean

Supported Entities

Currently this module does only support the following entities:


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