Extracting Field Data from Nodes in Drupal 7

Will this nightmare ever end? Please, without referencing the field API which is simply of no help, can someone either provide the code or point to where I can find the simply written code for extracting the field data from a node_load(). I'm using DRUPAL 7.

This just can't be that hard, can it??????


Ok, I get that $items now contains a structure of arrays within arrays. But isn't there any existing code that simply allows me to for example:

$my_image=$item[field_image] ....or $my_image=$item->field_image or what??????

Sorting and Organizing Blog Entries from multiple users?

How do I create some sort of indexing/sorting/categorizing of the blogs? I've got everything else running well on my drupal site, and I've spent days searching for this but I think because its part of the core I haven't been able to find much info on it.

Wanted: Frontend Web Developer - Drupal 7

Looking for a frontend developer for Drupal 7.x to help pickup current design and enhance and improve. Custom image handling skills also a bonus utilizing PHP GD or image magic.

Strengths are in detail oriented work, design, and jQuery.
User interface improvements and image handling.
Know when to use AJAX and when to use AHAH.
Graphic design, CSS, HTML, Javascript.

Required Skills:
- JQuery
- Drupal themes (Drupal 7.x)
- Adobe Design Apps
- Organized and hard working

XML-style field occurrence and relations

Using the available D7 APIs and modules, how might one implement occurrence and relationship rules between fields, a 'la XML? I'm looking at migrating some Bricolage projects to Drupal, where the content is modeled after a subset of, and outputs to DocBook XML format.

Views, Taxonomy, Filtering

I need to build two menu-like Views for a site. I have a site with nodes structured as follows:





Does that make sense? The top node, PageA, has two children: PageA1 and PageA2. Each of those children nodes have three children: PageA11, PageA12, PageA13, etc. I have this structure reflected in both taxonomy tags and in the menu structure, if that helps.

I have each node tagged with the entire tree of terms. For instance, a second tier node will be tagged with 'PageA PageA1' and a third tier node will be tagged with 'PageA PageA1 PageA12'. I need to build two menus and I'm trying to use Views for this. One menu lists second tier nodes and the other menu lists third tier nodes. Oh, and I have tagged each node with additional tags 'second tier' and 'third tier'.

I have no trouble building the second tier menu. I filter for nodes with tags 'second tier' and 'PageA'. But when I make a View which filters for tags 'third tier' and 'PageA' I obviously end up with all six leaf or third level nodes. What I want instead is to show PageA11, PageA12 and PageA13 if I am viewing any of those nodes or node PageA1. And I want to show PageA21, PageA22 and PageA23 if I am viewing any of those nodes or node PageA2.

Omega 3.2 Roadmap

Omega 3.2 release goals

The goals for the Omega 3.2 release are interface enhancements, CSS additions/deletions, making for a cleaner and easier to use experience for out of the box installs of Omega.

Omega 3.2 release outline

The following issues will be addressed in the upcoming 3.2 release of Omega. This list is not yet complete, and features/bug fixes will be added to it as they are filtered in the issue queue.


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