I am trying to add some jquery tabs to my node template.

I have added the following to a custom js file and added the name of the js file to my .info file in my theme.

I have added the html to my 'node--NODENAME.tpl.php' but nothing works.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

How to change the author of content to another author?


I have about 100 nodes who are related to user x. User x is leaving the company and I want to relate all those 100 node to another user nl. user y.

How should I do that?


Output fields of taxonomy term in the product commerce

Vocabulary -> taxonomy/product_cpu
Field -> Image - field_logo_cpu

Node -> product_display
Field -> Link to product - field_product

Commerce -> Product - > product
Field -> Link to term -> field_cpu

Print the image of the field associated with the term product_display:

print render($result);

but it does not work:

Comment form does't submit

I created a view with name as evaluation_node. This view show some field of a node and comment form for node. I use Views php module to insert comment form to view as following:

URL Alias's and Slideshow

When I go to configuration, URL alias's I cannot see the patterns, setting, bulk updates, delete alias's. I am following a tutorial on youtube for drupal 7 and I am using the same so why am I not getting the same view?

Also, I have installed a slidershow in my modules but its not showing up on my front page, why?

Thank you

Load Balancing with HAproxy

Hi All,

Has anyone used haproxy to load balance there drupal system? I need to scale out, but I am running across an issue. I have 1 configured load balancer with haproxy set as leastconn (anything really) and 3 VM's under it. Database is on its own VM and the Public files are also on a seperate storage server.


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