Invoice Printing and relationship

I would like to create the invoice printing website.

I have three differnet content types

Product Customer Invoice Quotations

i had tried the node reference and relation module to fetch some of the data in invoice content type. but not succeeded.

i need the list of Customers and Products list to select into invoice content type. it seems difficult for me to create that.

Kindly help me to do the same and print my first invoice.

Please let me know the modules and procedure to create the same. Currently using drupal 7 for the task

label "new"

Hello everybody, I need to mark with a label "new" the new nodes I publish. In this way, as soon as an user accesses the site, the site announces him the nodes he hasn't read yet. How can I do it? Thank you :D

Using custom autocomplete scripts

This module offers a way to use a custom script for creating the autocomplete suggestions instead of the built-in menu handler. This allows creating autocomplete suggestions without first bootstrapping Drupal, thus greatly improving performance. Just keep in mind that this will, by necessity, circumvent all access checks for the suggestions, so make sure this won't lead to any security leaks on your site.

How to set up

You need to know:

Drupal commerce - renaming SKU field to Product ID


I am using Drupal commerce for the development. I want to rename the SKU field to Product ID everywhere. How can I achieve it?
Thanks in advance.

Webform to add row to specific sql table


I have drupal running and have enabled a few modules including the webform module. I have opened phpmyadmin and added a new table with specific rows.

Now I want to link the two so that a user can log in to the site, fill out the webform with some data each day and I can insert a new row in the table and send each field to a specific column in that row. Later I will build a page for the user to view his inputs, maybe with graphs etc.

Am I on the right track? Is a webform the correct way to do this? And how do I make that link between the two?


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