Help with override 'Home' text in breadcrumb, Drupal 7 (custom breadcrumbs module)

I need help. I've got this in my template.php. It change the Home text in drupal breadcrumb to my new custom one:

function MYTHEME_menu_breadcrumb_alter(&$breadcrumb) {
  // If there's a breadcrumb defined
  if (!empty($breadcrumb)) {
    // We'll change the root crumb values
    $breadcrumb[0]['title'] = t('My new Home text');

Everything works fine but I use custom breadcrumbs module as well and thats the problem. My code posted above doesn't work on pages which are modified/affected with that module (for example breadcrumb at the views page is ok, but if I open node page with custom breadcrumb it shows default drupal 'Home' link).

This code:
function custom_breadcrumbs_node_view($node, $build_mode) {
if ($build_mode == 'full' && ($breadcrumb = _custom_breadcrumbs_load_for_type($node))) {
$titles = preg_split("/[\n]+/", $breadcrumb->titles);
$paths = preg_split("/[\n]+/", $breadcrumb->paths);

$trail = array(l(t('Home'), ''));
for ($i = 0; $i < count($titles); $i++) {
$data = array('node' => $node);
$title = token_replace(trim($titles[$i]), $data, array('clear'=>TRUE));
if (($title != '') && ($title != '')) {
$path = token_replace(trim($paths[$i]), $data, array('clear'=>TRUE));
// Create breadcrumb only if there is a title.

How to Show user nodes in their profile?

I searched for it and found some solutions but i didn't find them working. I want to show nodes submitted by each user in his profile but i can't do it. I am running Drupal 7 and want to know is there any module or solution to do this?

Ubercart - Not ending up on 'checkout complete' page


(Posted this on a while back, but have gotten 0 replies - maybe someone here might have an idea. Thanks for even taking a look!)

After checking out and returning from Paypal Payments Standard, the user is not logged in and doesn't see the checkout complete page. They end up on the cart page with an empty cart (which is also the url for when an order is cancelled from paypal). Everything else goes through fine - they get an email, payment is made, all good. I'm using login toboggan. I just ran another test and saw the /checkout/complete url briefly, but then get bounced to the cart page very quickly.

Here are my checkout settings:

X Enable anonymous checkout.
Disable this to force users to log in before the checkout page.

O Allow anonymous customers to use an existing account's email address.
If enabled, orders will be attached to the account matching the email address. If disabled, anonymous users using a registered email address must log in or use a different email address.

X Require e-mail confirmation for anonymous customers.

X Allow new customers to specify a username.

X Allow new customers to specify a password.

X Send new customers a separate e-mail with their account details.

X Log in new customers after checkout.

X Set new customer accounts to active.
Uncheck to create new accounts but make them blocked.

Error The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

I am again stuck with this message after I installed premium Content
The error is coming for the 3rd time and just I did not get help I have to start from scratch again to make the site working
Is there any way I can get the site back
I m not even able to go to back up and restore option
Please help me with the findings

Space after skip

Hello! Who can explain me what the strange space after #skip? size 14px, where is it came from?



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