Adding content to block-system-main div

I'm building a website where I output some of the markup to the front page via hook_page_alter() and the rest via hook_menu calling a form. I have a local version running on my laptop that is working fine. The problem comes in the remote install, the code is exactly the same and so are the Drupal installations. The problem is that in the remote install, Drupal is adding the divs:

<div id="block-system-main" class="block block-system first last odd">
  <div class="content">
     //My form markup is in here
//The hook_page_alter markup is in here.

This way, the submit button is always on top of the rest of the content and I would like to be on the bottom. The local install of Drupal doesn't do this for some reason.

Does anyone know how to: a) get rid of the two divs (i know I can do it in block.tpl.php with a block--content.tpl.php) but maybe something cleaner would be nice.

or, ideally:

b) how to add the content from hook_page_alter() to the same div as the form is in.

In hook_menu I'm just doing a standard call to drupal_get_form. Here's the code for the hook_page_alter:

function planb_page_alter(&$page) {
if(drupal_is_front_page()) {
$q = db_query('SELECT name, mname, number_of_instances FROM {event_type} ORDER BY number_of_instances DESC');
foreach($q as $event) {

Triggers / Shutter releases isn't displayed


Everything is in the title (what a spirit of synthesis!): I turn on trigger and ... nothing! It does not appear in "Structure" or in "Configuration" and if I want to configure from the list of module structure path leads me to ... surprising is not it?

necks can give me solution?

Taxonomy Auto Filter Drop Down

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

I have 3 levels of taxonomy and what i would like is 3 exposed filters in my views block that will auto filter after each selection eg

Level 1 - Europe, North America, South America etc (user has selected Europe)

Level 2 filter then shows UK, France, Spain, Italy etc (user selects UK)

Level 3 filter then shows London, Liverpool, Manchester etc

Is this possible in Views or is there a module that can do this?

I've searched but could not find anything.

Alter a form (but then different)

Hi all,

I have installed ubercart with the module cart links enabled, and want to add a product, and then empty the cart, without the notification message if there is already something in the cart. therefore we have this hook in uc_cart_links:


* Preprocesses a Cart Link and confirm with the user if a destructive action
* is included.
* @see uc_cart_links_form_submit()
function uc_cart_links_form($form, &$form_state, $arg1) {
// Fail if the link is restricted.
$data = variable_get('uc_cart_links_restrictions', '');
if (!empty($data)) {
$restrictions = explode("\n", variable_get('uc_cart_links_restrictions', ''));
$restrictions = array_map('trim', $restrictions);

if (!empty($restrictions) && !in_array($arg1, $restrictions)) {
$url = variable_get('uc_cart_links_invalid_page', '');
if (empty($url)) {
$url = '';

// Confirm with the user if the form contains a destructive action.

$items = uc_cart_get_contents();
if (variable_get('uc_cart_links_empty', TRUE) && !empty($items)) {
$actions = explode('-', urldecode($arg1));
foreach ($actions as $action) {
$action = drupal_substr($action, 0, 1);
if ($action == 'e' || $action == 'E') {

Drupal 7 URL aliases: If I change an alias pattern do I have to Delete Aliases to get them to update?

I figured I would check before I do this. I changed Drupal's default path pattern by removing "content/"

I tried doing a bulk update after this and nothing changed in all of my current paths. I also tried running cron after making the change.

My last option is to Delete Aliases then will they automatically be replaced by the new one?


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