Periodic Login Issue - Unrecognized username or password

I have 3 sites running on Bluehost (Drupal 7, MySQL backend) and they all have this same issue which is really getting to be a huge pain. Periodically, once a week or so (I login many times a week from multiple devices), I will get an "unrecognized username or password" error when trying to login to my web sites. Unfortunately, some of my user base is also complaining about this issue as well. This is very odd and I don't have an explanation for it or a clue what is causing this.

Anonymous webform results tied to specific user

I'm not sure if this can be done, but before I go down too many bunny trails, I thought I would ask.

The scenario is that is have a parent organization that has multiple sub-organizations under it. Each organization has it's own login.

Currently each sub-organization has a webform that they complete when they are logged in. The suborganization and the parent organization can view the results of the webform, but no other sub-organization has access to that webform.

Contributed Modules

This is a space for contributed modules related to RESTful web services to put their documentation.


Hello good people of the Drupal community. I created a custom theme(D7), but realised that when I use the theme and logout, I cant login because the login form does not show. Thankfully its not on a live site. I wonder how themes like nexus manage to implement the user login screen without having user-login.tpl.php. I have followed the instruction here but it isnt working.

Wrong ip address in restrict_by_ip


I had entered wrong ip address in restrict_by_ip module and now I could not login to the website.

In the database restrict_by_ip table is empty.

How to hack the module to get back access to the website?


Using contextual filters for callback in the module.

There is a view for a type of node. Nodes have a few fields, and one of them is an image field.
There are contextual filters in the view, for each field.
I use this view for callback in my module, passing arguments for contextual filters:


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