Find Lat/Long Points that have Different Range Radii from a Point

Hi, I posted this question a few days ago on and of course it got no response so I thought I would ask here as well.

I am trying to locate users at different geo-locations that each have their own custom radius for being found. I am using Search API Locations module and views currently with a Solr search. It is currently getting all points that are within a certain radius from one point, like so:

Show image on taxonomy child (view) page


We have an header image issue!
We need to show different header images on different taxonomy child pages that is build with a view.

We have made a new view that's displaying the header image for front page, basic page and taxonomy term page but for the taxonomy child pages it is not working... The taxonomy child pages are build with: category/% but we can't get to show the header image for the % (taxonomy child) pages.

Tried different solutions:

- contextual filters (provide default value)
- Taxonomy term name filters



EntityFieldQueryException: Unknown field: media_gallery_expose_block in EntityFieldQuery->addFieldCondition() (line 841 of /home/govgm/public_html/motie/includes/

Custom relationships between members

I've been working with the User Relationships module but have been unable to figure out a way to create custom relationships based on specific criteria that I determine. Looking for suggestions. I'm open to different or integrating modules or code modification. I am just looking for a little guidance as I am still only at in intermediate level with my Drupal experience.

RSS feed category by user

Good day. I am an intermediate developer with a question about RSS feeds. I am developing a sports site and I would like to import RSS feeds from sports news organizations. My site will be a member site and members will see the news feeds. My users will be able to select the teams they like and that will determine what feeds they see (i.e. a user who identifies themselves as a LA Galaxy fan would only get news about that team).

Need help

Suddenly my site,, give an error when users (other than Admin) try to access the Forums...


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