Getting rid of titles

Hi guys,

I have looked everywhere, installed a few modules like: page_title-7.x-2.5.tar, exclude_node_title-7.x-1.3.tar but I still have not figure out how to get rid of the titles of the the attached images.
It might be a stupid question but if anyone could help I would really appreciate.



Contributed modules Setting or configuration page not Showing

I have installed the Drupal few months ago and also installed some 70 contributed modules. The site was working very good. few days ago i installed metatag module for some reason the configuration page for it was not in the configuration menu. I disabled it and uninstalled it. after that every module i install has a same problem the configuration page for that module is not there. when i install module it installs correctly with out error but when i enable it the browser stops with white screen of death and the url is module/list/confirm.

what is the problem. help

email problem with Drupal 7 on a Windows 7 server

Not sure if Installation is the correct forum, since Drupal 7 installed successfully, but it might have to do with what it is install with so I thought I would post my questions here.
My Windows 7 PC has XAMPP installed to provide the server capabilities. Drupal 7 was installed and everything seems okay except when I try to Create new account. After searching the forums I modified php.ini to have the correct path to sendmail.exe and the SMTP lines changed to localhost and port 25.

Access denied errors on every node in d7 needs a fix from expert.



Our drupal 7 site is giving access denied errors for every node for anyone who is NOT an admin. I have tried everything under the sun that I can think of to fix this but nothing seems to work.

Therefore I am looking for a quote to fix this problem.

How do I charge a user to post content?

Using paypal I want to charge a user for each piece of content they contribute. In this case it would be a job listing on a job recruiting board. I need to charge them and have them be able to purchase several job listings at one time. How is this done using Drupal 7?

Home Page [ Corporate Clean Theme ]

Hi Everyone,

I have few problems, I ordered simple webpage, payed $ for coder ... and he just cheated on me, no website, no money. Whatever ...


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