Two steps login

Two steps login module helps users to login to their drupal website in a better way.
Two steps login module converts the user login experience to a whole new level. This module is inspired by google login functionality and user experience. By enabling this module all the users can quickly access their accounts by just one click and entering their password.

You can download this module here

Sheetnode module phpexcel error

I have installed drupal 7.50 and sheetnode in order to upload .xlsx ;.xls google sheets files. I have followed all installation steps as described here: Sheetnode installation

but i recive an error while I'm trying to upload any of these three types of files:

Table or fieldset with drag and drop

Hi, I want to do programmatically, 4 tables or fieldset with drag and drop among them. I read that with drupal_add_tabledrag is possible, bbut I don't know is if possible do that I want. I don't want any new module, only programmatically.

Thx and sorry for my english.

Views - using 2 dependent filters

I have already created a Flag and Views block that displays the last viewed node the specific logged-in user looked at.

How can I take this last viewed node and then display the next node that comes after this one based on a numeric field for that content type in a views block?

Last viewed node was Module 10. The views block should then be able to filter this to then display fields for Module 11.

Search multiple sites with elasticsearch?

I have a bunch of Drupal 7 sites which all contain data related to our organization. Let's say Events and News. My ultimate goal is that each site can be searched independently and also searched from a central location where all sites can be searched.

For this, I am thinking of using Elasticsearch (but I am open to Solr too) and I installed Search API and the Elasticsearch Connector on my sites.

Image does not display in internet explorer


I had a image field. I attached an image to the field. I can see the image just fine in IE/Chrome.
I removed the image and the reattached another image. Now, I see the new image in chrome but not in IE. IE simply displays the x icon with the alt field value in the image field section of my page.

Please advise.



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