Why does theme_table force me to set so many defaults myself?

I don't get why theme_table forces me to set so many defaults myself. Why can't it have sensible empty defaults for these things itself?!?

For example, typically (at least in basic development), I have a bunch of rows which I just want to stick out there, but I don't want to be creating HTML myself with <tr><td> etc. so I just want to call theme_table and have that do everything for me.

A concrete example, I want to output a bunch of stats. I don't mind telling the theme_table function the heading values but the rest of the stuff I just don't care for. Nonetheless it seems I am forced to write code like:

  $table['header'] = array('wins', 'draws', 'losses', 
    'rating', 'rgames', 'rchange');
  $table['attributes'] = array();  // I don't care, but I'm forced to define this
  $table['caption'] = array();   // I don't care about this either
  $table['colgroups'] = array();  // I just don't give a **** about this either
  $table['sticky'] = "";  // Nope, don't care
  $table['empty'] = "The message to display in an extra row if table does not have any rows.";  // Look, I just don't care about this 
  $table['rows'] = $stats;  // OK, finally some data which I want


Is there a module like the bulk stock updater but for prices?
I was thinking to develop something like uc stock and price updater but with an interface like in bulk stock updater.
I would like to contribute with this small module if there isnt one around.

Cheers!, ideas and sugestions are welcome.

publishing to a facebook web page from drupal

Hi there.

I have installed drupal for facebook (7.x-3.x-dev) in drupal 7. So far, I managed to let my users to login using their facebook accounts, to add like buttons and some more little things.

I have a page created in facebook and I would like to be able to pulbish the blog entries and articles in this facebook page. I have enabled all the modules from drupal for facebook (except for FB Development tools) but I still can't find anywhere the possibilty when I create new content to publish it to facebook...

Drupal 7 custom content type - how to style the create content page

I'm having a difficult time locating the correct information on this, so if anyone can direct me that would be great.

I have a custom content type created where I need the create content page styled.

To clarify ... This content type will be available to users with a specific role so they can add content to the site. I don't like the way the form elements look by default. I would like to style them so the user has a nice professional looking form instead of all the form elements stacked vertically and looking ugly. So when the user selects the content to add, I need to style that form.

I have tried to target the form elements using the ID's but it appears these form elements can't be targeted via css.

I found several documents that talk about creating pre-process functions, and even a module to handle this but after getting half way through them it sounds like they are referring to a form element on the resulting page that has been created once a new page has been created form a content type.

An alternative for which I have not been able to find information on ...

How to adapt this css for my needs?

I make sub-theme of Bartik theme, so I try to adopt css of Bartik for my needs...

How to change css to put my own HEADER height, and background for it?
How to change css to put my own FOOTER height, and background for it?

How to make css to make my page centred in drupal (like margin:0 auto;) ?

Any help?

How use Pathologic Module?

How correct use this module "Pathologic" ?

Content authoring » Text formats i have:

Filtered HTML
Plain text
Display Suite code

I wanna make absolute URL on my site, not relative for use RSS on feedburner.google.com, buy my url have adress /content/ris-drevneyshiy and i wanna use http://example.com/content/ris-drevneyshiy

i'm check box: Correct URLs with Pathologic in Enabled filters


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