How Can I Make My Registration Module Save_Users

I have downloaded a Registration Module and added a username and password fields to the form.

I am trying to call the Save_User function from within the hook_form_alter() as shown in the code.

However I keep getting message "duplicate entry '' for key 'name' insert into users". This led me to see that the field $form_state['value']['field_username'] was empty, that is the value is not being passed in the Post action. I ahve also tried

Using result of a Views conditional field in a math expression not working

I'm using a Views conditional field to display the result of a global math expression field if a specific choice is made from a drop-down.

Overlay default GMap view

Hi there,

Is there any solution for this feature already available on Drupal 7 ? I wonder if the module GMap Drupal 7 already has the functionality to amend GMaps API function initMap();

Basically, I need to amend GoogleMaps API source, within the fuction initMap()... in order to overlay the default GMap image. However, I'm unable to do so through GMap module GUI parameters. I believe I'd need to amend directly in the source code. Not sure where...

Does anyone have a clue where those function calls are located within the source code?

Best wishes

Dynamic Pages module: Avoiding core SQL queries in exchange for REDIS cache

Hi guys, I've been using Drupal for about a year, and now I'm trying to start working with hooks to do some cool stuff also to making an increase in our Drupal's performance .

I'm trying to create a dynamic pages module, which is intended to grab selected content types configured in a backend config form.

I managed to create a new "dynamic_page" content type, which holds the configuration of the content i need to show using some custom tables and the following fields:

Custom node type DYNAMIC_PAGE fields:
- Page ID
- Page title
- max nodes count

Drupal best practice question


I have a table in my database that I access that gives me information about a group such as group name, group purpose etc..., that group has members and I d like to capture the uid of all the groups members and save that, should I save it all as an array in a single field in my database (Never going to be more than about 30 members per group) or should I create a second table and store the information there? What is the recommended way to solve this common problem please.

Memory allocation problems.

Infrequently as I'm working with the backend of my Drupal site I get an error notice like this:

Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 46137344) (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /home/testsite/public_html/includes/ on line 439

I'm under the impression that I only notice this problem during high traffic periods for the website.
I'm assuming Drupal's page serving activity and my backend work are competing for the same memory resources and hence I get the error above. - Is that right?


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