Upgrading EntityForm from 7.x-1.x to 7.x-2.x

For 7.x-2.x the Rules integration logic has been moved to a separate module, Entity Rules.

This allows 7.x-2.x not to have a Rules dependency. It also allows Rules integration to be used for all other fieldable Entity Types. The problem this creates is Rules that worked with 7.x-1.x will not work with 7.x-2.x and Entity Rules.

File Renaming & Versions

Drupal n00b here. I'm having trouble getting my head around the automatic file renaming that happens with content types that have publishing/moderation options. I've found a number of discussions relating to this topic, but no real resolution (that I could understand).

We now have thousands of files on our server, many with the "file_0.pdf", "file_1.pdf" naming situation. It's my understanding that these are related to the process of publishing content using the "draft->needs review->published" workflow.

drupal 7 make users use passwords that are not identical to ones they used to have when resetting their password

So how would I make this happen within my Drupal 7 site? Make users use passwords that are not identical to ones they used to have when resetting their password?

I was looking around for modules and can't seem to find one that would make this happen for me.

Image resizing

Hi there,

I currently have a view bringing in a list of latest posts, the images of which are rather large which is causing slow page loading. The images do need to be large for the node but are unnecessarily large for the preview view list.

Is there a way of displaying a smaller resolution of the same image in a view?


I am moving from HTML to drupal

I have a HTML conference website witch I have migrated to drupal, using COD package. I have very little knowledge of programming so I simply copied html code to page.tpl.php onto a zen subtheme. However I am unable to get my logo right.
Could any one tell me easiest way of fixing my menu. I want it to be dynamic.

Right now its static, and looks something like this:-

Could theme_table sort on two column

I am using theme_table() to output a table list of content. Two column can be sorted.

I want the arrow-asc.png and arrow-desc.png show on both columns.

Make the second sort depend on the first sort.

Like drupal.org issue sort, only one column can be sorted at one time.

Only local images are allowed.

Any ideas?


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