Drupal Home page is fine but other pages are blank except for header

Hi, I am new to drupal, I created a site for a client at the home page is fine, the code shows in source view but none of the page content outside the header shows on any other page. You will see menu's in the left side bar, the top "home" and 'test' are ordinary pages. The other menu's are content types. at the very least the side bar menu's should show. Like I said they are in the source view, I hope someone knows what this is, cause I am lost.

thanks for any help you may give.


Image Resizing not Working

When I upload images following this video:


I do not get a preview image. Everything else works. The GD library reports that it is working. After messing around for several hours, I've discovered that images are not being resized at all.

I've tried uploading the sample.png image as an example and it doesn't show a preview image either.

Is it possible to show a particular view on a schedule?

Is it possible to show a particular view on a schedule? As in:

I want view 1 to show from 9PM till 2AM then at 2:01AM view 2 goes till 8AM then view 3, etc.

Thanks for any assistance


I am looking to install DAMP on my computer but I have WAMP on it right now. My question is do I need to uninstall WAMP or can they both be on my system at the same time.

My Sudoku Module pushes navigation to the bottom

The grey navigation area that is by default on the left gets pushed to the bottom underneath my Sudoku table on the page. I'm guessing this is some css problem.



using flot with drupal 7

I installed flot module and no chart is getting displayed. (I have installed all other modules required by flot properly).But nothing is working for me, even the example provided in the module itself..! After I install, I get 2 links on my navigation menu, Flot example and Flot view example.

When I click flot example, It displays a blank page with only a title reading "Flot example".

When I click , Flot views example I get the following error...

Fatal error: Call to a member function pre_render() on a non-object in /var/www/d7/sites/all/modules/views/includes/view.inc on line 1133

I tried putting this code in a node body with php enabled,

$d1 = new flotData(array(array(0, 1), array(4, 8), array(8, 5)));
  $d2 = new flotData(array(array(0, 8), array(3, 5), array(8, 0.5)));
  $variables = array(
    'data' => array($d1, $d2),
    'element' => array(
      'id' => 'flot-example-normal',
      'class' => 'flot-example',
      'style' => "width:600px;height:400px",
  return theme_flot_graph($variables);

Again, I get nothing just a blank node body.
So how can I fix it..??


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