Views Cache Global Default

This module does not work in it's current form. Do not download/install.

This is an experimental project to see if there is a practical way of globally managing the cache expiration time settings for all views on a site rather than having to update the cache settings 1-by-1 on each view display.


Adds the lazyload XT library and initiates it on configurable selectors and elements.

Download LazyLoadxt from and install at sites/all/libraries/lazyloadxt/ (make note of the folder name, as you might need to change it)

Configure the module at admin/config/development/lazyloadxt

Big Pipe Demo

Copy of Standard profile that enables Big Pipe module and adds some test content.


NOTE: there is a related patch available for boost that we have not yet tested that might make this module unnecessary:

We have created a custom module called "BOOST BLAST" that is designed to work with boost and expire but could likely be ported to varnish or other cache solutions.



Yac is a shared and lockless memory user data cache for PHP.

it can be used to replace APC or local memcached.


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