How to create a user group


I have 3 roles: undergrad, grad, post-grad. I created 3 separate roles. Number of roles may grow. I think I am not doing it right. I can not create a role each time. Is there better way I can do it instead of creating a role for each?

Is this the answer?

How to integrate payments through "Oxxo" in drupal?

Hi, I'm doing a drupal site where a membership and choose at checkout give the option to pay by OXXO, I am using the module Node Commerce Checkout.

see image example:

Thank you for you help.

Views: Outputting Duplicated Items on User Profiles

I have a View block that displays all of the nodes written by an author on their profile. However, I'm having trouble with Views spitting out duplicate content.

For styling and functionality purposes, all of the fields are being outputted through an extra title field. I simply rewrote the output of the added title field, including tokens for all of my fields. I then set all of the fields (except for the rewritten title field) to "Display None", so that the fields were not duplicated.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function media_include_browser_js()

When i want to make a slider for my website i always get this error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function media_include_browser_js()

Does someone know how i can solve this? Thanks!

How to post video to Facebook using Facebook Autopost module?

I need to upload videos to Facebook and I'm using Facebook Autopost and Rules module. I've followed the video tutorials from:

How to create an Atom RSS feed with site's content type in drupal 7?


I have a content type named "blog" of drupal 7 website. How to create Atom RSS feed with site's blog?



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