What determines width of drop downs in the marinelli theme

On my site coonvalleytel.com/drupal, if you hover over the TV tab i have a link for "Channel Line-up & Pricing". For some reason the width of the drop down is very small. But if you go to the internet tab, that one is very large. Probably something easy, but just wondering if anyone had any ideas?

View - sort by current day of the week

I am trying to create a list of events with Views. I want the view to sort events by the current day of the week. I added a taxonomy vocabulary of the days of the week to my content type event, to use to sort by. So for example: on Thursday the list starts at events on Thursday, then list events on Friday, and on Friday the list starts on Friday, etc.... I haven't found a way of adding a filter criteria that correctly does this, nor was I able to find any documentation in this respect.

Link content types

Good day everyone! My first post here (hopefully in the right section) but I really can use some advice since this is my first Drupal project.

The thing is, I've created a couple of content types:
- headerset: images and logo to be shown in the header of the site
- client: a page with information about a specific client
- case study: page with info about a project for a specific client

Change node title place..

Hello everyone.. My question is, how and where can I change the place of my node title.. The h1..../h1 one.
I want it to reside inside the content area of the page, but I'm new to all this and don't seem to get how to do that..
Another question,, is it possible to create a content node without a title?
Sorry if I'm doubling posts.. and thank you.

Views List page won't show, but Settings page does

The Views List page won't show on my site, but I can get to the Settings page manually.

That is, I get just a page refresh when I try to go to mysite.com/admin/structure/views, but if I manually enter mysite.com/admin/structure/views/settings I can see the settings page.


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