Pass node id to view in entityreference field

Hi guys,
i have a content type(Match) with a entityreference field(Table). This field(Table) reference a EntityForm(EF_ticket) create with entity form module.

Do not work external connections for the site


Faced with the problem of not working external connection to 1 of the many sites on the account on the hosting (i.e. on all the sites everything is fine, but only 1 problem).

1. When loading in the browser page-nodes (done from the admin area of Drupal CMS 7.54) with the following php code:
<strong><?php print_r(drupal_http_request('')); ?></strong>

the following text is displayed:

stdClass Object ( [code] => -61 [error] => Connection refused )

[Drush] Cannot download modules and/or updates from

Hello everybody,

since a reinstallation of my dev-enviroment I can't do any downloads with drush. All other drush features seems to be running fine.

Here is the error message when I try to download the D8 module "dynamictagclouds":

using a copy of a theme to work on as a test theme

I am using Mix n Match theme.
I've got a Custom Mix n Match theme present and i want to not only change colors, blocks, etc, but want to change the whole thing - menu items etc.
Can I use this custom child theme to make change in the structure and NOT have them show up on the main theme that is out in the public?
Thanks, Deb

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content


I tested my site google. I am getting error:

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

I read thru this:

Not sure how to fix using google advise. I am using advagg module. This module fixed other errors and helped me improving the score. Is there any specific settings I need to check to fix the error?



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