How to set a fixed image style


I have images in different sizes. I created a new image style (scale> height = 70 and weight = 70 and allowed upscale).

I added a field collection field. In that field, i added an image field (selected above image style) and a text field.

I added few contents. I still see the images with the original sizes. I also cleared the caches. I am not sure what i did wrong.

Can someone please help?


Unable to delete nodes D7|Panopoly distro.

Hi, I have Panoply 7.x-1.22 installed on local XAMPP server. I made only some very light tuning of Panopoly. I have noticed that I am unable to delete nodes of any type. The server just keeps on trying to delete endlessly, remaining on the last screen (with button confirmation to delete the node). I left it for 10-15 mins - nothing happens, it still would not release any error.
Drupal Recent log does not show errors related to the time of deletion. The same story with Apache errors log.

Thanks for your assistance.

Create a webform questionnaire with scoring and reports

I've created several long questionnaires with webform and I would like to have a scoring/rating and at the end the results gathered in a report for the user (preferable in pdf). But there are no models available that add a scoring per option and/or per form component.
I've seen a sandbox project with scoring but I haven't tested to yet. and that seems a bit silent and not production ready.

If site is in Maintenance Mode, do that stop all visitors including spammers?

Hi, I want to close my site down for a couple of months and to do this I want to put the site into Maintenance Mode. But while it is closed down in maintenance mode will spammers be able to attack my site? In other words, does Maintenance Mode stop spammers?


Remove the Order Total area from the order review page in Commerce Kickstart

I'm using Commerce Kickstart - Omega Kickstart theme to add a "Quote Cart" to my site. Because this is for submitting quote requests only, I'd like to hide any instances of price.

I've had luck changing my views for the most part, but on the page where users can review submitted orders, there is a grey block with "Order total" and the total amount shown. Can anyone advise where the code that generates this lives? Are there any tricks to finding where the code comes from?

Sorting a View

I'm having trouble getting a view to show items in the desired order. Seems like a simple thing, but I'm still pretty new to Drupal.

I'm using Drupal 7. I have a view which lists a series of links, each of which has a category (only one category per link). I want to sort the results alphabetically by category, then by title:


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