use advance search by default

hi guys :)

i need to use advance search by default in search box, need to show "advance search" text and when click collapse to show taxonomy terms, how can ?

Thanks :)

drupal-commons: pure vanilla install ended up with some terrifiying errors [with online-example]

Good evening dear drupal-friends

pretty new to drupal and also [pretty] new to this forum - so do not bear with me. Sorry for the newbie-questions... or just visit the site - and to get a first glance of what happened. with the installation of drupal-commons.

Here the full story! after strugglin several weeks with drupal-commons 6.2.3 (based o november 2011) with issues on htaccess (my admin added and choose some certain options) i finally was able to install the system on the webserver.

Note - yesterday i installed on the local lamp with ease - all went nice and no error at all appeared.
Well today - the drupal-commons was installable on the webserver as well - Note: i gote some errors -which were reported during the intallation - (at each station of installation i got some lines like shown below)
But - nonetheless the installation-process was continued and fulfilled - i was able to choose all options and configuration-steps.
Interesting detail: There were onle 149 tables been created - not 154 like yesterday on the local installation. !?! Interesting - isnt it?!

besides this - the result looks abit funny - what do you think - what can i do with that - can i fix it!?

Render a node multiple times with different view types on same page


I want to present a page with all possible node views (teaser, small teaser, abstract view etc.) to the editor, but when I i use something like


only the first one is shown correct, in the second one only the title is printed.

Any idea on how to change this behaviour?

Thank you, Micha

Taxonomy Menu not updating automatically

Hello. I'm loving the Taxonomy Menu module, but have one question.

Whenever I add a new taxonomy term, I must select Select to rebuild the menu on submit or the menu does not rebuild. Is there a way I can have the menu build automatically when a term is entered?

Perhaps this is an issue for the D7 version?


Slash "/" before the DocType declaration [my bad]

I have a demo site you can't see here anymore:

If you view the source, before the <doctype> there is this additional slash "/" prepended causing obvious html invalidation and breaks my css layout. Before you tell me to clear my cache and/or try a different theme to see if it's one of my customizations (which i've done already), the very same thing happens on the D7 backend using a clean "Seven" theme install there. Even bringing the site back to a clean "Bartik" on the frontend keeps the "/".

Solution: Automatically fade out system messages

To automatically fade system messages out (like error messages and page updated messages), after a specific amount of time do the following:

In html.tpl.php add the following code in the head section:


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