Render add content fields in page--node--add template

I'm using Drupal 7.55. I have an page--node--add template for adding content in my own design. Now I want to render the fields that I created in that content type to be fill in node/add page. I have tried many ways to render each field in my page--node--add but I can't.
For example I tried
<?php print render(field_view_field('node', $node, 'field_name', array('label'=>'hidden'))); ?>
but I get this error:

Developing a searchable database using Drupal

I'm working on a project that involves coming up with a web application that will contain a search-able database for as the main feature. Ideally, I'm envisaging something that has a similar functionality to that of:

Vulnerability found... now what?

It was brought to my attention that there was a vulnerability on my running site that enables unwanted individuals to get into directories like it was public. The site was already taken offline for me to check but I really don't get the issue surrounding it nor any idea where to start.

Any suggestion guys?

Can I do this in Views?

I have a View with editable fields showing line items (rows) each with a value. The user has to divide the value number into two, a share for them and the balance for someone else. I want them to be able to enter either the percentage or the amount of their share. The tricky part I can't figure out is how to have the percentage or amount field change to match when they change the other. I can do the change processing but can't find a way to force the alternate input field to match the change.

Why the schema_version in system table is -1 since the module is enabled?

Hi everyone,

I am working on one Drupal project where I need to run update hook for the module. Trying to run the update hook and it says "no database required" even module is enabled. Checked system table where it module's status is 1 but schema_version is -1.

Can anyone tell me why the schema_version in system table is -1 since module is enabled?


Easy content creation by non-technical persons, how to enhance WYSIWYG?

What is the general consensus on how to enable non-technical persons to create good looking posts containing images embedded into the textflow, embedded videos, tables, use column layouts, etc?

I have been looking at ckeditor so far, but the interface is clumsy and there are no really good options for columns, using layouts, embedding images into the textflow, etc.
There are some community contributed modules to enhance ckeditor, but getting them to work with the drupal module is tedious.

Is there another solution?


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