How to hide description tooltips on hevering menu links

My menu links have empty descriptions.
On hovering the menu lists a tooltip is appearing with text the title itslef.

How can i hide that tooltip (label)?

I am using bootstrap 3 theme for the site on drupal 7 and mega menu module.

PyramisTravel is a Traveling company website based in Athens Greece that provides trips for all over the world.

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SVN error

Hi to all!
I have a problem with integration SVN with Drupal 7.
I have installed TortoiseSVN and Visual SVN Server on my PC. Then, a create a rep with drupal site catalog (using xampp) and then install SVN module.
Now i see the error:

"We could not execute $svn info. Please make sure this instance is running on a working copy that is under SVN version control. You can set the variables on the SVN Settings page"

.svn catalog is in root catalog of site.

What i do wrong?

Dev versions of modules are recommended to upgrade

On available upgrades page there is a list of dev versions of modules recommended to upgrade to. Why did it happen?

Allowed Values mapping in Feeds XLS

I want to import the data from the Excel to the content by using Feeds XLS and Feeds module.

All fields are imported successfully except all list(text) fields. They are all empty.

I've checked all data. They are all allowed values with no trailing space.

Here is the version of the modules.

Feeds 7.x-2.0-beta2
Feeds Tamper 7.x-1.1
Feeds XLS 7.x-1.2

All beta and RC modules want to update to .dev version?

This morning (20 May) about 30 Drupal websites notified me to do an update to several modules. After running a few, I realised that old version was a .beta or .rc version, while the update was always the .dev version.

Several of the sites also had error messages relating to the update module (not able to find an index). The sites are running on multiple servers - every D7 site has the same notifications.

I assume I should ignore these notifications?


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