Forum file upload, user login required

Hi Guys

I have my forum up and running and it is working like a charm.

But I'd like to have the function of uploading files to a forum topic and that I have got working, but I can't seem to change the permissions so unauthorized users can see the topic but can't download the file.

Thanks for your time :-)

Custom File Field sources

I'm working on a Drupal 7 site and it's been a while so I've forgotten a few things!

I am trying to create a custom module for Filefield Sources which will add multiple files from a specific directory in the file folder. I have a textfield with an autocomplete that a user inserts the directory name (this part works fine) and the idea is that someone then clicks an "Add Files" button and the files are added to the field. All of the files in this folder are already files in Drupal so have a fid etc.

no website

Hi sorry for my english
I made a drulap website with drupal 7.
all work fine when i use my private ip
i want the site runninng with the
i made a redirection port.
When i try to go on the site i have a blank page, but if i try to go on the site with my public ip and port redirection the site is working fine.

What is the probleme ?
my redirection is publicip:6512

I don't see any error in php and on error log on my apache2.4

How To Create List Subscription Functionality?

Hello --

I have a D7 site where I need to allow users to add themselves to one or more lists (similar to subscribing to a list). The way I envision it working is the user would go to a page which displays a listing of lists with a checkbox for each list. The user could then check or uncheck one or many check boxes. Whenever needed, the admin could print out the user emails for any one of the lists.

Is there a module or some other way of creating this functionality?


Render Current Content in Custom Edit Template?

I've created a custom edit template for a particular node type; node--deer--edit.tpl.php

Is it possible to print out the existing field values not through drupal_render($form['']) - like I would in a regular node template to show values? For example:

<?php print render($content['field_location']); ?>

instead of:

Looking for a Drupal 7 Tutor for a personal site.

I am looking for a few hours of tutoring to help me with my Drupal 7 site. I can't seem to get Media set up correctly and could use some help with Views and formatting Views output. My office in is Monrovia, home in Sierra Madre or I can come to you. Would prefer in person. Thanks


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