Aligning Superfish menu in Bartik


Help needed - going crazy :)

I have set up the Superfish menu in Bartik and it's brilliant. Really happy. The only thing I wanted to change about it was the alignment. I wouldn't mind having the menu centred. Please could you tell me the name of the css file that I should edit to centre the menu and, of course, which lines should I edit.

I don't know any css but I'll give it a go. I managed to change the colours in the menu tabs, yay!, but I can't seem to find the name of the css file that I need to edit to tweak the alignment.

how do I create page with sections (like a panel page)


I'm sure this is a really simple question and i'm going about it in a really difficult way but its been a while since I used Drupal and not sure where it has progressed. What I would like is the flexibility of creating a page layout like in panel pages and somehow have it so I open up the page and enter the content directly into the page rather than going to all the bits and pieces of creating views and taxonomy and everything else.

Please tell me what i've missed!


Determining proper structure for drupal 7.8 files during minor version upgrade.

I am about to perform an upgrade of drupal 7 for my main site located in public_html. In examining the folder structure, I see I have two folders in public_html which do not have corresponding folders in the drupal 7.8 folders I have extracted on the site. These are Home and Cgi-bin.

Relational Database using Drupal 7

Hi. I am looking at Drupal for the first time. So far I cannot help but be impressed, but like most Newbies getting to grips with Drupal I am finding it quite challenging.
I have a personal project in mind as a starting point to learn. I think I can manage the basic static pages and have looked at standard themes.

How can I add DIV as form prefix?

I need to theme user edit form, and I need to add wrappers for the form with class.
tried via this code, but did not works:

function layout_form_user_profile_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id){
$form['#theme_wrappers']= array('div','form');


Modules, am I missing something?

So I'm still quite new to Drupal so I may be missing something obvious, but currently modules are just really getting on my nerves so it's time to vent.

I've spent today trying to import content from Wordpress - should be simple enough, I've found the modules so just need to install them. Firstly, why can my installation not download the modules and dependencies on it's own? I install the first wordpress-import module only to find it requires cTools, that's fine, I have it downloaded already so simply upload it. Now it's installed... hang on, what do i do now?

The majority of modules don't seem to have documentation, or if they do it's well hidden. Wordpress Import comes with a handy help section that inserts it'self into the help section of my installation... Wait, no it doesn't - It has a help link but all it's inserted is a hefty mysql error. So I have no idea where to find the interface for this module, it has no configure link, nothing is appearing in the configuration/structure/add content sections... So where do I start?


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