Configure content types for entity translation

Enabling entity translation for a content type

With Entity Translation enabled for "Node", you can set the translation mode (Entity Translation or Content Translation) for each Content Type. To enable translation mode for a particular content type, you need to edit the content type and click on the 'Publishing options' tab and choose under Multilingual support:

Upgrade error - EntityMalformedException: Missing bundle property on entity of type node. in entity_extract_ids() - Help resolve

Good evening all. A few weeks ago I attempted an upgrade from 7.7 to 7.8 and got the following error as a result;

EntityMalformedException: Missing bundle property on entity of type node. in entity_extract_ids() (line 7389 of /home/dixon/public_html/dev/includes/

Not brilliantly helpful since I have a lot of modules installed and didn't really know where to start. Reading up on the issue and I see that this has occurred a lot with people upgrading to 7.8. Since not many people have found fixes that work (at least that I have seen) I thought I'd have a go myself.

So I ran a backtrace from and got the following as output (thanks to this lovely article -, but I don't really know where to go from here. I guess stepping through the array provides more information, but I still don't know how to resolve it? (Array included at the end in case anyone can shed any light on it and save my sanity).

[0] => Array
[file] => /home/dixon/public_html/dev/includes/
[line] => 248
[function] => drupal_set_message
[args] => Array

Botched Drupal Upgrade. is yelling at me

So I thought that I followed the directions to a T, but when I upgraded from 6 to 7, I got locked out of my installation and these errors are everywhere. I tried truncating all tables with the cache prefix in PHPMyAdmin, but no dice.

There is my site so you can see all the errors it is yelling about.

Login Destination

The Login Destination module provides a way to customize the destination that a user is redirected to after logging in, registering to the site, using a one-time login link or logging out.

Drupal 7

Settings are found under Configuration >> Login Destination(admin/config/people/login-destination)

Configure entity translation

To set up entity translation there are a number of global configuration changes to make:

Detection and selection

When the Entity translation module is enabled, a new 'Content language detection' section will appear on the language 'Detection and selection' page at Administration > Configuration > Regional and language > Languages > Detection and selection (admin/config/regional/language/configure).

The 'User interface text language detection' section allows you to configure how the language of the user interface is determined. Content and interface languages are not necessarily the same, so this second section ('Content language detection') provides a way to determine the language in which content should be displayed. For most use cases, the language of the content should match the language of the user interface. Enabling the 'Interface' detection method and dragging it to the top of the list of methods will achieve this, when possible. To ensure that the language switcher correctly updates the language of the site, the 'URL' method must also be enabled.

Enable a different language switcher

File Upload Error

I am getting this error when trying to upload a file or image:

An error occurred while attempting to process /file/ajax/field_file/und/0/form-K68vawR08bVK4ahGd8NiMOO_V4FmyjMmdBMQLloVeAY: iterator is undefined

If you have any ideas please let me know.


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